How to Make an Aquarium at Home - Do it Yourself (DIY)

DIY : Learn how to make a aquarium (Fish tank) using glass, decorative stone and artificial plant.

Thank you for watching Crazy NK !!!!!!

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Автор Yunal Ibriam ( назад)

Автор jack faster ( назад)
i like it thanks

Автор R Khan ( назад)

Автор Reva Sakharkar ( назад)

Автор Reva Sakharkar ( назад)

Автор Sonu Bharosa ( назад)
what they used to stick it?please answer

Автор Team Valor ( назад)
he doesn't added the liquid before throwing that fish in the tank!

Автор Rupam Hazra ( назад)
apney kon sa gule istamal kia hey?????

Автор Nazib Uddin ( назад)
which glue are you using?

Автор Chirag Patel ( назад)
what was that glue ??

Автор Glorious Guppies ( назад)
Mixing the aquarium/pet shops water with your water..
Just for everyone out there who does that, other fish at that aquarium could have diseases that will mix with your water and your fish could catch that disease. The water qualities could be different as well. Just to be sure, you should always net your fish out of the bag not pour them in. 🙂

Автор M K Ultra ( назад)
unbelievable. Anyone new to the hobby, plz do your research on how to keep fish

Автор Noor Mohammed ( назад)
what adhesive you have added to stick the aquarium glass..?

Автор Sefa Kul ( назад)
okulandıgın yapıştırıcının adı ne

Автор Giobel Koi Center ( назад)
what is the gule you are using ?

Автор Mark McNamara ( назад)
Unbelievable! Over 2 million views in less than 6 months, and near on 700,000 subscribers. Fish stocks are going to suffer, and we will be paying more for them.

Автор Betsy Paulina Garcia Perez ( назад)
no digas eso hermana le quedó bonito Qué bonito Qué porquería Claro que no hermana Qué bonito Claro que no qué feo Bueno ya no peliemos

Автор Betsy Paulina Garcia Perez ( назад)
que pus vas a ser he no me gustó cochinada 😱😰😨📞📞

Автор Sri Nadh ( назад)
what glue u use

Автор Gus Khalifa ( назад)

Автор Greg Schiavone ( назад)
goldfish, contrary to popular belief, need a lot more water. They need at least 50 liters per fish, in the aquarium you should put a filter with sponges and ceramic cylinders to create a bacterial colony, the aquarium will mature after about a month and a half and only then you can enter the fish, considering that in a so small aquarium you should not put goldfish. These are the obvious mistakes, but there are a lot of other mistakes.

Автор Ruhul Ameen ( назад)
which product is that from which u stick your aquarium glass

Автор Pipit Jun ( назад)

Автор Sanjay Thakur ( назад)
adhesive used ?

Автор Nishant Ghagre ( назад)
How to make circular aquarium at home

Автор Royle Bengal Rider ( назад)

Автор Sanskar Barekar ( назад)
which glue do you used??

Автор Geo Costello ( назад)
Guys! Please please don't take any advice from this video, it's disgusting. When we buy fish from a fish shop, it's our job to give them a good home, with the requirements they need. Such as the correct amount of room which is in line with how big they get or how active they are, a filter if necessary, a heater if necessary, and cycling which is necessary. This cunt had sentenced those fish to death. The goldfish will die because the tank hasn't really been cycled.. the other fish are fairly hardy, but they will die due to poor water condition which comes from not cycling the tank/not having a filter, the fish will produce to much waste and the tank won't be able to cycle properly.
I hope he realises what he's doing the bitch.

Автор x_toxic_hotdog_x MUSTARD GAMING UK ( назад)
it wasn't just the ammonia the adhesive used in this video is wrong it's NO SUITABLE for food or water pets dude do ur self a favorvtake it down

Автор DIngbat donedon ( назад)
Butt Ugly.

Автор Ipsika Roy ( назад)
very nice

Автор Fedora Freddy ( назад)
i see so many things wrong with this build first off the aquarium will probably break in no time the fish cant go together they aquarium is too smal for any of the fish and its ugly as fuck

Автор Kevin Weber ( назад)
doesn't the glass for aquariums have to be tempered?

Автор Max Bensly ( назад)
OK lets see the complaints from the "fish experts"

Автор amrutr-+ks ( назад)
this guy knows nothing about fishkeeping

Автор etc with mateen cric ( назад)
plz subscribe etcetera by mateen cric plz plz

Автор van chhay cheng ( назад)

Автор Hussain shahir ( назад)
what glue have u used it for aquarium

Автор Tonio Antonio ( назад)
3:33 Fish be like: "what's the purpose of life?"

Автор おさかなアドベンチャー ( назад)
beautiful tank!

Автор A . KARTHIK NAIK ( назад)
which glue you used bro materials are ready

Автор A . KARTHIK NAIK ( назад)
which glue you used bro materials are ready please

Автор A . KARTHIK NAIK ( назад)
which glue you used bro materials are ready please

Автор Dontavius Hall ( назад)

Автор 山本ヨーヨー ( назад)
Also I'd like to point out that since this tank has no bracing, the tank will eventually bow and break (the glass will separate from the silicone)

Автор stella's cool styles and pets 2005 ( назад)
so small. and you put it

witb other fish.;?! bitch

Автор Hoop is life Fan ( назад)
Did this man literally put a paroon shark in a 10 gallon

Автор Aleos Oricos ( назад)
1.9 million views? Wow

Автор Thủy Sinh DTS ( назад)
xấu dã man kinh dị. vậy mà cũng 1tr8 lượt xem

Автор tim dizon ( назад)
nice now this'll help

Автор iwona Żak ( назад)
jak pan to robi fajne

Автор boo pie ( назад)
over crowded. no filter. hope this is a joke..

Автор Basit shoeb ( назад)
INSHA ALLAH....i will make aquarium ....

Автор AMIR Mohammed ( назад)
Sir glass ko Kia se jodte hain

Автор Aquarium World ( назад)
nice design aquarium 👍

Автор bidul moktan ( назад)
Which gum is that!

Автор Unrated Account ( назад)
Those catfish get bigger than the tank itself, this video should be "How NOT to Make an Aquarium"

Автор Zoo Pet Shop ( назад)
Thank you for this vídeo!!!!

Автор Shivansh Ashish ( назад)
what the adhesive used

Автор Ranjana Mahato ( назад)
which gum is been used

Автор K.nibal faminto ( назад)
qual foram os peixes que voce usou.....???

Автор Lea Bents ( назад)
Tierquälerei. ..

Автор Abhiraj Dutta ( назад)
wow i just loved it 💙💙💙

Автор Mansi Rathore ( назад)
which glue was that

Автор Rafi Rafisd ( назад)
what is the glue

Автор Hack India ( назад)
did you are using hot glue for sticking glass

Автор Razertip01 ( назад)
It's a good tank but you need to do research before doing this you may not know much about aquariums but there were many harmful mistakes you made for your fish

Автор Tipuk Yuniastiti ( назад)
this is not aquarium, but this is exactly prison !

Автор Manjula Madhihalli ( назад)
Hi my husband

Автор Buli Debnath ( назад)
You should have a large tank

Автор Sachidanand kumar ( назад)
i want a answer from you what type of glue you used

Автор Luk Hrubec ( назад)
to snad ne!!!tak to lepí akvárium jen ... :) , nedržíš žádné uhly!!!máš ho slepené křivě a tvé spoje jsou vidět...!!!

Автор Kraw ( назад)
This is a really nice DIY. But you cant add fishes into it.

Автор shivam tripathi ( назад)
how you made the filters,

Автор Samosto l ( назад)
Fishs likes natural plants not plastic!

Автор Rama Wibowo ( назад)
Isn't using filter ?

Автор Bama Bama ( назад)

Автор Bama Bama ( назад)

Автор Fhel John Fiel ( назад)
what glue did you use

Автор perfecto desconsido & ausente ( назад)
muy bonito

Автор Dilynn Warneke ( назад)
What are the two grey fish called?

Автор Stephanie Farley ( назад)
What kind of fish did you put in there

Автор Madeline Van Maanen ( назад)
Literally all wrong! Aquarium safe silicone was not used, big stones will collect fish poop, tank is not big enough, there is no filter, water wasn't dechlorinated, fish are incompatible (tropical with goldfish, so no heater) and fish were not acclimated. Don't teach other people these horrible fishkeeping practices.

Автор Katharina Unterberger ( назад)
what type of glue you use

Автор Ashfaque Shaikh ( назад)

Автор Tareq Unltd ( назад)

Автор Jacob Gricar ( назад)
Not only is this a bad set up to keep fish because there's no filtration so you'll be doing water changes all the time, but you put a salt water reef background on a fresh water tank!!

Автор Sokito Camarillo Pelayo ( назад)
da asco

Автор Harshil Dodiya ( назад)

Автор Dawda Njai ( назад)
Can u use any water for gold fish

Автор Rameshkumar kalimuthu ( назад)
plz tell. me how much does it. cost

Автор Lps Dani ( назад)
Nice 👌👍

Автор Eduardo Varela ( назад)
thats not a good idea!!!

Автор Niina ( назад)
Pretty aquarium, but already that one goldfish would need at least three times bigger space (search how big they will grow), the tank needs filter if you don't want to be chancing water twice a day to keep fish happy... And tap water isn't good for the fish as it is! There needs to be right kind of bacteria, no nitrite and so on. Please google.

Автор Fayt Pierre ( назад)

Автор Rebecca mlr ( назад)
why people so stupid:((((((( poor fish

Автор Emre Tuna Cansu ( назад)
ı lıke your videos

Автор Haawkler ( назад)
the pebbles are to big and the fish waste and food will rot there so just use sand or gravel

Автор Pewker ( назад)
This is terrible. Did you even check any proper knowledge source on the fishkeeping and aquarium?

Disgusting aquarium that will make the fish die within a month at least.

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