6 Must Try Japanese Foods | Iwate

We discover six must try Japanese dishes in Iwate prefecture.
► Huge thanks to Tohoku 365: https://tohoku365.com/
► And huge thanks to Quinlan! What an awesome guy! (his Airbnb): https://goo.gl/8lMu46

► All the dishes we ate in this video! https://tohoku365.com/traveler/page/7/

► NIKO NIKO Rental Car Agency: http://www.niconicorentacar.jp/

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Автор sean rawlins ( назад)
Hey Chris I'm here in Japan. It seems like it's really expensive to eat anything. Could you talk about prices of food in Japan. Maybe what to eat on a budget?

Автор Interkomkomind ( назад)
wait, is jar jar binks your favorite star wars character?

oh dear

Автор nindi nida ( назад)
I really love your british accent. it sounds like a beautiful song for me.

Автор mojomomo ( назад)
He didn't say justice he said this dish is

Автор Lunar Frost ( назад)
I think my biggest issue with japan is adapting to the type of food served there.

I'm extremely picky and well, American. I love Meat and Bread...and Potatoes...and that's about it.

Автор MrFester ( назад)
I would like to know how many days did he spent in each city, because I see a ton of food being eaten that is going to fill you up fast.

Автор Ava Abdon ( назад)
can I marry you :)

Автор Atrinoch ( назад)
your friend quinlan has a huge nose

Автор Ruchit Negotia ( назад)
You can ONLY find American hospitality NOT in America. lol

Автор aWildWaterMelonAppears ( назад)
"yay watermelon"
I approve of this message.

Автор Twirch ( назад)
That BBQ bucket is brilliant! I want one!

Автор Jay Anderson ( назад)
Justice Delicious number one!

Автор Pøppy ( назад)
i feel like i'm watching jamie oliver

Автор standingunder ( назад)
Tantan... also from Star Wars.

Автор Autistic Sheep ( назад)
That guy sounds like Black Pigeon Speaks ^^

Автор rakshit sharma ( назад)
Wow chris you got some cheese left in your teeth 😅they are yellow😂 extremely yellow 💯

Автор Sieren Tokiio ( назад)
go see the cows! lol

Автор Rickson Geometry Dash ( назад)
Id like some adolf hitler for appetizers
Genghis khan for main course
Mao ze dong as side dish
And maybe a bit of impaled vlad ice cream as dessert

Автор Matt Chow ( назад)
fuck the word "ex-pat" he's a fucking immigrant

Автор Don Quijote ( назад)
natsuki clearly said "just is delicious" not "justice delicious"

Автор Marvin G. ( назад)
one thing noticed watching japan videos is that I still have to a find fat regular japanese walking on the street I was just curious with all those delicious foods they have and yet they are with the lowest obesity rate...

Автор Bryan Taylor ( назад)
NOM, NOM, NOM,,, One of these days.

Автор oniluka ( назад)
Damn that looks nice!

Автор WiseguyRaven ( назад)
i think he meant "just is delicious" lmao XD

Автор avatar098 ( назад)
Hmmm, I shall try and implement this bucket idea for home KBBQ :)

Автор Lady Gestalt ( назад)
I need a tofu lollipop

Автор Duke ( назад)
10:30 I love that guy. lol

Автор Justin Erra ( назад)
What part of America dictates how polite you are. Midwest=Polite. EastCoast=Dickheads

Автор jere jakob ( назад)
fuckin hell now i want some of that

Автор Joshua Madoc ( назад)
Guess my reaction to wagyu beef would be 「天国のようだ」

Автор 2702 ( назад)
i like watching food shows whilst eating

Автор ltd1980 ( назад)
that beef looks like food of the gods. amazing

Автор lucretius123 ( назад)
that american expat is wearing the classical american expat outfit.

Автор 恵理 / 爱梨 石工 / 梅森 ( назад)
Now you've been vegan for 90 seconds, would you be able to make a video about how to be vegan in Japan? I am also passionate about food. Love your videos.

Автор Omar Juvera ( назад)
Do not forget about Shabu Shabu!

That makes it 3 ways to prepare beef in Japan, instead of 2

Автор Anthony Dominguez ( назад)
Funny seeing him and the Quinlan react to the 'sound' of smoked guts. Growing up in my family 'tripas' (guts/organs) are almost like eating an expensive steak and when you finally get some, its soooo goooood!!!! Then again we cook our tripas like you would a hamburger or steak. Taste varies.

Автор brokkenmask ( назад)
Cant watch this... too hungry...

Автор 123mambo321 ( назад)
hes saying just tastes delicious not justice delicious

Автор Tiffi Paco ( назад)
wait where r the rest of the prefectures xD???

Автор Evolving Chaos ( назад)
hey chris, heres a fun fact. tofu has a naturally grown chemical compound in it similar to estrogen. now im not saying you'll turn into a girl but i do find myself questioning my masculinity almost everytime i enter a chipotle resturaunt. lol

Автор ben henry ( назад)
i see natsuki i press like. because its justice delicious art.

Автор PTheAnimal ( назад)
"Justice Delicious"

Автор We Sore ( назад)
So we pay them to cook it ourselves? Fucking dogs

Автор TINY_TIGERS ( назад)
I think he was saying the one word "just is 'delicious'."

Автор Char ( назад)
at 3:12 i thought you said tall guy and not tour guide lol

Автор Cleber Tonello ( назад)
We call that thing that the 1st food was grilled on Genghis Khan here in Brazil. It's a Genghis Khan churrasqueira! It's not exactly on a bucket, but very very similar

Автор Ralph Manatad ( назад)
di pa naluluto yung beef nila eh yackss

Автор Ember's Trinity ( назад)
The turtle had a diaper?

Автор Mengtian Zhou ( назад)
Jajamen comes from the chinese dish, Zhajiangmian.

Автор Amy Kill ( назад)
✨God he's cute 🙈✨

Автор Rhidlor ( назад)
"Justice Delicious"
"That doesn't even make sense"

Автор FBShoppingNow ( назад)
great sharing

Автор Philip A Winged ( назад)
Noooo, you should have taken the opportunity to show us the Iwachu cast iron factory in Morioka! I missed it last time I was in Japan, didn't make it in time! Maaybe next time.

Автор AnnPeek ( назад)
I've only had Jajamyen in a Korean restaurant. It was similar, but I think I like the look of mine better. :)

Автор Carlos Fernandez ( назад)
I want some justice delicious meat.

Автор HealthinHappiness ( назад)
I think Naski is saying/meant "just taste delicious" and not justice.

Автор Doubledealer ( назад)
Chris: Natsuki, what does your reader say?

Natsuki: It's OVER 9000!!!!

Автор Alyscus ( назад)
Hahaha.... food with names.

Автор MrManerd ( назад)
It was a mistake ro watch this on an empty stomach

Автор gerrr ( назад)

Автор Detective John Kimble ( назад)
God that fucking steak looks so god damn good

Автор Mr. Inglorious ( назад)
That steak was definitely still mooing!!

Автор Sajid Wahid ( назад)
Quinlan. Immigrant not ex pat.

Автор brackpersian ( назад)
some how i feel like you are in korea instead

Автор Jose ( назад)
you should try reveiwing traditional rice balls

Автор Abduckted ( назад)
Twas a pity you didn't properly understand that last guy, Trust us its delicious.

Автор Danzel ( назад)
"Having to live the difficult life of a vegan for 90 seconds"
Hahahahah quality british humour

Автор aaronxyz123 ( назад)
The british are a bunch of cunts and they should take their shit union jack off my nice flag....America is OK..for now... till Trump fucks it all. Yes im talking about the first few seconds of this vid.

Автор paul choe ( назад)
Genghis Khan - Dictator??? Properly said, Conquer of Europe ha ha ha, He is main reason why Europeans have any smart.
Jaja mein is a Chinese Noodle from Santung. Perfected in Korea. Korean buckwheat noodles?? Both are Korean Specialty. I think you went to a Korean restaurant.

Автор TomboyVale ( назад)
is he gay? there's something about him interesting, (*don't worry I don't wanna be offensive I'm lesbian*)

Автор FernandoOP ( назад)
"Having officially lived the difficult life of a vegan, for 90 seconds.." lmao!

Автор jpnryuksamrai ( назад)

Автор Wyrm ( назад)
Wanko Soba, or wanker's sober? :^)

Автор Wyrm ( назад)
I can only confirm what he says about Americans, they are really friendly... Maybe because so many imbeciles hate them for no good reason?

Автор Rodney J Vlogs ( назад)
I wonder how much does the beef cost

Автор Kaitlin Rose ( назад)
Lol can't tell whether the Brit or American is being more sarcastic XD

Автор John Redman ( назад)
Ours goes to eleven, and so does that beef. <3

Автор Angel M. ( назад)
1.- Give alcohol to Natsuki.
2.- Profit.

Автор Shawn _92 ( назад)
Must try Japanese foods, use chinese music as background.

Автор 「Shiiro」 ( назад)
As much as I know that this guy is being genuine I just can't help but think that he's doing the voice over for a sarcastic documentary.

Автор Vincent Siojo ( назад)
literally laughed at dengaku- lightning study >.<

Автор dkoya ( назад)
Chris, I believe I saw this and another of your videos with a turtle in it in an NHK show called "Tokuho Shutoken." http://www4.nhk.or.jp/tokuho/x/2017-02-17/21/14486/1503049/ Were you aware of this? Anyhow, congrats for being so popular on Japanese TV!

Автор Kim Yuntei ( назад)
Got here after meat and find up this lalar insulting our mighty king you are not welcomed to mongolia abroad Japan

Автор Yndostrui ( назад)
I laughed way too hard at "Lightning study". 電学 for the win.

Автор Maxwell Jahner ( назад)
Watching this while eating Pop-Tarts for breakfast. The Pop-Tarts were less satisfying than usual...

Автор TGI Deathro ( назад)
he tried to say it just is delicious

Автор Megumin ( назад)

Автор ssjwes ( назад)
That meat at the end... justice delicious is all that I can say.

Автор 21 Gun Salute ( назад)
he's wearing a turtle shit catcher

Автор Kyle W ( назад)
Being from Yorkshire, i assumed you were saying "its like heart". Took me a while to reailse you said art, not 'art... Great vid

Автор A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman ( назад)
if you eat Bolognese sauce with spaghetti, shove a rusty nail up your urethra
sincerely, an american

Автор A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman ( назад)
"trying one of my favorite dishes" ???

Автор Cloud Looker ( назад)
I honestly can't tell if you thought he said: "justice delicious" or you knew he said "just is" and are good at messing with people

Автор iamtherepairguy ( назад)
The best was the Tortoise.

Автор George Cristea ( назад)
Justice Delicious! :D
This is too good : 11:10
" Thats impossible!... " haha

Автор Sam Jacks ( назад)
Fucking weaboo

Автор Kenjiro Mizuguchi ( назад)
I wanna eat all of them😍

Автор Jonassus the Great ( назад)
Nice dental

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