1/13/20 Happy Mail & Giveaway Sneak Peek!

  • Published on Jan 14, 2020
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    Hello yarnivores and spiderettes! I recently acquired a new post office box if you would like to drop me a line or what have you 😊
    Fiber Spider
    P.O. Box 654
    Ridge, NY 11961
    Please specify if what you send may be opened on camera (last names & addresses will be omitted) or if you wish for it to remain private.

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  • Sheila Clark
    Sheila Clark 3 days ago

    I have that same yarn I loveit

  • scathson
    scathson 3 days ago

    You be crazy - that is much too generous as a give-away - I use a wheel myself and i remember the effort that went into making yarn with a drop spindle - very beautiful yarn

  • meredith craig
    meredith craig 3 days ago

    I love your videos. I wish I knew how to share pictures to show you the granny virus shawl I made from your video. It was a Christmas gift and my friend loved it. Thank you

  • Tammy LT
    Tammy LT 3 days ago

    Does anyone know if creators make anything when people are using RUclip Premium?

  • Mashella Dockery
    Mashella Dockery 3 days ago

    You have put a lot of work in that yarn. When you brought it unworked I went ewe but after it is spun it is pretty

  • Crystal Miles
    Crystal Miles 3 days ago

    I crochet the yarn - moonlight- it is unbelievable soft!!!!

  • Sylvia Ohlsson
    Sylvia Ohlsson 3 days ago

    I made a grannyshawl in that yarn. It is one of my favorites.

  • Candy Grubisic
    Candy Grubisic 3 days ago

    Cafe Verona is actually one of my faves. If you like a darker coffee, you will love it. LOVE how your spun, plied yarn turned out. Russian is probably a good join idea for that. I think I'm going to try it now that I've seen yours. I don't think I could give it away, lol.

  • Sonya Houk
    Sonya Houk 3 days ago

    Love your happy mail I would like to thank you because if people like you didn't have to these crochet channels I would not be crocheting always wanted to crochet try crocheting about 30years ago just could not understand what to do if there where no videos on crocheting I still would not be able to crochet so I thank you for all your videos this is how I learn and you make gorgeous things

  • Patricia Morse
    Patricia Morse 3 days ago

    Love the Spun yarn you did beautiful! Tweed is gorgeous you have such patience

  • Shari Addicted to my Crocheting Montgomery

    I am getting ready to work on one of your tutorial of the granny square vest. I really love that pattern. I will be checking out your knitting tutorials, I want to learn how to knit.

  • Noreen Packard
    Noreen Packard 3 days ago

    Nice colors on the spun yarn.

  • reading with gramma
    reading with gramma 3 days ago

    Hi spider, I made the skulls blanket and my daughter went crazy for it, I am making your butterfly blanket for my other daughter but I was wondering if you have a pattern for an Afghan that looks like fish? Want to make it for my son who is a fish breeder. Thanks hope to hear from you.

  • Aura Harvey
    Aura Harvey 3 days ago

    what a talented yarnivore you are. That yarn you spun is gorgeous.

  • Cat Corleone
    Cat Corleone 3 days ago +1

    I promise not to hit skip when the ads come up.

  • Debra Murray
    Debra Murray 3 days ago

    Nice happy mail. That's beautiful yarn you've done on the drop spindle. Have a great week.

  • Ronda Moomaw
    Ronda Moomaw 3 days ago

    The colors are so beautiful thank you for showing us you do a great job God bless you

  • karen robinson
    karen robinson 3 days ago

    It is great to see you get happy mail, it is a blessing 💜 Also love your tutorials 😁😁😁

  • Elena Oiler
    Elena Oiler 3 days ago

    WOW!! The yarn you have spun is gorgeous. You did a fabulous job with it. I would love to see it in a giveaway. Love all of your Happy Mail too.

  • Sherry Mcdevitt
    Sherry Mcdevitt 3 days ago

    you are so kind and so sweet may God continue to bless you

  • Nichole Gonsalves
    Nichole Gonsalves 3 days ago +2

    I never SKIP ..... :)
    Luv your happy mail you are too cute
    Wow, you are too kind to give that beautiful yarn away.
    Congrats on your subscriber number!
    You work very hard for all of us benefiters ( is that a word )
    Happy New Year

  • Susan Oeltjen
    Susan Oeltjen 3 days ago +1

    Oh my, that yarn you've spun is gorgeous! Such talent.

  • Susan Cushley
    Susan Cushley 3 days ago

    👍👍👍150,000 bravo!

  • Patty Drebit
    Patty Drebit 3 days ago

    I can't wait to see what you make with the Bumbo yarn. I have some of it but can't decide what to make

  • Maxine Stalker
    Maxine Stalker 3 days ago +3

    All that hard work spinning - talk about made with love - wow

  • Vanessa thats my name But my friends call me V

    I live in New Zealand. When you started with in Walla walla I just lost it...😂

  • wanda mercer
    wanda mercer 3 days ago

    Love the earth tone yarn.

  • Armanda Lebron
    Armanda Lebron 3 days ago


  • Armanda Lebron
    Armanda Lebron 3 days ago

    Great job spinning the yarn...BEAUTIFUL

  • Lavender Rainbow
    Lavender Rainbow 3 days ago +4

    You are an AMAZING person! You have taught me soooooo many things too! I am currently working on your Butterfly Prayer Shawl pattern & have a long to-do list bc of you xx I love the way you teach, your images are clear, your instructions are clear as well. As a visual learner, I NEED YOU xx
    I am also super proud of you for spinning that yarn. I have never thought of doing that and just look at what you have accomplished! A-MA-ZING!!! I can't believe that you will be giving that away. All of that hard work! You are awesome-sauce :)

  • Norma Stufflebean
    Norma Stufflebean 3 days ago

    Hey Spider, loved this video. Your so much fun. Loved mail and omg your spun yarn.

  • Diane Verdin
    Diane Verdin 3 days ago

    A potential giveaway of handspun yarn by YOU? That would be incredibly and doubly amazing!! Holy cow....I can't breathe!

  • Candace Bartley
    Candace Bartley 3 days ago

    Your yarn is amazing! Love your videos and everything you do!

  • Yarn It Out
    Yarn It Out 3 days ago

    Wow it would be hard for me to let the yarn go after all that work.

  • Yarn It Out
    Yarn It Out 3 days ago

    Great job with your roving yarn the plying is gorgeous!

  • Yarn It Out
    Yarn It Out 3 days ago +1

    Muppets intestines hahahhahahahahaha I used to be a mupeteer in my youth group back in the day... love you made my day!

  • Char Murry
    Char Murry 3 days ago

    Yarn is beautiful ❤

  • Nancy Strand
    Nancy Strand 3 days ago

    I like the sheep card cute heart,the color of the yarn is really nice,please place my name in the giveaway thank you

  • Danelle Mineer
    Danelle Mineer 3 days ago

    Hi there!
    I love your spun yarn. It is gorgeous!

  • Vicki Smallwood
    Vicki Smallwood 3 days ago +2

    If you give the yarn away who ever wins will be so lucky. You are so talented. I love watching you.

  • Patricia McKay
    Patricia McKay 3 days ago


  • Jeanne Wilson
    Jeanne Wilson 3 days ago +1

    Love, love your spun yarn. Beautiful! I have bought sheep that I am planning on shearing this spring to spin their wool..... new to this whole game..... practicing on my old spinning wheel.... really respect you doing that on a drop spindle! Have tried that, very difficult.

  • J. Hook Crochet & More
    J. Hook Crochet & More 3 days ago +1

    Ohhh Moonlight! That's a Hobbii yarn! I love it, I have a whole bunch of it. You just have to be careful not to pull on it too much while you knit/crochet because it has more stretch to it than it appears to, and your work might curl up if you don't pay attention.
    Once you get the hang of it, it's a beautiful yarn to work with.

  • Wendy Schmidt
    Wendy Schmidt 3 days ago

    Gorgeous you are so talented Did you say give away. I say No way see it through into a cherished project to cherish for ever it’s yours first one ♥️🌹🙏🏻

  • 3blackcatscrochet
    3blackcatscrochet 3 days ago

    How can you bear to give it away?! Gorgeous ♥️

  • bridget Queens crochet & knits

    Wonderful happy mail 😍 I hope your day is as wonderful as you are 💖🤗your spun yarn is awesome

  • Honey Dew Melons
    Honey Dew Melons 3 days ago

    Wow what you can do with yarn is awesome. I’m a fairly new subscriber, probably about eight months ago, and I’m glad I found your channel . Thank you and hello from Wichita Falls, Texas

  • crochetbysheliawithlove Krokson

    That is so awesome wow! I hope you stay well there is so much going around in the germ world.

  • Dawn Hyde
    Dawn Hyde 3 days ago

    Hi Craig, I’ve always been more of a knitter, but I found you here on RUclip and now I love to crochet, and you have taught me how to crochet many lovely things, so I thank you with all my heart, I always look forward to hearing you and learning new things xxx

  • Karen OConnor
    Karen OConnor 3 days ago

    Beautiful yarn, terrific color.

  • Shirley Razey
    Shirley Razey 3 days ago

    I did not realize it helps you guys to watch the videos. I will do this from now on.

  • Becky Del Toro
    Becky Del Toro 3 days ago

    I have nightmares about spiders...lol You are very talented.

  • Tina Camper14
    Tina Camper14 3 days ago

    Love the tweed look. I like the larger skeins too. Hate always joining them very often.

  • carol Ray
    carol Ray 3 days ago

    Well done!

  • Carole Wilby
    Carole Wilby 3 days ago +1

    Oh my goodness, the yarn you spun and plied is fabulous. I wouldn’t be able to part with such a treasure. You are so generous to want to give it away. Thanks for all you do!! Sending love from the U.K. 🇬🇧

  • Pam Leitermann
    Pam Leitermann 3 days ago

    Your yarn is gorgeous colors are fabulous

  • Coffee Critters & Crochet with Becca Smith

    Oh MY GOSH!!! I’m in love with your yarn, great job spinning and plying it! Just beautiful 💗

  • Deirdre Evans
    Deirdre Evans 3 days ago

    😲WOW That is awesome!! I never expected to see the "muppet intstines" turn out like the beautiful yarn you have there. I would love to learn how to do that. I'm amazed!!! And the color is beautiful!!! GREAT JOB Mr. Spider!!! May you continue to be blessed so that you can continue to be a blessing to others. Much Love, Peace and Blessings to you

  • Christine Tilley
    Christine Tilley 3 days ago

    That yarn turned out gorgeous. Great job.

  • Kimara's Kute Kreations

    That is gorgeous you spun that great. You got it. The colors are fabulous. Awesome sauce. I hope you keep some for yourself cause its gorg and its just something special.