• Published on Mar 22, 2019
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Comments • 611

  • Dominic Muldoon
    Dominic Muldoon 28 days ago

    Can i get the name of that song

  • Elliott Johnson
    Elliott Johnson 2 months ago


  • Emi Hasani
    Emi Hasani 2 months ago

    0:25 e36? e36?

  • Princessgang Ricki
    Princessgang Ricki 2 months ago

    ‘ I.

  • Big Herb
    Big Herb 2 months ago

    50k build, wow.

  • Samarihouston Vlogs98
    Samarihouston Vlogs98 2 months ago

    Intro song??

  • Clent _Hoody_Boii
    Clent _Hoody_Boii 2 months ago

    Can’t get over this video 😂 Itz just crazyyy

    RSV TEN 2 months ago

    I like evo

  • WinnerB0Y
    WinnerB0Y 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure i saw an e46 not an e36. Could be wrong tho

  • Adam Lezama
    Adam Lezama 3 months ago

    Damn man I feel da pulls just from watching lol

  • E30_ OfHouston
    E30_ OfHouston 3 months ago

    Me e30 looks slow now


    It’s a life long dream to be drivin in that 🙏🏽

  • my balls smell like cheese

    Lol that was not a e36 , it was a e46 bruh

  • pepsli
    pepsli 3 months ago

    Is Chris not letting go of the gas when he’s shifting?

  • DARK WIZARD 2002
    DARK WIZARD 2002 3 months ago

    Dude my friend gives me stuff all the time for liking evos i wish u could race him lmao its cause he likes suburus

  • Joshua Clarke
    Joshua Clarke 3 months ago

    He need a quick shifter gearbox or did he already do that

  • LivinTheDr3am
    LivinTheDr3am 3 months ago

    Lmao that's Van Nuys on Sherman Way I live right by there probably heard you gassin it

  • Mitch Gunner
    Mitch Gunner 3 months ago

    Ohhh my God I can’t wait to upgrade my Mitsubishi Lancer engine so bad.

  • baba Burnweedsan
    baba Burnweedsan 3 months ago

    Yo..sick built evo get them racing video up asap.dont be cocky about it..race them

  • Sam P
    Sam P 3 months ago

    That’s e46 not 36

  • keirra Leggins
    keirra Leggins 3 months ago +1

    Great video

  • Joshua Souls
    Joshua Souls 3 months ago +3

    50K? Did you have someone do the work

  • MadBoss Tradamus
    MadBoss Tradamus 3 months ago +1

    This is BRUTALLLLL....I fucking love it

  • magical nightmare
    magical nightmare 3 months ago

    lol 1:15 #savethehair

  • pob000
    pob000 3 months ago


  • Edwin Aviles
    Edwin Aviles 3 months ago

    you guys should do races with each other!!!

  • Ninja Assassin's Creek
    Ninja Assassin's Creek 3 months ago

    I'm still looking for a *Dodge* *Demon*

  • socialninja22
    socialninja22 3 months ago

    Alex face on the shifts😂😂😂😂😂

  • socialninja22
    socialninja22 3 months ago

    I so want an FF!

  • Tristan Jubelag
    Tristan Jubelag 3 months ago

    the price you paid also scared me hahahahhaha killer evo

  • Alfred Ritcher
    Alfred Ritcher 3 months ago

    Dam it dude i had fast cars in the 1980's but that thing looks like it lost its mind

  • Damo Ryan
    Damo Ryan 3 months ago

    50k was worth every bit of it Chris..

    YFN_ MARI 3 months ago

    Listen to the dumb rich rich talk shit about the evo. Lol , just cuz a car doesn’t cost $200k+ doesnt mean its not fast

  • SRfastZ
    SRfastZ 3 months ago

    Badass bro

  • The Dawst™
    The Dawst™ 3 months ago

    Did you put a VTEC on?!

  • Kollins Jayy
    Kollins Jayy 3 months ago


  • Kollins Jayy
    Kollins Jayy 3 months ago

    Your slacking on da vidz smh

  • kevin jaquez
    kevin jaquez 3 months ago

    what would you get a lambo or a 9000hp hellcat

  • Lil Dabooo
    Lil Dabooo 3 months ago

    Where are the illegal car shows

  • Seon Petros
    Seon Petros 3 months ago

    Hey Chris, I have a business offer where can i contact you?

  • Utah Fishing
    Utah Fishing 3 months ago


    THATCAR GUY 3 months ago

    Uber your evo

  • Coraline
    Coraline 3 months ago

    I fucking said #SAVETHEHAIR to my highschool officer and only one of my friends got it LmFaO

  • Boss Returns
    Boss Returns 3 months ago

    We had a pretty good meet in New york on Sunday, WATCH IT on my channel!!!
    *It's getting posted everywhere*

  • Carlos Damiani
    Carlos Damiani 3 months ago +2

    Black widow Supra vs the Evo 👀👀🤔

  • Dakota trokey
    Dakota trokey 3 months ago

    What kind of rich ass family were you born into

    MR. MASKOFF 3 months ago

    Chris go to the hooligan garage my guy

  • Maximillian
    Maximillian 3 months ago

    Fresh kicks might need that smoke

  • xarnoldx10
    xarnoldx10 3 months ago

    You are a hero for building an Evo X!

  • Pavan Kumar kiba
    Pavan Kumar kiba 3 months ago

    @dankwheelie want to do a collab video with you my man!! Jsut check out for it!!

  • Jacob Rozelle
    Jacob Rozelle 3 months ago

    Good sheet

  • McLovin's Life
    McLovin's Life 3 months ago

    I want someone's opinion on a possible purchase; A 1997 Honda Civic EX
    Coil over in front of the car, 4 to 1 headers with high compression pistons has an ls 1.8 motor and a stage 3 clutch in it, cold air intake
    Motor has about 800 miles on it body about 28500

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell 3 months ago

    And what happens when you lose control and crash into an innocent driver, killing them? If you live through it maybe you will realize what an irresponsible little punk kid you are. Our streets aren't your racetrack Chris.

  • Michael Avetisyan
    Michael Avetisyan 3 months ago

    Is he Armenian

  • Abel Mayo
    Abel Mayo 3 months ago

    When are you going to a car meet

  • y ru
    y ru 3 months ago

    ive been binge watchin ur videos bro 😭😹 they mad entertainin, keep up the work 👌🏼

  • pedrofromrosa
    pedrofromrosa 3 months ago

    0:25 that’s an “e46” m3 not “e36”

  • tumblr
    tumblr 3 months ago

    you are my idol bro

  • Doug S
    Doug S 3 months ago

    What a surprise rich kid alex bags on his friends evo. Not surprised at all

  • MrJermacwins
    MrJermacwins 3 months ago

    I cant stop watching this lol

  • HeartBroken Vibes
    HeartBroken Vibes 3 months ago

    It feels different because of the weight difference

  • Marios V.
    Marios V. 3 months ago

    Just think about that Flames goes out from exhaust🔥

  • qtRejectz
    qtRejectz 3 months ago

    U with the DailySuperCars I think that’s them right

  • Sylvain Lebel
    Sylvain Lebel 3 months ago

    To cool bro lolll good built 👍

  • STi boi 4
    STi boi 4 3 months ago

    Lol the boost and turbo

  • quaag 74
    quaag 74 3 months ago

    That first acceleration😤

  • Lynx 4LGang
    Lynx 4LGang 3 months ago

    Chris now u gotta do a top speed run in the Evo.

  • Lynx 4LGang
    Lynx 4LGang 3 months ago

    YEA MY BOI CHRIS IS FAST HUH? Chris go hurt some feelings. Prefferably Alex and Kyles

  • Quint Kingsley
    Quint Kingsley 3 months ago

    Take daymon for a ride!!!

  • Ynp. Byron
    Ynp. Byron 3 months ago +1

    Pull so hard alex can’t keep yah camera straight 😂💀💀💀💀