Many of you have been wondering what working at BuzzFeed was like, and here's my answer and my opinion

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Автор Lavender Browngirl ( назад)
You got to do Gay Ski Week!? Niiiiiiiiiiiiice

Автор Orlando G. ( назад)
Blessed with those teeth

Автор Crystal ( назад)
working at buzzfeed is like working at seaworld (blackfish)

Автор Audrey Roberts ( назад)
who is Taylor????

Автор Shelby Best ( назад)
You totally hit it on the head. Working at Disney REALLY ruins that magic they have for the guests. That analogy was awesome!

Автор I HATE JELLYBEANS ( назад)
so it's like a pyramid scheme...sort of???

Автор damien merrylees ( назад)
You actually OPTED to APPLY for a job there? Are you a masochist or just retarded? No other employer is going to treat you with respect, for the rest of your entire career.

Автор Jack Samurai ( назад)
you sir....are very wise ;-)

Автор Ryan Medine ( назад)
Buzzfeed is cancer

Автор Katlyn ( назад)
Steph, I'm so glad you spoke about this.. They seem like a messed up company /: I'm glad you're happier now!

Автор Danny Bondy ( назад)
buzzfeed is a cancer cell that chemo can't stop. just drink bleach if you like them

Автор Trinity Eten ( назад)
everyone left buzzfeed

Автор Alister Slocum ( назад)
I Love Kelsey!!!❤

Автор The Vostro Gamer ( назад)
Me: Hi I'd like to work at buzzfeed.
Buzzfeed: What's you're credentials?
Me: I fucking hate privileges straight white men and I'm pretty sure I'm black.

Автор Joxii ( назад)
Thank you for coming out with all of this! It's nice to hear an honest idea about what Buzzfeed really is because for a while it's been a very mysterious company. They have many viewers that hardly know anything about the people, the business and everything else that comes along with a company so it's very useful for everybody to finally understand how Buzzfeed functions behind the videos :)

Автор Melanie Santana ( назад)
Lush makes money based on moral values. A lot of it

Автор Colleen Carr ( назад)
2016 was the year of 'Why I left Buzzfeed'.

Автор QuidProQuoFilms ( назад)
You're so calming to listen to

Автор NDK0 ( назад)
Magic? Buzzfeed is cancer

Автор ashcharya de silva ( назад)
your teeth 💘😲💎

Автор Isaiah H. Canfield ( назад)
Diversity team? That's classifying people isn't it?

Автор Ramieverse ! ( назад)
Ellosteph , you are so brave and kind, God bless you

Автор Michelle Sin ( назад)
Wowww.. Until you are 40???!!! If I was given 1 million I would turn that million into millions.

Автор Matija Marohnić ( назад)
The title of this video and its uppercase-ness lead me to believe that this is a video about how BuzzFeed murders kittens or something. 😄

Автор Jeremy Hable ( назад)
All i can say is Ello i don't agree with your videos about Lesbians or gays i will never support it. its to be a man and a woman and you talking about dating tips with woman on woman men on men is a lie and i can't believe you are supporting there lies and to themselves but anyways that is all i have to say take care

Автор Kim So ( назад)
You do so much for a channel that has 12m views, it's called starting your own utube channel for free 👎

Автор kamawanaii ( назад)
Thanks for sharing so honestly!

Автор Gonser Ly ( назад)
Try Guys, Worth it, and unsolved is all I watch.

Автор belle flora ( назад)
Yep its all about the money money money. The absolute fact.

Автор Ro ( назад)
who's the taylor she was talking about at the start of the video

Автор Dan Deelion ( назад)
Who is Taylor

Автор katie kalel kitten ( назад)
I've been noticing that the quality of videos seemed to be going down and quantity going up. some of the videos do seemed like they were rushed.

Автор Kilua ( назад)

I'm sad I only saw you once. I was looking for you everywhere :( GREAT THAT I FOUDN YOU AGAIN. SWEET ACCIDENT!

Автор Lily_Lily_Love ( назад)
BuzzFeed went downhill since mid 2015 :(

Автор Melody O ( назад)
I know the feeling I've been threw the same thing in a high end fashion company. They have you as a temp for as long as they want and you never know when they are going to fire you. Long story short if you didn't kiss ass to managers you did not get hired. I am far from a kiss ass & I let my hard work make the shots. I was used to trained so many people and they let the "teacher go and kept the student". Lessoned learned, and best thing about it was I never changed who I am to get hired and I'm happy I didn't. BE WHO YOU ARE & F%#K WHAT PPL THINK!! There lost! HAHA

Автор OrViV ( назад)
really long talking

Автор Alex Galanis ( назад)
Sounds like a cult

Basically buzzfeed points out the wrong doing in the world while doing wrong to the employees of buzzfeed ? Ironic don't you think?

Автор Mass Effect Andromeda ( назад)
I hope buzzfeed closes down just like gamestop is starting to. They both treat people very bad.

Автор Robby J ( назад)
I'm from Florida as well!

Автор cilthy funt ( назад)
fuckin dope

Автор CanisLupus1987 ( назад)
Finally someone being Honest about why they left Buzzfeed. Usually people sugercoat it so much that it looks like Buzzfeed has no flaws and the only reason they leave is because they want more independence.

Автор AshGames ( назад)
Is this sloth girl

Автор G B ( назад)
I haven't watched a video from you in years. When I saw you in the thumbnail I was like "whoa she looks completely different". You've changed a lot.

Автор Travis M. ( назад)
Fuck Buzzfeed.

Автор Marshae Henderson ( назад)
a lot of the fun people that I've seen are leaving buzzfeed. love you guys! we'll miss you!! ;-;

Автор Levan Ivers ( назад)
It's amazing. They had a diversity team but every person who left is white. I bet it's because these are the ppl who were "promoted." I bet very few POCs probably were.. Either that or the pocs have to stay there because they dont get as many other oppprtunities. There's always some racial bullshit involved. Gotta keep the master race on top...

Автор Kaitlyn Oha ( назад)
Also an opinionated Floridian ✌️✌️✌️

Автор Claudia Alejandra Garcia Mendoza ( назад)
what she said, it is only a company, it is like working in a fast food restaurant, is funny to go to eat there, but its hard work

Автор Madeleine Spellmeyer ( назад)
Are you the girl that loves sloths? I remember that video😊

Автор Árni Long ( назад)
"Hey I'm ready to do diversity" lol

Автор XYX-11 ( назад)
buzzfeed - nest of homosexual, degenerate liberals and other social trash.

Автор ButternautTheKing Studios ( назад)
Stand together!
Stay strong!
Destroy buzzfeed!

(• - •) I ran out of ideas

Автор Adriana Macias ( назад)
why is everyone leaving Buzzfeed?

Автор Ingo Filmfreak ( назад)
why do you say "let go" - why don't you say "fired", at least that'd be honest.... if you're fired there is no need to sugarcoat it with soft wording.

Автор AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza ( назад)
This BUZZFEED vlog was a potentially great vlog about BUZZFEED, but I actually didn't watch the BUZZFEED related vlog called "y I left BUZZFEED," bc BUZZFEED was said so many fucking goddam times instead of a diff word for BUZZFEED, after she kept saying BUZZFEED right after saying BUZZFEED I wanted to vomit. A person can only say BUZZFEED so many times.

Автор Trixa Turmoil ( назад)
So...again, are you a sex worker or not...?

Автор Vongola_X Wintergale ( назад)
This made me cry. 😔 I didn't know about this.

Автор No Life Corner ( назад)
The fuck does "diversity team" mean?! To be fair, I shouldn't be surprised they have something like at Buzzfeed -_-. What you mentioned about how moral values don't sell is so sad, but true :/. Keep preaching!

Автор Daniel S ( назад)
I have never seen an unattractive person work for buzzfeed....

Автор jungleprincess03 ( назад)

Автор Sires Orb ( назад)
So does leaving the third reich still make you a nazi?

Автор TooLitToPolitic ( назад)
Buzzfeed is just a company made off of shitty clickbait anyways.

Автор TruthDevours ( назад)

You are absolutely gorgeous, but my god look at that set of fangs on you!

Автор Alchenria ( назад)
Subscribed : Marry your crush
Like : Date with your crush
Comment : 1 year of good luck

Автор krishna chaitanya ( назад)
God.. Those teeth are white...Not Complaining but soo bright.

Автор J CMD ( назад)
Buzzfeed is 90% shit

Автор Leone Lelen ( назад)
why everyone who left buzzfeed making video like this? so worked at buzzfeed is a stepping stone to become a youtuber? 🙄🤔

Автор Lord_Magma_ Man ( назад)
i heard u like sloths...

Автор Danielle Little ( назад)
Freddie is next

Автор riverofwolf ( назад)
That's corporate business for you.
Even non-profit organizations are like this sometimes.
It's sad, but it is def a reality, you really hit the nail on the head when you said "they don't put moral value first, they put money making first."
Yup, yep, yes.
I get it's a business but when companies claim they have values or a moral standard they adhere to and you are in the machine and know damn well they are full of complete poo, that's when things get rough. Good on you for moving forward.

Автор Michael Cantu ( назад)
Whats buzz feed?

Автор Joanne ( назад)
woah! how do you whiten your teeth? what toothpaste do you use?? you have a beautiful, healthy smile

Автор Colby Perry ( назад)
Buzzfeeds quality has been going dooooooown

Автор Brenna Mac ( назад)
What's that sound at 8:22 or am I just hearing things?

Автор M VGA ( назад)
I realized BUZZFEED was complete SHIT when they made a video for that fascist f**king TED CRUZ!

Bang-o! You DO love the work less -- I've been there in spades. Big corps like Buzzfeed, and even smaller co's, tend to take the air outta your passion tires -- and fast!
You are all at an age where "A-ha!" moments go off like a cop taking down a doughnut. It may sound hackneyed, but follow thy bliss kids. It's old sage advice
for a reason. You can always make money doing something or other, but you cannot buy more time back. It's gone like Trump's "hair." Some are cool working
for others forever while others are not so cool with it and want to start their own dealio. To quote a fav line from one of my top shelf film picks MIDNIGHT COWBOY ('69):
"Take it easy -- But take it."

Автор Turk 1 ( назад)
Another millennial attention whore.

Автор Rainbow7Warriors ( назад)
Why do you look like Dana Fairbanks? Am I tripping or is the resemblence uncanny..?

Автор MilkshakeMoviesHD ( назад)
BuzzFeeds content is nice I think, but working at it would be shit.
I never watched these kinds of video's ABOUT BuzzFeed but when you search ''why i left buzzfeed'' on YouTube you get 187k results
I know not ALL of the 187k results is accurate but still.

Автор JennyVan ( назад)
Wait every corporate job is like this except most companies are not as creative or diverse as Buzzfeed.... sounds like complaining to me.

Автор Ak47 ( назад)
is it just me or don't remember seeing her on buzzfeed!🤔

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
How could any self respecting white person work at buzzfeed all their vids are about denigrating whites, males, insert Marxist nonsense etc etc

Автор Skank Hunt ( назад)
So... You quit buzzfeed because they weren't SJW enough?

Автор Frédéric Chopin ( назад)
who's here after watching safiya's video?

Автор melmei ( назад)
i work at disney and as soon as you made that analogy i was like... oh man now i know exactly how you feel

Автор Clear sky Over the lake ( назад)
Buzzfeed never puts Moral Values First! Hahahaha! Big surprise!

Anyhow, I am a Trump supporter who is not Anti-Gay, Anti-Black. Ect. From outside your LGB World, I could see the Toxicity in Buzzfeed. This video is a great insight to me.
It seems to me that many such places have been infiltrated by toxic inhuman even nefarious people. This exactly is what drove many people to Trumps waiting Arms. I actually credit companies and organizations like Buzzfeed for Trumps victory and for the Inclusive movement within the Right wing.

Never before have I seen Right Wingers call other races and sexual orientations "Brothers".

We realized the need to protect and bring closer than push away and chastise. To unite and stand together than to spew pure hate as the Left is currently doing.

I would task you, to rebuild Buzzfeed, I love your ideals! You have the spark of home to you. And if you were to make your own "buzzfeed competitor" I am sure you would make it fair and wonderful and not force things on people such as firings and forced position changes like you are surfs in some dark ages kingdom or communist Chinese "caste" member told she can only be a shoe shiner instead of a content producer. I would encourage you to use your great power to do this, you'd make a truly friendly community wouldn't you? But I can't ask this of you. Money and power corrupt absolutely and your company would be targeted for control and corruption. Could you stand by your words? And Reject billions laid in your lap? 600 Billion? Or would you place People above greed?

Автор coffeegirl18 ( назад)
They need to restructure their hierarchy systems and give people clearer answers. Apparently communication is a common issue. They should allow everyone to have their own channel so they don't stifle their creativity :(

Anyone find Breigha and Krissy's channel? I can't hear her probably (still missing some hearing from an ear infection).

Had to google the sloth video. It's adorable and kind of funny.

Автор Mashi Washi ( назад)
just please stop watching buzzfeed they are cancer, if not feel free to bend over and take corporate dick ;)

Автор Lauren Chaffiotte ( назад)
So many people are leaving Buzzfeed. There is probably a reason why so many people are leaving. Sorry Buzzfeed, not sorry 😐

Автор Thalia Johnston ( назад)
"If someone Gave me a million dollars I would put it in a bank account and I would not touch it till I was forty"
.. I subscribed

Автор Kahli Miller ( назад)
Can someone please give me a short summary of the video, I'm too lazy to watch the whole thing. :/

Автор tabletop581 ( назад)
"can't make money off moral values in L.A" -- the moral compass went a while ago over there.

Автор torque_300 ( назад)

Автор MastermindzJoe ( назад)
Hey guys, Moonman here

Автор Not Here ( назад)
Don't let these fuckers fool you... They were let go, they didn't quit. BuzzFeed goes thru and recycles these robots.
Look at these bitches... :::cries:::: I had to work 8 hours!!! ugh it was sooo hard ::: Cries:::: Fucking white privilege FUCKS!

Автор lily monroy ( назад)
wow I only watch the tasty videos and try guys pfft

Автор Dunno Dunn ( назад)
Wait she was in buzzfeed?

Автор SpoonWood Gennaro ( назад)
Buzzfeed sure likes to exploit "internship". Work for free? Fuck Buzzfeed. Will never watch it again.

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