Shark Tank Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud

  • Published on Sep 27, 2017
  • Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner have both made a fortune in business. Can they do it again playing Fast Money for their charity? Have a look! Thanks for watching... we hope you've enjoyed Celebrity Family Feud on ABC! See you next season!
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  • Andrew Haniff
    Andrew Haniff Day ago

    Lori is stupid

  • Georgia Baldwin
    Georgia Baldwin 3 days ago

    No family feud left in the name of Russia get fucked America

  • Mohamed Khaled
    Mohamed Khaled 5 days ago

    0:12 that chest raise at "women" 😏😂😂

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke 8 days ago

    She was thinking of sex back at 5 years of age?

  • Amelia Reagan Wright
    Amelia Reagan Wright 13 days ago

    That girl is a moron!

  • Al Spider-Man Horford
    Al Spider-Man Horford 16 days ago

    She looks Brandi Love

  • Al Spider-Man Horford
    Al Spider-Man Horford 16 days ago +1

    He looks like robin williams

  • Jake Luxford
    Jake Luxford 20 days ago

    Barbara: Screams I’m out while watching this at home.

  • Sue The Dude
    Sue The Dude 21 day ago +1

    Damn, Barbara is already out

  • Doggyhouz LA
    Doggyhouz LA 23 days ago

    She was probably faded or drunk. Lol

  • Norberto DiazSantos
    Norberto DiazSantos 24 days ago

    Dumb blondes exist for a reason

  • ali bazzi
    ali bazzi 24 days ago

    If they had gotten anyone else than lori, then they would have easily won.

  • SpadeLord
    SpadeLord Month ago +1

    Is it just me or does Robert remind me of Tony start or RDJ.

  • markus hutton
    markus hutton Month ago

    Lori is fine AF and apparently not smart AF under pressure

  • Tommy's Edits
    Tommy's Edits Month ago

    Damn she fucking sucks

  • PumpKant
    PumpKant Month ago

    i know i’m late but who’s the hot ass woman @ 2:45

  • Chris Monteverde
    Chris Monteverde Month ago

    “We learning a lot about rich people today”😂 I’m done

  • Bigboss
    Bigboss Month ago

    He looks like Robin Williams

  • JustYourNeighbour
    JustYourNeighbour Month ago

    People like her is why we Europeans think that most of North Americans are below average intelligent.
    Please don't televise such people. It definitely influences the common opinion about Americans overseas.

  • Trevor Romaine
    Trevor Romaine Month ago

    who’s the blondie at 2:45

  • Devin Esleck
    Devin Esleck Month ago

    When Mom says you can stop at McDonalds 1:12

  • Michael Tobianah
    Michael Tobianah Month ago

    How Lori is a millionaire haunts me after watching her answer those questions.

  • Manish Kohli
    Manish Kohli Month ago


  • Raj
    Raj Month ago

    The second the blonde came out... boiii.

  • CC123
    CC123 Month ago

    Am I the only one who lost all respect for Lori after watching this.

  • Preston Coon
    Preston Coon Month ago

    I’m probably gonna get a ton of crap for saying this; but I think its absolutely dumb that filthy rich people get on this game when they don’t need the money. There are plenty of people that could use the money thats also entertaining on the show. Even if they are celebrities playing for charity because thats what they should on their own time; don’t use a gameshow for a reason to donate money!!!

  • bryan hernandez
    bryan hernandez Month ago

    Laurie needa chill on the Botox her face won’t even move when she smiles !

  • Sines
    Sines Month ago

    This somehow proves you don‘t have to be a genius to get rich.

  • Worldwide-messi
    Worldwide-messi Month ago

    I’ll bang the smart blonde 👱‍♀️! Rn

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker Month ago

    Anybody who claims that Lorie is dumb clearly hasn't seen her on shark tank... She's really smart and successful... Silly questions in silly surveys aren't iq tests

  • ChainNs
    ChainNs Month ago

    Well and that's why we need actual smart people to lead the world like Elon Musk!

  • most liked comment
    most liked comment Month ago

    Was uncomfortable

  • Kelbas
    Kelbas Month ago

    choked harder than lebron in the 2011 finals

  • goromaster10
    goromaster10 Month ago

    I started masturbating when I was 6, but my uncle had sex when he was 5 (with another young girl not some pedophile) so it's not such a bad answer

  • Chri Mitc
    Chri Mitc 2 months ago


  • LaMASIA 5611
    LaMASIA 5611 2 months ago

    You can tell Laurie felt dumb.

  • Nicole Miller
    Nicole Miller 2 months ago +2

    1) food
    2) 10
    3) kiss
    4) husband
    5) computer
    Those are my answers

  • Zainjal26
    Zainjal26 2 months ago

    Wow Lori is an airhead

  • Jerrod Tham
    Jerrod Tham 2 months ago

    The Sharks can give 25 mil dollars for charity. No need the 25k from Steve. Lorri purposely did that. Lol.

  • Scott Greenshields
    Scott Greenshields 2 months ago

    Loyal to your first wife!

    BABYDIRK 2 months ago

    They probably don’t even win money 😂 so rich

  • Sandi Miller
    Sandi Miller 2 months ago

    Right from the start my answers were 1-cigarette/cigar, 2-ten, 3-eat meal, 4 -friend, 5-piano

  • MrBeatboxmasta
    MrBeatboxmasta 3 months ago +1

    Steve: What do you say to someone who cheats on you?
    Barbara: I'm out.
    Steve: What do you say when you are faced with someone with a better hand in poker?
    Barbara: I'm out.
    Steve: What do you say when you are faced with an overwhelming situation?
    Barbara: I'm out.
    Steve: What do you say when someone is asking for business funding?
    Barbara: I'm out.
    Steve: What do you say when you quit your job?
    Barbara: I'm out.
    And this is how Barbara scored 120 pts.

  • MrBeatboxmasta
    MrBeatboxmasta 3 months ago

    Steve: Welcome to Family Feud...
    Barbara: Wait! Wait! I only accepted to be on The Price is Right. For that reason, I'm out.

  • crystall hayashi
    crystall hayashi 3 months ago

    Awwww!!! I live the Sharks though!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maiz
    Maiz 3 months ago

    Lori is dull

  • presidentdiddy
    presidentdiddy 3 months ago

    I'm sure the people who these millionaires embarrassed had fun watching them fail LOL

  • Kler Stefani
    Kler Stefani 4 months ago

    Queen of qvc but doesnt know what has a keyboard

  • Justin Hazlett
    Justin Hazlett 4 months ago

    Two of these were easy, yet neither got number 1. My answers:
    - tobacco
    - 13
    - eat food
    - wife
    - an organ

  • Jade Coy
    Jade Coy 4 months ago

    Piano has a keyboard
    Cigarettes seem like a good answer
    ( I was a very curious kid when I was little so I think five is a reasonable answer ) ( mind you they are asking stupid people in a mall )

  • Sani Murati
    Sani Murati 4 months ago

    Barbara would’ve been out on all the questions

  • Sani Murati
    Sani Murati 4 months ago

    Never realized how short lori was

  • mikoism
    mikoism 4 months ago +1

    Wow Lori really let me down!!!

  • Irony Man
    Irony Man 4 months ago

    Robert was right on the money except for the first one :3

  • christinac86
    christinac86 4 months ago

    Lori sucked lol, I was shocked. Thought she’d kill it. Go Robert 😘

  • dltmdwnfkdldjs
    dltmdwnfkdldjs 4 months ago

    she is so dumb

  • Always Right
    Always Right 5 months ago

    All that plastic surgery made her so retarded damn they both was stupid

  • Can I Reach 500 Subscribers With Irrelevant Videos

    When did that lady say friends??! I'm confused? She said husband

  • aliona ulescenco
    aliona ulescenco 5 months ago

    Cigarette, 6, take pictures, spuse, computer.

  • chukchu 11
    chukchu 11 5 months ago

    fukin sharks are insecure, put em back in thier tanks

  • john smith
    john smith 6 months ago

    Robert is a manwhore!!

  • Seth Struble
    Seth Struble 6 months ago

    Laurie... are you serious? 🙄

  • Matt Schumacher
    Matt Schumacher 6 months ago

    These are such easy questions. The last one only has two possible answers: computer or piano. And she still somehow said phone. God she’s dumb. I hate rich people.

  • Carolina North
    Carolina North 6 months ago

    Lori is not too bright.

  • Tashveen Randhawa
    Tashveen Randhawa 6 months ago

    Note to myself - Rich people have a keyboard instead of a keypad on their phone.

  • paul16451
    paul16451 6 months ago

    Is this the only celeb show where the players lost?

  • Central Coast Climber
    Central Coast Climber 6 months ago +1

    She was terrible....

  • ismat legend
    ismat legend 6 months ago

    She is an idiot . Stupid lady has no knowledge .

  • danny arizpe
    danny arizpe 6 months ago +2

    Omg her hair looks like a 20year olds and her face looks like a 60 year olds gosh

  • Billy O'Neill
    Billy O'Neill 7 months ago

    Lori is good in business but she sucks in game shows. She's totally dumb

  • Loner Laura
    Loner Laura 7 months ago

    Who is Sabin?

  • RB
    RB 7 months ago

    I thought people on sharktank were intelligent. Morons like trump.

  • Lucas Savaris
    Lucas Savaris 7 months ago

    But we still... but we still...very damn rich HAHA

  • Oliver S
    Oliver S 7 months ago

    Red head is hawt

  • João Colaço
    João Colaço 7 months ago

    Money It's all about luck 😂😂😂

  • bajan256
    bajan256 7 months ago

    Americans and their blondes....smh

  • kaister901
    kaister901 7 months ago

    How the fk do you get millions not knowing what has a keyboard?
    Holy shit...
    The fk?

  • Steven Kim
    Steven Kim 7 months ago

    the wife was sweating bullets

  • yolence USA
    yolence USA 7 months ago

    She is so stupid

  • Jacob
    Jacob 7 months ago

    Shows you that the rich aren't better, just luckier

  • Patrick and Sharon
    Patrick and Sharon 7 months ago

    Bless her heart. Lmfao

  • prazertv
    prazertv 8 months ago

    If you were to have a look inside Lori's brain, there'd be a hamster on a wheel taking a break watching QVC. I think that's the only thing that goes on in her head. Specialty knowledge folks. You only have to be an expert in one thing in order to become rich.

  • prazertv
    prazertv 8 months ago

    Lori is living proof that you don't need any brains to become a millionaire. This should be an inspiration to every idiot on the plant. You can do it!!!

  • Mahesa Rangga
    Mahesa Rangga 8 months ago

    And for that reason, I'm out.

  • Adam Call
    Adam Call 8 months ago

    1- grenade
    2- 6 months
    3- masterbation
    4- my cat
    5- Queen

  • Confused in China
    Confused in China 8 months ago

    I'm only here for the Barbara comments.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 months ago

    Lori was horrible. She takes too long to answer.

  • Clay Emenhiser
    Clay Emenhiser 8 months ago

    Lori was awful.

  • MR.X
    MR.X 8 months ago

    Lori is awful

  • Xetulg Gr
    Xetulg Gr 8 months ago

    Omg wow you don't need to be smart to be rich. Thanks God I learned a lot in school and university 🙏🏼
    That was embarrassing!!!!!

  • River Song
    River Song 8 months ago

    It's a good thing she's rich.God is fair,I guess??...

  • Areej Al-Mubark
    Areej Al-Mubark 8 months ago

    I can’t believe Kim Kardashian did a better job than her

  • sandra hoyte
    sandra hoyte 8 months ago

    Ladies with no neck should where v -neck or scoop neck it makes you neck look longer.and taller so I've been told

  • andrei ivanov
    andrei ivanov 8 months ago

    Lori is fuckin dumb

  • guitarprodigy100
    guitarprodigy100 8 months ago

    Is that the only short Sacca has?

  • Tim Mars
    Tim Mars 8 months ago

    Lori looks hammered.

  • Kings 33
    Kings 33 8 months ago

    What a bubble head,

  • Alfonso Pallan
    Alfonso Pallan 8 months ago

    Did every female contestant have plastic surgery? Wth

  • Xorus _
    Xorus _ 8 months ago

    She's a blonde for a reason lol

  • Johnny Chingas
    Johnny Chingas 8 months ago

    Lori sucks haha