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  • SouthwesternEagle
    SouthwesternEagle 28 minutes ago

    What was that at the end? The three stooges? :P

  • 梓美大崎
    梓美大崎 Day ago

    3:45 This action is not an idiot one、I may use my vacuum as a waterpump。
    According the user's guide、my model can be use as waterpump, air blowers and vacuum to clean (3 in 1) "(- . -)"
    The author of this segment must buy one before laughing "(¬ . ¬)"

  • Виктор Сазонов

    3:40 - дядька, ты реально прикалываешься или совсем допился до ручки???

  • D H
    D H 5 days ago

    Die meisten Menschen sind dämlicher als die meisten Viecher!

  • костя кинчев

    0:36 Что здесь не так? Дальнейшее копание ковшом опасно.

  • Tweety Kid
    Tweety Kid 7 days ago

    7:52 is completely impossible to explain, lol!

  • Farming Simulator17
    Farming Simulator17 8 days ago

    nice to see that almost all are romanians....... well we are renowned for one thing

  • Иван Леонидович

    Такого крановщика с трубами за яйца и покатать!!!

  • Lamouche Zebi
    Lamouche Zebi 11 days ago

    4:48. WHAAAAAAAATH ?!!!!!!!
    No way

  • Jagjit Singh
    Jagjit Singh 11 days ago

    Last one is hilarious poor guy.

  • Rafał Kozioł
    Rafał Kozioł 11 days ago

    7:56 the best!Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!

  • Armin Chanel
    Armin Chanel 11 days ago

    Eeee ria ria romania :)))

  • Александр Шориков

    С трубами это вообще пиздец крановищика нужно отпиздить

  • Stephen Reilly
    Stephen Reilly 12 days ago


  • Romanson 87
    Romanson 87 12 days ago

    7:53 уссался!

  • Burr Anderson
    Burr Anderson 12 days ago +1

    These idiots didn't seem to be working at all.

  • max vanrohlua
    max vanrohlua 12 days ago


  • The Great Eldian Empire
    The Great Eldian Empire 12 days ago +2

    Don't worry they got an update this month , all their stats got a buff.

  • Ruat Fela
    Ruat Fela 12 days ago

    1.50 -2.08.. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • captain spaulding
    captain spaulding 12 days ago

    The ol "tracks low on air" gold.

  • eddie garrison
    eddie garrison 12 days ago

    4:07 nothin but doing a drag race

  • 鷲巣巌
    鷲巣巌 12 days ago


  • Chris Trudell
    Chris Trudell 12 days ago

    Hey thanks. Got some brilliant stuff on there!😋🇨🇦👍

  • Callum
    Callum 12 days ago +2

    It's me in all the videos

  • ああ
    ああ 13 days ago


  • Mustafa Osmanoğlu
    Mustafa Osmanoğlu 13 days ago

    Băi pleacă de acolo :))))

  • Respektuj
    Respektuj 13 days ago

    4;25 song?

  • Diory N
    Diory N 13 days ago +3

    I'm not so sure if, after watching this, i become dumber or smarter!

    • Stef
      Stef 11 days ago

      yes you did

  • Sancho S Marsa
    Sancho S Marsa 13 days ago +1

    Много времени уделили бреду с насосом...

  • I hate wasted food
    I hate wasted food 13 days ago +5

    03:00 air pump?

    • X3I4
      X3I4 12 days ago +1

      This guy is brain dead

  • Mick Carson
    Mick Carson 13 days ago

    The unbelievable part is they got the job.

  • Nherista project
    Nherista project 13 days ago

    itu bus mau ngpain?

  • Александр Лыкасов

    Ебуны с трубами)))

  • Nancy and Pita King
    Nancy and Pita King 13 days ago

    Did he just try to hold onto the truck

  • Gunner Schenck
    Gunner Schenck 13 days ago

    0:26 🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • dat vu
    dat vu 13 days ago

    1.40 stupid truck driver.

  • Dibdabalot
    Dibdabalot 14 days ago

    Laugh with - not at someone.

  • Денис Сесоров

    5:34 Jackass joke

  • おかだ順平
    おかだ順平 14 days ago

    1:16 mario party

  • Marjolein Pls
    Marjolein Pls 14 days ago

    7:43 Is that cow poo??

  • UFO sighting
    UFO sighting 14 days ago +1


  • Mesut YILDIZ
    Mesut YILDIZ 14 days ago +1

    Finish good 🤣🤣👍

  • geoff N
    geoff N 15 days ago

    That's really funny :-)

  • Csm Ctl
    Csm Ctl 15 days ago

    Dovada ca prostia mare limite

  • kẻ lập Dị
    kẻ lập Dị 16 days ago +3

    5:20 là ở việt nam nè🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • Raul Ramirez
    Raul Ramirez 16 days ago

    The last one is the best.

    TOTALLY AWEMAZING 16 days ago +7

    0:59. When you wish you could jump like Mario and run like Sonic. . . Boat level is a bit difficult I think

  • Ziera Artimac
    Ziera Artimac 17 days ago +6

    The guys with the spoons. Pure Gold! Funniest stuff I've seen in a LONG time. Thanks.

  • Mentally Awakened
    Mentally Awakened 17 days ago

    6:57 This is what happened to CONCRETE from this ship...Imagine an Iceberg...
    7:11 Final Result

  • 。みんみ
    。みんみ 18 days ago


  • Frankie Roberts
    Frankie Roberts 18 days ago +3

    50 ways on How to dump a load without raising the bed . hahaha

  • Jim 762
    Jim 762 19 days ago +3

    7:52 = Actually makes dumbazz Aussies smarter ....
    Dumbazz Aussie's is redundant-my bad ...

  • Boris Tomko
    Boris Tomko 19 days ago

    that first guy could easily get crushed if that car flipped over, jeez

  • Ryk Son
    Ryk Son 20 days ago

    @00:40... Idiots with no experience. Making others jobs harder when they get killed or injured

  • Markie Rodriguez
    Markie Rodriguez 20 days ago

    jajajajajaj, very stupids

  • Caroline Brennan
    Caroline Brennan 21 day ago +1

    HahahA craaaaaazyyy humans never cease to awe me!

  • John2001
    John2001 21 day ago

    1:44 That hurts. 😭

  • Sandy Cheeks
    Sandy Cheeks 21 day ago +2

    This is funny I laugh at video evry tiem I watthc

  • Frito Hernandez
    Frito Hernandez 21 day ago +2

    This are of the funny

  • Rocky Finkhouse
    Rocky Finkhouse 22 days ago

    What is sad is that these people are the ones who get promoted.

  • Przemyslaw Osmialowski


  • Deez Evil
    Deez Evil 22 days ago

    Ex Job corps staff lol

  • dolores critandi
    dolores critandi 22 days ago

    stupid people with no brains

  • mas blangkon
    mas blangkon 22 days ago

    waw. ..nice video friend 😅😊

  • Robert P
    Robert P 22 days ago

    middle eastern people have to be some of the stupidest people on Earth. Look how f'd up their religious views are let alone the stupid things they do.

  • shahnaz gulam
    shahnaz gulam 23 days ago

    Excellent, brilliant .. THANKS YOU. FOR UPLOADING

  • Timothy Stratton
    Timothy Stratton 23 days ago +3

    Holy shit that bus driver. I want the back story

    • Jim 762
      Jim 762 19 days ago +1

      Back Story = You're a dumchit ...

  • shahnaz gulam
    shahnaz gulam 23 days ago

    I paused the FIRST part of the video and watch again to watch what really happen.

  • helder capela
    helder capela 23 days ago +1

    THE FIRST guy reborn for the truck did not overturn on him

    • Jim 762
      Jim 762 19 days ago +1

      I see your pic got your good side ....
      Congrats on that ...
      Idiot ...

  • Rahish 082
    Rahish 082 23 days ago

    The two men drilling must be from the future 3019

  • Hila Alon-Totravelive
    Hila Alon-Totravelive 24 days ago +1


  • Neuester Bullshit X
    Neuester Bullshit X 24 days ago

    I saw a Shovel 🤮

  • some random cunt
    some random cunt 24 days ago +1

    Sad nut

  • steven vanden broucke
    steven vanden broucke 24 days ago

    are you serious ?? 2.47

  • iso happy today
    iso happy today 25 days ago

    Tag line..???

  • Mxrko
    Mxrko 25 days ago


  • minosuke358
    minosuke358 26 days ago

    一発目は 福山通運

  • Jessshae Finch
    Jessshae Finch 26 days ago

    Now you know why workers comp insurance is so high ...

  • Fly Beep
    Fly Beep 27 days ago

    00:30 dude including that into this compilation is an idiot. Risk of damaging pipes anyone??

  • Gideon kanje
    Gideon kanje 27 days ago

    At 9:42 professional idiots

  • Harman E. C.
    Harman E. C. 27 days ago

    2:58 too much vodkaaa

  • A• Creator
    A• Creator 28 days ago

    3.25 min, das ist glaub ich der dümmste Mensch der Welt :D

  • Sidius doe
    Sidius doe 29 days ago

    1:15 this asshole deserve to be fired right away

  • music world
    music world 29 days ago

    Ye thamb na chutmarichya,zatya 😂😂😂😂 proper mumbaikar

  • Tomáš Bouzek
    Tomáš Bouzek 29 days ago

    Time 07:55 workers of the year at "work".

  • iReBoundszz -
    iReBoundszz - 29 days ago


  • Constantin Colos
    Constantin Colos 29 days ago

    1:25 Romania yeeeiii

  • lee van cleef
    lee van cleef 29 days ago

    First guys been watching to many avenger movies.. He's lucky that truck didn't flip over & kill him

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 29 days ago

    @ last clip..😄😄😄😄

  • tbird90sc
    tbird90sc 29 days ago

    OMG with the pipes, just set them down anywhere immediately to stop them from swinging out of control.

  • T N
    T N 29 days ago

    You can't say all are idiots, mistakes happened sometimes and everyone could have something like that

  • rien
    rien Month ago

    On trouvera toujours le connard pour ce moquer du plus faible sur un chantier.

  • Azad Danial
    Azad Danial Month ago

    Wow AMAZING info thanks for sharing❤️❤️

  • Dawson Fude
    Dawson Fude Month ago

    Rumor has it, they are still inflating the tracks

  • رئيس الجزائر

    شكون عربي إذير جام
    من الجزائر

  • PeteW.
    PeteW. Month ago +2

    Hold my beer.
    I got this.
    (All the clips)

  • Cassie
    Cassie Month ago

    3:23 да уж чудной какой а механик

  • Maciek Kra
    Maciek Kra Month ago

    1:10 guy holding the rope is an idiot, guys standing in there are even bigger idiots.

    MR TRIGO Month ago +2

    9:16 getting in position🤣🤣

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes Month ago

    Lol the car that turned around to watch the bus do a u-turn on a highway