John Oliver Discuss Bolivian Zebras !

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Автор The bisexual Irishman ( назад)
Those are the rules for our a furry convention

Автор Kuroda Cursus ( назад)
:D +1 for humanity.

Автор Nicolas Mogollon ( назад)
In Bogotá Colombia it actually work, the mimes lead a change on cultural behavior on the city. Unfortunately the left wings administrations that follow abandoned the program.

Along with the mimes there was the black stars that marked where pedestrians where hit and kill by cars. As a pedestrian it made you think twice before crossing the street out of the zebra or not using a pedestrian bridge (yes it's strange but here some people prefer to cross an avenue just below a bridge) and as a driver it made you aware of the killing power of your car.

Oliver you should do an interview on Antanas Mockus, the mayor in Bogotá who started this, before the Alzheimer takes us away that beautiful mind.

Автор samualwatkins ( назад)
All this positivity sickens me.

Автор lapicante ( назад)
I almost pissed myself watching this clip! John Oliver, you have outdone yourself sir.

Автор A1pha Ch3rnovak ( назад)
I am from Colombia, Mimes worked because they were Fucking Annoying AF, abd they pulles them off because sole of them got Robbed, anyway, colombia is the one of the left of the Highest part of southamerica, and is likely the Only country in the world Whose shape Makes Sense

Автор Leo Beastmode ( назад)
I can't deny my boner for the zebras T_T

Автор Solo Zero ( назад)
that last clip <3

Автор semper malus ( назад)
IRL zebras are bastards

Автор DieselWeasel91 ( назад)
Now I want to be a Bolivian traffic guard zebra.

Автор Felix Gonzalez ( назад)
The mimes in Bogota were appreciated by so many few, that the only ones that understood them was because of the nuisance they made. And I agree there's no simple way to know where my country is...

Автор orcodrilo ( назад)
On the first day a saw a zebrita, one of them crossed the rarely unblocked pedestrian walk merrily skipping all the way and happily joined another zebrita that was "grazing" on the other side. I laughed so bad out of the cuteness of it, laughter with teardrop.

Автор Isuru Nanayakkara ( назад)
Ohhhh.....now that other John Oliver video makes sense.

Автор Frederik Høyrup ( назад)
I still remeber the first time I did this in school. Stopping a 45 ton truck to let the kids pass. The driver only managed to stop 3 feet from me giving a "Thumbs up". I think those zebras are getting the same feeling. Community is s silly but powerfull thing.

Автор Laura Guarachi ( назад)
😂😂 nuestras cebritas son muy lindas , cariñosas que con un gran trabajajo de mas de 10 años lograron educar a los conductores .

Автор KARENINA KHSAHJ ( назад)
bolivian zebras awesome! #justaddzebras

Автор J_Sanz18 ( назад)
We need like 20 thousand of these Zebras in Los Angeles!

Автор nicolas moreno ( назад)
we love Bolivia

Автор Bolivia La Coqueta ( назад)
John Oliver! Zebras are waiting for you!

Автор Marcelini Bleake ( назад)
yo era una hermosa cebra... hasta que me dieron un flechazo en la rodilla :'v

Автор DAV 67 ( назад)
https://www.facebook.com/MunicipioLaPaz/videos/1429611550442384/ view

Автор Fluffymiyster ( назад)
Awww, this is just beautiful :)

Автор David Schultz ( назад)
Now I know why people were juggling torches in the middle of the street while I was in Colombia.

Автор Jake Moyo ( назад)
Ayyyy I knew it was Venezuela!

Автор Lalo Millar ( назад)
Que simpático. Saludos desde Chile.

Автор sirdeadlock ( назад)

Автор Organic Fantasy ( назад)
We need this in the US.

Автор Blacks For Trump ( назад)
John Oliver is like a Zebra, he's white, but puts on black stripes to avoid being ostracized.

Автор demystificationsnail ( назад)
I wonder if a small part of John Oliver died when people told him to pronounce zebra with an American, not a British, accent.

Автор Matthew Worswick ( назад)
Every time you said zee-bra instead of zebra it hurt a little

Автор Daniel Sanchez Ojalvo ( назад)
The more you know: in most Latin American countries, crosswalks or pedestrian crossings are called "zebra crossings"or just "zebras" because of their black and white pattern (white paint on black pavement)

Автор Gustavo Vásquez ( назад)
Creí que sólo las candidatas a Miss Universo eran tan idiotas como para no conocer el mapa político

Автор zillatattoo ( назад)
my GTA 5 character wears the zebra head, zebra coat and zebra pants, zebra FTW, but people dont stop their cars, they run me over.

Автор Mohamed Abdelhack ( назад)
Are you sure John that your audience is that ignorant not to know where Bolivia, Colombia, or Venezuela are?

Автор mistformsquirrel ( назад)
Well played Bolivia, well played. *admiring clap*

Автор SaHaRaSquad ( назад)
"So what's your job?" - "I'm a Zebra"

Автор Richard Lane ( назад)
oliver show that actually made me smile.

Автор Man In Water ( назад)
furry bastards are getting more bold

Автор Anax Eupator ( назад)
Fuckin furries

Автор Zz Top ( назад)
Thanks for making me fail my Spanish South America test tomorrow

Автор fclavijo ( назад)
Que buena idea!

Автор juan colmenares ( назад)
This is awesome!!

Автор MultiJebusChrist ( назад)
Holy shit that is genius! Can we get some Zebras here in The States? :D

Автор Nazi hunter ( назад)
damn furries

Автор Marvin ARVN ( назад)
This is my spirit animal.

Автор frother ( назад)
that map joke isn't funny anymore...

Автор mushnoodle ( назад)
Joe cocker voice: "You can leave your head on..."

Автор Mitchell Klosterman ( назад)
My god he is a prick.

Автор Salad Dodger ( назад)
For fuck sake John, you're not America! Say 'zebra' right.

Автор Esteban Navarro Bernal ( назад)
This made me smile :')

Автор kcthewanderer ( назад)
Kudos to John Oliver here for overcoming a lifetime of brain training to say "zehbra," presumably out of love for his American audience.

Автор Broockle ( назад)
I knew that that wasn't Bolivia!
Do I win the internet? It's at least worth a cookie right?

Автор Jessica Lee ( назад)
Furries making a positive contribution to society

Автор javier solarte ( назад)
i'm from colombia i can tell you where it is :)

Автор akrybion ( назад)
That little girl hugging the Zebra melted my cynical, black heart. Big <3 to Bolivia for this!

Автор asombrosas invenciones ( назад)
i can see colombia i live here

Автор Alan Lubeski ( назад)
Looks like a gang to me lol

Автор Hans Weissman ( назад)
I like zebras......not on a plate...but in the streets.....

Автор RagnarTheRed ( назад)
To be fair, it's not random. It's because crosswalks are called what would literally translate to "zebra crossing/path"( paso de zebra)

Автор The Philernator ( назад)
Zebrahead is a fun band.

Автор asdf92 ( назад)
So this is why they upload the zebra dancing green screen... Make sense.

Автор Lawina ( назад)
What a big difference if you compare it to those backward idiots over at the Philippines, who prefer to just execute drug users on the spot.

Автор Josh Battl ( назад)

Автор Heli SURE ( назад)
I just ❤ John Oliver.A big zebra hug from a Finn living in Nice and having a daughter studying in JMU, VATo "Englishman in New York" 🎼

Автор Kishor Hembram ( назад)
fucking furries

Автор SgtKaneGunlock ( назад)
and like that my faith in humanity has been rekindled

Автор Nathan Dehnel ( назад)
>I'm a zebra in my heart
"on all levels except physical, I am a wolf."

Автор gabriela rosa laserna ( назад)
Amazing zebras!!! #justaddzebra to recognize their job, we all love you!!!!

Автор William Brennan ( назад)
I knew the first one was Venezuela

Автор Et La Pluie ( назад)
Best thing I've seen in 2017 so far :)

Автор Mary x-files ( назад)
❤️ to Bolivians for the awesome efforts!!

Автор AmandaBrecc ( назад)
3:55 did not see that coming, ROTF
Speaking of coming,  Bubbles, I did not see that

Автор Correct Facts ( назад)
I wonder how many times he made the mistake and said (Zed)bras

Автор en273 ( назад)
This is wonderful, they're so brave and being a recovering addict can be the loneliest thing in the world - you give up so many friends in order to leave habits behind that getting delighted hugs from a child changes everything.

Автор SilkSatin Paradise ( назад)
Zebras are just horse referees.

Автор Melody Pond ( назад)

Автор Theo Smith ( назад)
That is, hands down, the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

Автор Ann Sorensen ( назад)
Hot damn! I just happened to be wearing zebra leotards today! How serendipitous!

Автор Ramiro Vega Villamonte ( назад)
Bolivia, el país de las cebritas, donde ver los simpsons es un derecho ilanienable.

Автор Libby ( назад)
LOL Just the title is a must click

Автор TheEpiCool ( назад)
leave a like if you're bolivian

Автор Ale D ( назад)
Lmao I remember the mimes in colombia😂 sometimes they would act out what happens when you drink and drive while you were sitting at a red light 😂😂

Автор Rin Yoshino ( назад)
I think this warmed my heart a little😚 go you Bolivian Zebras!
thank you for uploading <3

Автор Drecon84 ( назад)
I love that dressing up as a zebra and jumping in front of cars is a way to "get your life back on track".

Автор tyskbulle ( назад)
Almost done with Ghost Recon Wildlands, I will make sure the Zebras rule instead of the Mexican cartel.

Автор Lee Olsson ( назад)
This made me so happy!

Автор Qaeta ( назад)
Actually knew which one was Bolivia thanks to Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Автор D. RochaH ( назад)
Heeeeeyyyyy cómo es que no saben donde se encuentra el país más linda en el mundo??? 💓 VIVA BOLIVIA!!!! 💓 🤗

Автор Claudia Arce Lemaitre ( назад)
10 de cada 10 Bolivianos amamos a las cebritas ❤

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