France's Yellow Vest Protestors Took To The Streets For May Day (HBO)

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • Tens of thousands of people took to the streets for May Day, in solidarity with millions around the world who marched for worker’s rights. While the French protest every year, these protests were remarkably violent as police fired tear gas at crowds in attempts to control factions bent on rioting, detaining more than 250 protestors by the end of the day.
    This was the first May Day rally for members of France’s “Yellow Vest” movement, which began protesting 24 weeks ago against what they see as President Emmanuel Macron’s pro-business policies favoring the elite.
    The group has proven to be one of the biggest challenges to Macron’s presidency and has already forced the President to make concessions related to taxation, pension reform and the closures of schools and hospitals. By turning up today, the Yellow Vests aligned themselves with a centuries-old movement that’s traditionally seen as pro-union and pro-left.
    “Today is May Day. It has nothing to do with a Yellow Vest action. It’s a workers’ celebration,” Jérôme Rodrigues, an unofficial leader of the Yellow Vest’s told VICE News. “Within the Yellow Vest march, you have workers who have gathered here to reinforce their demands, and show that they are workers too.”
    Rodrigues joined the Yellow Vests in it’s earlier stages, and in a January rally, lost an eye after being hit with what he believes to be a police-fired projectile. Videos capturing the moment propelled him to the forefront of the movement.
    “The problem is that we have a president in France right now who not only doesn’t listen to us, but also mutilates us,” Rodrigues told VICE News. “So why wage a revolution? Because the climate of violence was brought on by the government.”
    Turning out today was important for Rodrigues and the Yellow Vests because they’ve been losing momentum as of late. He hopes that the Yellow Vests’ presence at the May Day pro-labour rally will help bolster support for their cause in the future.
    “All this diversity- That’s how we win. OK?” Rodrigues told VICE News. “Today, we see that we ignored that [in the past], and that we have recovered something fundamental in France. It’s called fraternity.”
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  • Red Knight 2014
    Red Knight 2014 Day ago

    Macron must go!
    Power to the French People!
    To hell with the EU!

  • fbn Prz
    fbn Prz 4 days ago +2

    Freedom for the Frenchmen .. God bless France.

  • Rio the Chief Master Boss Idol

    China is going to take over the world. Goodbye France, UK, USA, EU. It's all over for democracy. It doesn't work, does not promote equality and not sustainable long term.
    Communism is going to take over the world. Soon.

    • Rio the Chief Master Boss Idol
      Rio the Chief Master Boss Idol 3 days ago

      @Ke3p3r dictatorship is better than anarchy like these yellow vests are doing. Revolution after revolution

    • Ke3p3r
      Ke3p3r 3 days ago

      Let's go, unit ourselves against dictatorship by creating dictatorship ... .

  • David Sarabia
    David Sarabia 5 days ago +2

    The u.s should storm the federal reserve and all the banks 🏦

  • Benny Tsangmin
    Benny Tsangmin 6 days ago

    Parisian dislike their govt. How come US IS NOT INVADING PARIS.

  • Rogier -
    Rogier - 7 days ago

    They look like Antifa. They should protest the mass immigration. Make riots with muslims. The only reason taxes are going up is because of the large number muslim immigrants that receive welfare

  • Rogier -
    Rogier - 7 days ago

    Why aren't they protesting the mass immigration of muslims in Europe?? When i see muslims throwing with stones and destroying things, it makes me think about ISIS. If they had weapons, they would have use it. It's just a matter of time before we have a ISIS here in Europe.

  • 王钦填
    王钦填 7 days ago


  • PwnishR
    PwnishR 7 days ago

    You yellow vests need to wear reinforced protective eye wear and mesh masks during your protests....a little bit of money can protect your eyes that for some are priceless...

  • Jiminy Cricket
    Jiminy Cricket 12 days ago

    The police look like Storm Troopers

  • Hue Hue
    Hue Hue 13 days ago

    I never understood why the franch are stereotyped as weak and cowardly. Current holder of the decathlon world Recordand frst whitey to run under 10 secs in 100m both French. Always the first people to revolt against oppression.
    Keep fighting france

  • james mcbride
    james mcbride 14 days ago +1

    Macron ex rothschild banker globalist puppet, the euro fckd over the french.

  • Nort McGort
    Nort McGort 15 days ago

    They aren't protesting for more leftist policies. Socialists are allowing 3rd world terrorists to pour into the country to displace the native population. Socialism is dying in Europe. Just ask the French, British, Polish, Hungarians, Italians, and Austrians. Europe will be taken back.

  • HY LAU
    HY LAU 16 days ago +8

    Western mainstream media never broadcast this, but when it happen in Hong Kong.....And also every year they remind us about 64 Tiananmen Square.

  • AATCHOUUMM Anthony
    AATCHOUUMM Anthony 18 days ago

    Que tous les pays tiennent leurs mouvement
    Ce système doit changer

  • ImperialJapanBall
    ImperialJapanBall 18 days ago

    Do you hear The People sing? Singing a song of angry men. This is The music of a People Who will not be slaves again!

  • Australian Patriot
    Australian Patriot 21 day ago

    Il y a environ 100 ans, des millions de personnes étaient mortes en France et dans d'autres pays pour la liberté des pays conquis par les dominateurs de l'agresseur. Elles sont mortes pour que vos libertés aient une vie raisonnable et décente. .Les vrais Australiens marchent dans l’esprit juste à côté de vous.

  • sumrandumguy1
    sumrandumguy1 21 day ago

    Also: say what you will about Vice, at least they're actually talking about this.
    The same cannot be said for organizations like CNN or the BBC.

  • sumrandumguy1
    sumrandumguy1 21 day ago +1

    It occured to me "hang on a minute...Why have I not heard about the yellow jacket protests in several months?
    How did it end?"
    And I do a little research (ie: I had to actively SEARCH for a video like this because the algorithm buries it) and find that it's only gotten worse.
    How can anyone trust conventional media when they're blatantly ignoring a borderline revolution going on in a G8 country?

  • AndrewTheFox XD
    AndrewTheFox XD 22 days ago

    Im cheering for the police.

  • Angel Sievert
    Angel Sievert 22 days ago

    FIGHT THESE GLOBALIST LUCIFER worshipping spawns of Macron; a militarized Police versus a populace disrespected

  • Mark Fonseca
    Mark Fonseca 22 days ago

    They are saying enough is enough true courage salute my brothers of the good fight .

  • Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson

    What are you waiting for yellow vests? Go get Emmanuel Macron!!!

  • zoolook1000
    zoolook1000 23 days ago

    Thanks French people yellow vest keep fighting I believe in you don't give up you are the Fighters and leaders against tyranny and Evil in this world now,

  • uthred king of mercia
    uthred king of mercia 23 days ago

    Unstable as water so will not excel as a leader in the world

  • Batuhan Batuhan
    Batuhan Batuhan 24 days ago

    Imagine 1000 yellow vests have the exact same police costume and surround the police and start beating them. It would be SO fun to watch police wouldn't know who was who

  • im Jus St ChiLLin
    im Jus St ChiLLin 24 days ago

    Come on french people!!
    The American's who are aware, believe!
    You can do this the people will win when it's World wide.

  • Michelle Higgs
    Michelle Higgs 26 days ago

    They have now stopped showing this on RUclip. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Chase Clark
    Chase Clark 26 days ago

    The yellow vests are a bunch of radical hacks

  • Maynor Reyes
    Maynor Reyes Month ago

    Enough with the peaceful protests. !!! Whip out the guns and exterminate the elitists minions. Then kill the elites. Rise up and America will follow

    PGCN RCTT Month ago

    The wife vs president like the money + food vs weapon
    We cant win by weapon but can win by food and ́money sure

    PGCN RCTT Month ago

    To all dear france friend
    If you want to win macron
    You must focus on his wife
    A strong man = weak wife
    A weak man = strong wife
    Look billgate wife she is poor
    If you want to win macron policeman and fighting
    Focus on his wife and family
    God bless you from vietnam

  • 台灣加油
    台灣加油 Month ago +1

    法国没人权 不民主 怎么能打游行者呢?👎🏻👎🏻

  • emre hattus
    emre hattus Month ago

    1789 :D

  • Jarrod Yuki
    Jarrod Yuki Month ago

    compromise with the large factions and arrest the smaller fanatical factions.

  • kris lee
    kris lee Month ago +15

    riots in HK----CCP is oppressing
    yellow vest----citizens trying to gain their freedom
    love America as American----patriotic movement
    love your own country----brainwashed
    typical double standard

  • fan freak
    fan freak Month ago

    Isnt this how the ussr controlled there people

  • haaaa
    haaaa Month ago

    Do it Do it

  • Marqus W
    Marqus W Month ago

    A wicked kingdom shall fall.

  • the op vloger
    the op vloger Month ago

    Damn Communists

  • EnzitinFreza
    EnzitinFreza Month ago

    Press f to pay respects for Rodriguez

  • EnzitinFreza
    EnzitinFreza Month ago


  • private name
    private name Month ago

    Are they still rioting?

  • Mali Buda
    Mali Buda Month ago

    France standing strong for 24 weeks

  • Skeletor
    Skeletor Month ago

    i dont get it why do they run? 1 vs 1000 and the 1000 run only the french

  • Mike Eidt
    Mike Eidt Month ago

    Where is the media coverage for this in Canada?

  • Juu Jika
    Juu Jika Month ago

    Do not be fooled english-speaking fellows, yellow vests have been swallowed by far leftards.
    That’s why yellow vests are so few today...

  • Mary Peterson
    Mary Peterson Month ago

    This is a revolt against a government controlled by the global cabal, primarily by the Rothschild Jewish Criminal Banking Cartel. But, instead of wasting their time, resources, and energy, the 'protestors' need to organize into guerilla armies, and using guerilla tactics, kill and defeat the police and military personnel intil they are all dead/defeated. After that it will be much easier to erradicate the infratructure and institutions--the rest of the government, which is a 100% Corrupt, Totalitarian, Police-State. After this is completed, then all the perps, which includes the Rothschilds, can be rounded up, the top 35% tortured for three days each with needle nose pliers and a blow torch, on the 4th day--Fed Alive To Hogs. The bottom 65%--merely killed. It may need to get to a point where sticks will have to be rubbed together to get fire; But a necessary step in the alleviation of this most cancerous all-encompasing-blight on humanity. Then the most powerful Totalitarian tyrannical government on the opposite side of the Atlantic needs to have the same thing happen to it. History and studies have proven many many times that a determined minority, as few as 3-5% of the population can violently through off their chains of slavery, no matter how powerful the enemy. In fact this has always been the case. The braindead, brainwashed worthless masses have never successfully erradicated their enslavers--it's always been the determined few with integrity, principles, a moral-imperative, and strong-willed.

  • Hard Hat
    Hard Hat Month ago

    Texas is with you

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago

      You should not because the last yellow vest are extrem left and right and black bloc revolutionnaire. This movement is almost finished with only 9500 yv the 1 st june . In october 2018 it was 300000 yv . The majority were calm but some thousands extremist fought the police
      Of course tvnews show only the violence to,make money during hours ...

  • The Watch Show
    The Watch Show Month ago

    Why is macaroni still in his ivory palace? Why are the police not supporting the people?

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago

      Because the majority of'french poeple are vs the stupid'yellow vest . At the last european election the YV have had less than 1 % of vote.
      You can't know the reality with youtube. This video shows only some hundreds extrem left and right and black bloc antifa revolutionnary . This movement is almost finished with only 9500 yv in the whole france the 1 st june.
      French poeple is'totally'fed'up with these stupid extrem right and left on saturday.

  • Nick williams
    Nick williams 2 months ago +17

    Macron is a Rothschild puppet and a globalist through and through! He doesn't care about the working class French people only the elites!!!

  • K
    K 2 months ago +2

    France's economy not doing well-no news
    US economy doing well-no news
    Getting Trump tax returns-24/7 XD

    • RaptorTheMLGAce
      RaptorTheMLGAce Month ago

      @stephen10 Exactly

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago +1

      @K jobless was 10 % before macron and now 8.7 % with him. We expect 7 % in 2021 or 2022 and less after , it lowers step by step. Macron has based his politic on the work , not on social help .

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago +1

      @K Macron's reform is based on the economical politic of offer ( to lower the taxs for companies etc ..) and it beginns to work on the middle term .
      These crazy yellow vest know nothing about economy for the most

    • stephen10
      stephen10 Month ago +1

      @K the last yellow vest are a band of extremist communist , black bloc revolutionnare , the worst poeple i earth ! they hate macron .
      it 's like US poeple who hated Obama or currently poeple hating trump.
      There were 300000 yellow vests in october 2018 with poor poeple worker or in retirement but now macron has given 10 BILLIONS euros for them. Now there are only 9500 yellow vest in the whole france for the 1st june 2019...
      Macron has already answered to them and helped them ! The last YV will be never satisfied , they simply hate Macron for nothing

    • K
      K Month ago

      @stephen10 Why are they protesting then?

  • JR Murphy
    JR Murphy 2 months ago

    Oh God I wish the poor disabled and workers of New Zealand were in the streets like this. Jacinda Ardern is a marketing phoney that advance rich globalist neo-liberal terrorists and persecutes disabled abused and poor locals. People who protest like me are denied ALL HEALTH CARE, no lawyer, no justice (not even the judge can help me, they screwing her over too), persecuted and terrorised by police ordered by Jacinda and Minister of Justice Andrew Little. I have all the proof - is THERE ANYBODY READING THIS WHO IS AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNALIST CAN EXPOSE WHAT HAPPENING TO ME. PLEASE, I'M VERY UNWELL, PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?????PLEASE I LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND, OUR GOVT PURPOSELY DRIVES PEOPLE TO SUICIDE IN ORDER TO EXPLOIT THEM - THAT'S WHY WE LEAD THE WORLD IN SUICIDE, SELF-HARM, DOMESTIC/FLATMATE VIOLENCE, HOMELESSNESS ETC. God please help us, YANKS are using NZ for their marketing about human rights - which they violate and they make sure are violated here as well. Yanks run all the organisations involved with privatising housing, health, law and welfare - THEY ARE EVERYWHERE - along with disgusting neo-liberal poms and Sth Africans. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT OUR CULTURE THEY ARE PERFORMING CULTURAL GENOCIDE ON THIS COUNTRY - GOD PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR MEDIA ARE CORRUPT AND HIDE EVERYTHING, THEY ARE TURNING FAMILIES AGAINST EACH OTHER, WE HAVE COMPLETE ANOMIE IN THE DARKLANDS OF THIS HELL HOLE. My once best friend violently assaulted me and viciously abused me because I said I didn't like the local mayor and him driving out all the poorest people so rich foreigners could move in.

  • Porco Rosso
    Porco Rosso 2 months ago


  • Leo
    Leo 2 months ago

    not enough guillotines!

  • money teamm
    money teamm 2 months ago


  • Jerry Fandango
    Jerry Fandango 2 months ago

    Come one guys immigration is not bad. It is the right thing to do to help those immigrants out !

  • Maize jo Luther
    Maize jo Luther 2 months ago +4

    Go yellow vests!

  • Bas
    Bas 2 months ago

    rubbish city

  • halfpipefreak
    halfpipefreak 2 months ago

    Decapitate macron.

    • Frida Standup
      Frida Standup 2 months ago

      Thanks for the support Halfpipefreak !! Please share that footage in your home country if you can .
      Thanks for helping !! Greetings from France

  • oldtimedrumcorps
    oldtimedrumcorps 2 months ago +3

    Americans remember who came to our aid in our time of need ! The French , for Freedom . Support them. Our media censorship should tell you all you need to know . " Vive la resistance !"

  • trifecta t
    trifecta t 2 months ago +1

    abolish government , it always ends up with mass poverty and mayhem/ murder of civilins ALWAYS!!!! There are better systems that could be implemented to ensure order/freedom and respect of rights and natural law(not mans law which is a dogma counterfeit of natural law). The thuggery and extortion regularly displayed by governments is unacceptable, there is NEVER a justification for forcing someone to pay for anything ever taxation is immoral extortion/theft.

  • Sal Gutierrez
    Sal Gutierrez 2 months ago

    Humans never change

  • Chick Flick
    Chick Flick 2 months ago +3

    Numbers are not dwindling week by week. Not true.

    • RaptorTheMLGAce
      RaptorTheMLGAce Month ago

      They actually are, even a yellow vest accounting organization is showing it.

  • K. Alice
    K. Alice 2 months ago

    Greetings, I want to organize protests in my country agaisnt Left n corruption but I dont know how to start, how do u call ppl? Social Media? Or u go to the streets by urself calling ppl w/ a megaphone? I think social media takes quite long time to reunite ppl, thank u in advance.

  • LittleLibertad
    LittleLibertad 2 months ago


  • TheFartSmeller69420
    TheFartSmeller69420 2 months ago


  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 2 months ago

    Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing the songs of angry men?
    It is the music of the people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes!
    Will you join in our crusade?
    Who will be strong and stand with me?
    Somewhere beyond the barricade
    Is there a world you long to see?
    Then join in the fight
    That will give you the right to be free!
    Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing the songs of angry men?
    It is the music of the people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes!
    Will you give all you can give
    So that our banner may advance
    Some will fall and some will live
    Will you stand up and take your chance?
    The blood of the martyrs
    Will water the meadows of France!
    Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing the songs of angry men?
    It is the music of the people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes.

  • Marama Shone
    Marama Shone 2 months ago

    I had to leave paris beacuse of this! A one month holiday turned into a 2 week holiday! It wasnt safe for me and my mum! Probably worst holiday ever! My mum worked day and night for this! 😠😠😟😟

  • Zelder
    Zelder 2 months ago +5

    Welcome to France
    We complain about anything, and when we complain we don't do it by sitting on a bench with a sign

    • Sophia Knoztak
      Sophia Knoztak 20 days ago

      New Electric Bike 1000 watt goes 25 mph and 20 miles on a charge.

    • Zelder
      Zelder Month ago

      @Pascaline Wright Franchement à l'exception de la tva et de, à la limite la taxe foncière qui va être baissé, peu d'impôt sont "inégaux"

    • Pascaline Wright
      Pascaline Wright Month ago

      @Zelder Je suis bien consciente que les impôts sont importants. Mais pas équitablement répartis. Si je te dis que dans ma famille on paye énormément d'impôts alors qu'on est pas riches tu me crois ? Je pourrais très bien être gilet jaune moi aussi, mais je ne le suis pas.

    • Zelder
      Zelder Month ago

      @Pascaline Wright nan mais tu te fous de ma gueule ? Tu crois qu'on les paye comment tes aides sociales jean RSA ? Et pourquoi est ce que tu crois qu'une visite chez le médecin coute si peu chère et que les interventions médicales sont prix en charges ?
      Parce que tu paye des impots.
      Comment est ce que tu crois qu'on paye les indemnités maldies, le chômage et les pensions retraites, ou même les allocations familiale ? Avec des impôts.
      Tu crois vraiment que les pays où les impôts sont bas on accès à ce genre de service ? Non !
      Et si je suis entrain de parler à un smicard gilet jaune je peut comprendre que tu ait du mal à vivre mais il ne faut pas oublier qu'en baissant les impôts on enlève des services gratuit ce qui fait augmenter le coût de la vie
      Après ok la TVA c'est de l'arnaque, mais bon quand on voir l'argent que ça rapporte la baisser ne serait-ce que d'un pourcent aurait des conséquences catastrophiques

    • Pascaline Wright
      Pascaline Wright Month ago

      I am French and your words are wrong. We are a strong people who support the raised taxes of our government. These are just prejudices. Come live in France under the piles of taxes, we'll see if you do not complain.

  • one no
    one no 2 months ago

    The Chinese people hope that France can respect the opinions of the French people and not trample on human rights!

    • one no
      one no 26 days ago

      Booty Warrior
      I hope you have the opportunity to come to Hong Kong to see

    • Booty Warrior
      Booty Warrior 27 days ago

      Uhh,y’all are doing that to Hong Kong tho

  • 96donov
    96donov 2 months ago

    can we get lower taxes Protest in the UK !!

    • Frida Standup
      Frida Standup 2 months ago

      Please share that footage in the Uk if you can .
      Many thanks for helping !! Greetings from France

  • Steven Howe
    Steven Howe 2 months ago +9

    I have MUCH admiration for the French Yellow Vests - Brexit Britain is WITH YOU - Stand TALL stand PROUD and NEVER surrender!

    • Rocco Mendoza
      Rocco Mendoza 19 days ago

      Don't you realize that many of these people are far-leftists? They have nothing to do with right-wing brexiteers.

    • Steven Howe
      Steven Howe 2 months ago

      @Frida Standup THIS is why the vile 'European Union' even want to censor the internet, they don't want ordinary people talking, they don't want ordinary people from learning the truth - we must fight the horrible EU dictatorship every chance we get.

    • Frida Standup
      Frida Standup 2 months ago +1

      Thanks for the support Steven !! Please share that footage in the UK if you can .
      Many thanks for helping . Greetings from France

  • EL Guapo
    EL Guapo 2 months ago +9

    Politicians raise taxes so they can buy thousand dollar curtains, while the people are taxed out of their homes.....

    • Anthony Baires
      Anthony Baires Month ago

      Lowering taxes isn't such a good idea either. That's what sort of got the US in the great recession and it's leading us to another recession in upcoming years. The economy is stable but showing signs of blundging. As well as our labor. All of which were the start of the US economic market crash in 2008

  • EL Guapo
    EL Guapo 2 months ago

    Democrats and their constant high taxes so they can cram their pockets while the people starve...

  • Occam's Razor
    Occam's Razor 2 months ago

    What are the yellow vest movement protesting for?

  • Komodo Firegod
    Komodo Firegod 2 months ago

    is there a weapon ban in france? if the police are armed why do they continue usong peacful protest against traitors? cops all come from the middle class they are traitors against their own

  • Cancer Man
    Cancer Man 2 months ago +1


  • I.V
    I.V 2 months ago +25

    I live in Southern France where each Saturday people are in the street to demonstrate since last November. But what really strikes me is the general discontent spreading among people who aren't necessarily demonstrating. You go to a bar and the conversation goes on politics, people are very unhappy. Meet people casually at the supermarket and the same happen. Some openly talk of a need of a revolution.
    Believe me last November people weren't talking this way. New ideas are spreading and who knows what may happen.

    • Ke3p3r
      Ke3p3r 3 days ago

      @Zelder oui, certains sont égocentrés et n'ont pas de vision global et d'autres vont manifester ;). Voilà ce qui ce passe en France. Mais au final, qu'ils le veulent ou non, tout le monde sera impliqué

    • Zelder
      Zelder Month ago

      @Nicolas Shane do you even know what's going on in france

    • Nicolas Shane
      Nicolas Shane 2 months ago +1

      I.V anything can happen at this point, my prayers are with all of you!!

    • Nicolas Shane
      Nicolas Shane 2 months ago

      Anything can happen !!

    • Nicolas Shane
      Nicolas Shane 2 months ago +1

      They are worried of losing control !! Macron is a puppet !!

  • Spivze Spivatron
    Spivze Spivatron 2 months ago

    The French have only themselves to blame ..they voted for Macron and got Macron ...they will vote him in again....muslim migrants must be paid a great wage so enjoy paying for them whilst u starve

  • tony montana
    tony montana 2 months ago

    2:52 are the police wearing motorcycle helmets?

    • tony montana
      tony montana 2 months ago

      @Alan Foulon really shows how macron is losing control goodluck lads

    • Alan Foulon
      Alan Foulon 2 months ago

      Yes we called the '' la BAC'' means brigade anti criminalité, they are the worst unit of French police, they not able to go in the riots movement so they don' t have the material for. I'm a yellow vest from north of paris and I can swear to you that they are real motherfuckers, the fight women, gaz old people, shot with LBD (flash-ball) in the head, many people lost there eyes

  • Marie-Louise Bomann Olsen
    Marie-Louise Bomann Olsen 2 months ago +1

    NOT a word in Danish media about 1 May 2019 in france. Why NOT ? Its importen we know what and Why its going on.

    • RaptorTheMLGAce
      RaptorTheMLGAce Month ago

      @Steven Howe 950 yellow vests in Paris today, the joke keeps going 😂

    • RaptorTheMLGAce
      RaptorTheMLGAce Month ago

      @Steven Howe Your example here stands as an element of comparaison, haven't you learned how to argue? Also, your example is irrelevant as the social cultures between France and GB are way different. Talking about being retarded...
      The stats are available, you can look up the protests history, your lack of knowledge doesn't change the facts. The yellow vests are nothing and so are you, trying to defend them in vain.

    • Steven Howe
      Steven Howe Month ago

      @RaptorTheMLGAce I think tis YOU that's the 'joke' as I wasn't 'comparing' Britain and France I was using Britain and Brexit as an EXAMPLE can you not see that you complete and total Retard? Read up Moron ^^^^^^^

      'Proper protests' gather more than a 'MILLION' are you serious haha you do like to go for the drama yes? Oh and that's in Paris alone haha

      Keep 'trying' you Moron but I KNOW that you KNOW you are a Dickhead - it really is as simple as that.

    • RaptorTheMLGAce
      RaptorTheMLGAce Month ago

      @Steven Howe You're comparing GB and France even though the social cultures are way more different in these two countries people protest way more in France, when the French are angry about something, they all get in the streets, as I said, proper protests gather more than a million people in Paris alone, the yellow vests never gathered more than 300 thousands people throughout France.
      Oh and let's talk about the yellow vests lists who presented themselves for the EU elections. Guess how many people voted for them? A few thousands people at best.
      You don't know anything about France and you compare British protests and French protests, you're a joke.

    • Steven Howe
      Steven Howe Month ago

      @RaptorTheMLGAce You are talking about actual protesters you Clown BUT there are MUCH MORE than 0.5% that sympathise and support the Yellow vests , in Britain there were a few hundred thousand that protested for BREXIT while 17+ Million people voted for it, can you see what I mean? It doesn't just stop at 'protesters' you know? Can you see the hole in your argument you absolute Moron? Looks like tis YOU who is the 'Fool' doesn't it you Prick - That's just friendly 'advice'

  • Found Wheels
    Found Wheels 2 months ago +1

    Love france

  • Frans van der Westhuizen

    Warriors Of The World United

  • Taiye Young
    Taiye Young 2 months ago +2

    Y'all forgot what the French did the last time to it's leaders they didn't like. How's the monarchy? 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • karl williams
    karl williams 2 months ago +1

    fake statement about the yellow vests getting less i was there 2weeks back and its the same as before maybe more folks fake news trying to put it in true story with it nice try no cigar dont call us we call you

    • RaptorTheMLGAce
      RaptorTheMLGAce Month ago

      There are less people though, they were about 10000 last week.

  • Danh Nguyen
    Danh Nguyen 2 months ago

    In previous revolutions, the rebels had guns. The French already gave up their guns, it's going to drag on and on

    • MpGx_Alexei
      MpGx_Alexei 2 months ago

      @Danh Nguyen No it's civilian

    • Danh Nguyen
      Danh Nguyen 2 months ago

      MpGx_Alexei yes, the police and army have those guns

    • MpGx_Alexei
      MpGx_Alexei 2 months ago

      Do you really think French don't have guns? There's 31/100 guns per people in France. For exemple in UK it's 7/100. You can find these informations on google...

  • God is the only way
    God is the only way 2 months ago +4

    I have a message to the Yellow Vests. You are all so heroic and have done so much good. Progress has been made. But I think the general method of protest could use some change. Let it become a peaceful protest. When the gov. tries to intimidate you by rolling in with their military cars and armored men and shields. You should all join hands and stand together. Showing them you are only here for gov. change. For a better life! And when they attack you for demanding for what is rightfully yours! Then everyone will see who is doing wrong, they will see who needs to change for the better. Let it go out into the media and everyone around the world will join hands with you! Martin Luther King set a great example with his perfect demonstrations of peaceful protests for demanding what was rightfully theirs! And so many stood by him! So you all must remind the world of your humanity and rightfully protest for what everyone rightfully deserves! A proper gov. A proper minimum wage! Where a family can work 8 hour days and not have to worry if their children will have enough to eat. Keep working on. Don't lose hope! For as long is their is a will! there is way. Keep God in your hearts and He will help you through all tough times. Become more organized. Become peaceful. Set up well made public speeches with your greatest voices! With your best thought out words! Let the will of God burning with the compassion of wanting to help all others flow through your voice for all humanity to hear! Let us change our lives together forever! For the better. For the people. For all those being oppressed and wrongfully treated. With the help of God, nothing is impossible!

  • DampONion
    DampONion 2 months ago +5

    hang macron for treason please. it's only fair

  • Memet Kulolmaz
    Memet Kulolmaz 2 months ago

    Liar bandit Macron

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 2 months ago +2

    I'm french and these people are the trash of the country. They live with the gouvernement financial helps, have no pride or ambition. All they want is anarchy. They do NOT represent the french people. Also, you won't often hear french language in the riot fronts.
    Like a lot of real french people, when i hear what they do to our policemen and monuments, the only thing i think is that policemen should be equiped with flamethrowers. Please don't let this footage change what you think of France.

    • Eloa
      Eloa 2 months ago

      @Paul Johnson I never said you were'nt working I just wanted to inform you that not all yellowvest are on the ""RSA""or lazy.There are many different people in the movment some destroy some don"t some work some don"t some speak french and some speak something else so what? the movement is for everyone that want better conditions of life.Something is going on with the economy and there would be too much to tell here but it's going worldwide and it smell really bad ...

    • Paul Johnson
      Paul Johnson 2 months ago +1

      @Eloa what made u think i wasnt earning the minimum wage too? Are you even french to tell me something like that ? I'm 100% serious: all they do is consumming and destroying stuff.

    • Eloa
      Eloa 2 months ago

      Are YOU serious?They are not trash!A lot of them are minimum wage WORKERS that work a lot and are deceived because they have difficulty surviving with all the bills to pay and cost of life overall while living on minimum wage.Do some research don't just listen to what Macron or your Tv screen tells you.

  • wootuser
    wootuser 2 months ago

    Vice says there a a few protesters- shows video of streets literally overflowing with people.
    It dwindles every year - Uhm sure, as more and more are becoming unemployed.
    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!

  • Cristi Kovacs
    Cristi Kovacs 2 months ago +2

    The memes are funny and all but you have to admire the French for their tenacity. They set an example for civil movements across the globe.

  • Dream Chaser
    Dream Chaser 2 months ago

    Damn this been happening for long now 🤔
    Can someone simply explain what this is all about. Ps asking for a friend

    • Karen T
      Karen T 2 months ago

      @Thoutenkarton *Plus paying for all the free loaders pouring in..."Taxation without representation"

    • Thoutenkarton
      Thoutenkarton 2 months ago

      Government wanted to increase Taxes on diesel, using the "climate change" argument to do so. But people in the countryside or in small-medium size cities need their car to go working. The middle-poorest class who are already struggling to "finish the month" felt an injustice.

  • jo jo
    jo jo 2 months ago

  • Shane Christopher
    Shane Christopher 2 months ago +45

    The people should not fear their governments. The government should fear the people.

  • Beachdudeca
    Beachdudeca 2 months ago +1

    Its been 1/2 a year of weekly protests in France !

  • baits
    baits 2 months ago +7

    Let the public have a say in political decisions , good on the french .

    • RaptorTheMLGAce
      RaptorTheMLGAce Month ago

      The yellow vests represent less than 0,5% of the population so...

  • Abdllh Aslmaci
    Abdllh Aslmaci 2 months ago +2

    ohh lovely Paris.. and super democratic Europe. The ancient monster inside europe from middle age rised again. Pitty.

  • shavpookie
    shavpookie 2 months ago +81

    So much for the old misconception that the french are cowards...Viva la France!

    • shavpookie
      shavpookie 23 days ago

      @KyleTheMagikarpGodOfDestruction69 Really wow. Never knew that. Thanks for the history lesson. :)

    • KyleTheMagikarpGodOfDestruction69
      KyleTheMagikarpGodOfDestruction69 23 days ago

      @shavpookie but germany was agianst half the world and fighting a triple front war

    • Ryan lex
      Ryan lex 29 days ago

      Mean the govement not the people

    • shavpookie
      shavpookie Month ago

      @CHANGE Actually your cUntry has been responsible for most of the worlds suffering for the last century. TWo fucking world wars and you lost them BOTH...LOL!

    • shavpookie
      shavpookie Month ago

      @CHANGE Yeah but you still lost! The NOrth Rocks :P