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The Wilhelm Scream (BBC Sound Of 2011, Live Studio Perfor...

  • Опубликовано: 21 фев 2011
  • Music video by James Blake performing The Wilhelm Scream. (C) 2010 BBC under exclusive licence to Polydor Ltd. (UK)
    The album out now - CD: bit.ly/eD1VM0 iTunes: bit.ly/iakieB Vinyl: bit.ly/h1oMzo
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  • Danielle Reid
    Danielle Reid 11 месяцев назад +1


  • burghaus
    burghaus Год назад

    anyone knows what synth he's using?

  • Ava Monroe
    Ava Monroe Год назад


  • Tony Vilaysack
    Tony Vilaysack Год назад +8

    Can't believe this was 5 years ago.

  • Joe Lazzarotto
    Joe Lazzarotto 2 года назад

    like the song but man I feel bad for the drum and bass, guy had to play the same riff the whole time. to me it seemed like the dude on keys went way out of range and into untimely dissidence. not the good floydian kind, he played it cool and faked it but that was painful to watch.

    • yeahyeahyaha2
      yeahyeahyaha2 2 года назад +2

      +Joe Lazzarotto hahaha, haven't read one like this in a while.

    • Jesse Duthrie
      Jesse Duthrie 2 года назад +14

      +Joe Lazzarotto yeah, feel bad for a musician in a major r&b set who gets to jam out some really heartfelt shit for a living

  • candy angel
    candy angel 2 года назад +1

    pure genius! I would love to collaborate.

  • ㅤFiv5 Sev7n
    ㅤFiv5 Sev7n 3 года назад +1

    I though that I would hear a Wilhelm scream...glad that I didn't stopped watching.

    KINDLE 3 года назад

    3:15 - Girl in the background doesn't *get it* obviously. Wouldn't be the first girl, that's for sure. It's certainly not the male of the species supporting Bum Direction, Katy Cherry, Miley Virus, Britney Rears, Cheryl Mole etc.

    • rockgrenade7
      rockgrenade7 2 года назад +18

      +KINDLE Sod off or Just appreciate the music without being a sexist hag.

  • Katie Vickers
    Katie Vickers 3 года назад

    lush as fuck that like

  • Jewels Marie
    Jewels Marie 3 года назад +1

    That voice!!!!!!!

  • Toast
    Toast 4 года назад +3

    Beginning through 0:42...brilliance

  • Sean Fleming
    Sean Fleming 4 года назад +2

    This version is by far my favorite.

  • ET521
    ET521 4 года назад

    I remember loving this in 2011, now he's got a Grammy Nod. Hell Yes!

  • pensionaru2003
    pensionaru2003 4 года назад +1

    perfect build. echo & reverb at its most. pure art.

  • Jonah Hall
    Jonah Hall 4 года назад


  • Jonah Hall
    Jonah Hall 4 года назад

    The drums in this song are so complicated and detailed. Perfecro.

  • Dj Dezedee
    Dj Dezedee 4 года назад

    notice the girl @3:28 touching her headphones because she prob thinks they are broken due to the strange sound

  • Sherman Baker
    Sherman Baker 4 года назад

    He's a lot better than Stevie Winwood.

  • David Innes
    David Innes 4 года назад

    Dude thanks for the info. I've been looking for a good vocal fx pedal, TC Helicon Voice Live 2 looks pretty badass.

  • Rocco DellaNeve
    Rocco DellaNeve 4 года назад

    I'd love to know too. I know he has a TC Helicon Voice Live 2 with an external controller. Don't know the looper or drummer pad setup

  • Rosa Barroca
    Rosa Barroca 4 года назад


  • dimenhigh
    dimenhigh 4 года назад

    15 sc or longer add = Dslike ! Lets starr Trend:) :)

  • taffgriff69
    taffgriff69 4 года назад

    Pop an E and listen to this and if u don't nearly come I'm ur pants with pure spine tingling joy then ur not "ALIVE"

  • Nyma Tobgyel
    Nyma Tobgyel 5 лет назад

    LOL james is so awkward at the end

  • pierceturner
    pierceturner 5 лет назад

    Look, James Blake is so important, and any fool who says otherwise, is a fool. He is the 2013 version of Stevie Winwood, and I can think of no greater compliment. I refuse to compromise, if you don't get it, you are deaf......

  • Eikichi Miyazawa
    Eikichi Miyazawa 5 лет назад

    dont only enjoy live...!!!

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson 5 лет назад

    He's fallin, fallin, fallin...

  • sonegheet
    sonegheet 5 лет назад

    this guy is a genious.

  • ramonaspie
    ramonaspie 5 лет назад

    oh myyyyyyy gggooooooooooood this is dope

  • Juliette DB
    Juliette DB 5 лет назад

    lol @ the people just standing so bluntly behind him

  • Elisha Andrew Marin
    Elisha Andrew Marin 5 лет назад

    Roland SPD-SX.

    OPEX NATION 5 лет назад


  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma 5 лет назад

    Cause they actually fit together. Both very musical and talented people with their own style. And both in to some sort avant garde use of autotune and electronica

  • Hublisy
    Hublisy 5 лет назад

    This guy is amazing.

  • sonboy garcia
    sonboy garcia 5 лет назад

    he really knew he was fallin, fallin, fallin, he can see the future!

  • Sione Teumohenga
    Sione Teumohenga 5 лет назад

    4:27 is just unbelievable

  • ronan gray
    ronan gray 5 лет назад

    TC-Helicon Voicelive 2

  • Dave
    Dave 5 лет назад

    This is so shit! Why did Justin Vernon make music with this guy..

  • DuckThomas
    DuckThomas 5 лет назад

    does anyne know hat drum machine thing Bn is using ??

  • Jenny Gatbonton
    Jenny Gatbonton 5 лет назад

    God, James Blake is soo mesmerizing!

  • Maisqpoesia 9999
    Maisqpoesia 9999 5 лет назад

    Inspiring!!! I love this song!!!

  • shaqreia Carlton
    shaqreia Carlton 5 лет назад

    i had to close my mouth after the song ended because this was great.

  • AL3O2
    AL3O2 5 лет назад

    wasted five and a half minutes of my life waiting for a scream that isn't even included in the song...THANKS!

  • Alia Marie
    Alia Marie 5 лет назад

    i love this song! i would love to work with this guy. whole album is dope!

  • Hugo Carles
    Hugo Carles 5 лет назад

    This is so interesting.

  • reallyfunnyusername
    reallyfunnyusername 5 лет назад

    does anyone know how he changes the filter on his keys gradually? pedal?

  • rekizen23
    rekizen23 5 лет назад


  • Se Collier
    Se Collier 5 лет назад

    might as well fall...

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright 5 лет назад


  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright 5 лет назад

    lol me too

  • Nathan Ocean
    Nathan Ocean 5 лет назад

    Hahaha, I've watched this video innumerable times, yet never noticed that. Now I always will!

  • Nathan Ocean
    Nathan Ocean 5 лет назад

    Yeah, he usually has a pedal at his feet. But he really only uses it toward the end.

  • Donald McDonald
    Donald McDonald 5 лет назад

    Lol, he's falling, falling, falling.

  • Donald McDonald
    Donald McDonald 5 лет назад

    Every song on the album is so superb.

  • TheMarioarty
    TheMarioarty 5 лет назад

    it's no your best live, but his better,..i think

  • Shiv Palekar
    Shiv Palekar 5 лет назад

    Does anyone know the make and model of the percussion pad the drummer uses ?
    Thanks !

  • lowlymusic
    lowlymusic 5 лет назад

    check out the abby road version....its surreal.

  • Frank Beaus
    Frank Beaus 5 лет назад

    adblock ;)

  • Kei Sato
    Kei Sato 5 лет назад

    beautiful. provisionally personal details are true each account, amazing his music and the style are widely accepted (18-44, but mostly by male i guess..) god, i agree!!

  • David Innes
    David Innes 5 лет назад

    How does he tweak the effects on his voice? Does he have a foot pedal hooked up to his vocal effects module?

  • David Innes
    David Innes 5 лет назад

    @reubenx96 dave smith instruments prophet 08

  • Alexis Long
    Alexis Long 5 лет назад

    His voice is fucking unique and beautiful

  • t3hMEME
    t3hMEME 5 лет назад

    4:26 -- that release, fuck

  • t3hMEME
    t3hMEME 5 лет назад

    I will kill ads.

  • Ashley Seager
    Ashley Seager 5 лет назад

    love the guitar

  • GameNLtime
    GameNLtime 5 лет назад

    Awesome!.. The only thing i don't like is that i see an scary face of nicki minaj on the left of the vid...

  • Arwena Krol
    Arwena Krol 5 лет назад

    James, marry me !

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez 6 лет назад

    Headphones on. Volume up. I can't stop listening to this..

  • Rockstaraholic
    Rockstaraholic 6 лет назад

    lyrics sound awesome, there are just some words ineeda know! LYRICS ANYONE?

  • Nuggiez Beats
    Nuggiez Beats 6 лет назад

    that was awesome

  • MrWeedWacky
    MrWeedWacky 6 лет назад

    I fell asleep before the end so never saw him nearly fall of.. where is the Wilhem scream???

  • xXBronzedBalletXx
    xXBronzedBalletXx 6 лет назад

    It's called a black voice; you sing like that if you have soul. loljk

  • Anita A
    Anita A 6 лет назад


  • Sam Hocking
    Sam Hocking 6 лет назад

    this is honestly incredible.

  • hiddensynapse
    hiddensynapse 6 лет назад

    car ads piss me off!

  • GinGer Liam
    GinGer Liam 6 лет назад


  • wildrawwr
    wildrawwr 6 лет назад

    mnjonhbkibkibhjkbjfgfytfdytrd i'm dead.

  • Juliette DB
    Juliette DB 6 лет назад

    his voice is gold

  • abbycat96
    abbycat96 6 лет назад

    @MrHotshot1995 yeah i noticed, makes me like him more:P

  • ricardslodge
    ricardslodge 6 лет назад

    Thanks Beyonce.

  • 2006seabass2006
    2006seabass2006 6 лет назад

    wow crazy guitar speed, respect

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright 6 лет назад

    dont know if anyone has noticed bt right at the end he nearly falls off his chair

  • AdmiralDonuts
    AdmiralDonuts 6 лет назад

    This is a group of wizards. It's the only explanation.

  • Yasmin Qureshi
    Yasmin Qureshi 6 лет назад

    sooo hot :)

  • fabittyfab
    fabittyfab 6 лет назад


  • zincalloy11
    zincalloy11 6 лет назад

    Awesome performance...

  • 801 pel
    801 pel 6 лет назад

    That guitar part is fucking sweet.

  • rastamouse1988
    rastamouse1988 6 лет назад

    just found out he's a vegitarian.

  • captaindlo
    captaindlo 6 лет назад

    I love reading the shirt comments everyone is placing. Thumbs up buddy.

  • Chris M
    Chris M 6 лет назад

    @Lomaxthereviewer right? The album version doesn't even come close

  • Nathan Ocean
    Nathan Ocean 6 лет назад

    @landolakethat It doesn't matter, because that shirt is wearing him, not the other way around.

  • smithhedgehog
    smithhedgehog 6 лет назад

    @Rocky183 so you're bracketting people then - thats really really sad, that you're so preoccupied by image and whats cool/not cool...you sounds more 'hipster' than anyone else

  • smithhedgehog
    smithhedgehog 6 лет назад

    @Rocky183 so its the audience then - can't blame the artist for that - nothing hipster about the artist

  • hmsuck
    hmsuck 6 лет назад

    does anyone know what kind of synth it is?

  • Nathan Ocean
    Nathan Ocean 6 лет назад

    @landolakethat Haha, how obscure...I hadn't noticed that until now.

  • Matt M
    Matt M 6 лет назад

    @jdebruynviolin the genius is in the subtle changes that are made with each iteration. man, i love this tune.

  • Sean Pollock
    Sean Pollock 6 лет назад

    @tombokickass he's using a sample pad or SPD, it had electronic drum samples (midi files) in it that trigger when he strikes it

  • dmoder3
    dmoder3 6 лет назад

    Amazon Mp3 actually introduced me to this album. They really surprise me with their picks sometimes but this was a great pick! Great beat and lyrics. His voice kind of reminds me of Aaron Neville lol

  • jdebruynviolin
    jdebruynviolin 6 лет назад

    I like the song but it should either be shorter or less repetitive, I think.

  • boring club
    boring club 6 лет назад

    whats the drummer using instead of a snare, and i swear he doesnt even touch it?