• Published on Oct 1, 2018
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    It has been Julia's life long dream for the past few days to make the viral trendy thing we saw on facebook. It is a Vietnamese street food called xôi chiên phồng and it is incredibly difficult to master. Let's see how far Julia can go!
    "Xoi" = sticky rice
    "Chien" = fried
    "Phong" = bloated, swollen, inflated
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  • Duck Dog
    Duck Dog 7 months ago +440

    I think the spatula skills from burger flipping are finally getting put to good use, more JP flipping stuff

    • Tecumseh
      Tecumseh 7 months ago +1

      Welp my comment was pinned then switched with yours, props on being the better comment!!!!

    • Justjoka
      Justjoka 7 months ago +2

      Flip my life to success!

  • THEpartygirl233
    THEpartygirl233 13 days ago


  • Rhian Beatrice Dela Cruz

    In some parts she sounded like m8randa sings

  • BQ baby mochi
    BQ baby mochi 17 days ago

    i think you should press the dough down a bit harder then the air inside will grow bigger

  • pinche THOTIANA
    pinche THOTIANA 19 days ago

    Not enough heat

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran 26 days ago


  • XtremeFaze xXx
    XtremeFaze xXx 28 days ago

    Hey! You spelled Healthy Junk Food Wrong!

  • Kingdragonsubnautica,Fortnite Andmore

    today I saw something called gluten free gluten on the ingredients on my coke how can there be gluten free gluten?

  • Alec Xu
    Alec Xu Month ago

    Love your vids

  • //Sisi//
    //Sisi// Month ago

    JP:Good morning my precious. I got u a coffee
    Me:aww JP is so sweet
    JP:takes coffee away

  • Alexandria Miller
    Alexandria Miller Month ago

    put your hands in flour before u go into the doe

  • MysteryGunner Rbx
    MysteryGunner Rbx Month ago

    Asian JP activate!

  • lyle limlengco
    lyle limlengco Month ago


  • Sajed Miah
    Sajed Miah Month ago

    I will try this at home 😁
    Hope be beter

  • BCB_Timothy Co Co
    BCB_Timothy Co Co Month ago

    Jf Jf

  • April Rios
    April Rios Month ago +1

    The next thing you should try as making empanadas

  • Wim Koster
    Wim Koster Month ago

    This is so cringy

  • Camila A. Velazquez
    Camila A. Velazquez 2 months ago


  • anime _mac
    anime _mac 2 months ago

    it's called a sesame hall im not a hater

  • Miss Gatcha
    Miss Gatcha 2 months ago

    Puppy suprize 🤣

  • Shadow Lit
    Shadow Lit 2 months ago

    I don’t know the Vietnamese people do that because I’m one of them

  • Ugnė ir Domas
    Ugnė ir Domas 2 months ago

    You need to cook it in smaller temperature

  • Gamingcenter
    Gamingcenter 2 months ago +1

    Who else likes their own coments just to get it started

  • ᴄʟᴀʀɪᴛʏ ᴄʜᴀʀɪᴛʏ

    Ive tried it before. It was good, but not my type. Its an Asian food ;3

  • Darbie Pham
    Darbie Pham 2 months ago

    Lol I’m Vietnamese

  • Kurt is Stanley
    Kurt is Stanley 2 months ago


  • Tiffany Phung
    Tiffany Phung 2 months ago

    I’m Vietnamese and I used to eat those they taste really good a bit sweet and a tiny bit crispy my mum makes them for me too

  • Shawnn Macalinao Vlogs
    Shawnn Macalinao Vlogs 2 months ago

    I think ot is the food from the philippinrs the name is buchi

  • AyoJeff Fortnite
    AyoJeff Fortnite 2 months ago

    My favorite combinations 🍫+🍊 the second combo is spicy ships+hot sauce

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P 2 months ago

    Love seeing you two work together!!

  • Norii
    Norii 2 months ago

    Fun fact: it is believed that these balls are meant to bring luck.
    The bigger the ball, the bigger the luck!
    *that sounds so wrong*

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 2 months ago


  • Aaron Kuczynski
    Aaron Kuczynski 2 months ago

    That racist

  • 『Gacha Doog』
    『Gacha Doog』 2 months ago

    1:28........chapsticks.................JULIA CHOPSTICKS JULIA you’ve become goolia I think I’d kill my self if I used chapstick😂😂😂😂

  • paul Chanel
    paul Chanel 3 months ago


  • Alexzander Ramirez
    Alexzander Ramirez 3 months ago

    you must have put to much oil

  • vinohn
    vinohn 3 months ago

    They're probably using gutter oil, which contributes to it's exercise bloating while cooking on high heat while continuously being flipped around.

  • Nazogelincorbasi
    Nazogelincorbasi 3 months ago


  • ninja Panda
    ninja Panda 3 months ago

    You see me bolling

  • Phant0m Gamer
    Phant0m Gamer 3 months ago

    #JF JF

  • Coco Wei
    Coco Wei 3 months ago

    I feel insulted because.... ASIANS DONT USE MEASUREMENTS

  • BRabbit716
    BRabbit716 3 months ago

    Are you guys married??

  • Russian roblox Noob
    Russian roblox Noob 3 months ago

    I’m a asain kid that likes rice balls

  • Serenity S
    Serenity S 3 months ago

    Jp was the clutch

  • The roller Skate queen
    The roller Skate queen 3 months ago

    Please Can you make a lychee inside of a crepe cake inside of chicken 🍗 pie inside of a giant cupcake 🧁 (red velvet flavoured) inside of a giant cake pop inside of bacon 🥓 inside of sausage meat inside of a cheesecake inside of a giant Oreo covered in hot sauce inside of a pizza 🍕 inside of a a massive meatball JP HAS TO EAT IT JULIA DOES NOT HAVE TO EAT IT

  • TheJakeWieben
    TheJakeWieben 3 months ago

    am i the only where Julia sometimes gives me Miranda vibes?

  • Swimy. Edits
    Swimy. Edits 3 months ago

    But a seamen has different types of filling

  • Swimy. Edits
    Swimy. Edits 3 months ago

    I’m Vietnamese also the smaller size of the rice ball is called a seamen ball

  • Czekoloko Sweet
    Czekoloko Sweet 3 months ago

    WHY IS THERE A 🍚 POLISH FLAG IN THERE i got bamboozeld ;(

  • Bailey8rob
    Bailey8rob 3 months ago

    Make sushi

  • Emmie Cardin
    Emmie Cardin 3 months ago

    You guys should make fried Oreo balls there really good

  • The Prossesor
    The Prossesor 3 months ago

    Racist japanese people use forks and knives to

  • Hulkmutant_HD
    Hulkmutant_HD 3 months ago

    challange accepted ! :D

  • Virtical Shots
    Virtical Shots 3 months ago

    Da puppiessss!!!

  • nezxu egrg
    nezxu egrg 3 months ago

    See all JPs doing in being Asian.

    I wish I was Asian..

  • SpicyRice_ Cake04
    SpicyRice_ Cake04 3 months ago

    Why did this look like a sesame bun ._. Or is it what it is?

  • Gable George
    Gable George 3 months ago

    I thought it was going to be sm bigger

  • Pink Unicorn
    Pink Unicorn 3 months ago

    “The bigger the ball the bigger your fortune” That’s what they say

  • Ray Durham
    Ray Durham 4 months ago

    Julia your freckles are so cute.😀

  • Timothy Guinto Plays
    Timothy Guinto Plays 4 months ago

    That asian chopstick reference was not cool

  • Alexa Nissen
    Alexa Nissen 4 months ago


  • Gabby's Place
    Gabby's Place 4 months ago

    I Bet You JP, that you can not make a pickle inside a pretzel inside a cheeseburger inside pizza inside a chicken inside a burrito with nachos on top

  • bright lei
    bright lei 4 months ago

    Giant kwek kwek pls

  • janasica
    janasica 4 months ago


  • Sky star27
    Sky star27 4 months ago

    Not ALL Asians use chopsticks ya know...

  • sid speaks
    sid speaks 4 months ago

    1:08 that's not a screen record...😂😂😂😂 They record the screen from the computer but used the camera😂😂😂😂😂😂😁

  • Roblox _girl
    Roblox _girl 4 months ago

    I’m Vietnamese and I love eating them but I try the small one but it a favorite and I’m not lieing but it the size of the first one you made and if anyone want to try it go to asian store or asian bread shop

  • Jada Salinas
    Jada Salinas 4 months ago

    Wooow awsome😃😃😃

  • Melanesia McNeil
    Melanesia McNeil 4 months ago

    You should make a giant mochi d

  • Anika's video diary
    Anika's video diary 4 months ago

    It’s just a big Bhatura Juillia goolia Indians make it everyday 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Jeffrey Osborn
    Jeffrey Osborn 4 months ago

    I've been watching your videos for years but never high before. Holy shit, I'm so glad I subbed back when I was staying in Thailand!!!!

  • Ansel James
    Ansel James 4 months ago

    they put so much effort into this vid but then there was out of context puppys.

  • Jun
    Jun 4 months ago

    unlike all the "we made" videos. you actually said "TRIED" so I'm real proud, you'll get my like

  • Hok Hok
    Hok Hok 4 months ago

    U can make it easier buy just submerged it in oil it will grow too

  • hidup wibu
    hidup wibu 4 months ago

    in my country its caled onde onde

  • Krit Lee
    Krit Lee 4 months ago

    if you doesn't want to get the sticky rice doug on your hand just dip your hand in water first

  • Fancjak
    Fancjak 4 months ago

    Why every device company making computer intelligence

    0hh wrong video

  • Msfa
    Msfa 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does this thot sound like Maranda sings like halfway through 90% of her sentences

  • ssserena sssucks
    ssserena sssucks 4 months ago +1

    The real Asians watching this will disagree.

  • Hà Giang Bống
    Hà Giang Bống 4 months ago

    The second dish from Vietnam🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • tilly the doggo
    tilly the doggo 4 months ago


  • Kahnsha Thao
    Kahnsha Thao 4 months ago

    I Asian by the way it is called a sesame seed ball

  • Ulrika Alksne
    Ulrika Alksne 4 months ago

    make foof from Latvia🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻💗

  • Kucik Kucik
    Kucik Kucik 4 months ago

    You need to coat your finger with some oil so it won't stick. And high heat.

  • Madison Stark
    Madison Stark 4 months ago

    They say the bigger your ball is the better the fortune (mine is smaller than air) wait wut

  • CrestMoon
    CrestMoon 4 months ago

    Can you make bánh cam/ bánh rán? It's kinda similar but a smaller size, and with filling. I've tried them, and they're AMAZING! (Btw please make more food from Vietnam, I love the food there!)

  • Muted
    Muted 4 months ago

    they believe the bigger the ball the better the fortunes

  • Lilgermx 5768
    Lilgermx 5768 4 months ago +3

    That was racist when she said it’s Asian so we’re using chopsticks

  • Sweet animations
    Sweet animations 4 months ago

    im 11 and i can make it ;-; well.. cause im asian dosen't mean u guys cant make it

  • Gamer Army
    Gamer Army 4 months ago

    Make Giant Crapes (french)

  • Hannah Reese
    Hannah Reese 4 months ago


  • Darien Zheng
    Darien Zheng 4 months ago

    You definitely don’t know how to use chopsticks judging from when you mixed the flours and things at dirst

  • Nusrat Jahan Orni
    Nusrat Jahan Orni 4 months ago

    Do giant fuchka also known as golgappa - Bangladeshi &Indian snack

  • CIA
    CIA 4 months ago

    Made out of ricegum??

  • Emily Black Gacha
    Emily Black Gacha 4 months ago

    It was my favourite food when I was little

  • Jacob Mire
    Jacob Mire 4 months ago

    inject some air in the dough and then fry it

  • Lois Acdan
    Lois Acdan 4 months ago

    This shows none of them win any versus coz they work better together (not to be rude but honest I kinda like jp better heheheh....)

  • beau cameron
    beau cameron 4 months ago

    Filll it with chocolate

  • Swagger0987 Boy
    Swagger0987 Boy 4 months ago

    Spray with butter so it does not stick

  • Ryantk343Gaming
    Ryantk343Gaming 4 months ago

    4:20 what's with the random dogs?