Making the Ultimate DIY Headphone Stand (aka Spectrum Dock!)

Template files available here ($7): https://sellfy.com/p/Wl7S/
In this video I go through the processes involved in making the Spectrum Dock - a headphone stand with a difference. Not only does it look splendid, but it also makes for a great light feature with its three colour-changing light bands.

The whole thing was made with a CNC router from http://inventables.com. It's definitely worth checking out if you're after a CNC yourself - this one is excellent value for money!

Although they did send me the X-Carve for review, they aren't sponsoring this video and the opinions expressed in it are my own.

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Автор Alicia Ford ( назад)
I wish you would sell these. Some of us dont "do" machinery.

Автор Cruznick06 ( назад)
Another option would be a laser cutter. Some cities have maker spaces or maker groups that you can find access to such equipment through. Even Omaha Nebraska has a public makerspace so I suggest asking around in your area!

Автор alberto bravo ( назад)
Where to buy the cnc x-carve information please

Автор BrEaKiNg_Brad ( назад)
impossible by hand? Challenge accepted.

Автор Or Ozery ( назад)

Автор Rainbow Kamikaze ( назад)
my friend has a whole set of Razer Chroma accessories, including the Kraken headset, of course. I'm so going to make this for him

Автор Sportscars_BE ( назад)
Who else just uses a small engine connecting rod as a headphone hook?
only me?

Автор The Gain Domain ( назад)
Where did you get that RGB?

Автор Liam Duncan ( назад)
Really cool

Автор Blockyviking// Erik ( назад)
Me- thinks of buying an X-Carve
**looks at price**

Автор Poltergeist ( назад)
Doing this this weekend!

Автор Manuel GZ ( назад)
This guys a genius!!!

Автор ikram ( назад)
the title is "making" not "how to"

Автор Mikkey Sean ( назад)
Вырезать крупные детали подставки с помощью 3D-принтера, а потом лепить подсветку саморезами к ёё днищу? Позор! При таких размерах, конструкции и имеющихся инструментах подсветку можно было легко интегрировать внутрь подставки. Туда бы даже аккумулятор вместился.

Short English translate of my comment:
It's very primitive construction of headphone stand taking into account high-technology instruments that you own.

Автор JetGyrotech ( назад)
Have you thot about having the headphone LED's pulsate to the music your playing?

Автор Zaid Haider ( назад)
U said diy

Автор Parham Saeidi ( назад)
This looks amazing. Great job man.

Автор Nikita Evdokimov ( назад)
Amazing content, man!
As a carpenter, I can really suggest using cnc machines for this type of projects, they are really useful

Автор jade debyani ( назад)
So cool

Автор Afraz Aslam ( назад)
Why didn't I find your channel earlier?
Awesome talent. Love your videos.

Автор Livia Ferreira ( назад)
Good Afternoon Perks.
I'm Brazilian and I liked this machine so much, I'm thinking of buying one of the model X-CARVE 1000mm, the price could tell me to stay the same as yours with program and all the components ???

Автор Moonyman213 ( назад)
I postponed my porn sess to watch this amazing creations...

Автор Dante Russo ( назад)
Mute the ADS. Don't buy the product. We will not be held hostage!!!

Автор Robert Docherty ( назад)
Please sell me one!!!

Автор Eddy Van Nieuwenhuyzen ( назад)
can you use the remote controller to adjust the colors on different led strips at the same time that have already been cut? But still make it so that the controller can give 1 Strip a different color or pattern then the other one?

Автор Ralph Valkenburgh ( назад)
DIY video without the tool list other than: X-Carve "They aren't sponsoring this video and the opinions expressed in it are my own" Lol. This is just sponsored content

Автор reminduns ( назад)
this looks like a fking lot of work.

i just put an L-screw in the wall to hang my headphones on; looks just as neat o_O (and only takes like 5 seconds)

Автор JR Prophotography ( назад)
Fabulous - Congratulation JR

Автор Brayden Edward ( назад)
am I crazy making this by hand in school right now?

Автор AuxiliaryExit ( назад)
Any way to do this without a X-carve?

Автор Melvin de groot ( назад)
Broo thats sick

Автор Vision 9 ( назад)
you should sell these you would make hella money

Автор iliketoUSEmybrain017 ( назад)
Nearly impossible without a cnc? Surely you jest......

Автор JoRyan Johnson ( назад)
I enjoy every video you make and you have help make my inventions look way more exciting, I'm hoping to help out on patriot as soon as my patents come through.

Автор Thecreativecontentcommunity ( назад)
you're inspirational matt!

Автор Cole Studios ( назад)
you should sell these!

Автор James Rae ( назад)
I don't know how much you spent on materials for this, but you could make and sell these to the audiophile crowd for close to a thousand dollars each. It looks fantastic and I know there are people out there who would buy them at a premium.

Автор jake jackobson ( назад)
Can i order one? I dont even have a headphone....which reminds me ...DIY headphones next?

Автор Kevman83 ( назад)
I'm getting a cnc machine in a few weeks, super excited to do stuff like this!!!

Автор Hohen Hype ( назад)
DIY Project. Use a CNC router. Fuck off.

Автор daniloreyes2 ( назад)
would you sell the cut parts?

Автор Agerix Official ( назад)
not very helpful for me.

Автор Nick D ( назад)
im too broke for this shit

Автор Joshua Adkins ( назад)
For those of you who dont wanna spend 5 grand to make your own here you go


Автор LookoLike ( назад)
Very inspiring what you made, incredible!

Автор Chen Yu Li ( назад)
Sell me one D;

Автор Márquez Caramba ( назад)
i think, this is the BEST VIDEO i ever saw on youtube <3

Автор Pedro Gelli Pereira Tinoco Alves ( назад)
Shit man... whata quality on everything xD Nice job!

Автор Bob Keller ( назад)
do you make and sell these? i would love one of these

Автор Aleksi Esko ( назад)
HOLY SHIT that is beautiful!!

Автор Sclunger ( назад)
DIY Perks, did you diffuse the bottom of the stand where the Indentation for the LEDs was?

Автор Tacanacy ( назад)
Is it possible to order these headphone stands from you?

Автор Pedro Figueiredo ( назад)
So awesome :)

Автор Joey A ( назад)
looks pretty awesome u did a great job

Автор Shadowwalker0408 ( назад)
please make a few of them and sell them

Автор MackTube ( назад)
Think I'll just lay mine on my desk, thanks though.

Автор Aaron Schoots ( назад)
I think etching a pcb is still more convenient using acid, because no dust is involved

Автор Carolin Becker ( назад)
For all they say "I cant afford a CNC machine, you can saw the wood also.

Автор Alucard ( назад)
I went to their website, looked at that machine and thought "what? It's actually really cheap for what it is!" and then I clicked it...

Great video though, the stand looks amazing. I'll never do it myself, but still, congratz.
I know that now that you have that machine, you want to use it for a lot of your projects, and you totally can, but keep in mind, we peasants don't have it xp

Автор Felix Espana ( назад)
"Almost impossible to have been made by hand" hahahahaha you are kidding right?

Автор Daemonforce Gaming ( назад)
how much could I buy one of these headphones stands for please shipping to south West uk

Автор jinhangookin ( назад)
that's a really nice commercial you made there lol. the stand looks great

Автор Sjard Willems v ( назад)
how could only 3 strips of LED make so much light?

Автор Stunt Panda ( назад)
Beautiful, really well done.

Автор The God Pug ( назад)
dude clean your laptop

Автор KAWASAKIAN ( назад)
I was wondering if you sell these

Автор kyle northrup ( назад)

Автор TheItalianoAssassino ( назад)
Because everyone has a CNC machine, obviously. Still a great video though!

Автор FreeFlamingInfinite ( назад)
They gave you a CNC?
Damn I need to start doing some DIY vidz!

Автор Light Cube ( назад)
The machine do part of the work, this is not DIY

Автор Harry Bonner ( назад)
Really excellent job.

Автор Vityan557 ( назад)
wow so cool !!

Автор Vanox ( назад)
i work with CNC machines in high school but i never used a CNC like that :P, is it easy? i only worked on the CNC TURN machines on them you needed to write a code for the machine to recognize what to do on the dimensions of the material, this looks a bit easier :P

Автор Alexander Robertson ( назад)
I think I could probably make a stand like that with my jigsaw, probably not as perfected and beautiful as yours but I could make something like it but I don't like to copy peoples work :P

Автор DanteSparda ( назад)
i wanna buy one.. :(

Автор Russ Dixon ( назад)
how did you fasten the sections together? I saw the long bolt, but how did you fasten it to the front section which has no fixings visible?

Автор Mike Slaybaugh ( назад)
Impossible wtf a normal bandsaw could cut that in 5 minutes. Just put the pieces together with double sided tape and cut. How hard is that.

Автор Doom Muffinz ( назад)
"DIY" with a fancy machine, go fck yourself

Автор Dayta Dorchester ( назад)
That stand is fantastic. I'd buy it for sure if you're selling.

Автор Justin Wagner ( назад)
you should start selling this headphone stand online. This looks amazing and I really want one but I don't have the materials to make it. But seriously this is a really cool project and I would buy one

Автор Tae Oh ( назад)
666k subs demons confirmed

Автор Albin Troell ( назад)
clickbait! KYS

Автор Opul3nce ( назад)
regardless how good that machine is, you always need to sand :)

Автор Murchison Kern ( назад)
I thought it was great how much would you sell these for?

Автор jamie stewart ( назад)
Man that is the sweetest looking headset holder ever!This would sell like hotcakes

Автор DB ( назад)
You are genius n very creative. You should build them in mass 👌

Автор leon ( назад)

Автор Tommy Berger ( назад)
Yeah...DIY is a little bit of an oversimplification for this.

Автор Robert Mirabelle ( назад)

Автор Harry Hov ( назад)

Автор Gustavo Cerrato Rivera ( назад)
I love this channel so much! grat work!

would it look good with wood instead of acrylic? I was thinking because I have some kauri I would use that as the main part and then use something like oak instead of the acrylic and ditch the LED's. do you approve?

Автор Q Mat ( назад)
Are you kidding me? Just an .svg file to that CNC and presto? Oh the possibilities... I absolutely love your projects Matt!

Автор Rīvəl ( назад)
Hello, since we don't all have the tools to make this, would you be willing to sell them? Or do you have a shop already set up?

Автор I know you're right, but ( назад)
hello there,
can we make moulds out of the acrylic sheets? If so, I have an idea, and I need help.
Please PM me, for further discussion.

Автор Styrk Eriksen ( назад)
I was i little inpired so i eant to build one like thias at school but not with the led lights, but then i have to make it by hand, so i wondered if you could make a video where you make it from hand tools

Автор Semen Kryukov ( назад)
Круто получилось, а чпу сколько стоит?

Автор Abhi Singh ( назад)
giveaway this stand ... plz

Автор sw72UK ( назад)
A beautiful piece of art as well as performing a function. Thanks for sharing, and really enjoyed your presentation. Subscribed, Liked and added to my own list of projects 😊

Автор Hydrolics ( назад)
that headphone stand is sooooo cool

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