The Truth About Space Debris

  • Published on Apr 26, 2019
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Comments • 3 374

  • Dennis Tedder
    Dennis Tedder 8 hours ago

    The "truth"? What is the lie?

  • Chris Griffith
    Chris Griffith 10 hours ago

    Given the rate of satellite production, and the aging satellites still in service, this problem is going to need a solution before long, one that will not exacerbate the problem.

  • Linda Mora
    Linda Mora 21 hour ago


  • Shobha Dongare
    Shobha Dongare Day ago +1

    Indian going to rock in future

  • Merennulli
    Merennulli 2 days ago

    It seems like we could still benefit from the capture-satellites just to prevent older satellites that can't safely deorbit on their own from colliding and making more untrackable debris. Most of the problem seems to be that we're just adding to it faster that it naturally goes away, so if we made a concerted effort to take out these older suppliers of debris and require any new launch to have an exit strategy (either up or down), it should only take a few years before the collision rate starts to go down to more manageable levels. The laser seems like it would be too limited since it's only going to be effective against a certain range of sizes that are big enough to track and small enough to ablate meaningfully...which is still a ludicrously large number of objects and a ton of energy.

  • Jardiel
    Jardiel 5 days ago

    Santos Dumont invented the airplane, not the Wright Brothers

  • Lakario Davis
    Lakario Davis 6 days ago

    lmao, earth orbit is a shooting gallery! lol they really should get a handle on this before sending up more!!! they are going to create "prison earth" for us.

  • Juliana Ruggiero
    Juliana Ruggiero 6 days ago

    I’ve wondered how we could make it thru all of that space trash!
    “Operation paper clip” after WW II we brought Nazi Scientists from Germany to continue their work here. They continued their experiments in Mind control (MK Ultra) and rocketry etc. NASA grew out of this program. Here’s some links to Wikipedia articles on this.

  • Kai Ezesi
    Kai Ezesi 6 days ago

    So you know Reallifelore? Well apparently there's a complementry channel Fakelifelore. So I'm thinking is there a Fake Engineering? O.o

  • Bughatii
    Bughatii 7 days ago

    Maybe India 🇮🇳 should focus on developing their country here on earth before waisting money on space

  • Cat
    Cat 9 days ago

    China fucking sucks.
    Sorry, I mean the chinese government fucking SUCKS

  • Go MGTOW
    Go MGTOW 9 days ago +1

    Simply have Space-X build a re-usable mini-shuttle that goes up to dead satellites, and de-orbits them to re-entry, and then send 200% of that bill (cost of the mission) to the original government who sent up that satellite.

  • P. Patrick Tukkers
    P. Patrick Tukkers 10 days ago

    It has already started.

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe 11 days ago +1

    Neil Schlemiel Tyson Chicken

  • aat karelse
    aat karelse 12 days ago

    But kessler syndrome is fuuuuun !

  • Giggitee O'Yeah
    Giggitee O'Yeah 13 days ago

    We need some kind of orbital sponge. Still no answer to the weird hole drilled into the ISS.

  • Dome_Shield
    Dome_Shield 13 days ago

    Actually, India collected almost all his space debris (They left only 24 pieces )... Most of the space debris was spread by Russia and the USA (NASA)...

  • Bill Lyell
    Bill Lyell 13 days ago

    Why cant they boost the station to a higher orbit to avoid danger? Obviously the ships going to the station will have to coast farther to get there than they do now.

  • sergiu popescu
    sergiu popescu 14 days ago

    Americans, they are just to fast in comparison with other nation's... to make a join venture they need to help them with this(video) kind of valuable information's...

  • Vatsal Sharma
    Vatsal Sharma 14 days ago

    Snow flake white ass fools think their own nations dont have this tech.

  • Aaron Sierra
    Aaron Sierra 15 days ago

    big waste of money

  • Aaron Sierra
    Aaron Sierra 15 days ago

    time to defund this bullshit, sorry garbage

  • mufasa
    mufasa 15 days ago

    Lol what better way to get rid of a retired satellite. Smack another satellite and call it an accident.

  • Thomas Slone
    Thomas Slone 15 days ago

    this is a serious problem guys, we gonna ruin the planet, need to leave and then wont be able to sufficiently, you guys wonder why complex life isnt all over and hasnt already contacted us first? cause its like intelligent life evolves to shoot its self in the foot and no matter how smart you are it tends to happen, can i get an amen from my highly functioning autistic brothers

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 17 days ago

    truth about space debris has nothing to due with the people, nasa employees and government employees take the credit

  • DOGEDOGE1000
    DOGEDOGE1000 18 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue,
    There’s so much junk,
    YEs! It’s true

  • DOGEDOGE1000
    DOGEDOGE1000 18 days ago +2

    Roses are red
    Space is filled
    With this junk
    We are not thrilled.

  • psycleen
    psycleen 19 days ago +1

    hot floaters

  • Ray Prince
    Ray Prince 19 days ago

    Complete and utter nonsense!

  • sailorashore
    sailorashore 20 days ago

    roit Paddy

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 20 days ago

    even though space is very vast, collisions at around 7 kms a sec, on multiple orbital levels would get out of hand very fast...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 20 days ago

    So with current levels, a catastrophic event is in a certain amount of risk, but not that likely...but it still has a risk of having something like a waterfall effect, with secondary collisions...but with current plans, with thousands of sattilteis, more, likely tens of thousands of satellites, then a waterfall effect will have a more substantial risk, and would happen much multiple levels of orbit would have collisions, from a collision in an orbital a collision from an orbital level would, to some level of risk, cause secondary collisions in multiple orbital levels, and would get out of hand very fast...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 20 days ago

    Theres plans for adding 12,000 satellites to orbital levels...from one company...theres still governments, and companies in various countries planning to add satellites besides those 12,000...and even though space is very vast, even in the orbital levels, collisions are more dangerous than people are making it out to be...the space debris travels at speeds of around 7 kms a second...collisions not just add more debris to a level, but to multiple levels...

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 20 days ago

    Well they do a good job of describing the issue, and certain specific occurrences. But its still more dangerous than people are making it seem like...

  • Gyanendra Kumar
    Gyanendra Kumar 20 days ago

    It's a great fun to have a bath on iss you n space

  • laup yoccm
    laup yoccm 21 day ago

    Forget space debris what about planet x heading this way

  • Jim Hofoss
    Jim Hofoss 21 day ago

    space debris....need more detection sensors, thousands of uncatalogued visitors enter our atmosphere daily. Not just manmade trash in orbit. meteors! Our detection ability really sucks!

  • tociart
    tociart 21 day ago

    There is a show called Planetes that is about space garbage collectors. One of those collectors had a wife who died when the low-orbit craft she was in was hit with a tiny screw from space.
    I hope we don't get to that point.

  • MrR3set un
    MrR3set un 22 days ago +3

    With the increase of space missions, maybe some kind of salvaging operations would be a good idea, to reutilize some of the expensive components.

  • PlanCo Patrick
    PlanCo Patrick 22 days ago

    8:48 to think that the giant golf ball on top of a hill down the street from where I grew up was helping the ISS dodge debris this whole time is fascinating to me. When I was little we would occasionally ride our bikes up to the top of this hill and look at this thing. Wack.

  • Haim Ben Avraham
    Haim Ben Avraham 23 days ago

    Homo Ashpa. Can shit sky high.

  • Jasmine Jaezra Angeles

    It is still a mystery to me as to why i like these kind of things. I mean,come on,it is complicated a bit of a hard to understand at first. Still,i love Space and stuffs tho.

  • Buzzmas
    Buzzmas 23 days ago

    Damn, imagine what a steel screw would do to your windshield flying at mach 10

  • Mark Someone
    Mark Someone 24 days ago

    Space X: *allow us to introduce ourselves*

  • SpaceyGnat
    SpaceyGnat 24 days ago

    So people are scare of lazer being use to take out satellite but everone has missiles that could do that same?

  • Yoshi1u2
    Yoshi1u2 24 days ago

    That 2 wall debris shield for the space craft was also used in WW2 by the Germans on some tanks. was able to slow and redirect travel in a non straight trajectory and keep tungsten projectiles from penetrating the main armor of the tank.

  • LAX5x5
    LAX5x5 24 days ago +2

    The thousand dislikes come from "flat earthers". Not only don't they believe the Earth is a sphere, but they don't believe in space... at all. It boggles the mind, I know.

  • Delluminati
    Delluminati 25 days ago

    and every time a satellite gets hit by a particle, more particles go flying everywhere, destroying more satellites, like a chain reaction that will wipe everything from orbit

  • Anish Ekka
    Anish Ekka 26 days ago

    narendra modi once admitted that he lunched an air strike mission because it was a cloudy day, which would allow the planes to hide behind the clouds.
    he must have blown the satellite coz he couldn't see the sun. IDK his logic leaves me perplexed.

  • FPS Entertainment
    FPS Entertainment 26 days ago

    how to die in space

  • Somnath Roy
    Somnath Roy 26 days ago

    Hypocrite nasa says missile test caused space debris when 90% of space debris are contributed by them our missiles defend our integrity and haters can go fuck themselves with some debris shoved up their ass

  • David Eikeland
    David Eikeland 27 days ago

    Lol just terminate it in the tracking station

  • Murry Dickso
    Murry Dickso 27 days ago +8

    NASA: Well looks like our decades of endeavors have resulted in Earth's orbit being mass polluted, how do we solve this one?
    *India tests their anti-satellite missile at low earth orbit.
    NASA: 💡

  • my name is my name
    my name is my name 28 days ago

    modi is a dick

  • my name is my name
    my name is my name 28 days ago +1

    the truth about the jews and mooselambs would be a good video

  • Gibbelblonk
    Gibbelblonk 28 days ago

    what the hell is a "Wipple Shield"? That's just basic spaced armour.

  • Vizone Games
    Vizone Games 28 days ago

    14:26 I literally just got that idea sitting here watching this video

  • arnisson söndahl
    arnisson söndahl 29 days ago

    Gas curtain: On elliptical orbits release a not so heavy gas on it's apoapsis and the cannister will act as a air-break on it's periapsis after a few dozen orbits increasing the efficiency of the gas to slow down smaller projectiles. Artificially expanding Earth's atmosphere temporarily instead of fishing dozens of thousands of individual objects.

  • Dfekt Nsc
    Dfekt Nsc 29 days ago

    But when in orbit arnt you orbiting at the same speed as the space junk, how can it hit you at 7km a second when your moving at the same speed

  • Janes Dough
    Janes Dough Month ago

    Pollute the planet, pollute the space around the planet, and go to other planets and pollute them as well. Humans have really advanced.