Tornado in 4K UHD

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  • The Wray, Colorado tornado from May 7, 2016.

    2:29 Power-flash as the tornado crosses highway 385
    3:34 Listen to the tornado's roar
    3:57 Satellite vortex to the right of the tornado

    Filmed and edited by Skip Talbot

    With Jennifer Brindley Ubl

    Killers Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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    Really good seeing a dust Base and funnel cloud at the same time

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    Beautiful shot great job

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    does anyone know the EF category of this tornado?

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    And the car on the road like stopped to watch or what? Like... I'd shit myself and then run for my life XD

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    This is really scary, but beautiful! Power of Nature

    • Антхонъ Энман
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      I agree to some point, but the things a tornado does are not in any way beautiful

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    Magnificent!!!! I love this very much...and you put my kind of music!!!
    I feel like in one of my most amazing dream sequence...😍😍😍😍😍

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      Same thing I was thinking ! The music with the beautiful tornado is epic

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    Sick a^^ footage bro !! Love it !! I saw the little Satellite Tornado..too cool. Amazing work Skip !!

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    This was just awesome to watch and in such good clarity, thank you for uploading.

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    Excellent vid. Beautiful footage! Great choice of music too.

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    Like als je Nederlands bent

  • BoerPetervanwoerden
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    Presencia de objeto extraño en el minuto 2.55

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    ale macie tam masakre

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    Ground sprites?? Whats with all the static discharge in the field at times end of the video? Never heard about or seen that before.

    • CLayaway1
      CLayaway1 Месяц назад

      Yea no he's definitely seeing rain drops. The only ground sprites I know of come in a can or bottle

    • Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles
      Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles  Месяц назад

      I think you're seeing rain drops streaking through the shot? If not, can you take a screenshot, circle it, and post it somewhere?

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    I don't see flying cows :)))))))))))

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    Wau heftig👍👍👏

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      ramona michael ja

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    that's a big dog

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    In UK all we get is annoyingly moderate wind and rain! Wait, I'm saying that like its a bad thing! WTF am I talking about!? This stuff must be unbelievable to witness IRL though! Closest we get to storm chasing in UK is... I don't know where I was even going with that sentence haha!

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      ncshuriken go eat some fish and chips, with tea. u will feel better.

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    Im beautiful

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      TORNADO mArry me

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    Is this real?

    • yelistener
      yelistener Месяц назад

      It's fake. That tornado is clearly a paid actor. Vlog these days....

    • ncshuriken
      ncshuriken Месяц назад

      @Mego: Think back to 1999... What would Morpheus say?

    • Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles
      Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles  Месяц назад

      That is an excellent question, and one you should ask about everything in life. Don't take peoples' word for it either, just because they tell you something is real. Research it yourself. You can Google and YouTube search for the Wray, Colorado EF2 tornado of May 7, 2016 and draw your own conclusions.

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    Everybody's commenting: wicket, amazing, nice vid... I comment I am sad too see this horrible disaster happen :(, would you comment 'beautiful' to a Japanese tsunami? no. Like to vid for nice capture, not saying its not pretty, Just wish commenters
    (if that's a word, please tell me the spelling) gave it some thought first.

    • K A D S E
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      djkaye youtube you know, a Tornado is one of the few things a human cant stop or kill.

    • K A D S E
      K A D S E Месяц назад

      djkaye youtube Im not calling the destroyed houses or victims beautifiul.

    • Nicolas
      Nicolas Месяц назад

      Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles #notalltornados

    • djkaye youtube
      djkaye youtube Месяц назад

      I'm not calling Skip selfish and horrible, I'm calling some of the mindless commenters horrible and selfish. I don't mind people saying its pretty but I feel they should have also asked about the people effected.

    • Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles
      Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles  Месяц назад

      There’s nothing wrong with marveling in the awesome power and terrible beauty of tornadoes. However, you do need to be mindful of the people impacted by these forces, and as storm chasers we try to act as responsibly as we can when documenting tornadoes. Folks should realize that most tornadoes hurt no one and do little or only minor damage. It’s my hope that this is always the case, and no one has to suffer, but tragedies do occur. The Wray, Colorado tornado did significant property damage and caused a few injuries. That’s something I never want to see and it breaks my heart. We do have chases where we see spectacular tornadoes that do no harm or any damage at all. That’s the dream chase. We caught five significant tornadoes out in Colorado a couple years ago. They were all rated EF0 because they stayed out over empty terrain and did no damage, even though they probably had winds well over 100 mph.

      Sometimes I get called selfish, heartless, and an uncaring disaster gawker because I chase tornadoes. If you’re curious and want read more, here’s a short essay I wrote in response to some of these comments:

      I chase to witness a rare, powerful, and terribly beautiful force of nature. I do not chase to witness the destruction of life and property. That pains me deeply. The sight of a tornado is thrilling and exhilarating, but the tone of the chase becomes much darker and somber when we know we have a damaging and deadly tornado. Not all tornadoes are damaging killers, in fact the vast majority of the ones I chase are not, and stay largely over empty areas of the plains. At the time, we are usually totally unaware of any damage or injuries that might be occurring as we watch from afar. When we do find out about such incidents, the tone of the chase becomes much more somber and we help when possible. It's always my wish that the tornadoes I document stay over uninhabited portions of the plains doing minimal damage. Entire essays have been written about the ethics of chasing, the motives for chasing, and the responsibility of chasers. Please see:

      You can call me selfish, that's fine and somewhat accurate. I chase for my own personal reasons. I usually do not chase for scientific research, or as a first responder. Some chasers falsely claim they are doing research or saving lives in order to justify their motives for chasing to a judgmental and uninformed public. I'd argue it's not immoral to enjoy the beauty and awesome power of nature, just as many people enjoy a lightning display or thunderstorm, while knowing that there are dozens of storm and lightning related deaths each year.

      Don't call me uncaring though. While our emotions may get the best of us at times, I act as responsibly as I can when I chase and give back where I can. I act as a spotter for the National Weather Service and report severe weather, which in turn is used to warn the public. I've searched through debris and helped people out of the rubble. I help run a 100% volunteer charitable organization that has raised tens of thousands in relief for victims of tornadoes and storms. Please see:

      Tornadoes can and do kill people and destroy property. As a storm chaser, that I watch tornadoes does not change that, or have any influence on what the weather does. As a caring human being though, I take it upon myself to act responsibly and help when and where I can.

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    ouh no no omg!!!!!!!

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    The two guys that got out to check out the tornado was like, nope... that was a stupid idea.

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    "You can really feel it with the telephoto lense!"

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    wow this absolutely amazing!! Great shot!!

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    los tornados son como las exnovias,hermosos pero destructivos

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    Some of that green light in the storm cloud made it look like an alien ship or some strange electric entity was hiding in there ;)

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    tornados make me nervous af ....

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    thank goodness that tornado didn't get larger

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    If this gets pinned ill eat my socks

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    dope :D

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      Kevin Kosta i get it. MKBHD!

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    awesome video.

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    awesome, u r lucky, i wish be there!

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    mother nature you damn scary

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    just one of the warning for those who knows the truth . thanks great video & musick

    • Hitchslap
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      TheAndrrrey Yeah, it has nothing to do with tilting the wind shear upward into a vortex due to unstable air and everything to do with your Middle Eastern fairy tale sky daddy... Religion is the mother lode of bad ideas

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    Great job on filming this beast! I subscribed to your channel.

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    와 졸라 무섭네

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    вау.просто вау

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      Антон Юрьев ага

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    fantastic footage. congrats

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    I can't believe that tornado exists

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      Phukin WOW

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    nice tornado but scary

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    beautiful tornado

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    Nice music choice

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    Good Job!

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    amazing video and great quality. thanks for the video. gotta love how strong mother nature can be sometimes.

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    0:59 that guy be like "fudge this crap I'm out"

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    I just realized on the water vapor form the clouds and debris make a tornado visible.

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    that was one crazy bird @ 3:10 hahaha

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    increible apocaliptico

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    is magic <3

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    debe ser increíble estar cerca

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    wooo mi desatre natural favorito el el poderoso tornado

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    I'd love to see one by myself someday but heck i'd sure be terrified

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    4K tornadoes are even deadlier!

    • Miki Cerise
      Miki Cerise 2 месяца назад

      Finally getting some good use out of this expensive screen. I have to admit, past footage I'd seen on those abysmal televisions we had in the 90s does not do them justice.

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    love this!

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    wow great video mate ! thanks for sharing - sub for you -feel free to visit and sub my chanel greetings erik

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    Evidence of The power Of the Living God. It's going to be a terrifying yet beautiful day when he returns.

    • Hitchslap
      Hitchslap Месяц назад

      Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles THANK YOU for being smart!!!! A storm creates unstable air and this tilts the wind shear upwards into a vortex. No need for Middle Eastern fairy tales to explain the magic.

    • Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles
      Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles  2 месяца назад

      Nah, I don't hate your god superstition any more than I hate Buddha, Allah, Thor, Zeus, Mithra, Amun, or Santa Claus. Gods are just euphemisms for "I don't know, so it must be magic!" But we do know. Tornadoes are well described by thermodynamics. Saying they are magic just reinforces ignorance, and ignorance costs lives when it comes to tornadoes.

    • Joshua Hawkins
      Joshua Hawkins 2 месяца назад

      Typical response. Denying what you know. Hatred towards God if I said Mother Nature, Buddha, the Universe you wouldn't have a problem. Smh you will see soon

    • Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles
      Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles  2 месяца назад

      Um, no. It’s just swirling vapor and dirt. Water and physics. It’s not “evidence” of a magic man that lives above the clouds any more than is your toilet flushing.

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    Ohhh my god be care ful

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    In Australia we call these "Cock-Eyed Bobs"They are real bastards!...Fairly upset the chickens

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    That's an INCREDIBLE shot!!! You ought to be very proud.

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    1:07 se la puso jjaj

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    Awesome amazing

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    Amazing footage ! Thank you for sharing !

  • Robert Lucas
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    Here in California (not sure if it made it on other news websites) we had a different type of tornado touch down in Victorville Airport. instead of the usual supercell tornadoes, we had a "windshear" tornado. I was amazed at how fast they zip through the skies. I've noticed wind shear tornadoes travel MUCH faster than ordinary supercell types.

    • Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles
      Skip Talbot's Storm Chasing Chronicles  2 месяца назад

      Yes, landspouts and waterspouts are basically the same phenomenon that form by the same mechanism. It's just that one occurs over land and one over water. They're not uncommon in certain areas. Landspouts happen all the time in late spring out by the Denver Airport. There was one there today. Waterspouts are common off the Florida Keys and the Great Lakes in the fall when there's a cold air intrusion over the warm water. A vortex connected to a parent cloud, they are indeed a type of tornado, but they're not known for being exceptional fast movers. Spouts often form in a low vertical wind shear environments actually. While they can be more common than supercellular tornadoes, the granddaddy big boss of tornadoes, they are also harder to predict. Spouts form when preexisting spin, what we call vorticity, near the surface of the Earth is stretched by a cloud's updraft. The stretching causes the rotational speed to increase resulting in a tornado. They're most common when cumulus clouds or storms stick to a frontal boundary and wind shift at the surface with strong temperature gradients (hot at the surface and cold air aloft). Doppler radars can't see the rotation in a spout or the preexisting vorticity, which is also invisible to the eye, and we don't know which clouds are going to stretch that vorticity if it is there. Thus it's harder to warn for spouts, but fortunately they do tend to be much weaker than supercellular tornadoes. The vasty majority are EF0, but they can still cause quite a bit of damage up to EF2 or very rarely EF3.

    • Robert Lucas
      Robert Lucas 2 месяца назад

      yes you are correct. And in fact, in Cali, supercell tornadoes are rare, but landspouts are common when we do get any tornadoes. I guess it depends on your geographic region.

    • DC Caleb
      DC Caleb 2 месяца назад

      I think you mean a landspout tornado. Those are the only other types of tornadoes, and they're very rare. Not near as powerful as a supercell tornado, but still forms from a thunderstorm. Wind shear is the process of wind going at 2 different speeds and creating a horizontal spinning funnel. It's the process that creates the spinning in supercells and forms the tornadoes within them. EDIT: I looked up the tornado, it was a landspout

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    The World Real Superpower NATURE

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    Wow, absolutely incredible!!

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    Is it still luck to find these monsters or with the modern weathertech can you be pretty confident of finding one when you go out? Great vid

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      De hecho es hermoso

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    That is the most awesome video of a tornado that I have ever seen, very cool, thank so much for posting.

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    I'm eternally grateful that I live in the tropics and we dont have anything but hurricanes

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    wow I could of never stick around like that... great video

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    Could you like get in the eye of a tornado next time? Im sure we all would like to see what it looks like from the inside looking up. Just rope yourself onto a water pipe that is drilled down 30 feet, its bulletproof. Trust me, i know because i once saw a movie named Twister. It was pretty good. Especially those 2 flying cows.

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    next time can you go up closer, like up to that sign...thank you

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    Parabéns ao camera

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    I might kinda sound sad. But storms are beautiful :|

    • Tom W
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      They are indeed. I find tornadoes to be absolutely stunning majestic vortexes of destruction. Just a shame that people lose their lives every year.

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    Power of Nature #amazed

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    Incredible footage on big screen. You have got some big balls to stay there and film. Thanks for sharing. Also subd. Phantom 3 pilot here.

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    could not stop watching. magnificent