Nick Lowe - "Jesus Of Cool" Cassette Unboxing

  • Nick Lowe's legendary solo debut, Jesus of Cool, is available on cassette in the US for the first time on October 13, 2018 as part of Cassette Store Day 2018! Find a participating Cassette Store Day retailer near you:
    For the 40th anniversary of Nick Lowe’s solo debut Jesus of Cool, the album will be released on cassette for the first time in the U.S. as part of Cassette Store Day 2018! Jesus of Cool is still heralded as a new wave and pub rock masterpiece, featuring some of Lowe’s biggest hits like “So It Goes” and “I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass,” both of which remain staples of Nick’s live show. The tracklisting includes all eleven tracks found on the U.K. edition of Jesus of Cool, as well as the three additional tracks found on the U.S. version of Jesus of Cool, titled Pure Pop for Now People. This cassette features the combined U.K. and U.S. tracklisting, features a lime green cassette shell, and is limited to 500 copies for Cassette Store Day.
    1. Music for Money
    2. I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
    3. Little Hitler
    4. Shake and Pop
    5. Tonight
    6. So It Goes
    7. No Reason
    8. 36 Inches High
    9. Marie Provost
    10. Nutted by Reality
    11. Heart of the City (Live)
    12. They Called It Rock
    13. Heart of the City
    14. Rollers Show

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  • NiceGuy Mick
    NiceGuy Mick Year ago +2

    maybe not this remastered edition or whatever but I had a copy of Jesus of Cool on cassette before CDs became popular. I live in the US and I think it was on Columbia. I may even still have the artwork and songlist flap. but who cares? Nick Lowe is great and I hope to see him in Seattle in October. Nick, I went to see you three times so far. the first time, you and Rockpile cancelled at the Tower in Philadelphia, 2nd time my car broke down on the way to Phila...the 3rd time you were with your Cowboy Outfit and the show was great but the crowd rushed the stage after EC sang PEACE LOVE & UNDERSTANDING and I got crushed and broke my knee. can you assure me safe passage if I show up? I been digging the videos lately. I like the name YepRock and the original song Yep Rock Heresy...great name for a label.