The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves

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  • A head-vaporizing laser with a perfect wavelength detecting sub-proton space-time ripples.
    Huge thanks to Prof Rana Adhikari and LIGO:
    Here's how he felt when he learned about the first ever detection:

    Thanks to Patreon supporters:
    Nathan Hansen, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal
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    A lot of videos have covered the general overview of the discovery of gravitational waves, what they are, the history of the search, when they were found but I wanted to delve into the absurd science that made the detection possible.

    When scientists want one megawatt of laser power, it's not just for fun (though I'm sure it's that too), it's because the fluctuations in the number of photons is proportional to their square root, making more powerful beams less noisy (as a fraction of their total). The smoothest mirrors were created not for aesthetic joy but because when you're trying to measure wiggles that are a fraction the width of a proton, a rough mirror surface simply won't do.

    Filmed by Daniel Joseph Files

    Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Black Vortex" (appropriately named)

    Music licensed from Epidemic Sound "Observations 2" (also appropriately named)
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  • blockthisuser
    blockthisuser 5 часов назад

    Doesn't it sound like a beating heart?

  • tyty8484
    tyty8484 11 часов назад

    He said the g-wave increases the distance light has to travel.....

    Wouldn't it actually be a decrease in the "relative time" of the photons instead?

  • Tyler Finley
    Tyler Finley День назад

    Earned respect @ 3:40

  • De paus van de Lilith Kerk
    De paus van de Lilith Kerk День назад

    Actually, black holes aren't objects which have been proven to exist, they are only theorised.

  • deputydog7669
    deputydog7669 День назад

    its like a blanket blowing in the breeze cant you see:)

  • Alex Ouroumidis
    Alex Ouroumidis День назад

    This guy needs to iron his shirt.

  • Dan Reyno
    Dan Reyno 2 дня назад

    They just lied.

  • Capt. Cutler
    Capt. Cutler 2 дня назад

    People are always like "Scientists have everything figured out!". Scientists are always like "Maaan. We ain't found SH*T!". I think people get all their "science" from entertainers.

  • killgaz motron
    killgaz motron 2 дня назад

    the youngest looking person with salt and pepper hair ever...

  • who are you ?
    who are you ? 2 дня назад

    Lol time is a conscept

  • TNasty
    TNasty 2 дня назад

    clarification is absurdly low

  • Rusty Blade
    Rusty Blade 2 дня назад

    Call me short sighted but i dont see how this research can be put to a practical use

    • rayof 315
      rayof 315 День назад

      you're short sighted

    • KohuGaly
      KohuGaly День назад

      it has no direct practical use at the moment. Just like all scientific telescopes...

    • Rusty Blade
      Rusty Blade 2 дня назад

      KohuGaly was talking about measuring gravitational waves, not the components used to measure them

    • KohuGaly
      KohuGaly 2 дня назад

      so you can't see practical applications of supersmooth mirrors, silica threads, megawatt ultra-stable lasers and interferometers that can measure subnucleic distance changes, including mergers of black holes? boooy, where do I start....
      first, direct contributions:
      the detectors are made for observation of things like event horizons of black holes. Since they are the craziest predictions of Einstein's general relativity, it is where we expect the theory to diverge from reality, potentially leading to new more accurate theory of gravity and space time. That puts us closer to understanding the origin of the universe and stuff in it and potentially to new as-of-yet-deemed-impossible technologies like artificial gravity, FTL/time/interdimensional travel, infinite sources of energy, artificial universes,...
      second, indirect contributions:
      high-precision laser interferometers can be used to make extremely precise objects, track positions of spacecrafts, asteroids, planets and their parts, like continents. Dampening systems and extra-smooth surfaces can be put to good use in laboratories for improved precision experiments and manufactoring, including nanotechnology, microprocessors, quantum computing, telecommunication devices,... As for ultra-stable megawatt lasers, long distance clock synchronisation comes to mind.

  • Paul Meyer
    Paul Meyer 3 дня назад

    It's away into understanding the primal force which binds us all.

  • Sean Joseph
    Sean Joseph 3 дня назад

    That guy needs to find his way around a hot iron.

  • Gary Spears
    Gary Spears 3 дня назад

    An absurd waste of money. This seems to me to be nothing more than another welfare program for scientists.

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim 3 дня назад

    all bull just like the guy said gravity doesn't exist

  • Jack Humphrey
    Jack Humphrey 3 дня назад

    With all these tiny measurements and highly sensitive instruments, it seems clear to me that his red crocs are the cause of anomalies in the waves being measured. Not sure why no one caught that.

  • Shive
    Shive 4 дня назад

    How do you know that the new protons you shoot in, in the form of light, isn't stretched too?

  • Salty Admiral
    Salty Admiral 4 дня назад

    Is it just me, or does Prof Rana Adhikari look _exactly_ like you want a professor to look like? :) I don't know what it is, but I just love it when extremely important people does extremely important work, dressed like they are enjoying an Piña Colada on a tropical beach instead. That is what I love about the field of "academia", or should I simply say public sector, they usually have a completely different work culture than the "corporate office" culture that has spread way too far imo.

  • Oskari S.
    Oskari S. 4 дня назад

    geez i just realized this guy is Ben Affleck of youtube.

  • 101perspective
    101perspective 5 дней назад

    I'm still confused by how they can tell anything took place. His explanation doesn't make any sense to me. He talks about how the time it takes changes. However, time is distorted as well isn't it? If the wave reduces how far the beam has to travel it would also be increasing how long it takes to travel that shorter distance... such that what you would observe would be no difference at all compared to a beam that didn't get distorted. I get that they are pretty confident that they can tell when the beam gets distorted, I'm just not seeing it in their explanation.

  • The_Next_Angry_Comic
    The_Next_Angry_Comic 5 дней назад

    Came here expecting some nonsense about how detecting g.waves is absurd/impossible... Was pleasantly surprised, for once... Nice work :)

  • stylz1
    stylz1 5 дней назад

    Good stuff.

  • Alexandr Shchelov
    Alexandr Shchelov 6 дней назад

    nothing matches the absurdity of our lives

  • Vito Hall
    Vito Hall 6 дней назад

    so what does this mean for quantum electro dynamics if this and the LHC have to have complete vacuums to operate..this just crossed my mind..but wouldn't the particals winking in and out of existence mess with the expireaments?

  • inventor of
    inventor of 6 дней назад

    sounds so sensitive that it could detect dust particles landing beside it.

  • James Firmiss
    James Firmiss 8 дней назад

    When I saw the first published results and looked at the 'strain' values on the graph I was like, "This can't be right.. the length changes would have to be less than a billionth the width of an atom" but apparently that was exactly right.

  • Simme Rocky
    Simme Rocky 8 дней назад

    When you realize you're out of bounds.

  • rayof 315
    rayof 315 10 дней назад

    Does anyone know the state of the gravitational wave debate - i.e., with some physicist at the Niels Bohr Institute, who examined the released LIGO data, saying they possibly found "correlations in the noise" that shouldn't be there...

  • Testhy Test
    Testhy Test 12 дней назад

    I think that laser is for military use like shoot the others satellites , everyone knows that they talk blah blah about values impossible to math it because nothing sensitive like that and there are billion things will affect that laser beam -_-

  • Nic Parker
    Nic Parker 13 дней назад

    Amazing ways .. I would think the photon would phase shift to a different order.

  • Jmpsthrufyre
    Jmpsthrufyre 14 дней назад

    How far can the most powerful laser travel ( in space)?

  • amazona ochrocephala
    amazona ochrocephala 14 дней назад

    Lets go surf the Grav waves dude!

  • Henry Fleischer
    Henry Fleischer 14 дней назад

    The instrumentation may be crude and bulky, but it works.

  • Ham Man
    Ham Man 15 дней назад

    Did these black holes collide just in time the experiment got a grant and was set up? How convenient

  • Roli Rivelino
    Roli Rivelino 16 дней назад

    Fookin' science; love it.

  • Michael Dob
    Michael Dob 16 дней назад

    If God created the universe 6k years ago, how could two black holes collide over a billion years ago? Huh?

  • KiprichVasco
    KiprichVasco 17 дней назад

    This video was uploaded today and some of the reactions are 7 months old?? anyway, good stuff as usual Chiron!

  • Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite
    Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite 17 дней назад

    I do understand every word, and that's why this is INSANITY. Nothing short of magic. Which is why your scientist needs to be already with one arm in a straight-jacket...

  • Kamil Budai
    Kamil Budai 18 дней назад

    Does a gravity waves gets weaker by traveling a long distances?

  • ShadowfaxSTP
    ShadowfaxSTP 18 дней назад

    I don't know why specifically, but I really like the editing and narration and core concept of this video. It's clear, intriguing from the start, and concise. Not many science vids can all pull that off.

  • Pranay Singh
    Pranay Singh 23 дня назад

    OMG @veritasium ....
    You are all awesome people ....

  • DoctorPlausible
    DoctorPlausible 23 дня назад

    But will if fry better chips?

  • Ravenswood Media
    Ravenswood Media 23 дня назад

    "The gods did not reveal, from the beginning,
    All things to us, but in the course of time
    Through seeking we may learn and know things better." - Xenophanes

  • Exsolutus Main
    Exsolutus Main 24 дня назад

    Why is it that we can fairly casually build massive facilities for the sake of measuring spacial distortions (and other interesting quirks of the universe), which does not provide any immediate benefit to us, and yet building a functional society is too expensive?

  • GaryR55
    GaryR55 24 дня назад

    ...."in the observable universe..." Ummm.....observable from WHERE, by WHOM? Of course, no such thing ever happened, so there wasn't anything to be observed at all.

  • onehit pick
    onehit pick 24 дня назад

    The explanation of how time dilation and length contraction don't perfectly cancel in an arm was just skirted over. The explanation that the laser is highly stable still doesn't explain how a a combined length and time change in an arm should affect coherency. Coherency should still be perfectly maintained in a single arm even when the laser is highly stable. It has to have something to do with the discrepancy between the two arms. This needs elaboration please. Also please explain how the apparatus is immune to ELF which would have an effect on the dielectric material that the mirror backings are likely made of.

  • baxtercohen
    baxtercohen 24 дня назад +3

    I am definitely not against investigation and science work; I just think money should go to solving SO MANY other BASIC problems humanity is facing today that dwarf that of detecting gravitational waves. Please get real. Like dedicate the money put here to research on how to avoid asteroid collision; what can science do to combat climate change, food, scarcity, overpopulation, diseases, clean energy, and so many other things.

  • David Evans
    David Evans 24 дня назад

    "It doesn't make any sense...this whole thing is bogus. Shut it down" LOL

  • Ketil Flatnose
    Ketil Flatnose 24 дня назад

    Damn that scientist is chill as HELL.

  • Hage
    Hage 24 дня назад

    Were these 2 facilities, which have to fire a gigawatt laser each 24/7 in order to hope to catch unpredictable gravitational events, created solely for the purpose of proving that gravitational waves exist? I find it difficult to imagine that anyone would would fund the investment and ongoing energy expenditure if that's all there was to it. Does anyone know what the facilities are doing now that they managed to measure a gravitational wave? Not just sitting around and hoping to do it again, i imagine.
    If we're working on another technology that relies on the manipulation of gravity, these would be helpful in its development. Or perhaps they could work as some kind of early warning system if it can be used to measure more than infrequent black-hole mergings.

  • DoleoSeorsum
    DoleoSeorsum 25 дней назад

    Why is it no one ever mentions that when a graviton wave stretches something, that it is counter acted upon by time dilation caused by the gravity wave?

  • Aldo oblA
    Aldo oblA 25 дней назад

    can we observe some radioactive material on the moon or mars and somehow measure the gravitation influence on the radiation or maybe a laser beam to an orbiting satellites

  • sup2069
    sup2069 25 дней назад

    Vertasium and Vsause3 are my two favs.

  • Erumaaro
    Erumaaro 25 дней назад

    trying to figure out if space is streching is the same as trying to mesure the speed at which time flows by...seconds/second...

  • Simon Engelholm
    Simon Engelholm 26 дней назад +1

    The smaller a thing is the bigger the machines you need.

  • TheOicyu812
    TheOicyu812 26 дней назад

    If only there was some scientific technology that could fix the wrinkles in Rana Adhikari's shirt.

  • Black Dog
    Black Dog 27 дней назад

    Does this guy work for Answers in genesis, Kent Hovind.

  • 420 ASMR
    420 ASMR 27 дней назад +2

    science guy: I'm going to be on TV today...what should I wear? This wrinkled up jizz rag seems appropriate.

  • Jonas Paulo Negreiros
    Jonas Paulo Negreiros 27 дней назад

    Gravity wave , in fact, is water hammer of toilet flush.

  • Jonas Paulo Negreiros
    Jonas Paulo Negreiros 27 дней назад

    Gravity Wave, finally captured:

  • Sparkey
    Sparkey 27 дней назад


  • vadinhopsc
    vadinhopsc 27 дней назад

    Thanks for this posting. People like Kipp Thorne and the engineering crew and a bunch of other A class scientists deserve statues for this achievement. The Science behind it is so ''absurd'' that even Lawrence Krauss confessed he didn't believe it would be possible.

  • Gordon O'Gairbhith
    Gordon O'Gairbhith 27 дней назад

    5:39 ...the goyim know

  • Goga Moga
    Goga Moga 28 дней назад

    Amazing. Everything.

  • Europeans Rise - Worldwide!
    Europeans Rise - Worldwide! 28 дней назад

    Nice science fiction video....

  • Jacob Lancostellard
    Jacob Lancostellard 28 дней назад

    That scientist should iron his shirt, it is irritating to see him with that crap wrinkled shirt. :O

  • Martin Amarilla
    Martin Amarilla 29 дней назад

    I didn't understand most of it but I still thinks it's cool

  • terrypussypower
    terrypussypower 29 дней назад

    Wow!! Those lasers would be cool for executing murderers on death row! Very humane...!

  • TheTrumpBoy
    TheTrumpBoy 29 дней назад

    Why is that guy dressed like a Cuban cab driver? Are you sure he's not the janitor?

  • takeitindballs
    takeitindballs Месяц назад

    all pure junk

  • Andrei Serban
    Andrei Serban Месяц назад +1

    okay it was very hard to detect gravitational waves and there were thowzends of dolars spent but how do gravitational waves help humanity

  • Ray Horn
    Ray Horn Месяц назад

    How do we know we aren't just building machines that conform to our own imaginations about how we think gravity waves must work? Rather than those that work apart from how we imagined they should work? Just curious???

  • John Coffey
    John Coffey Месяц назад

    Although this is an amazing accomplishment, is my life, or anyone else's life, any better because they spent 620 million dollars to verify that space got stretched by 10 to the power of minus 18 meters, which is about 1/10,000 the size of a proton?

  • Sinsearach
    Sinsearach Месяц назад

    "absurd" and "absurdity" is bad word choice

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Месяц назад

    Nice Fiddle Leaf Fig tree!

    DARRYL WILLARD Месяц назад

    Amazing Technology!

  • Andréa S.
    Andréa S. Месяц назад

    Something tells me that when this guy isn't studying or teaching physics, he's DJing.

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown Месяц назад

    I was in Alabama and all of a sudden a whole bunch of trees got knocked down... I asked what hell caused that. With straight face, Oh that's just another gravity wave. We get em all the time...... Really

  • mourya vamsi
    mourya vamsi Месяц назад

    when every thing is so small !! WHO predicted that something so small would even exist and designed this great measuring system

  • Anthony Hendra
    Anthony Hendra Месяц назад

    You mean poles and rotation? Unlike the sun in its original form.

  • Toxically Masculine
    Toxically Masculine Месяц назад

    so he's saying that if everything is stretching, then you can't observe stretching with a ruler. the ruler stretches to the same degree as the spacetime containing it, and the trajectory of light stretches as well. but the speed of light is constant, so if the laser has to traverse a greater distance due to stretching, its velocity can not be "stretched" and the ruler will measure a greater distance, covered by light at a constant speed? i guess the big question i have is, does the velocity of everything except light stretch? if instead of using a laser, the researchers used massive particles, would the distance covered by the massive particles be measured as constant? in other words, as the trajectory is stretched, would the massive particles' velocity "stretch" at the same rate? and if that's true, if the trajectory was stretched to an infinite degree, i.e. to make a finite path infinitely long, would the speed of the massive particles traveling along it become infinite? 1) would that violate conservation of energy, and 2) would it be impossible in the first place for something to stretch a finite path infinitely long? and finally, if the path were instead compressed to be infinitely short, would light traveling along the path reverse in its vector?

  • Justaperson
    Justaperson Месяц назад

    That guys shirt is so crumpled, it looks like he's never even heard of the concept of an iron.

  • mian  fazle razik
    mian fazle razik Месяц назад

    Whose feeling pumped after watching this......

  • hardyVeles
    hardyVeles Месяц назад

    Small contribution from the sheet metal cutting industry experience: 1MW would be enough to cut (estimated by linear proportion - so, not realistic but may serve as illustration) 7500 mm thick steel at speed from 1500 to 3500 mm per minute :) f*ck!! crazy powerful laser they've got.

  • Oda Solheim
    Oda Solheim Месяц назад

    Terrorist wish then effort concert particularly ours.

  • Brian Gilles
    Brian Gilles Месяц назад

    They wait for an observable event which they falsely claim is two black holes merging, then suddenly get a reading on their "detector". Hoax beyond hoax. It is laughable and pathetic at the same time. Perhaps veritasium is Bernie Madoff's son. Or maybe Rube Goldberg's grandson.

    • techel
      techel 28 дней назад

      you know, you need some actual arguments.

  • Dalek 2150
    Dalek 2150 Месяц назад

    I tip my hat to them getting money to fund this....Wish I had such pull....I'd retire and say the experiment was a failure.
    Thermal expansion of the ground also is an error to account for.

  • Afqwa
    Afqwa Месяц назад

    I find it weird that distortions in space-time only can propagate at the speed of light.

  • Cj C
    Cj C Месяц назад

    What a genius way of detecting these waves. Us humans can be awesome when we want to be..

  • MultiGazman
    MultiGazman Месяц назад

    How can you detect something that doesnt exist?

  • Simon Lachinger
    Simon Lachinger Месяц назад

    Caltech says the lasers are about 200W: Maybe a issue with units?

  • Guillaume PETIT
    Guillaume PETIT Месяц назад

    An Indian scientist in Caltech? This guy is actually the real Koothrappali !

  • Bo Huggabee
    Bo Huggabee Месяц назад

    since light has a specific velocity, then that means there is only so small we can get in viewing something. but if we are that much smaller than a photon, how the hell are we viewing anything then? is there a point in space where viewing at a size so small is impossible to light up?

  • Nitin Soni
    Nitin Soni Месяц назад

    it could be minor earth quake.

  • UstedTubo187
    UstedTubo187 Месяц назад +1

    These guys blew their wad on the megawatt laser and didn't have enough money left to buy an iron and ironing board for the lab. Oops.

  • Truth Observatory
    Truth Observatory Месяц назад

    This is what god is

  • Fransisco Wijaya
    Fransisco Wijaya Месяц назад

    It seems absurd to see people spends million of dollars only to discover this evidence. But its really worth it! For better understanding about Spacetime! I love spacetime!

  • Nelson Swanberg
    Nelson Swanberg Месяц назад

    I'll never accept that they discovered gravitational waves.

  • Ron E
    Ron E Месяц назад

    uh....ummm....anybody home? LIGO bogus.