A Letter to My Brother’s Murderer: 13 Years After My Brother Was Stabbed

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • 13 years after her brother was stabbed and murdered, Chanell must write a letter for the murderer’s parole.
    You can watch the full documentary on the BBC Three iPlayer page here: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p075f3g6/life-after-my-brothers-murder
    Further information & support can be found here: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/r3B52Vr5F5G0mGftb13YL0/information-and-support-knife-crime-and-bereavement
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Comments • 240

  • Drive Time
    Drive Time 4 months ago

    You want people too see what it's like but say cut to the camera.

  • Aron Mahmood
    Aron Mahmood 5 months ago

    Sorry for your loss but I have reason to believe your son wasn’t completely innocent and there was definitely a motive for this murder and my have been a revenge attack

    • sidthekid456
      sidthekid456 22 days ago

      Aron Mahmood there is no reason to kill someone unless your life is directly being threatened

  • Javoria Hines
    Javoria Hines 5 months ago

    I feel sorry for her I would have been tramitized I would have been really sad if my brother evan though we don't have a good relationship as sister and brother we always yell at each other we fight I just cry when he calls me a idiot and I feel really stupid for doing all of this now I just feel bad

  • Lara Norman
    Lara Norman 5 months ago

    I just want to say that ur very strong x

  • Carolyn Hough
    Carolyn Hough 5 months ago

    I’m so so sorry for the loss of your loved one

  • Apoapsis Periapsis
    Apoapsis Periapsis 6 months ago

    Me in the future: son take this,
    Future son: I'm about to ruin this whole criminals career

  • english laugh
    english laugh 7 months ago

    Her brother looks like trouble aswell

  • CAM
    CAM 7 months ago

    We need more documentaries about how this affects the families. We see stabbings on the news so often we as a society have become desensitised by the violence. I hope his family and all the other families of victims find peace

  • s k
    s k 7 months ago +1

    I feel her pain i lost my brother the same way 9yrs ago the pain doesnt ease nor does it heal.

  • ConorVLOGS
    ConorVLOGS 7 months ago

    The chills you get when she reads the letter are crazy

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse 7 months ago +7

    This family’s pain is absolutely palpable. The mothers anger, the daughters heartbreak. I can’t imagine hearing this man was to be let out of prison after only 12 years. My heart goes out to these amazingly strong women.

  • Pat Stokes
    Pat Stokes 7 months ago

    2:57 is that guy related to wolfman.

  • Maddysin Leigh
    Maddysin Leigh 7 months ago +2

    I teared up when the mom read the letter.

  • Gomez 100
    Gomez 100 8 months ago

    This are the type of document they should show instead of the Kim k we need important topics and the youth and this new generation need to change they behaviour I believe is time to be more strict and discipline if someone stab someone even if they young is time to take them to a rough discipline trip in the 3 world country and see how people live rough so they have the opportunity to change this evil mindset of killing innocent people because sending them to prison is a waste of tax money and is a holiday for them

  • Lee John Wilson
    Lee John Wilson 8 months ago +2

    I feel for ya girl lost my bro the same way x

  • biscuitzantea
    biscuitzantea 8 months ago

    I blame knife crime on the parents who either turn a blind eye to their childs illegal behaviour or encourage it, who raise their children to be a selfish, entitled and spoiled, who encourage their children to push old people out of the way or ignore them when they should offer them a seat. Knife crime is prodominently commited by adolescents to those in their mid twenties young inexperienced minds being moulded by social trends because the parent/s are/were too busy trying tp to make ends meet or feel school and/or other officials are responsible for the primary care of their child - the resolution to knife crimes lay within the homes of the deprived, stop giving financial incentives for women to have children as the majority chose having children as a career path, introduce fair/equal job opportunities, stop hunting and victimising non whites, giving them criminal records so they're forced to turn to street life ....

  • Eliza Jean
    Eliza Jean 8 months ago +2

    I'm going to agree with what Mayasu said: with everything that's been happening in schools recently, the staff should make students watch these kinds of documentaries.

  • Rose Faith
    Rose Faith 8 months ago

    His mum needs a life sentence for naming her son Cornelius tbh

  • Dolla Holla
    Dolla Holla 8 months ago +2

    This is deep..how sick do some people need to be?? Watching this all the way through I had a lump in my throat 😔 I’m so sorry for ur loss

  • Vicky
    Vicky 8 months ago +1

    parole for murder!!!????

  • Eliora Koe
    Eliora Koe 8 months ago

    At 0:40 I was screaming with joy! Justice served dumb ass

  • officialoceane
    officialoceane 8 months ago


  • Kajal Raina
    Kajal Raina 8 months ago


  • Obayd ubayd
    Obayd ubayd 8 months ago +6

    My brother got stabbed to death 2yrs ago yesterday...this pain I feel will never heal.
    I miss him

    • London Bell
      London Bell 3 months ago

      I'm so sorry. I have an older brother whom I adore. I couldn't even imagine.

  • Nat
    Nat 8 months ago +3

    We got shown this in school

  • Joselle’s World
    Joselle’s World 8 months ago


  • It ain't Obeezy
    It ain't Obeezy 8 months ago +12

    And then people glorify everything that leads to this in culture and music like drill

    • Aj
      Aj 8 months ago +1

      It ain't Obeezy no one forces people to shank people, and its gang bangers who die so what’s the problem

    • Ozzy Mandias
      Ozzy Mandias 8 months ago

      Facts bro

    • Charlie Ward Games
      Charlie Ward Games 8 months ago +2

      It ain't Obeezy fam drill is just gangs not innocent yutes getting killed

  • Adrianna Davis
    Adrianna Davis 8 months ago

    Omg that's so sad I know how it feels I lost my baby brother last year he's sopose to be 2 years old this year I'm still a child

  • 1joeben
    1joeben 8 months ago +5

    Incredibly brave. But even I don't understand why he is being released after such a short sentence. People get longer for fraud.

  • Tanji Islam
    Tanji Islam 8 months ago +6

    This is heart breaking💔💔

  • Sadie Van Zyl
    Sadie Van Zyl 8 months ago +55

    My brother was murdered the exact same way 11 years ago, I feel their pain and I feel like I'm reliving that horrible night all over again 😢

    • Dev Djan
      Dev Djan 2 days ago

      Rip I hope u ok now 😭

    • bts lover
      bts lover 5 months ago +1

      Its really sad rip to your brother

    • mariona lopez
      mariona lopez 5 months ago +1

      I'm sorry for your loss

    • Sadie Van Zyl
      Sadie Van Zyl 8 months ago +1

      @late fa bless you ❤️

    • late fa
      late fa 8 months ago +5

      Sadie Van Zyl T rip to your brother im sorry

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali 8 months ago +1

    Get over it will ya

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali 8 months ago +3

    Why a letter? Jail him or beat him up

  • Star Light
    Star Light 8 months ago +4

    So so heart breaking....!!! I felt the pain & saw emptiness in the mother's eyes. Truly sorry for them, the family 🤗🤗🤗

    • Star Light
      Star Light 8 months ago

      Many thanks for liking my comment. Stay extra blessed 🤗🤗🤗

  • Sarah in the kitchen
    Sarah in the kitchen 8 months ago

    THE UK JUSTICE SYSTEM IS A Joke!!! I thought a life sentence was 25 years!! Why is the murderer only serving less than Half the time? The UK justice system is broken, stiffer and harsher sentences should be handed out. What about protecting the public? This man should be in jail for the rest of his life!!!! I feel so bad for the family 🙏

  • Jay B
    Jay B 8 months ago +6

    2006 murder proves drill isn’t an influence in violence it’s just people

    • Jay B
      Jay B 8 months ago

      zeraf maxx bullshit. That’s like an easily influenced child playing call of duty everyday and then carrying out those violent killings in real life. Can’t blame digital products for your crimes.

    • zeraf maxx
      zeraf maxx 8 months ago

      Drill is not THE reason but can become an influence to maybe an unsettled person.

    • Jay B
      Jay B 8 months ago

      Aj 💯They just find any reason to get drill deleted they wasn’t saying this when gang members were being shot and stabbed and killed before 2013

    • Aj
      Aj 8 months ago +1

      Jay B say it again

  • Alicia Rich
    Alicia Rich 8 months ago +2

  • Anthony West
    Anthony West 8 months ago +2


  • dominic clarke
    dominic clarke 8 months ago

    Life should mean life he killed sombody with a knife because he couldn't beat them in a straightener the murder was planned

  • O O
    O O 8 months ago +1

    I am so sorry

  • Tommy
    Tommy 8 months ago

    knife crime is taking over, life sentences need to be life or 100 years as they say in america. 15 years is way to soft and its not putting people off, sort the uk prison system out its a joke. maybe look at Russian prisons or Thailand and people will defo think twice before killing someone over an argument. the real sad thing is this scumbag will be back out of prison and back into his gang living his life and destroying more lifes.

  • aairus rehman
    aairus rehman 8 months ago +1

    there is always 2 sides to a story

  • Rich Franklin
    Rich Franklin 8 months ago

    We need to get with times.. Sentences like America

  • Kim Mi So
    Kim Mi So 8 months ago +6

    I don't think i'll be able to understand why people have or want to kill someone. It's just unbearable to think about. Lots of love for this family xx

  • Tamera James
    Tamera James 8 months ago +8

    This is so sad! They are never going to really get over this :(

  • Great White Shark
    Great White Shark 8 months ago +1

    I hate justice system very unfair

  • we love football
    we love football 8 months ago +3

    this is really sad stop the knife crime 🙏

  • Melissa
    Melissa 8 months ago +25

    What’s the point of a life sentence if they just get parole after like not even a 1/3 of an ‘average life’ sentence (80 years).

    • Phankitty
      Phankitty 8 months ago +1

      ikrrr. I've been alive for longer than the man's been in prison

  • pink champagne 996
    pink champagne 996 8 months ago


  • Zahirul Islam
    Zahirul Islam 8 months ago +6

    The feds kitchen is peng

  • Amaequiaas Corner
    Amaequiaas Corner 8 months ago +8

    This makes me sick truly! My condolences to the family, no one deserves it ❤️😭

  • S27
    S27 8 months ago +1

    Any murder should be given death penalty

  • BIG smoke
    BIG smoke 8 months ago +3

    Perole for muder?????

  • D Mensah
    D Mensah 8 months ago +3

    Why cant life mean life?????

  • Lucy Riah
    Lucy Riah 8 months ago +15

    This made me cry I feel for the family so much ❤️❤️

  • ella hinds
    ella hinds 8 months ago +68

    I cried when her mum read that letter man

  • Chase Lome
    Chase Lome 8 months ago +5

    My heart goes out to the family, I’m happy these stories are finally being published.
    This has been going on a long time

  • David Boyes-Varley
    David Boyes-Varley 8 months ago +49

    I honestly do not think if you take someone's life you should ever be released. There is no time that will suffice for that life lost.

  • TextBookPuncher1
    TextBookPuncher1 8 months ago

    It’s sad man. Stuff like this reminds me of kidulthood and trife. This stuff happens real life. These idiots need to stop stabbing each other


    When did this stabbing take place. What year?