The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves

A head-vaporizing laser with a perfect wavelength detecting sub-proton space-time ripples.
Huge thanks to Prof Rana Adhikari and LIGO: http://ligo.org
Here's how he felt when he learned about the first ever detection: https://youtu.be/ViMnGgn87dg

Thanks to Patreon supporters:
Nathan Hansen, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal
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A lot of videos have covered the general overview of the discovery of gravitational waves, what they are, the history of the search, when they were found but I wanted to delve into the absurd science that made the detection possible.

When scientists want one megawatt of laser power, it's not just for fun (though I'm sure it's that too), it's because the fluctuations in the number of photons is proportional to their square root, making more powerful beams less noisy (as a fraction of their total). The smoothest mirrors were created not for aesthetic joy but because when you're trying to measure wiggles that are a fraction the width of a proton, a rough mirror surface simply won't do.

Filmed by Daniel Joseph Files

Music by Kevin MacLeod, http://www.incompetech.com "Black Vortex" (appropriately named)

Music licensed from Epidemic Sound http://epidemicsound.com "Observations 2" (also appropriately named)

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Автор Winston Chang ( назад)
You have a pre-supposition to begin with, and you detect what you suspected, and you call it that which
you named it to begin with ......

Автор Alan Simons ( назад)
The laser will vaporize your head, but you better wear these safety glasses to protect your eyes...

Автор Alan Foxman ( назад)
I wonder if it would be theoretically possible to use gravitational waves as a means of propulsion. Like surfing an ocean wave. The force might be small...but like a solar sail, over a long period of time could you build up speed?

Автор Flea Market Socialist ( назад)
Close your eyes and imagine gravity as a jello-y 3D lattice with deeper pockets of gravity (planetary bodies) being harder jello all in a huge huge jello existence.

idk what time is. Maybe flavor?

Автор isaacdesantigo isaac ( назад)
I understand so little about this video but i love seeing it once and once again

Автор MrDrvmmer ( назад)
It is a matter of mental masturbation, nothing else.

Автор WICKEDLEE LOOPY ( назад)
You need 1.21giggawatts

Автор WICKEDLEE LOOPY ( назад)
They heard a mosquito fart from another country.....shhh , did you hear that. I Know I did 😬

Автор The Doctor ( назад)
What if the gravitational wave hit the thing at a 45 degree angle so Both arms stretched the same amount?

Автор QuarterM7 ( назад)
1:21 you blew my mind/fucked my brain there and I've been into astronomy for years and years.

Автор Sam Hopkins ( назад)
Where is the scientific method here exactly? What a sad joke/deception.There is still zero proof of gravity, or the so called "Big Bang" for that matter! The world's most prolific inventor and true genius, Nikola Tesla, and Einstein both knew that electromagnetism and resonance are the dominant forces used to create and balance the realm we live in. Theoretical "scientists" of today do not follow through with the scientific method whatsoever and are granted to keep us ignorant of the amazing technologies of the past and vast possibilities for advancement, energy, creativity and healing these forces can infinitely provide. Please don't buy this and look into Nikola Tesla and the many true scientists that continue in his path today.

Автор Jack A. Lope ( назад)
Gravy waves. Now give us more money. We are running a billion dollar machine that can only do one thing. Waste lots of money detecting relativistic fantasies. But look at the bright side. In a few years when congress pulls it's funding and everything is sold to a salvage contractor for few thousand dollars maybe someone here on youtube can do a life hack on it and all of that ultra high technology will finally be used for something useful like popping balloons....on the moon.

Here at the church of Einstein our lord and Savior, GRAVITY, is the omnipotent master of the big bang universe and creator of all black holes. We have no idea how gravity works but our computer models are faith based so we don't need to. We take something we barely understand and use it to explain everything we know nothing about.

Автор Kenneth B ( назад)
Does the direction on the Gravitational wave origin matter. What happens when the direction is at a horizontal direction with the instruments. And can three of them triangulate the source. Is there any benefit to the economy from this research, like skill training for high technology jobs. Do they allow schools to bring in their students.

Автор GunTotnHippie ( назад)
Funny how Science is finally getting to the point of what wise men/women already knew - there is no spoon. ;)

Автор Fire Of Beauty ( назад)
Such preparation...

Автор Kurt Piket ( назад)
I am amazed that they speak over gravitational waves. According to me, any gravitational impact base on NO-Waves.
These gravitational waves should be named in fact as the "last" electromagentic waves, before gravity let them disappear into their black holes inside.
Because gravitiy does not exist by waves, there is no electromagnetic instrument that can meausre it.

Even sound, as this one, disappears into silence again.

Автор James Moscovar ( назад)
You guys are fighting for no reasons... I don't care who's bright or not but I only care about enjoy those things because most of the times their creators cannot enjoy them... thanks to their intelligence we, the dumbest guys can live comfortably... However , I watch those videos just to understand English... I can barely understand the topics.

Автор Vicky Medrano ( назад)
He's so handsome is actually distracting XD

Автор A Name ( назад)
The mind is the only thing that stretches ;)

Автор John Marshall ( назад)
A question was posed in the video, but not answered: why not use a smaller wave length laser so there's more interference?

Автор Brent Rou ( назад)
I was told at LIGO (Louisiana) that there are actually more than two places that measure these waves. 3 to be exact, one is in europe somewhere I believe! Great video!

Автор Rufus Sandy Tanjung Pernata ( назад)
let me ask one question.

what is this function for everyday life?
sorry for bad english.

Автор Alpha Omega ( назад)
you change it by observing it.cats dead

Автор Helga Hufflepuff ( назад)
Does anyone know this dude's name? I wanna follow him on twitter.

Автор Adolf0is0winner ( назад)
waves need the medium to create disturbance which we call waving of some thing ultimately. how can the wave travel in space then

Автор Sodiq Ali ( назад)
please tell me how can we use this in the real world

Автор Cordyceps1111 ( назад)
this is actually amazing, we picked it up just a few years after construction... almost unbelievable, it's incredible :D

Автор Frank N. Stein ( назад)
The only thing that this proves to me is: THE EARTH IS MOTIONLESS (and flat)!

Автор G MinK ( назад)
I thought the largest vacuum chamber was NASA's facility in Cleveland.

Автор S000 L111 ( назад)
When he mmmmmmmmm..... and without his glasses and not speaking, he looks retarded!! But when he speaks, you know he is a Learned man.


Автор mattyjmar10 ( назад)
I think the cameraman got hit with a gravitational wave at 6:43

Автор Lance Roark ( назад)
You should do, "The Obserdity of living on a ball."

Автор drout0 ( назад)
1:11 - CONCHITA WURST!!!!!! YOU AGAIN!!! DIVA QUEEN!!!! (all caps to match the diva's efusiveness)

Автор Southern Patriot ( назад)
First and foremost, you are attempting to remove the atmosphere of earth, to understand the building blocks of the known universe. You fucktards are trying to understand ice from the lenses of a freezer. We live in an ELECTRICALY CHARGED universe. You did not remove ANY ionization, nor did you considerer the hydrogen from our big red ball. Gravity will NEVER be detected with your trained thinking.
You presume, prior to test, that earthly atmospheric obstacles must be removed. Electric, vibration and gasses must be accounted for. Otherwise, all you are doing is removing the water from a fish bowl, trying to understand why the fish aren't floating any more. How did we end up with fucktards in science?

Автор hassan alkazimi ( назад)
رائع جدا

Автор Gord's Place ( назад)
Yeah mapping out the cosmos as gravitational distortions would be very interesting. They might find something they didn't expect.

Автор Scott B ( назад)
I hope this isn't a government funded project.

Автор Scott B ( назад)
All that money and I detect them every time I fall down.

Автор Dharma Sutra ( назад)
Warum hat Geo 600 nichts gemessen?

Автор RandwolfeKohl ( назад)
I am not a scientist, but I follow physics, cosmology and climatology as much as possible. I am truly pleased when new discoveries are made. My only question is, what will all of this absolutely mind bending, consciousness changing information matter, if we make Earth uninhabitable in the near future? Far more scientists than I ever imaged are in agreement about the exponential nature of climate change. If we can engineer our way out, it better happen this decade. It will be so sad to come so far in understanding our place in the Universe, only to become extinct.

Автор 27kdon ( назад)
love the epic music

Автор Pigeon Griffin ( назад)
I got a physics girl ad

Автор Dave Jacob ( назад)
i thought gravitational waves travel at the speed of light???

Автор Bobby Harper ( назад)
Does a 7-Eleven clerk run the place?

Автор greenleafkratom ( назад)
quantum mechanics = thinking inside the box. Photons don't exist nor does the speed of light.

Автор Vrijman ( назад)
My friend's momma so fat, she made a baseball swerve

Автор Awesome Anime ( назад)
i don't know about others, but for me, this was a serious mindf**k!

Автор William McCormick ( назад)
Although they may have created a very good vacuum they did not create a total vacuum. All the air is not removed from that chamber. So the experiment they are doing is on a very light gas. If they had come close to a perfect vacuum the walls of the chamber would disintegrate into the vacuum.

They are compressing, stretching and bending the light atmosphere in the tube, not space.

Matter is 90 percent space even tungsten, matter is just an electrical effect. The way that this empty foam creates the illusion of weight, and solidity, is through Start, Change, Stop. It is a law of the universe. Understanding Start, Change, Stop, a human being can be positively or negatively accelerated to great velocity over a short distance safely. However these things are rarely studied anymore today.


William McCormick

Автор William McCormick ( назад)
Space as I was taught is the area that matter exists within. Since space is always filled with atoms within the universe. The substance that bends, stretches, or compresses is just matter. Whether it is the light hydrogen atmosphere of deep space, or a planet, only the matter is being effected.

Space within the boundaries of the universe, was by definition nothing, absolutely nothing. It does not play with time, it does not play with matter, it is only an empty place for matter and ambient radiation to exist. It has no effect on matter or ambient radiation.


William McCormick

Автор boiled egg bro ( назад)
my butt hurts

Автор Richard- music matters the most ( назад)
If gravitational waves are weak then how does earth attract moon..???plzz tell I am confused..

Автор king sardonyx ( назад)
Great, Great

Why do we need to know this again

Автор unitednihilists ( назад)
Humanity is such a conundrum. This level of problem solving vs the all the incredibly asinine things we do to each other...

Автор Am_I_Human aka FindStoicism ( назад)
He said the gravitational waves have a frequency of 100Hz. How does he know that? I thought the whole point of this device was to prove their existence?

Автор Anankin12 ( назад)
We now have cars that are road legal and produce more than 1 MW of power, a.k.a. Koenigsegg Regera, One:1 and some RSs and Bugatti Chiron.
And they go >>400kph.

Автор Moses Bullrush ( назад)
Two black holes in orbit around each other would not emit anything. 4:18 there is no such thing as 'photons'.

Автор Urban Chaos 2.0 ( назад)
This, is a scam. You'd have to be highly ignorant to believe this made-up garbage.

Автор Matthew Styles ( назад)
Is this comedy or science?

Автор i boom ( назад)
An awesome video!

Автор mike o'neill ( назад)
Wow, a measurement of all the black holes at the same time is going freak with our head, when we discover how much more we will know

Автор Richard Driskill ( назад)
Three things -
#1: The ridiculousness of the minuteness of the measurements required is stupefying. BTW, who's paying for the 1 MW of juice?; certainly not the sound-FX dude in the clogs. It's like I'm watching Back To The Future / Part 4, and Doc has a bastard kid via the Kali statue at CERN.
#2: Surely this was a stupid endeavour as in the future our understanding of all physics realms through mathematics would be much better and we would have been able to solve this in another fashion; kind of like the difference in ability between an abacus and a super computer.
#3: So now you've detected the wave. Great. Wonderful. Now repeat it so we know it's real. Just joking! Shut down the razzle-dazzle vacuum money pit and go get a real job. You're not supposed to be pulling back the curtain anyway; it's rude.

Автор David ( назад)
Is Veritasium going for his doctorate?

Автор Minute Controversy ( назад)
All these science nerds can correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't it have been easier to send two light waves constantly at half a wave length difference so there is a constant destructive interference and from there just measure what light shows during the gravitational wave as opposed to having a constant constructive interference and trying to measure that minute change. My point being that it's easier to see, even to the human eye a tiny source of light in a completely dark environment than a tiny dimming of the light in a completely lit environment. I understand you won't be able to see the change with your naked eye anyways but possibly an infrared detection sensor not unlike a sCMOS or any staring array could detect it. Thinking back on the preciseness of these instruments there actually might not be a point to what I am saying but I'm just curious whether it could be a second option or if there are any hindrances.

Автор Pankaj Singh ( назад)
Why don't we explode nuclear bomb in outer space and then detect whether gravity is a wave or not?

Автор Gus Scott ( назад)
Rana looks more Bollywood than nerdy scientist.

Автор Alessio Proietti ( назад)
All the material is absolutely enjoyable and mind-blowing!
By the way I agree with your amazement at 8:18...

Автор Anthony Mandolin ( назад)
Why are the "new" light photons not being stretched as well ? Why would they be created normal, when there is a gravity wave around the process that creates them ?
I'm very skeptical of this whole thing.
Also, 50x the energy emitted in the whole of the universe ? And we managed to capture this cosmic unique event exactly at the precise time when the waves happened to pass through earth ? Give me a break.

Автор Daniel Ruiz ( назад)
42.0 420?

Автор Manish Adhikari ( назад)
Is Prof. Rana Adhikari Nepali ?

Автор Ethernet3 ( назад)
In principle you could do better, but it is not yet possible for high photon numbers.
But in principle, if you could get the photons in a so called "NOON" state, the uncertainty in the phase goes down by 1/N, instead of 1/sqrt(N)

Автор Vi Con ( назад)
You should first explain stuff from basic point of view before throwing out all that technical terms.

Автор IxI Z0DiAK IxI ( назад)
what kind of engineer are you and which province do you come from?

Автор fcycles ( назад)
"this whole things is bogus.... shut it down" :) so funny!!

Автор VonBrox ( назад)
it's like an awe inspiring kind of energy

Автор Michael Hudson ( назад)
Thanks, I'm going to show this to my science class. And I'll post this on Paul Sanhu's channel. He posted that gravity is a hoax and there is no such thing as gravity waves. Thanks for the work your doing in science education.

Автор keefy ( назад)
I believe that if anything this is pseudo science and of course just like the biggest liars in the world NASA, they will want funding into 8-9 $ figures. It will be of no use at all for mankind, especially at this time when the phoney wars and phoney space stations are sucking the money and the heart out of the US population. Research Einstein and see he was a plagiarist of the mega type and was pushed as a Genius celebrity by the Jesuits. It was all phoney and all theory no facts. That's why Einstein referred to Tesla as the more intelligent physicist because Tesla had theory and proof to uphold his science. When Tesla died, even before he was cold, the secret service removed everything that Tesla had, for national security reasons. Ligo was quoting 10 -37 part of a single proton, an ant fart perhaps.

Автор Laughter On Water ( назад)
The frequency and amplitude we're measuring today are tiny because we're 1.3 billion lightyears away. But 1.3 billion years ago, at the origin of this phenomenon, there were likely frequencies and amplitudes of space-time warpage that were detrimental to the _contents_ of space and time within some radius of the origin, but far outside the event horizon of the coalescence. To suggest that 50 times the energy of the entire known observable universe was spent in this event implies that there are some knowable radii for the following:

1. A radius at which the formation of new stars would have been disrupted, hindered or helped
2. A radius at which existing stars would have been some how effected
3. A radius at which smaller rocky planets of nearby stars would have been affected.
3. A radius at which all carbon-based life would have been obliterated
4. A radius at which carbon-based life would have been drastically affected but still survived

Do we have any ideas about what these radii might be?
What might the affects have been?

Having measured amplitude of the phenomenon from our vantage point, what would the amplitudes have been at 10, 100, 1000, 10000 lightyears at their obvious times from the origin have been?

Автор Franz Nopper ( назад)
the german title of the video means sth. like "the absurditiy of the discovery of gravitational waves" (die Absurdität der Entdeckung von Gravitationswellen) - i find that quite misleading, as if it were some kind of fake news. please consider renaming it.

Автор CookieLPGames ( назад)
it may seem like a pretty basic and lame question but how can we use this information, what do we get out of it?

Автор Stelian IONESCU ( назад)
I don't understand why the stretching are considered only a stretch of the space, but not a stretch of the time. If what is stretched is the space-time, the stretch of the time will compensate the stretch of the space, and then, that makes any measure non-sense. Because if the space is longer, the time is quicker, or isn't ?
Please, teach me.

Автор Billy Te ( назад)
I wear my suuuuunglasses inside, so I can so I caaaan. Watch you weave then breathe your gravity waves

Автор Jacinda Lacroix ( назад)
This is phenomenal! Even though I don't understand whenever you bring up the formulas but your videos fascinate me... 😊😊

Автор oldi184 ( назад)
You cant divide by zero. Just keep that in mind.

Автор quecisneros ( назад)
Is this a distance smaller than the uncertainty in measurement with the usted instruments AND the marginal error by the same instruments???

Автор Kawaii Kid ( назад)
This was my favorite episode you've done yet. Great job, and keep up the good work!

Автор w0mbles ( назад)
That crane shot at the beginning is pretty cool. How did you do it? Drone?

Автор mohammed yousif ( назад)
Why is his shirt not ironed? What are they going to do with these eqipment when the experiment is done?

Автор Keylocker ( назад)
physics professor... measures stuff in inches :\

Автор Drastic Logic ( назад)
you cant bend space because it is made of nothing. Einstein was an idiot

Автор febedah re ( назад)
I dont understand english very well therefore can somebody explain me what this guy want to say?,does he claim that the gravitational waves haven't been detected?

Автор drakg002 ( назад)
Such a waste of time and money.

Автор Michael Barber ( назад)
Sweet glasses bro

Автор Brad ( назад)
It's good to see that science is doing its best to decrease its carbon footprint by using 1 megawatt for multiple-month long periods of operation just so we can detect something 1.4 billion light years away. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool, but is that knowledge worth the contribution of greenhouse gasses that compound the problem of alleged climate change?

Автор Dylandy Chang ( назад)
so if we can control the gravitational wave, we can shrink the space to reach a super light speed travelling?

Автор Jacob Alvarado ( назад)
How did they measure the gravity of the black holes combining without the gravity of the Earth, moon, sun, and all the planets not interfering? Also when they find the gravity, couldn't it just be an energy pulse from massive energy being released when the black holes combined?

Автор Jonathan Jacobs ( назад)
That scientist is not human.

Автор Adrian G ( назад)
Maybe this experiment should be done in space.

Автор Dennys Bulnes Campos ( назад)
The act of two black holes destroying themselves instead of growing bigger it is a phenomenon name Dnyx (i posted that on January 3, 2017). The result will be a single (1) black hole instead of two (2). Anyways I´m here because I have a gravity phenomenon, as as you know our universe (stars, planets, meteorites,etc) is made by the Big Bang explotion and how Earth will show us ¨Gravity¨ because of the act of centrifugation because of the Big Bang explotion.
My example is here: I used to do 100 and more push ups per day back in Boston, ;Massachussetts. Now i live in lima and I barely do 20 push ups and suffering. As you know, Lima Peru is closer to the center of the World. Maybe is not gravity, maybe it is , maybe is a sort of energy, maybe it is not. can we make a video about it? my diet hasnt change at all! and my feet hurts more.

Автор newgame ( назад)

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