Tiffany Tumbles | ContraPoints

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • A RUclip story.
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  • ContraPoints
    ContraPoints  Year ago +10162

    Don’t. Read. The. Comments.

    I guess people will want to know what this video is about. Well, it’s about Tiffany Tumbles.

    Okay fine. You wouldn’t be wrong if you said it’s about the politics of self-loathing, power dynamics within LGBTQ communities, how bigotry becomes internalized and how internalized bigotry becomes the alibi of external bigotry,

    There, I ruined it for you.

    Also, I feel that I should say that now is a particularly difficult time to be trans and a lot of us are feeling it. If you need help, contact these orgs:

    Trans Lifeline
    USA: (877) 565-8860
    Canada: (877) 330-6366

    The Trevor Project (LGBTQ*)
    USA: (866) 488-7386

    • steam-engines o tool
      steam-engines o tool Month ago

      You're like Rodger from American Dad with all of the different personas

    • Sophia Kinnee
      Sophia Kinnee 2 months ago

      @Dominant Persona imagine that there's you saying trans people are mentally ill...ok, now imagine that every credible governing medical body on the planet (World Health Organization, American Psychiatric and Medical Associations [respectively], etc) are over here....saying the exact opposite.
      Now realize that you don't need to imagine that because it's reality, it's reality that the DSM intro to the chapter for diagnosing dysphoria specifically says that it's only really in there to have something to diagnose for healthcare reasons, not because being trans is a mental illness.

    • Sophia Kinnee
      Sophia Kinnee 2 months ago

      @Lil Bathtub it's called avoiding digital self harm. Just because assholes on the internet have free speech to call me a delusional man in a dress, a confused gay guy, (then when they find I'm a lesbian), a "danger to women's spaces", and misquote statistics and studies intentionally to imply me and all trans people are mentally ill in contradiction of what all credible medical authorities say....
      doesn't mean I don't have the right to not see that ignorant shit, just like she does.

    • Sophia Kinnee
      Sophia Kinnee 2 months ago

      @Ten Fivesmiths don't let it get to Ben Shapiro, the grief tear beer of a Tran™ would fuel that evil little shit for years.

    • Sophia Kinnee
      Sophia Kinnee 2 months ago

      @Sarah Jessica Farter she throws non binary and non passing trans folks under the bus to support a political party that despises us (military ban and forcing out people who were already out as trans, fighting hard to remove discrimination protections, having dept of health and human services and HUD policy be that anyone who receives federal funding can legally discriminate against trans people in housing and healthcare, etc.)
      She's the worst type of trans person, one who throws her own self interest and that of those like her under the bus for points with her 'alt right' cronies.
      Given all that, who's really the one blinded by ideological bias? Definitely not Blaire, oh no, not her.

  • Alex Sac
    Alex Sac 8 hours ago

    M O U T H F E E L

  • Apprentice Wizard

    «Sounds debatable»
    *cheeky wink*

  • Sergio Dali Barrantes Bustios

    Oh dios, mi yo del pasado era igual a Tiffany Tumbles. Incluso lo que decía sobre si misma. Que horror. Que baja autoestima. Hasta me hizo llorar.

  • E
    E 2 days ago

    *why am i constantly surrounded by homosexuals?*

  • Joshua Hellier
    Joshua Hellier 2 days ago


  • miki bear
    miki bear 3 days ago

    17:20 this actually hit me hard for some reason. Ive had issues with an ed for awhile and i can relate to doing this everynight for weeks on end, then loving my body for three days, then not caring, repeat cycle.

  • Aleksandar Petrović

    12:19 is me after talking to med students

  • Hael Otny
    Hael Otny 3 days ago

    Homophobia is common in Muslims in my Muslim-majority country (and the rest of the Muslim world tbh). Islam says homosexuality is a major sin, promotes homophobia & teaches that gay sex is to be punished with death.
    How may I, a gay ex-Muslim, criticise or vent online about Muslims for displaying religion-inspired homophobia (e.g., using Islam's prohibition on homosexual behavior to argue against social tolerance of gay couples) without being labelled a "racist" by some online Westerner on the other side of the world?

  • Morah C
    Morah C 4 days ago +1

    okay can adria please be my LESBIAN GIRLFRIEND

  • Kitty Thursday
    Kitty Thursday 6 days ago


  • Bobbie Boaz
    Bobbie Boaz 6 days ago

    Why is no one talking about the mouthfeel?

  • jacob Freeeman
    jacob Freeeman 8 days ago +1

    9:18 MOUTHFEEL
    I couldn't find this anywhere in the comments so here y'all go

  • Tangential_Tangine
    Tangential_Tangine 8 days ago

    Just watched this again. It really reached me. Thank you for making this work of art-speaking both in terms of aesthetics and content

  • zombor
    zombor 8 days ago

    yikes when trans community cancels you with the same thing you parody.

    • TAIDE
      TAIDE 5 days ago

      New video and she's a queen!

    • Thomas Lincoln
      Thomas Lincoln 7 days ago

      @zombor yeah for less than a week after she said some really dumb shit, she said sorry now everyone is cool.

    • zombor
      zombor 7 days ago

      @Thomas Lincoln lol right she just shut down her Twitter account just because

    • Thomas Lincoln
      Thomas Lincoln 7 days ago

      Contra didn't get cancelled

  • Keş Orangutan
    Keş Orangutan 9 days ago

    17:52 Now that's a wallpaper material! Thank you for being such a creative person Contra. Shit, you are a fucking genius!

  • Billy b
    Billy b 11 days ago

    Islam is not tied to race. Its tied to bad ideas, like pork is bad and children should be told they might burn in hell.

  • Ian Flaherty
    Ian Flaherty 12 days ago

    pretty sure otokonoko just means adult male

  • BloomingFireHeart
    BloomingFireHeart 14 days ago

    What’s strange is that as a straight woman, I have had no issue with the thought of a dating a trans man because I have already seen many men with feminine traits. So is there really a difference?

  • X Wilson
    X Wilson 14 days ago

    M o o t h f u e l

  • 123fendas2
    123fendas2 14 days ago

    Content warning... are you serious?

  • Rara Retropony
    Rara Retropony 17 days ago

    As a wearer of knee-high socks, I am aware that saying nyan in public is cringey and I'll do it anyway.

  • A.M.D iety
    A.M.D iety 18 days ago +1

    Weirdly curious about the mouth feel

  • Hieronymus Bosch
    Hieronymus Bosch 19 days ago +1

    Why is no one talking about the feminine penis?

  • M00NL0RD36
    M00NL0RD36 19 days ago

    This feels powerful like an episode of Black Mirror

  • Kimberly 1985
    Kimberly 1985 21 day ago

    Omg you are gorgeous!

  • healingfear
    healingfear 21 day ago +1

    Maybe I'm in danger of being too nerdy, but I was excited to recognize some of those equations that drifted across the screen...

  • Sandy Gonzalez
    Sandy Gonzalez 23 days ago

    Wynonna Ryder! That's who Jackie Jackson reminded me of so much with her hair like that!

  • rinofthemill
    rinofthemill 24 days ago

    ...well that hit me in ways I didn't expect it to and more than it had any right to

  • MaleOrderBride
    MaleOrderBride 27 days ago +3

    Say what you want about Blair...but she has honestly done so much for the Trans community. She truly has leaned across the aisle and made some rightwing MAGA incels understand Trans a bit more. The problem with the leftist antifa Trans is that they refuse to have dialogue with conservatives. Half our population voted for Trump and are conservative! We need to be reaching out to the other side like Blair does...not just preaching to the converted like we do in our college Safe Spaces!

    • Michael Merritt
      Michael Merritt 24 days ago

      But she’s really only gained acceptance for herself as a passable, heterosexual trans woman who is sexually attractive to straight men and tolerates mockery and misgendering. She presents a very narrow view on what being trans is, and in fact she doesn’t even call herself a woman

  • Basic Betty
    Basic Betty 27 days ago +3

    2:52 what happened to Tiffany Tumbles is exactly what happened to Contrapoints

    • Basic Betty
      Basic Betty 23 days ago

      @Michael Merritt I am simply sitting back and enjoying the irony

    • Michael Merritt
      Michael Merritt 24 days ago

      Basic Betty would you prefer she simply become a discount Blaire because some people got offended

  • Pagan liminals
    Pagan liminals 28 days ago


  • Brittany Montague
    Brittany Montague 28 days ago +3

    Fcking cancel culture.. Contra is amazing and I’m just finding out about her?!

    • ennui blue
      ennui blue 26 days ago

      When someone has the intelligence to back it up, they come back even stronger. Contra will be fine, can't wait for new videos 👍

  • Butts Butts
    Butts Butts 29 days ago

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • S. E. Z
    S. E. Z Month ago

    No one gonna comment on the Jeffree Star parodism?

  • SH Hu
    SH Hu Month ago +1

    The overarching theme of ContraPoints videos is mutual understanding.

  • james dasilva
    james dasilva Month ago

    This really needed some cake, with the option for custard.

  • Phoenix Beatz
    Phoenix Beatz Month ago

    That breakdown was pretty sad.

  • Adam Hulette
    Adam Hulette Month ago +4

    Is it ok to use the word tranny? I was called out by my boyfriend for using the word, and I realized I got it from Contrapoints. I watch and rewatch her videos constantly!

    • Michael Merritt
      Michael Merritt 24 days ago

      Adam Hulette at least you didn’t get it from Blaire. You shouldn’t use it as a cis person

  • Low Eel
    Low Eel Month ago

    Actually, if hormones can make you grow tits, is because you have the DNA to build tits. So the excuse of XY chromosomes is just ridiculous. If there was a "men's dna" and "women's dna" , then taking female hormones was like to drink water. The whole hormones -replacement works because part of "men's dna" knows how to turn feminine when such hormones are triggering genes to express. Besides, the idea that a person is just the execution of plain dna, instead of expression of selected genes, is very old. Basically, the "you have XY" is bullshit: if in the first 90 days of pregnancy the SRY gene is silenced inside the Y cromosome , a women is grown in any case, because there DNA of a male contains everything needed to create a woman. And this is why your hormones-replacement works: the female genes are in your "male" body, and they know how to change fat distribution in your body, grow boobs. The idea of "you have XY then you born a man" is stupid: actually is just a single gene, SRY, which is easily silenced, and quite often:

  • N E
    N E Month ago

    Women everywhere can relate to that crying scene.

  • rachael richman-harris

    “Your leftest allies are not your friends”

  • karga
    karga Month ago

    This is psychopathic and sick

  • curious mage
    curious mage Month ago

    Wait so you're saying non binary are trans?

  • Rayys videos
    Rayys videos Month ago +1

    Wow. This was. An emotional experience and i honestly felt a lot watching it djdjdj
    I dont relate to this as a trans woman but as a nb person who was pulled into alt right propaganda for many years, I do identify with a few other things In the video a lot. I think the "I don't fit in" and the internalized transphobia shown here really. Felt related to me.
    "im normal, unlike these other people" going from "im gross and i wish i was anything but this" just feels. So real and close to home.
    I cant say I relate as a binary trans woman, but as a nb person i relate a lot to this and. It made me feel a lot

  • filmNdestroy
    filmNdestroy Month ago +1

    "Your leftist allies are not friends, Adria. One wrong move and your dead to them." Womp womp. To think people used to have revolutions and shit and in 2019 bitches just wanna cancel bitches who have slightly different opinions. I'm exhausted.

  • Forest F
    Forest F Month ago

    How the tables have turned.

  • Keaten Pedigo
    Keaten Pedigo Month ago

    Oh my god 3:20 is so relevant right now

  • Margo Reed
    Margo Reed Month ago +3

    “Why am I constantly surrounded by homosexuals....?”

  • raggedthistle
    raggedthistle Month ago +2

    Holy fucking shit, Natalie.
    You blew my mind once again.
    Like a prison princess blows their load at the local commissary.

  • phantasmo9998
    phantasmo9998 Month ago

    As a Trump voter I support that first statement. I hope that's real and not satire.

  • Asdfg Asdfg
    Asdfg Asdfg Month ago +1


  • The Fat Punisher
    The Fat Punisher Month ago +2

    Feminine and Masculine penises are both great and I love them.

  • Triangle Tiddy
    Triangle Tiddy Month ago +1

    This is 100% irrelevant but I was looking at purses on amazon and the exact moment it came on screen I saw it on amazon, the exact same purse. That is one hell of a coincidence.

  • Tiffany Timbric
    Tiffany Timbric Month ago

    I’ve changed my name to Tiffany. : )

  • TheS3lsner
    TheS3lsner Month ago +4

    I just found this channel and all these videos are hilarious. Fantastic stuff

  • Aaron Gilbert
    Aaron Gilbert Month ago +1

    It's funny because contrapoints leftist allies fucked him straight up his shaved ass

    • BlackSheepNara
      BlackSheepNara 28 days ago +1

      Aaron Gilbert please go outside for once

  • Apoorva Jain
    Apoorva Jain Month ago +4

    I kinda have a crush on Adria, TBH. She's tall and has that hair and that nose ring...

  • Jessica Elkins
    Jessica Elkins Month ago +2

    I felt so bad for Tiffany at the end. And Natalie showing her makeup routine to show how much she does to try and pass to show how she herself is sometimes Tiffany Tumbles is so clever and heartbreaking

  • sean
    sean Month ago

    Wow, what a freak! What the hell has this world come too? I guess Pedo, acceptance is next?