10 Game of Thrones Fan Theories Better Than The Show

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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    Here at Screen Rant, there are few things we love more than hearing an awesome new fan theory. In the fantasy world of Game of Thrones it seemed like pretty much anything was possible. You can’t fly a dragon without encountering an ancient prophecy just vague enough to be promising. There are tons of great characters, interesting arcs, and tantalizing plot points. So it’s no wonder we had tons of great ideas about what would happen during season 8 of the show.
    Well. . .that was definitely something. No, we’re not going to complain about everything that wasn’t perfect but today we’re going to honor some of the best fan theories that would have been way more awesome than what actually went down in the show. We loved the idea of Jaime Lannister being Azor Ahai reborn but it seemed like the whole Lord of Light thing never really worked out. There were tons of theories about popular characters like Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow but the show featured no shortage of throwaway plot points and misdirection where they were concerned. We had also predicted everyone from Arya Stark to Varys would take down Cersei Lannister but no mere human had the honor when push came to shove.
    What was your favorite idea for the show that didn’t manage to make it into the official canon? Share it with us in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button to get access to the latest and greatest videos from us here at Screen Rant.
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Comments • 895

  • Shelby Beringer
    Shelby Beringer 4 days ago

    wow you just reminded me how D & D reach new levels of stupidity in writing.

  • Subject D
    Subject D Month ago +1

    It's not just that almost all fan theories are better then the actual show ending, it's knowing they intentionally avoided these better endings just to "subvert expectations."

  • Sport News
    Sport News 2 months ago +1

    Golden hand is amazing theory because fire wouldn't melt the golden arm of Jamie.

  • chucky
    chucky 2 months ago

    Don't force it, you Got what you Got .. It was PERFECT and best live the Review for Professionals

  • Aishwarya
    Aishwarya 3 months ago

    The Night Knig smirking made me feel like he was some Bollywood movie villian!
    (Not good not good)

  • Warapong T.
    Warapong T. 3 months ago

    Subverting expectation is tight!

  • Marion Vlt
    Marion Vlt 3 months ago

    Why am I doing this to myself. Watching these kinds of videos juste makes me sad.

  • TheRealMotherOfDragons
    TheRealMotherOfDragons 3 months ago

    Dany should have lived, Jon should have taken the thrown, and had an epic battle with the night king , bran should have used his powers for good rather than selfish reasons and Jaime should have stayed with brienne. The end.

  • DJ Lau
    DJ Lau 3 months ago

    when jon killed dany the dragon should have blown his fire at him and jon surviving that becouse he is the real last dragon shizzle
    and the dragon be like ... Holy Cow... and then he was king of the six kingdoms

  • karel pans
    karel pans 3 months ago

    D & D shoud have their hands chopped off and shoved up their asses

  • Manav Singh
    Manav Singh 4 months ago

    Delusions of grandeur.. uncharted

  • Multi fandom Edits
    Multi fandom Edits 4 months ago +1

    Let’s be honest All fan theorys were better than season 8!!

    NIGGER FAGGOT 4 months ago

    0:27 OOF

  • Emma Peel
    Emma Peel 4 months ago

    Fan theories were so much better.

  • Guisseppe Imbriago
    Guisseppe Imbriago 4 months ago

    The fans coming up with these fan theories are welcome to make their own epic fantasy shows......

  • MCU Forever123
    MCU Forever123 4 months ago

    But... what happened to ilyn payne? Did he die off screen?

  • Superior trash can
    Superior trash can 4 months ago

    can anyone find fan theory that is not better then s8

  • Jan de Leeuw van Weenen


  • Kuwanyauma Blb
    Kuwanyauma Blb 5 months ago

    Just made me feel depressed again

  • Christopher Drohan
    Christopher Drohan 5 months ago

    I needed this

  • SurfinZerg
    SurfinZerg 5 months ago +1

    considering the last 3 seasons of GoT a fan theory about how jon snow farts on the night king to kill him would be more enjoyable than the actual show

  • Theresa Harris
    Theresa Harris 5 months ago +1

    I never liked the tyrion is actually a targaryen theory because it clashes with a lot of his arc (in the books anyway)

  • Ahmed Farhan
    Ahmed Farhan 5 months ago

    Jamie being azor ahia was one of the best theories

  • Kastiel Candora
    Kastiel Candora 5 months ago

    My theory for the long night battle:
    They should have had a Stark's vs White Walkers stand-off, the Night King is close to killing Jon but Bran takes control of the Night King and by controlling him he controls the undead army (why did the Night King obsess over killing Bran?).
    They then use that army to attack King's Landing.
    And other stuff....

  • PinkLash 007
    PinkLash 007 5 months ago +1

    I hope the books do not end like the show. I want Jon Snow to rise in the books as the new NK

  • Patrick Passon
    Patrick Passon 5 months ago

    Screen Rant comes up with the most bs theories as always 😂

  • Nitro Games
    Nitro Games 5 months ago


  • Bestjamesbond
    Bestjamesbond 5 months ago

    Pausing at 00:03 and going back to youtube home because I already know that any other outcome would have been better.

  • pamela johnston
    pamela johnston 6 months ago

    Arya had no marks on her throat that could see though the night king choked it longer then he did bran.!

  • Katy Bell
    Katy Bell 6 months ago +1

    I can never recommend GOT to a friend because I know it goes nowhere.

  • purple headed hedgehog
    purple headed hedgehog 6 months ago

    I wanted arya to sit on the iron throne

  • BalF
    BalF 6 months ago +2

    The ULTIMATE theory: it was all Bran's dream. He is still in coma, in Winterfell/Season1......

  • Shaheb Miah
    Shaheb Miah 6 months ago

    Season 8 was the most bullshit thing that could exist

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 6 months ago

    Jamie was a bitch PERIOD

  • joeblack g
    joeblack g 6 months ago

    almost all possible theories should be better than the last episode...

  • Trill Meach
    Trill Meach 6 months ago

    Rob and ned and Caitlyn’s bodies were not returned to the starks so they were not in the crypt, in the tv show

  • Gautham Gowda
    Gautham Gowda 6 months ago

    Reason Tyrion give for choosing bran is ridiculous he says "stories are the most powerful weapon which can not be defeated " that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard

  • 54markl
    54markl 6 months ago

    Just about anything would have been better.

  • Gee Mac72
    Gee Mac72 6 months ago

    Has anyone done a compilation of all the GOT prophecies that went nowhere?

  • john delacruz
    john delacruz 6 months ago

    Am i the only one who liked the last season. It was awesome.

  • We Go Up_with_ NCT
    We Go Up_with_ NCT 6 months ago

    biss i shouldnt have watched that video it spoiled the entire s8 which i havent watched yet... sad

  • Dev
    Dev 7 months ago +2

    Season 8 gave me trust issues that I don't think will ever heal

  • Sele Saretto
    Sele Saretto 7 months ago

    This video just makes me depressed😭 I really wish the showed would’ve ended like this somehow😭

  • proteus1124
    proteus1124 7 months ago +1

    i also read a theory about when bran went back in time and the night king touched him
    that was the moment bran died and the night king took over
    now fast forwarding to the end of season 8 seeing bran alone looking at the sea
    slowly standing up and raising his hands
    all the people who died in the battle and were slaughtered by dany and her troops rise and start killing the last people alive brutally killing them
    jon still being alive cuz he was send north en drogon still alive could further the story

    ofc i read also the comment on this theory saying that drogon probably wouldnt follow jon
    still liked this theory though :p

  • OppedRawen
    OppedRawen 7 months ago +1

    Do you mean ANY?

  • Mom
    Mom 7 months ago

    It’s so unfortunate that this show was cancelled after season 7 who knew what could’ve been

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams 7 months ago

    Awful series finale?! Season 8 was great: the finale was great: explain how 10000 fan theories could be fitted into 6 episodes: give me a break

  • seriousvick
    seriousvick 7 months ago

    Just sad. They really dropped the ball

  • Thomas Semonco
    Thomas Semonco 7 months ago

    JAIME WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO REDEEMED!!!! God I am so over hearing this. Just because you liked Jaime doesn't mean he was supposed to end up being the good guy! He was always a grey immoral character that had a very confusing life. But everything he did was to get back to Cersei. It was always Cersei. Get over the fact that Jaime was supposed to end up being a good guy hero. He wasn't ever going to be that

  • Valenthyne
    Valenthyne 7 months ago

    I decided to just ignore season 8 and remember the show for how it was than how it became.

  • VaNiSh x LeGiT
    VaNiSh x LeGiT 7 months ago

    Oh and if some of y’all are having trouble with gaining closure from season 8, I recommend watching or reading some fan fiction 🙂 really helped with getting over the shitty ending

  • Md Talha Ansari
    Md Talha Ansari 7 months ago

    Really? Just 10?

  • Illyasviel
    Illyasviel 7 months ago

    when you referred to robert baratheon as bobby b. was when i hit like

  • Aera Steele
    Aera Steele 7 months ago +1

    6:32 I was waiting on Ded Stark :(

  • brianhkdk
    brianhkdk 7 months ago

    So.... Who can I piss off..... From season 5 and onwards GOT only gets better..... Less sex (yeah I said it you bitches!!), less overloaded and overreacted drama (first 4 seasons where soap/drama) To all off you who wants GOT s8 to be remade..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA not happening bitches

  • Guilherme Freitas
    Guilherme Freitas 7 months ago


  • ExGamArs
    ExGamArs 7 months ago

    Fav theory - Bran The Night King.
    They lose Winterfel, many redeemed and beloved characters die.
    But they do destroy the army of dead, but Night King isn't there.
    Later we see the Night King decimating and undead-ing ALL of King's Landing and Cersei dies (duh).
    KL has over a million people in it, that's a much larger army for the Night King.
    He then starts conquering and raising dead towards the North.
    Bran believes he has a way to end it all; change history.
    First he tries the Mad King, he caused his insanity. 2nd he gets everyone to build the Wall as Brandon The Builder, but tries to make it stronger.
    Finally he has to go back even further, but he needs the Godswood to do it. He links with that "master" tree and takes the body of a First Man when they were at war.
    This led to the Fae Girls making the Night King, and Bran became trapped.
    This explains why NK was trying to kill Bran, to end the nightmare.
    Dany dies in the final battle with NK, but not before giving birth to a child.
    Bran is horrified by fact that Bran is the Night King, slays his brother, and Night King dies.
    In the end, Jon takes the throne, but shortly after melts it down, declares every kingdom no longer a sub of King's Landing, and forever ensures peace.
    He does retake his position at the Night's Watch but not before removing "criminals only, no choice, life sentence" crap. He makes it a voluntary service to the realm.
    And Night Watch's goal - to ensure the dead are truly dead. To guard the realms of men.
    Best part? Dany dies fighting for the country she swore to protect, she NEVER becomes the "WTF Mad Queen".
    Jon's reveal has MEANING. Bran able to affect the past with Hodor and Eddard has purpose and dire consequences, but MEANINGFUL.
    The show was instead rushed and we got what NO ONE wanted.

  • Dimi 218
    Dimi 218 7 months ago +16

    99% of all fan theories were better than the show

  • obsessive fangirl
    obsessive fangirl 7 months ago +1

    All of these were great theories, except for the one of Arya wearing Jaime's face to kill Cersei. That would technically mean she has to kill Jaime first. Also no one deserved to kill Cersei more then Jaime did. It would've been the most fitting conclusion to both their characters.

  • soyourboi27
    soyourboi27 7 months ago

    they're not tho