Learn Arabic - How to Introduce Yourself in Arabic

  • Опубликовано: 28 май 2012
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    Learn to introduce yourself in Arabic with our Arabic in Three Minutes series!
    In the Middle East and North Africa, manners are important, and this step-by-step video teaches you some of the basics you need to be polite while speaking Arabic. A native Arabic teacher will explain the simple phrases necessary.
    This is the fastest, easiest way to pick up basic Arabic!
    In this lesson, you'll learn how to introduce yourself in Arabic.
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  • Sajjad Ali
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  • Dr Medical
    Dr Medical 6 часов назад

    Any one who needs help in learning Arabic im native speaker and i would be happy to offer help

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    shell24 13 часов назад

    سررت بلكائك مدري ليه تذكرني بغامبول 😂💔

  • Maahi Dharmadhikari
    Maahi Dharmadhikari 19 часов назад

    Mam can you please teach us slow motion ur pronoucian is very fast its very difficult to understand language

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    Kon Tiki День назад

    Learn Arabic? why learn a dying language?

    SHAHED MAHMOUD День назад

    I'm proud because i'm Arabic !
    أنا عربي!
    Good luck for the students here !❤🙈

  • Mohd Sohail
    Mohd Sohail День назад

    You are great sister ...i love you ... supported me a lot to learn Arabic,,,,

  • Safwa Zed
    Safwa Zed День назад

    Unfortunately no arab person talks like that hahahaha dialects change a lot therefore all u can use this lnge is to read or watch cartoons

  • Andrey Kalashnikov
    Andrey Kalashnikov День назад

    How to say " i'm a terrorist and i wanna bomb myself in front of you"...just asking

  • Ali M
    Ali M 2 дня назад

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    Be Brave 2 дня назад

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  • علي الخزاعي
    علي الخزاعي 3 дня назад

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  • Epic Pro
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    مرحبا انا دحوم سررت بمتابعة قناتك ❤️👍🏻

  • Fh. Bk Rrfvh
    Fh. Bk Rrfvh 3 дня назад

    Hiiiii I am arabian and want to learn different language ,and learn you my language instead

  • H Guevara
    H Guevara 4 дня назад

    The difference between Arabic and other languages is that Arabic is not just a mean of linguistic communication but an art of it's own , an eloquent picture of how to integrate between language and art , I bet even native speakers don’t realize all of it’s aesthetics and features, to be honest it’s considered to be a difficult language you can’t learn it only in 3 minuets of course as any other language , I love it indeed it’s the art of building speech in all it’s aspects !!

  • Doha Fawzy
    Doha Fawzy 4 дня назад

    As I am an Arabian girl, I found your accent pretty good and the video is really helpful for non Arabic speakers. Good job. Wish to you all the best

  • mujahida usmani
    mujahida usmani 4 дня назад

    is there any one who teach me to speak arabic pls you can fnd me mujahida.usmani at skype

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    anneeq008 5 дней назад

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  • Dylan Christian Armour
    Dylan Christian Armour 5 дней назад

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  • English Grammar
    English Grammar 6 дней назад

    I am a native speaker Arabic language girl. And I hope a girl of English native speaker to practice together both languages.

  • the moroccan berber pholosopher
    the moroccan berber pholosopher 6 дней назад

    By the way .morocco isn't an arabic country .it's amzigh one .we got the arab occupation in 1035 .they said that they want to convert in islam but all what they wanted is land and money and girls .i just say that mroccan'w native language is tamzight .and we don,c5 arabic .the langueg we talk now is a mixed between arabic ,tamzight anf french .it's anot 100% arabic .ok babies

  • Wief BX
    Wief BX 7 дней назад

    I'm native, and I don't know why.. but I would love to explain -the real- Arabic to someone who's learning, hit me up.. I guess?

  • Cool Stuff
    Cool Stuff 7 дней назад +1

    Meharban ismi VZ tassaraftu bima'rifatika

  • Cool Stuff
    Cool Stuff 7 дней назад +1

    Marhaban ana VZ surirtu tu biliqa'ika

  • Maksim Yang
    Maksim Yang 7 дней назад

    How difficult the pronunciation it is!

    SPONS0R GT 7 дней назад

    I know english, arabic and german
    My friend taught me arabic and i learn german at school.

  • zineb
    zineb 10 дней назад

    Sorry but you yourself making bunch of mistakes
    لقاء و ليس لكاء
    ثلاث و ليس سلاس

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  • محمد باقر
    محمد باقر 10 дней назад

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  • Shoaib Prince
    Shoaib Prince 11 дней назад

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  • Learn More
    Learn More 11 дней назад

    if any one want i can learn him arbic but i can speak english littel

  • jjw9383
    jjw9383 11 дней назад

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    Khalid Rascal 14 дней назад

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    Emil Lendi Huang 16 дней назад

    Thank you Teacher , VERY helpful

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  • Mahmoud Wanas
    Mahmoud Wanas 17 дней назад

    Your spilling in Arabic is wrong

    MOHAMMED ASHOUR 18 дней назад

    العرب احتلوا الكومنتات

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    محمد العيساوي 19 дней назад

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  • A Sowaigh
    A Sowaigh 21 день назад

    I speak Arabic and in my opinion it's not an easy language to learn especially the grammar it's a nightmare. So I'm really surprised of this video to teach it so well done.

  • Saq Lynch
    Saq Lynch 21 день назад

    I was born in Arabia but motherfucker did not gave me nationality. Btw im a persian hehehehehe

  • Gamergirls
    Gamergirls 21 день назад

    Who wants to teach me Spanish I’ll teach u Arabic or English for return?

  • The friends
    The friends 22 дня назад

    العربية في 3 دقائق😮😮 انا اللغة العربية هي لغتي الام وحتئ الان ما ظابطة نص القواعد

  • Farasat Khan
    Farasat Khan 23 дня назад

    The reason why you need to learn arabic:
    So you can read the Holy Quran without translation and understand the real meaning of it.

  • عبده ابونيده
    عبده ابونيده 23 дня назад

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    Arabic has 12.300.000 words

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  • Husain Ali
    Husain Ali 26 дней назад

    Solid effort!
    But you were not supposed to pronounce the last "a" in biliqaika. When you finish a sentence that ends with a consonant like "k-ك", the short vowel sign (الحركة) is silent.

  • Godfrey Namanya
    Godfrey Namanya 26 дней назад

    I love the Teacher ,s appearance

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      Jale Qasimova
      I can try helping you to learn some arabic, at the same time i can practice my english which i learn nowadays
      Btw, im a native arabic

  • Mohamed Ebrahem
    Mohamed Ebrahem 27 дней назад

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    afsal ahmedh 28 дней назад

    Sorry Lady your cuteness killed my Concentration...

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    It is awfully hard to learn!

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    Thank you x

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    Thank god my first language is arabic

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    Im learning this only for Carole.

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    Im from an arabic country and ive been learning arabic for 12 years , and i suck at it 😂😂😂😂 but i can clearly understand it .. but depends on how ancient the words are

  • Raghad Ma'lawani
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    Any french?

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    It's amazing i understood

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    love this

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      Kaye withLove
      Hi, we could help each other ( arabic, english) if you are english speaker

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    *Good Luck*

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    It's so hard lol I'll just stick to Spanish 😂hola Como estas ? Me llamo Glenda

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  • Mm Ww
    Mm Ww Месяц назад

    مرحبا -Hi
    اسمي - my mean
    ,اسم -mean
    انا -I
    هوه- he
    هيه- she
    نحن -we
    هم .they
    ماذا .what
    اعلم l now
    لا اعلم . ،l don't know
    كم . how
    😍😍 l Learnt Arabik yieids so at first l hope you are too😉💑

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    movie magic Месяц назад

    Can u please suggest any books to get grip reading Arabic because speaking is easy but reading requires more skills

  • movie magic
    movie magic Месяц назад

    Arabic is a beautiful language can u please any books to learn that language

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    (:؛ nice
    I’m Arabic

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    I learned Arabic in my class
    Im indonesian

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