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  • Juliano Guerra
    Juliano Guerra Month ago

    How to start this campaign?

  • John Carl De los Santos

    that's not Handsome Jack!! >:(

  • imraw17
    imraw17 Month ago

    Funny how trash Maliwan weapons are now

  • Gabriel White
    Gabriel White Month ago

    When your game had shitty villains so you bring back the old one to make it better 😅

  • Rain Man
    Rain Man Month ago

    Wow if only the game ran this smoothly on base ps4.... I still won’t be playing this game til I get ps5

  • Twilight Jester
    Twilight Jester Month ago +2

    is it me or does the loaderbots look a little bit different, Jack most have build them like that to be the bouncers for his casino.

    • Rain Man
      Rain Man Month ago +1

      They messed around with the design for a lot of things. Look at guardians for example

  • WeArrLegion
    WeArrLegion Month ago +3

    Looks boring and uninspired just like the basegame.
    The writing is even worse and more annoying than PreSequel. That's quite an achievement.

  • metal melodies
    metal melodies Month ago

    This game got boring after a couple weeks, the story is terrible & it feels like nothing matters to the player! The loot is great, but the framerate is terrible in B3

  • Ryan Griffin
    Ryan Griffin Month ago +11

    So this is EAs headquarters.

    • André Baptista
      André Baptista Month ago

      I bet they're vault has a self-destruct failsafe

  • Ashton Laughead
    Ashton Laughead Month ago

    this game 🤩🔥

  • Madame Mage
    Madame Mage Month ago +16

    I’m so happy that they kinda brought jack back. It makes me so happy.

  • Alex Herrick
    Alex Herrick Month ago +4

    Yes! Loader bots are back!

    • Twilight Jester
      Twilight Jester Month ago +1

      Question, do they look a little more beefy then the last game they were in?. ?w?

  • Austin Ellis
    Austin Ellis Month ago +2

    Funny enough that will be my birthday, happy 20th to me

    PURPLEemoKAT Month ago +2

    Am I the only one who thinks Handsome Jack is alive and never died Borderlands 2?

  • chaos nine
    chaos nine Month ago +4

    Who else was pissed that this asshat wasn't aiming for the loader bots joints/ crit spots

    • Frank S
      Frank S Month ago +2

      Dude this guy is so bad. He drops Zanes shield on the ground as a suicide mob is standing next to him so he runs away from the shield and doe not take it with him

  • Jaime Lopez
    Jaime Lopez Month ago +19

    6:50 Bethesda to their fallout 76 fans who bought the broken $100 year service for private servers

  • claptrap’s conscience

    Literally Borderlands: Dead Money andhhfhdhd

  • Angelina Huang
    Angelina Huang Month ago +14

    Sorry Moxxi, but I love Jack.

  • Hamster Sama
    Hamster Sama Month ago +1

    Game is boring

  • SirCobbins
    SirCobbins Month ago +7

    Finally a Fl4k mod for Fade Away 8:08

  • crazys89
    crazys89 Month ago +1

    Unplayable on PS4..........

    • Brenden Hoke
      Brenden Hoke Month ago

      Jody Boles yeah haha 4 days of playtime and minimal issues after patches for me

    • Eric Blakemore
      Eric Blakemore Month ago +3

      @Jody Boles same lol

    • Jody Boles
      Jody Boles Month ago +3

      I'm playing it just fine on my ps4 lol

  • Chayce
    Chayce Month ago +6

    With how trash the writing was in the base game, I'm expecting that they'll somehow ruin Jack's character.

    • Hinrik Hjartar
      Hinrik Hjartar Month ago +1

      They have always been bad a writing plot that had something to do with the overarching story. They are way better at just going wild with side stories that have nothig to do with vaults

    • Summer Williams
      Summer Williams Month ago +3

      Hopefully not. Knowing Dameon Clarke, I assume that most of his lines in this were improvised like in BL2, so that gives me some hope.

  • Wayne Sills
    Wayne Sills Month ago +8

    Can't wait for this dlc

  • Nathan Zadrozny
    Nathan Zadrozny Month ago +15

    Leave that handsome bastard alone Moxxi. You helped create him

    • Jody Boles
      Jody Boles Month ago +4

      No she didnt. Jack was crazy long before her

  • Andy Michael
    Andy Michael Month ago +3

    Anyone else level 50 and not had the trophy pop🏆😢

    • Twilight Jester
      Twilight Jester Month ago

      I react Lvl 50 and I'm ticked off that I can't go any higher.

    • Fountain of Fire
      Fountain of Fire Month ago

      Andy Michael I haven’t had an issue obtaining that trophy.

    • Andy Michael
      Andy Michael Month ago

      @Fountain of Fire nope as in you haven't had the trophy or nope as in no issue?

    • Fountain of Fire
      Fountain of Fire Month ago

      Andy Michael Nope

  • Anarcho Individualist
    Anarcho Individualist Month ago +4

    I miss handsome jack so damn bad

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper Month ago +4

    Spicy Lasagna

  • Canon Theory
    Canon Theory Month ago +5

    This needs to have raid bosses and actual rare guns to farm cause honestly there is nothing ultra rare in the base game :/

    • Jody Boles
      Jody Boles Month ago

      @Canon Theory we probly will in future dlc like they did in bl2

    • Canon Theory
      Canon Theory Month ago

      770megaman true but we need more than one

    • Canon Theory
      Canon Theory Month ago +1

      Jody Boles I’ll admit it’s pretty tough getting a perfect annoitment, we need a new ultra rare rarity though whether it is pearlescents or a new one just imagine trying to loot a perfect annoited pearl lol

    • Jody Boles
      Jody Boles Month ago +1

      What? Dude try getting the right guns with the right anointments then lol

    • CGC
      CGC Month ago

      @770megaman raid boss, which fl4k can annihilate solo

    DRAKE Month ago +2

    Quick question I am new to this game and I am finally able to play TVH mode, are the legendary weapons you get in this mode specially in mayhem 3 or 4 stronger than the legendary you get in the standard mode I am not talking about anointed just regular firer power.

    • Captain Crunch
      Captain Crunch Month ago

      Get to level 50 and then enjoy tvhm for all its least that's how I roll

    • L
      L Month ago

      PD yeah but he wanted to know about just legendary gear not anointed

    • PD
      PD Month ago +2

      L tvhm mayhem 3 also increases your chances of getting anointed gear, so it isn't completely useless

    • L
      L Month ago

      DRAKE yeah the only reason you would wanna do it on tvhm is because you wanna battle enemies on your level without mayham on

  • jay travers
    jay travers Month ago +75

    Aww man hearing loader bots makes me so happy. Ironically they were robots and still had a ton more personality than the COV.

    • jay travers
      jay travers Month ago

      RacistSonic from a lore standpoint sure. No so much enjoyable tho.

    • RacistSonic
      RacistSonic Month ago +1

      COV enemies are literally just bandits from BL2

    • jay travers
      jay travers Month ago

      @Braeden Johnson thanks for the save x

    • Braeden Johnson
      Braeden Johnson Month ago


    • Pelcogo
      Pelcogo Month ago +1


  • HonestGamer Isaac
    HonestGamer Isaac Month ago +14

    Everything about borderlands 3 was imrpoved except the story! That's still a swore point for many people.

  • Im NMBR13
    Im NMBR13 Month ago +1

    so u have to aim for the leg to reach the head.

  • Thomas Mühlberg
    Thomas Mühlberg Month ago +8

    How creative, a Handsome Jack themed dlc..... I mean everything is better than those Calypso Twins but is there no longer anyone at Gearbox who knows how to design an intriguing new villain?

    • MastrDante
      MastrDante Month ago

      Tatienou orest I think they did handsome jack because it sells the DLC honestly not because people whine about it

    • Tatienou orest
      Tatienou orest Month ago +3

      @Thomas Mühlberg why oh why will they create a whole new villain for a DLC? I mean they gave the calypsos and fans complained they wanted more Jack or a story on they do just that and you whining about wanting a new villain? Dude just hibernate and come back when bl4 releases

    • Thomas Mühlberg
      Thomas Mühlberg Month ago +1

      @Luis Felipe Gutiérrez Paredes I do know that Timothy plays a major role in this because Dameon Clarke mentioned it in his interview.... Doesn't change the fact that they won't move on from the Handsome Jack character. They even mentioned that there will be more of Dameon Clark in BL3 in the future. It just shows that they have no idea how to create a new charismatic "villain"

    • Luis Felipe Gutiérrez Paredes
      Luis Felipe Gutiérrez Paredes Month ago +5

      if you knew the saga, you would now that, that one right there, is not Jack but Timothy. Different characters. Different personality. Smh.

    • conkerlive101
      conkerlive101 Month ago +5

      Lol whine harder

  • Coyote Gris
    Coyote Gris Month ago +25

    Jack was the Hero. period.

    • Jody Boles
      Jody Boles Month ago +2

      @Twilight Jester actually he was pretty crazy before that which you can tell through the story by the way he acts and reacts to things. even from being pretty messed up from how he was raised and using his own daughter at a young age for his own benefit.

    • Twilight Jester
      Twilight Jester Month ago +1

      Question Coyote Gris, were you drunk while you were playing both Borderlands 2 and the presequal?, because Jack was an A$$Hat through out the game, and it all thanks to the fact that his brain got fried when he learn about the Warrior.

    • Dredgen Tek
      Dredgen Tek Month ago


    • Jody Boles
      Jody Boles Month ago +1

      Not at all lol

  • KyleTheStupidJew56
    KyleTheStupidJew56 Month ago +46

    Anyone else bothered that they ignored the legendary drop

    • Macky89
      Macky89 Month ago

      I don't think you can

    • Stephen
      Stephen Month ago

      conkerlive101 I mean, there’s not

      But would that be a bad thing?

    • GrimReaper4383
      GrimReaper4383 Month ago

      I only pick them up to sell them.

    • Canon Theory
      Canon Theory Month ago

      KyleTheStupidJew56 legendary items aren’t rare anymore :/

  • TheAnimalKing
    TheAnimalKing Month ago +4


  • SagnolTheGangster
    SagnolTheGangster Month ago +41

    I wish this game had a nice framerate performance...

    • Alex Mohr
      Alex Mohr Month ago +1

      I play offline and have never once had framerate issues on the Xbox One x

    • Captain Crunch
      Captain Crunch Month ago +1

      Ironic how its smooth as butter ONLY when the hot fixes DRM server connection is active .....but go offline and THE GAME RUNS LIKE TRASH. Been this way for MONTHS.....hmmm must be a reason they wont push an update that fixes this. Its homemade Denuvo imo

    • Drewskii
      Drewskii Month ago

      SagnolTheGangster same

  • Darth Wadera
    Darth Wadera Month ago +5

    ANY M0XXERS? 5Head

    • YRYoussef11
      YRYoussef11 Month ago


  • I Got The Munchies
    I Got The Munchies Month ago +10

    I can’t be the only one who played this game the first 2 days and then abandoned ship

    • Eric Blakemore
      Eric Blakemore Month ago +1

      Nah how time can play the game with only two days

    • Aniruddha Das
      Aniruddha Das Month ago +1

      @ViiPeR VeNoM more like (30%/100) people.HA

    • ViiPeR VeNoM
      ViiPeR VeNoM Month ago

      @Aniruddha Das more like 30 percent

    • Aniruddha Das
      Aniruddha Das Month ago +2

      Yeah,probably 1.000009 % of the the audience

  • Samurai Jack
    Samurai Jack Month ago +2

    Never saw the hype behind this series. I tried playing Borderlands 2 but just couldn't get into it, the characters are corny especially Claptrap and the guns feel weak with no impact.

    • MastrDante
      MastrDante Month ago

      ViiPeR VeNoM bet you don't even play videos games for fun. What a sad guy

    • ViiPeR VeNoM
      ViiPeR VeNoM Month ago +1

      @Samurai Jack damb bet u play fortnite

    • MastrDante
      MastrDante Month ago +4

      I mean yeah it's supposed to be wacky, the gun feeling weak with no impact is because the game mostly is an RPG loot shooter. If gun were to constantly interrupt or kill the enemies really easily then it would defeat the point of it having rpg elements.
      But yeah if your looking for a game with just mindless shooting without thinking bout Loadout, this isn't it and that's fine, I always enjoy a bit of mindless shooters such as cod and battlefield. Love them

    • PD
      PD Month ago

      Bl2 was better than BL3 anyways so doubt you'd enjoy it

    • Welcome 2 Stankonia
      Welcome 2 Stankonia Month ago +3

      I see your point, but Borderlands has wacky elements to it.

  • ECM Riox
    ECM Riox Month ago +37

    Who else thinks IGN uploads every second

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez Month ago +1


  • Nathaniel Calderon
    Nathaniel Calderon Month ago +14

    Hope this is enough to bring me back I find this game so damn boring now

  • erik is guitar dude
    erik is guitar dude Month ago +3

    Who cares gaming is dead

    • Eric Blakemore
      Eric Blakemore Month ago

      Stop playing games then and shut up

    • Jody Boles
      Jody Boles Month ago +4

      @John A. dude gaming has never been bigger and there's plenty of great games coming out every year too

    • Jody Boles
      Jody Boles Month ago +3

      How is gaming dead lol

    • John A.
      John A. Month ago +7

      I have to agree. The games today get boring and dry AF real quick. No replay value at all.

  • Comic Wharf
    Comic Wharf Month ago +2

    Pretty dead

    • Aniruddha Das
      Aniruddha Das Month ago

      @Comic Wharf lol,dude games can exist in tandem,no need to here on it

    • Comic Wharf
      Comic Wharf Month ago

      Are you disrespecting my dad

    • StabbyShabby 2
      StabbyShabby 2 Month ago +3

      Comic Wharf destiny profile pic lul

  • PD
    PD Month ago +53

    This game was hyped for months then two weeks later nobody spoke about it lol

    • brandon mora
      brandon mora Month ago

      cause it’s bad

    • Stan V
      Stan V Month ago

      @David Lopez bro, delete / rename the folder with the movies and it will skip them. I renamed the intro files so I don't have to keep watching 2k/gearbox/amd logos.

    • David Lopez
      David Lopez Month ago

      @Captain Crunch it's a super frustrating situation cause generally the game is a great time. But it's hampered so much by unskippable cutscenes which make TVHM replays and new character runs a pain. And they keep nerfing fun builds. Also apparently Guardian Ranks are broken? (Seem to work for me but everyone else is saying the perks are broken)
      Performance on launch was a nightmare and kinda still is, and they even had like a whole month where you couldn't even mark favorites or trash. I basically couldn't bare to play the game during that month cause inventory management became a chore.
      I want to love the game but the game wants me to hate it.

    • Twilight Jester
      Twilight Jester Month ago

      @ich 2.0 hehe, you can say that again.

    • Kenny Fiorisi
      Kenny Fiorisi Month ago

      PD I’ve been playing this game since launch and the community is very strong.

  • AimB YT
    AimB YT Month ago +4

    Epic store exclusive 👎👎👎👎

  • 100k subs with only memes

    Who loves *IGN?*

  • Lancaster Greenfield

    This makes me wet like a moxxie

  • Ivan Perez
    Ivan Perez Month ago +2


  • Specafyyy
    Specafyyy Month ago +5

    Who’s been a HUGE Fan of IGN Before 2019???

    I’m gifting my next 72 loyal subs
    💕with notis on💕

    • Tina Forman
      Tina Forman Month ago +2

      Specafy imagine resorting to this

  • Boocat
    Boocat Month ago +3