Why Do I Get Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Look alive, you! Today we’re diving into the science behind dark circles under your eyes, and all the things that might cause them – tiredness included.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Автор notblondeswede ( назад)
I was born with them and will never escape this look so I just use foundation, concealer, baking powder and pigmented powder.

Автор Windhelm Guard ( назад)
a friend of mine is very wierd, he doesn't have dark circles under his eyes but on any photo of him, he does, it's only on the photo, you coudl be standing next to him while it is taken and see that he doesn't have dark circles and on the photo he still has them.

Автор LeaffyStar19 ( назад)
I've had dark circles since I was in middle school and developed insomnia. No amount of sleep gets rid of them. Actually, nothing gets rid of them. They're permanent.

Автор MondoCruz ( назад)
Eye do our eyes burn or sting when we get tired? Why do our eyes water when we yawn?

Автор messyties ( назад)
Bcoz i waz smokin' dank budz

Автор Vanessa Acosta Hernández ( назад)
my undereyes are sooo dark like actual brown colored and my veins look crazy green lol no one cares

Автор Will Robbins ( назад)
I heard that eating kale helps with eye circles.

Автор _ TheSingingVine _ ( назад)
ok so people with anxiety and depression will have dark areas under their eyes. that explains a lot

Автор Christy S ( назад)
sometimes i intentionally dont cover up the bags under my eyes with makeup bc i want everyone to know that i am tired of the worlds shit and ready to kill a man

Автор lotte mintos ( назад)
my bags dominate my facccceee

Автор Emily Toribio ( назад)
So is it a myth that you can get dark circles around your eyes from rubbing them too much?

Автор MafiaCircus ( назад)
I'm over here with the terrible luck of getting the circles via genetics
No matter how much I do to prevent them, they can't go away without makeup.

Автор Paulina Ermilova ( назад)
I'm 12 and I already have horrible dark circles😭😑

Автор J o n a t h a n ( назад)
well that was crap thought you going to say how to cure them

Автор Megan Jensen ( назад)
The real question is what led humans to deem dark circles undesirable.

Автор Megan Jensen ( назад)
So I'm forever stuck looking dead. I sleep a lot and they are always there.

Автор Austin Heeres ( назад)
I have different, darker purple, diagonal, curved lines, starting at the inner corner of my eye.

Автор La Luma ( назад)
I've born with dark circles under my eyes. When I don't sleep well in just one night, my dark circles are even more darker and it looks like a zombie. Even make-up doesn't help.

Thanks daddy, for giving me this shit. :<

Автор The Devil was Once a angel ( назад)
I like my darks circles around my eye they are not too dark so it looks like I have a very eye shadow on♡♡

Автор The fuck was that? ( назад)
Tbh I like my dark ass circles... they look cool to me lmao...

Автор Unkown ( назад)
There's a silent outbreak no one is talking about.......

Автор Vinz From Philippines ( назад)
I need to rest now...

Автор Yin Tsang ( назад)
While our society's beauty standards cause these dark circles to ruin one's self esteem, i can't help but wonder what purpose it even has for our survival.

Автор Bella Cieen ( назад)
Lol i've had dark circles all my life and i still have them to this day.I've learned how to except them😂😂

Автор ss00ss00ss00 ss00ss00ss00 ( назад)
شكرا للمترجم العربي

Автор Reyes 209 ( назад)
Bruh, I get em from working night shift and going to sleep at 3am on my days off.

Автор chloe ( назад)
tbh sometimes i feel like i look like a damn panda bc of it

Автор jonh tonna ( назад)
but what if you have social anxoety disorder?

Автор Phanic! At The Øne Crybaby Discø ( назад)
I have dark circles under my eyes and part of the side of my eye, I barely get sleep because school,art, and Pain in my body

Автор Cuteness Kitten ( назад)
Nobody can see bags under my eyes because my glasses cover them.

Автор VampirePumpkins ( назад)
this is why it's bullshit that more eye creams dont contain sun screen. and mineral sun screens are gentle around the eyes and have a white-ish cast that can brighten up the area.

Автор Just Chilin ( назад)
I have naturally dark under eye circles, it sucks I look like a raccoon 😔

Автор katerinafaith ( назад)
Taking that allergy med helped me breathe during spring. And helped me handle mosquito bites during summer

Автор Mishael Nicolas Dayrit Fernandez ( назад)
Is the guy modeling the dark circles at the start Trace from DNews? Looks like him

Автор Preston Stephens ( назад)
I have dark circles under my eyes...

Автор Ronan Smyth ( назад)
Lifestyle and dietary habits such as sodium intake, alcohol and tobacco aren't mentioned in this video.

Alcohol in particular dehydrates the body and in time causes the appearance of dark circles.

Автор naturalistmind ( назад)
I have midterms tommorow, I can't unsweat that!

Автор TiffanyHeartsU ( назад)
Shout out to those hereditary dark circles 😭😭😭😭

Автор sprocaster ( назад)

Автор JoseDiazTheKidYouLove ( назад)
Why are there only 2 skin colors, for examples, white and black(anytime of black skin). Why aren't there blue, green, purple skin colored people?

Автор Prince Westerburg ( назад)
Do you have to edit EVERY pause out of the video, oh sorry, I meant:

Автор nefty73 ( назад)
Shit video.

Автор R.B. ( назад)
I love that around the one minute mark you offered everyone who has bags under their eyes ways to make it *worse*! Fuck trying to make it better! Oh I laughed so hard.

Автор Nirmala Paulus ( назад)
can you make a video on how to get rid of them! i'm fed up ot them!

Автор Stanford Griffith ( назад)
This doesn't cover why I have mine, according to my ENT at least. Certain people have sinus cavities that shaped so that they create these dark circles under the eyes. There's nothing "wrong," per say, but the phenomenon simply forces more blood into the area. They do get worse with sun and stress and exhaustion, like everything else, but it's impossible to get rid of them.

Автор NessaOfDorthonion ( назад)
I have had bags under my eyes as long as I can remember, and despite this my grandma constantly asks me if I got enough sleep

Автор TvvITCH ( назад)
I was also told dark circles were caused by not eating enough leafy vegetables, but pretty sure that was part of the ongoing conspiracy to simply get me to eat healthier.

Автор Oscar Darski ( назад)
Now now guys, there's always hope.
- Get enough sleep.
-Reduce caffeine and alcohol
-Consume less sodium
-Take allergy meds.
-Eat healthy
-Place cold cucumbers or Green tea bags under eyes.
- Get a bit more fat to thicken up eyelids. (Only if you're incredibly thin)

Автор Will Shellman ( назад)
putting lotion under my eyes helps a lot for some reason.

Автор Blank Tank ( назад)
I was born with them

Автор GuttaSlandaPro ( назад)
Good Dank weed is also a cause of circles under the eyes

Автор vixyjedi ( назад)
I have dark circles because I'm a panda

Автор Zīle Ašmane ( назад)
But dark circles are also the result of kidney problems and infections with parasites so you can get them a lot lighter if you eliminate alcohol and get rid of parasites that have been living in your body.

Автор nomnomnomey ( назад)
If you're a girl, you can just wear makeup over it if you're really concerned. Guys just have to deal with it or deal with the stigma of wearing makeup.

Автор erickyboo ( назад)
The thumbnail looks like Trace Domingez.

Автор martin valdez ( назад)
I have the worst dark circles you'll ever see. I've been asked if im on drugs because of it.

Автор Smiles ( назад)
Allergy medicine is anticholinergic which causes dementia.

Автор Joseph Schauster ( назад)
Interesting to know. Yes, I have had allergies and rubbing eyes i do. I am 43. I have used cold spoons under my eyes.

Автор Calin Pavelia ( назад)
I learn new things everyday! Thanks, scishow! 😆

Автор Jza Diamo ( назад)
Wooow shots fired at Trace from DNews

Автор EraG823 ( назад)
What if you always have bags under your eyes

Автор jobriq5 ( назад)
That thumbnail pic tho

Автор Norie92 ( назад)
Can you do a video on why the Seahawks didn't just run the damn ball?

Автор Nomad Loco ( назад)
Blood is blue in your veins not red

Автор O G ( назад)

Автор Mumu Duck ( назад)
is it weird I actually want dark circles?

Автор Maickel Hartlief ( назад)

Автор RelaxWithReena ( назад)
I found that when i run (I run outdoors so the fresh air and sun also helps), it makes a difference with my undereye darkness. It's immediate before and after a run, and even less dark the next day. Get that blood circulation going! :)

Автор monte cristo ( назад)
What will happen if casieum was dropped into fluroantimonic acid ?

Автор Koniaczek Koń ( назад)
Welp I didnt expect you to know that but having parasites like human worm or some tapeworms or candida's makes you have dark circles under your eyes too.

Автор J Cee ( назад)
I have dark circles under my eyes, and my eyelids are a dark pinkish color. I call it my Portuguese Eyeshadow because I got it from that side of the family. Fascinating, I know. No need to thank me.

Автор Tan ( назад)
why does cooking rice and eggs together make it taste so gross, but cooking them separately makes it taste good?

Автор wtm7899ify ( назад)
Painted dog

Автор cameron johnson ( назад)
Isn't that the same thumbnail as D news

Автор argella1300 ( назад)
Also don't smoke, that makes dark circles worse too.

Автор Liuhuayue ( назад)
How opportune. I have them right now... My parents say that I look like a panda when they get really bad. XP

Автор codzomz ( назад)
So as an airline pilot who gets direct sun exposure at high altitude, can't get full nights sleep due to changes in circadian rhythm, and has trouble getting a proper diet due to being exposed to mostly airport and airplane food, I'm screwed....

Автор John Demuth ( назад)
i would like to thank my schizophrenic boss for his contribution to my dark bags under my eyes. I guess if you ask him that would be considered a early christmas bonus

Автор ElDoRado1239 ( назад)
I usually find girls with dark circles under the eyes very attractive and subconsciously think they are smart, interesting and trustworthy.

Автор Catopus ( назад)
I like them

Автор Beginning Edge ( назад)
How come it takes long to digest noodles

Автор Jus10Ed ( назад)
There are no Patrons, only Zool.

Автор Michael Grinshtat ( назад)
how to fix it?

Автор WiglyWorm ( назад)
I thought our veins looked blue because the blood in veins was deoxygenated and so therefore darker...

Автор SixTough ( назад)
there is only one histamine. maybe you meant cytokines

Автор riski gost ( назад)
Tell me the fastest way to write a 6 page paper!

Автор Soare Michele David ( назад)
Why some girls have a flat/small ass ?

Автор Garrett ( назад)
anze kopitar am I right?

Автор Fernando Romera ( назад)
+SciShow Does that periorbital hyperpigmentation take place around darker-skinned girls' vaginas? (no joke intended) I mean, is it the same biological/genetical process?

Автор Wyzax76 ( назад)
Find a concealer that matches your skin tone and say goodbye to dark circles, forever (or at least as long as the concealer lasts.)

Автор slevin parker ( назад)
What about pink eye?

Автор Niamh Twohig ( назад)
this video made me tired, fuck, i still have shit to do today

Автор Joseph Seti ( назад)
You left out sugar.

Автор Secret ( назад)
The bags under my eyes are so big I have to check them separately when I get on an airplane - thanks Blizzard.

Автор Matthieu Rolland ( назад)
What about yellowish bags under the eyes? Other than liver disease...

Автор Ryan frost ( назад)
He talks like lex Luther from batman vs superman

Автор Scheefinator ( назад)
Hard to get enough sleep when society is a bunch of fuck heads and don't let you. By this I mean, there is not enough being done to ensure people are well rested. They want us to work long hours over and over for shite pay and not enough sleep.

This needs to change.

Автор DYE9 ( назад)
Oversleeping or not sleeping enough as well, right?

Автор Rainy Day ( назад)
concealer, use lots and lots of concealer.

Автор Bails 64 ( назад)
Wow, im 15 and my circles are fucking massive. Cant wait till im 80 and look like ive got black holes under my eyes!

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