10 Game of Thrones Fan Theories Better Than The Show

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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    Here at Screen Rant, there are few things we love more than hearing an awesome new fan theory. In the fantasy world of Game of Thrones it seemed like pretty much anything was possible. You can’t fly a dragon without encountering an ancient prophecy just vague enough to be promising. There are tons of great characters, interesting arcs, and tantalizing plot points. So it’s no wonder we had tons of great ideas about what would happen during season 8 of the show.
    Well. . .that was definitely something. No, we’re not going to complain about everything that wasn’t perfect but today we’re going to honor some of the best fan theories that would have been way more awesome than what actually went down in the show. We loved the idea of Jaime Lannister being Azor Ahai reborn but it seemed like the whole Lord of Light thing never really worked out. There were tons of theories about popular characters like Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow but the show featured no shortage of throwaway plot points and misdirection where they were concerned. We had also predicted everyone from Arya Stark to Varys would take down Cersei Lannister but no mere human had the honor when push came to shove.
    What was your favorite idea for the show that didn’t manage to make it into the official canon? Share it with us in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button to get access to the latest and greatest videos from us here at Screen Rant.
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Comments • 849

  • pamela johnston
    pamela johnston 13 hours ago

    Arya had no marks on her throat that could see though the night king choked it longer then he did bran.!

  • Marky Marky
    Marky Marky Day ago

    Cersei escapes to the sea, gets "rescued", Salladhor fucks the Queen. The End

  • Katy Bell
    Katy Bell Day ago +1

    I can never recommend GOT to a friend because I know it goes nowhere.

  • purple headed hedgehog

    I wanted arya to sit on the iron throne

  • BalF
    BalF 2 days ago +1

    The ULTIMATE theory: it was all Bran's dream. He is still in coma, in Winterfell/Season1......

  • Shaheb Miah
    Shaheb Miah 10 days ago

    Season 8 was the most bullshit thing that could exist

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 16 days ago

    Jamie was a bitch PERIOD

  • joeblack g
    joeblack g 17 days ago

    almost all possible theories should be better than the last episode...

  • Joel Amon
    Joel Amon 22 days ago

    Rob and ned and Caitlyn’s bodies were not returned to the starks so they were not in the crypt, in the tv show

  • myst ery
    myst ery 24 days ago

    Reason Tyrion give for choosing bran is ridiculous he says "stories are the most powerful weapon which can not be defeated " that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard

  • 54markl
    54markl 24 days ago

    Just about anything would have been better.

  • Gee Mac72
    Gee Mac72 25 days ago

    Has anyone done a compilation of all the GOT prophecies that went nowhere?

  • john delacruz
    john delacruz 26 days ago

    Am i the only one who liked the last season. It was awesome.

  • We Go Up_with_ NCT
    We Go Up_with_ NCT 27 days ago

    biss i shouldnt have watched that video it spoiled the entire s8 which i havent watched yet... sad

  • Dev
    Dev 29 days ago +1

    Season 8 gave me trust issues that I don't think will ever heal

  • Sele Saretto
    Sele Saretto 29 days ago

    This video just makes me depressed😭 I really wish the showed would’ve ended like this somehow😭

  • proteus1124
    proteus1124 Month ago +1

    i also read a theory about when bran went back in time and the night king touched him
    that was the moment bran died and the night king took over
    now fast forwarding to the end of season 8 seeing bran alone looking at the sea
    slowly standing up and raising his hands
    all the people who died in the battle and were slaughtered by dany and her troops rise and start killing the last people alive brutally killing them
    jon still being alive cuz he was send north en drogon still alive could further the story

    ofc i read also the comment on this theory saying that drogon probably wouldnt follow jon
    still liked this theory though :p

  • OppedRawen
    OppedRawen Month ago +1

    Do you mean ANY?

  • Mom
    Mom Month ago

    It’s so unfortunate that this show was cancelled after season 7 who knew what could’ve been

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams Month ago

    Awful series finale?! Season 8 was great: the finale was great: explain how 10000 fan theories could be fitted into 6 episodes: give me a break

  • seriousvick
    seriousvick Month ago

    Just sad. They really dropped the ball

  • Thomas Semonco
    Thomas Semonco Month ago

    JAIME WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO REDEEMED!!!! God I am so over hearing this. Just because you liked Jaime doesn't mean he was supposed to end up being the good guy! He was always a grey immoral character that had a very confusing life. But everything he did was to get back to Cersei. It was always Cersei. Get over the fact that Jaime was supposed to end up being a good guy hero. He wasn't ever going to be that

  • Valenthyne
    Valenthyne Month ago

    I decided to just ignore season 8 and remember the show for how it was than how it became.

  • VaNiSh x LeGiT
    VaNiSh x LeGiT Month ago

    Oh and if some of y’all are having trouble with gaining closure from season 8, I recommend watching or reading some fan fiction 🙂 really helped with getting over the shitty ending

  • Md Talha Ansari
    Md Talha Ansari Month ago

    Really? Just 10?

  • DarkQBZ 10095
    DarkQBZ 10095 Month ago

    Arya should have attempted to kill the night king but fail,get disarmed and almost get stabbed by looking at the night kings sword slowly going towards her head then back to Theon and he gets up grab the knife on the floor and kills the night king for his big redemption for everything he has done and that is how it ends with night kings army loses and just to show Arya can’t always beat everyone and Theon dies due to the wound

  • Illyasviel
    Illyasviel Month ago

    when you referred to robert baratheon as bobby b. was when i hit like

  • Aera Steele
    Aera Steele Month ago +1

    6:32 I was waiting on Ded Stark :(

  • brianhkdk
    brianhkdk Month ago

    So.... Who can I piss off..... From season 5 and onwards GOT only gets better..... Less sex (yeah I said it you bitches!!), less overloaded and overreacted drama (first 4 seasons where soap/drama) To all off you who wants GOT s8 to be remade..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA not happening bitches

  • Guilherme Freitas
    Guilherme Freitas Month ago


  • ExGamArs
    ExGamArs Month ago

    Fav theory - Bran The Night King.
    They lose Winterfel, many redeemed and beloved characters die.
    But they do destroy the army of dead, but Night King isn't there.
    Later we see the Night King decimating and undead-ing ALL of King's Landing and Cersei dies (duh).
    KL has over a million people in it, that's a much larger army for the Night King.
    He then starts conquering and raising dead towards the North.
    Bran believes he has a way to end it all; change history.
    First he tries the Mad King, he caused his insanity. 2nd he gets everyone to build the Wall as Brandon The Builder, but tries to make it stronger.
    Finally he has to go back even further, but he needs the Godswood to do it. He links with that "master" tree and takes the body of a First Man when they were at war.
    This led to the Fae Girls making the Night King, and Bran became trapped.
    This explains why NK was trying to kill Bran, to end the nightmare.
    Dany dies in the final battle with NK, but not before giving birth to a child.
    Bran is horrified by fact that Bran is the Night King, slays his brother, and Night King dies.
    In the end, Jon takes the throne, but shortly after melts it down, declares every kingdom no longer a sub of King's Landing, and forever ensures peace.
    He does retake his position at the Night's Watch but not before removing "criminals only, no choice, life sentence" crap. He makes it a voluntary service to the realm.
    And Night Watch's goal - to ensure the dead are truly dead. To guard the realms of men.
    Best part? Dany dies fighting for the country she swore to protect, she NEVER becomes the "WTF Mad Queen".
    Jon's reveal has MEANING. Bran able to affect the past with Hodor and Eddard has purpose and dire consequences, but MEANINGFUL.
    The show was instead rushed and we got what NO ONE wanted.

  • Dimi 218
    Dimi 218 Month ago +11

    99% of all fan theories were better than the show

  • obsessive fangirl
    obsessive fangirl Month ago +1

    All of these were great theories, except for the one of Arya wearing Jaime's face to kill Cersei. That would technically mean she has to kill Jaime first. Also no one deserved to kill Cersei more then Jaime did. It would've been the most fitting conclusion to both their characters.

  • soyourboi27
    soyourboi27 Month ago

    they're not tho

  • James Matthew
    James Matthew Month ago

    Wow, you know it's trash when the fan fic is better.

  • inferno0020
    inferno0020 Month ago

    Just keep Little Finger alive and let him trigger the White Walker invasion of the south.

  • Norm DePlume
    Norm DePlume Month ago

    Did Arya kill anyone on her list?

  • Harris Monte
    Harris Monte Month ago

    I think there's enough hate in the world for people to not be spending time pooping all over a series that cost enough money to feed a country while we sit on our couches ordering uber eats. Knaw mean?

  • azagranga
    azagranga Month ago

    I thought the big one was the "NK was really the good guy" one

  • Matthew Bergeron
    Matthew Bergeron Month ago

    not gonna mention the theory that bran is in fact the night king

    TIME TRAVELER Month ago


  • Zeric Cadiz
    Zeric Cadiz Month ago +2

    My fan theory was that everyone died and the night king dies still and one weight still lives and makes bran king placing a crown on his head
    Is this a good theory

  • AntonioTDM Garcia
    AntonioTDM Garcia Month ago

    Like reading the comments from all the award winning authors 😂

  • Thomas Harris
    Thomas Harris Month ago

    Every thing is valid and better than what we got

  • Aaron Wigo
    Aaron Wigo Month ago

    Everybody's a critic. Personally, I liked season 8. It's a TV show y'all. You have way too much time on your hands. Get a hobby.

    • Me An INFP
      Me An INFP Month ago

      you get a hobby. why are you watching this if you liked season 8 anyway? Imo anyone who liked season 8 is insane

  • Loucar10 Louman
    Loucar10 Louman Month ago

    How many decades do you think we need to wait for a reboot?

  • Milos Andjelkovic
    Milos Andjelkovic Month ago

    Arya would have to kill Jamie to wear his face.

  • CPQ-Apollo
    CPQ-Apollo Month ago +2

    Every single Game of Thrones fan theory ending was better then the show

  • qwerty
    qwerty Month ago

    if arya was going to use jaimes face it wouldn’t make sense for jaimes to survive, she has to kill jaime first and then carve his face from his body. (quite gruesome)

  • Fino Diez
    Fino Diez Month ago

    and jon snow made a backflip and snapped the night kings' neck, and saved the world.
    Better than what we got for sure!

  • ashish yogi
    ashish yogi Month ago

    Knight king was a stark... 13th lord commandor of nights watch

  • Comadoof
    Comadoof Month ago +2

    A moment of silence for our Tormund who never got with Briene

  • Hari Mavani
    Hari Mavani Month ago

    im so mad
    u know that guy bran think about this for a second he did acc nothing like nothing
    someone tell me why he even matters

  • TheRealDirtySkillz
    TheRealDirtySkillz Month ago

    Whole story was fucked up. A whole few good seasons for no conclusions.

  • Richards Sa
    Richards Sa Month ago

    When Bran gave Arya his blade and said it would be wasted on a cripple I knee then that when the NK came Arya would be the one to end him

  • DJdext
    DJdext Month ago

    I can't get enough of these videos but a thought just occurred to me: at the end of season 7 they had some things to resolve. If they only had 6 episodes why not just send time on one plot line and leave the rest for everyone to wonder about or leave for the movies that should have happened?

  • Bald Bride
    Bald Bride Month ago

    you all gotta stop running off with your imaginations

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    Every fan theory I've seen is better than the show.

  • Artemus Over Easy
    Artemus Over Easy Month ago

    Who knew all along this show was meant to be a comedy? Cause with the last season we got, I did nothing but laugh at what I was watching.

  • Amateur_Stargazer
    Amateur_Stargazer Month ago

    And they couldn’t have arya kill cersei after the stupidity of her killing the night king “instead of Jon doing it like should have happened”... otherwise just change the name of the show from Game of Thrones to Arya: The Killer Bitch Stark

  • Amateur_Stargazer
    Amateur_Stargazer Month ago +5

    Dany was NOT crazy until bad writing did a 180 turn for her in one damn episode.. sick of all u stark loving dany haters celebrating bad writing... hell of a thing to be proud of

  • metrini
    metrini Month ago

    People let their imagination run way too wild with some of these theories LOL

  • Aleksander Vadla
    Aleksander Vadla Month ago


  • Ezra
    Ezra Month ago


  • jon camacho
    jon camacho Month ago

    I hate D and D..

  • Alexanne McKenzie
    Alexanne McKenzie Month ago

    Is it safe to say I'm a bipolar person.💋

  • Gordon TheMan
    Gordon TheMan Month ago +10

    It would also make sense for Jamie and Cersei to be Targaryens. That might have been the motive for MK(mad king) to have Jamie by his side. It would also explain the drive for incest and Geoffrey's "madness". And it would be a pretty nice story point if Tyrion was Tywins only real child

    • Idk tbh
      Idk tbh 5 days ago

      I swear to god nobody can spell Joffrey's name right lmfao

  • Tony Jabroni
    Tony Jabroni Month ago

    I’ve read atleast 25 different fan theories that literally woulda saved the final season. Idk if they didn’t wanna end the show the way the fans predicted in those theories but dear god anything woulda been better than what they did

  • Brett D
    Brett D Month ago

    Don't even care anymore

    GAME ZONE Month ago

    Yes Night King was Targaryen!!!!

  • PlayMyDarling
    PlayMyDarling Month ago

    Is it me or does the guy speaking have poor grammar? Also, why are Americans alway yelling?

  • Peeta Mellark
    Peeta Mellark Month ago

    Game of incest

  • JoeNasr123
    JoeNasr123 Month ago +1

    For the thousandth time, the show didn’t mention the “valonqar” part of the prophecy.

  • FortZax
    FortZax Month ago

    I thought Genndri was gonna be useful by rediscovering Valerian steel.

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega Month ago

    Actually Gendry was relevant. He efficiently built the weapons for the Long Night

  • fasa modoko
    fasa modoko Month ago

    unpopular opinion: The ending of season 8 was not as bad as people said, it was ok. Just ok.

  • turdle2080
    turdle2080 Month ago

    No. No no no. Dany was NEVER told that she couldn't have children. ever. that never happened. the lines from the BOOK where she IS told she won't have children was inexplicably removed from the TV show. Later, Dany just assumes that she won't have children FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. maybe she read the books.

  • Estela Mira
    Estela Mira Month ago

    I actually don’t care about who dies.. who lives.. who takes the throne.. etc. I just would like to have had all those prophesies etc. happen + all those special “things” about some people matter.. like Jon being a targaryan.. dany not burning.. arya changing faces.. bran as the 3 eyed raven etc.

  • Satin Newland
    Satin Newland Month ago +1

    and I oop.

  • Struggle & Hustle
    Struggle & Hustle Month ago +326

    *Dr Strange:* I looked forward in time and saw 14,000,605 possible endings for game of thrones
    How many endings sucked?
    Dr Strange: *.... one.*

  • Nefi Esteban Trujillo

    I always thought Bran turned Dany's dad crazy, kinda like what he did to poor Hodor. Another disappointment of Season 8. I expected Bran to be more influential in the development of the last season.

  • ashfreddyjason
    ashfreddyjason Month ago +7

    They should've waited till George finished the damn book! No matter how long it was. I would've waited 5/10 years instead of sitting through that poorly written trash. Such a disappointing end to an amazing show.

  • Shepul Ali
    Shepul Ali Month ago +1

    Would be nice to see; Tyrion, Dany and Jon on the dragons attacking the Wights!!!

  • Tony Parkin
    Tony Parkin Month ago

    I like bran as the night king, bran the builder, bran was all the brans the old nan spoke of. He went back in time many times to change the outcome.

  • videopaenguin
    videopaenguin Month ago

    07:33 "Merson"

  • Chris Lomas Magic
    Chris Lomas Magic Month ago +1

    My theory was as it was about to end, Rick from walking dead would wake up and say to Judith, "what a weird dream"... Would of preferred that

  • Louise F.
    Louise F. Month ago +1

    The pitch meeting on this season is the best GOT Season 8 video. Watch if you haven't seen it!

  • KesselRunHero
    KesselRunHero Month ago +2

    Oh, Jamie did plunge his "Sword" into Cersei many many times, over and over again.

    • Katie Random
      Katie Random Month ago

      KesselRunHero ok good im not the only one who thought this. Lol

  • GirlWhoN3rds
    GirlWhoN3rds Month ago

    Tyrion's eyes are described as one black, one green. 🤷

  • Azra BH
    Azra BH Month ago +4

    Jamie being the prince that was promised would of be such an amazing, dope twist. Such good potential smh

  • HeyCrabman14
    HeyCrabman14 Month ago +51

    LITERALLY any of those would have been better than season 8.

  • Keith Taylor
    Keith Taylor Month ago +3

    I don’t understand Why people hated the last season. People are just butt hurt that Dani didn’t get the Iron Throne

    • Abyssionknight
      Abyssionknight Month ago

      The issue is that the season had 2-3 seasons worth of content crammed into a single season. As a result all those story lines were rushed, which meant a lot of plot holes, character stories just ending with no sensible resolution, and various characters and factions wildly fluctuating in skill and ability from episode to episode. You have to remember that people spent 10 years invested in this show, so it's only natural that people are going to be pissed when they invest that much time and energy into the show, only for the ending to be half assed....especially since they could have done more seasons, or even a full length season, but they purposely chose not to.

  • Tayyaba Noor
    Tayyaba Noor Month ago

    The drogon flies to the east. To the high priest of volantis, Kinvara. She brings back danny back. and then danny has two choices. Wreak hell on all those who betryed him or Let rethink on her actions and rules over mereen.

  • The Robed Reviewer
    The Robed Reviewer Month ago +7

    Number 0: Stannis is alive and fixes everything

  • lgilreath
    lgilreath Month ago +4

    The last scene should have been Bran standing up from his wheel chair alone in a room, and removing his face to reveal it was Petyr Baelish, who was a former faceless man just like Arya, wearing Bran's face, and manipulated they entire sequence of events to become king

  • S. Winter
    S. Winter Month ago

    there should've been given credit to the people who came up with these theories

  • Hazar Younis
    Hazar Younis Month ago +1

    The Night King is a part of Jon Snow’s soul. A witch felt bad for Jon Snow (since he was a bastard) so she extracted the evil from his soul and put it into a container. The container spilled onto the carcass of a homeless leper which becomes the home of Jon Snow’s evil. This leper becomes the Night King. Jon Snow was unsuccessful in killing the Night King because it would be impossible to kill a part of himself.

    Just kidding. I literally have no idea what’s what in GoT. I just keep hearing about these characters now that the series is over.

  • Scott Albrecht
    Scott Albrecht Month ago +1

    My fav theory was that Baelish was still alive and then right at the end you seem him in the background somewhere right before the credits roll.

  • Clayton Derby
    Clayton Derby Month ago

    All of the above would have been better than we actually got. I thought the Arya as Jamie one was actually going to happen also when they were below.

  • a l e x a n e
    a l e x a n e Month ago

    Jaime as Azor Ahai 🤧🥺😩