Best Friend - Animation Short Film 2018 - GOBELINS

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • Dans un proche avenir, un homme solitaire est accro à un produit appelé «Best Friend» qui lui offre des amis virtuels parfaits.
    In a near future, a lonely man is addicted to a product called ‘’Best Friend” which offers him perfect virtual friends.
    Réalisateurs / Directors : Nicholas Olivieri, Shen Yi, Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu
    Contact :
    Musique / Soundtrack : Arthur Dairaine Andrianaivo
    Producteur associé : MEDIAWAN
    Awards :
    - The best Student film Award in View Conference 2018
    - Runner up of the best 2D animation student film at Spark Animation
    Année de production / Production year : 2018
    GOBELINS, l'école de l'image, Moïra Marguin :
    Contact festivals : Miyu Distribution, Luce Grosjean -
    Société de distribution : L'Agence du Court Métrage
    Site internet :
    Facebook : gobelins.ecole
    Twitter : gobelins_paris
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  • No Name
    No Name 5 hours ago

    Are you still looking for a better friends?Now,we can give you the best.The friend that only you can see."Best friend,never be alone"

  • Miss Ulia
    Miss Ulia 11 hours ago

    Кто от МистериФорса?

  • shadyizzi
    shadyizzi 17 hours ago

    This feels like a Black Mirror episode, and I'd love to watch it in the actual series

  • WhiteScarf
    WhiteScarf 20 hours ago

    it's crazy what you can do for a friend :S

  • Royal Oreo
    Royal Oreo 22 hours ago

    3019 kids be like I just got married with my best friend

  • Barış Başol
    Barış Başol 22 hours ago

    O7 Unutulmayacaksın Arthur Kardeşim. O7

  • OR Refaeli
    OR Refaeli Day ago

    Damn, 6k dislikes, you really scared some poeple.

  • Etona
    Etona Day ago

    The tech implant reminds me of a black mirror episode

  • Laureano marco Sango ayetebe

    Que pena ma da el final

  • Jolie K
    Jolie K 2 days ago

    peak capitalism is when companies profit off of paranoia and schizophrenia

  • 天の川Galaxy
    天の川Galaxy 2 days ago

    Summary of the video: Drugs can get you addicted and make you crazy

  • William Barth
    William Barth 2 days ago

    Very Black Mirror. And I love it.

  • Mapster
    Mapster 2 days ago

    lol the eyedrops look like bullets. Nice symbolism.

  • :v ps
    :v ps 3 days ago

    Me gustó pero cuál es el mensaje?

  • Apasih Bucin
    Apasih Bucin 3 days ago

    Sad boi

  • Ranto Jhafriel
    Ranto Jhafriel 3 days ago

    like drugs?

  • yoga anugrah.p
    yoga anugrah.p 4 days ago +1

    Don't give your son name Arthur,

  • 林噢!
    林噢! 4 days ago

    Does anyone know what music in this anime end (only music)

  • Doctor_Death
    Doctor_Death 4 days ago

    Wow. When i've watched this at first time , i thought this guy is loser im not totally like him. And now i found out that my 18th birthday is the same . (2 months ago)

  • sweta :)
    sweta :) 4 days ago

    Is this so hard to understand 🤔🤔🙄🙄? Please somebody explain me

  • dude bro
    dude bro 5 days ago +14

    This was like an episode of Black Mirror condensed down to 5 minutes

  • Sunny 176
    Sunny 176 5 days ago

    I feel like the start of it is kinda like maladaptive daydreaming pretty cool 😆

  • Hell Witch
    Hell Witch 5 days ago

    Why the fuck do I relate to this so much?😔

  • Galaxy diamon wolf
    Galaxy diamon wolf 5 days ago

    I'm not Anterstend

  • Zombe killer
    Zombe killer 5 days ago

    Lmao I need that 😂😭😭

  • Maya You
    Maya You 5 days ago

    that's what we call imaginary friends not best friends

  • Anthony Echevarria
    Anthony Echevarria 5 days ago +1

    This is terrifying for me 😳😳😳

  • What a catch!
    What a catch! 5 days ago +1

    amazing world of gumball shit right here

  • YuanViv Silvalara
    YuanViv Silvalara 5 days ago +1

    descpues de ver esto tuve que ir a terapia :(

  • Michael Laffey
    Michael Laffey 5 days ago

    I never want to be this type of person! Overall amazing animation!

  • Taesa Hyung
    Taesa Hyung 6 days ago

    I think they just represent us, we always play phone or games that means we are always running from reality, we became addicted to it and without it you feel anxious, lost, and feel like you cant live without it
    Well maybe if you arent like that but that's just represent our generation

  • Natan33988
    Natan33988 6 days ago

    this giving me the schills what the fuck

  • Natan33988
    Natan33988 6 days ago

    2:56 time to buy bitcoin

  • Papa Chungus
    Papa Chungus 6 days ago +6

    people in the comments: wow this is what technology is coming to!
    Me: *well you’re on a device typing this so*

  • jhoel rodriguez
    jhoel rodriguez 7 days ago


  • myles fang
    myles fang 7 days ago

    she runs away like the double image in perfect blue

  • Nugget bất tử
    Nugget bất tử 7 days ago

    what ?
    He can time stop ?
    Oh shit her-
    The world
    To be continued

  • go jeth
    go jeth 7 days ago

    I feel bad for him, he's a loner

  • Mr. Mann.
    Mr. Mann. 7 days ago

    I would love a sequel, it’s just like Zabatsu or Neon District. But this is actually really cool.

    Especially the dude in the helmet that was in the beginning. HES COOL!

  • Maddie Taylor
    Maddie Taylor 7 days ago

    this is some black mirror type shit!

  • Quéren Oliver
    Quéren Oliver 8 days ago

    this is so black mirror

  • Aldo Rascon
    Aldo Rascon 8 days ago

    Like si viniste por el profe de francés:v

  • Nizam Jamil
    Nizam Jamil 9 days ago

    It got that Paprika vibe and i like it~

  • 멍뭉이
    멍뭉이 9 days ago


  • Ved Lem
    Ved Lem 9 days ago

    Where place for re-found this work by team ?! Film feeling it's very good i love you, again!

  • Arthur Callahan
    Arthur Callahan 11 days ago

    An episode of black mirror animated

  • Manuel Ferrer
    Manuel Ferrer 11 days ago

    Ah, dripping pure THC into your eyes... That's the life.

  • Devon Hodges
    Devon Hodges 11 days ago

    Black Mirror episode animated. Truly amazing.

  • sarah Zahir
    sarah Zahir 12 days ago

    Feels like an episode of black mirror.

  • Deku2Mash GT
    Deku2Mash GT 12 days ago

    I somehow Find This Short Story Soooo Scaryyyyyy Idk About U Guys

  • Shalvi Gurav
    Shalvi Gurav 12 days ago

    This could be an excellent Black Mirror episode !

  • Fabrizzio gameplays awa
    Fabrizzio gameplays awa 15 days ago +1

    Que berga

  • Der_Konig
    Der_Konig 15 days ago

    Ah, yes, enslaved schizophrenia.

  • victor alfonso carrero pulido

    1:16 what is this song? please

  • Hotpancake
    Hotpancake 15 days ago +1

    Hi, my name is Connor I'm the android sent by Cyberlife.

  • darryl
    darryl 15 days ago

    we live in a society

  • Scott Pickering
    Scott Pickering 16 days ago +1

    The technology to create friends in your mind is a nightmare should never come fruition.

  • Wild Zubat
    Wild Zubat 16 days ago

    Why does that guy look so sick?

    • Scott Pickering
      Scott Pickering 16 days ago

      Probably spending WAY too much time on the Best Friend juice and lack of sleep.

  • Kenny
    Kenny 16 days ago

    What if Kimmy is Arthur's childhood best friend but died when they were kids, and the reason he's so attached to the tech is cause he misses her, and wishes she was still around? Hmmm...

  • Boo Pickle
    Boo Pickle 17 days ago +1

    Did anyone ever notice the guy that attacked him had the same scarring on his face as Arthur did after the film?