This Is The Political Aftermath Of The Parkland School Shooting (HBO)

  • Published on Feb 21, 2018
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    Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students are bussing by the dozens to Tallahassee this week to lobby their lawmakers to pass gun control legislation, in the wake of the shooting that left 17 of their classmates and teachers dead last week.
    But they face difficult odds in trying to get anything done in Florida, where gun rights proponents have a strong grasp on the Republican-controlled state legislature.
    One of those gun-rights defenders, GOP State Sen. Dennis Baxley, told VICE News that he opposes any restrictions on assault weapons - the kind of gun used by the Stoneman Douglas shooter.
    "You can't just make policy that doesn't work," he said. "It's the mindset that's the issue," not the weapon.
    But Democrats believe now the time is ripe for reform. State Rep. Jared Moskowitz, who represents the district where the shooting ocurred, said the efforts by the Stoneman Douglas students were helping to encourage moderate Republicans to take a look at gun control for the first time in a decade.
    He noted, however, Democrats need to be ready to compromise.
    “If Republicans are willing to give an inch, I'm taking it, and then I'll go get another inch and another and another. I am not willing to squander the opportunity to do something,” he said.

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  • VICE News
    VICE News  Year ago +37

    The frequency of school shootings in the U.S. is skyrocketing.
    Survivors of mass shootings told VICE News what should be done. Watch it here -

    • BigNosedGod
      BigNosedGod 3 months ago

      That's blatantly false. School shootings have been on a downward trend for at least a decade now.

    • David Grover
      David Grover 6 months ago +1

      VICE News you claim a political aftermath but you don’t mention how Obama’s Promise Program left the killer free to commit the crime?

    • Vicki Jo
      Vicki Jo 11 months ago

      What about the rights to live of those that are killed by gun violence? What are you really afraid of if your guns are taken away?

    • Jubbycows 14
      Jubbycows 14 Year ago

      Eric Bolling (former Faux News "MIMBO") claimed that the bag of "Skittles" that Trayvon Martin had could have been used as a deadly weapon: "Hey, don't think you can't just shove that whole bag down someone's throat and kill 'em that way." said the bag of rotted meat in a suit who was even too "out there" for Fox News...

    • Justin Sidious
      Justin Sidious Year ago

      Stop fucking lying. School shootings are not on the rise.

    M REZAYAT 6 days ago


  • Funes
    Funes 11 days ago

    I don't remember soldiers using AR-15s in the battlefield. Half of these kids don't even know what they are even talking about.
    Edit #1: a fucking ar15 is slow asf compared to other weapons.

  • Noman Sajid
    Noman Sajid 12 days ago

    Americans should stop killing innocents in Middle East for oil. US government should see their children can't bear the backfire. USA is the biggest terrorist on planet.

  • Daniel Okunev
    Daniel Okunev 16 days ago

    This 1 person broke a community and tore it down

  • Lauren
    Lauren 18 days ago +1

    "AR15 can kill lots of people quickly."


    NG DALI 20 days ago

    This is what happens when everybody has a gun...

  • Flying Banana
    Flying Banana 26 days ago

    You want change, you vote. You keep voting until you get someone who’ll listen. Someone who’s willing to fight for YOU.

  • tnab
    tnab Month ago

    LMFAO this man really compared an AR-15 with a FUCKING SPOON

  • Kevin.
    Kevin. Month ago +1

    ''' Gun Control ''

  • Mason Freer
    Mason Freer Month ago +1

    Mental Health Reform people, not the banning of all guns. It's like drinking, it's not the alcohol that's the problem, it's the person who drinks that alcohol which is the problem.

  • Actually just Rhode Island

    Were is fürher Hogg?

  • Menma
    Menma 2 months ago

    Give teachers guns.

  • Joe Gilberti
    Joe Gilberti 2 months ago

    Not ONE WOUNDED KID wants a Millions dollars to show their wounds & help open a unique US RESOURCE to millions of Taps? Not One Parkland Teacher or Cop? The FAKE Majorie Stoneman Douglas Shooting is in to the Supreme Court & a RICO! Grow up! via @RUclip

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond 3 months ago

    I rather be shot than be sliced by a sword to have my head cut off by Syrian refugees terrorist!

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond 3 months ago

    faith ,family , opportunity, values!

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond 3 months ago

    fake news, look at all school shooting and bombing and u will see the same crisis actor in every other one!

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid 4 months ago +1

    Enjoying your first ammendment now, Americunts?!

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 4 months ago

    if vice is covering it , it must be a hoax lol

  • TheReactionaryAmerican
    TheReactionaryAmerican 4 months ago

    The 9/11 terrorist attacks and Oklahoma City bombing killed more than every school shooting combined and there were no guns involved. If you think banning all/certain firearms will fix the problem then go back to eating crayons and get off of RUclip. Honduras banned private firearm ownership and they have one of the highest murder rate in the world. Switzerland has mandatory firearm ownership (that includes machine guns) and they have one of the lowest murder rates in the world. You people are legit the most fucking retarded people I’ve ever seen. Nowhere in the history of anywhere has banning law abiding citizens from owning certain firearms or any firearms at all has stopped crime.

  • druha10304
    druha10304 5 months ago

    louis ck destoryed these kids LOL

  • Matthew Matias
    Matthew Matias 5 months ago

    you can bypass every gun law by simply buying it illegally from your local neighbor

  • dylan storm trooper der
    dylan storm trooper der 5 months ago +1

    you can sue the media for these hoaxes its worth the money:)-

  • dylan storm trooper der
    dylan storm trooper der 5 months ago +1

    whats green and smells like david hogg?sheriff israels middle finger

  • dylan storm trooper der
    dylan storm trooper der 5 months ago +1

    easter eggs in a hoax is like having the mars rover come alive every so often taking pictures of earth we need more oracles like assange to help the new world disorder he is full of easter eggs and shit:)-

  • nevada smith
    nevada smith 6 months ago

    we need more false flag control, & Communist Snowflake Control

  • Zzarcon1
    Zzarcon1 6 months ago

    I bet if the shooter decided to commit suicide instead of go on a shooting, then everyone in this video would celebrate, or at least be relieved.

  • David Grover
    David Grover 6 months ago

    VICE News you claim a political aftermath but you don’t mention how Obama’s Promise Program left the killer free to commit the crime?

  • Leslie Gonzalez
    Leslie Gonzalez 7 months ago


  • D. Mc
    D. Mc 7 months ago

    Fake staged psyops. Am I the only who see this??? Vice has always been shit pushing propaganda and lies. I will say Vice always gives me good laughs with there bullshit.

  • Ernesto Velazquez
    Ernesto Velazquez 7 months ago

    No where is safe no matter what

  • cold dead hand
    cold dead hand 8 months ago

    They act as if the NRA has a giant printing press in the basement and they're just printing money. Where does the money come from? It comes from gun owners who want to keep their right to self preservation so they become members. It comes from gun manufactures who donate money after law abiding gun owners buy their products.

  • cold dead hand
    cold dead hand 8 months ago

    As horrible as this tragedy is, banning one particular type of firearm will do nothing. This is a decay of the moral compass of the American society and as long as morals and values are not taught in every individual home it will continue. Only the instrument of death will change. At the end of the day the second amendment is a documented observation of an individuals natural right to self preservation, to match force with anyone who wishes to infringe on their inherent rights and it is never justified to initiate the threat of violence on someone in order to steal their property when they haven't harmed another person. Period.

  • Tuesday Tea ☕︎
    Tuesday Tea ☕︎ 8 months ago

    My friends brother died from this shooting. My best friend goes to Douglas. I drive on roads where kids screamed in terror. I’m crying for all the victims. 😭

  • Nexus 7
    Nexus 7 8 months ago

    BAN all guns, mass shootings will immediately come to a stop! If that doesn't happen, then the cycle of this naughtiness will continue to repeat.

  • FBI
    FBI 9 months ago

    Im against spoons now lol

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 9 months ago

    2 amendment kills americans aahahha legendado

  • nine yards songs
    nine yards songs 9 months ago

    being able to buy a gun at 18 and not able to drink alcohol is the most ludicrous law ever..why not make them both the age of 21?

  • Milan Stojadinović
    Milan Stojadinović 10 months ago


  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 10 months ago

    If you should be 21 to buy a gun, then you should be 21 to join the military. End of fucking story.

  • 5Mariner
    5Mariner 10 months ago

    0:52 Sadly it did. And its all thanks to irresponsible gun owners!

  • The SERGEANT of MGTOW Sergeant E.D.

    Yeah, yeah what about the poor kids in compton or the bronx. May those kids rest in peace. But were all going to die sometime. Just look at all the 2.2 million children killed in the middle east. By U.S. but when some affluent children from Florida get the same shit. All the sudden these leftist SJWs try and take our guns away. #NRA💪...

  • The SERGEANT of MGTOW Sergeant E.D.


  • Kevin Zheng
    Kevin Zheng 11 months ago

    What state did this take place?

  • Buddy Luck
    Buddy Luck 11 months ago

    All of you idiots are terrible actors.

  • Jon G
    Jon G Year ago

    These comments are why kids (and other Americans) are going to continue to die from senseless gun violence. GL my southern neighbours, try not to get shot.

  • Shoegum
    Shoegum Year ago +2

    So what happens after they ban just ar-15s. Next are ak-47s, FN Fal, then P90s, then another, another, another. A gun is a gun, stop trying to ban my ar-15 you little shit heads.

  • Shoegum
    Shoegum Year ago +1

    None of the reforms mentioned wouldn't stop the next shooting. What's the answer. These kids aren't buying the guns they're taking them from their parents. Increasing the age of possession wouldn't stop it. The kids who are doing the shootings usually are the ones who were bullied, stop being mean lil bastards to each other. #stopbullying Expanding a 3-day wait period wouldn't stop someone who wants a gun from getting it and using it.

    SANITIZED, INC. Year ago

    Pathetic old dinosaur white man brings up the good ol' spoons argument.
    I think we should make a new law that states whomever says such stupid shit about spoons... must be slow-murdered by a furious mob of people with spoons. They'll be smacking him in the balls, popping out eye balls, etc.
    As the smart young lady said -- and I'm paraphrasing here -- Spoons aren't used in mass murders you stupid fucktard!
    As soon as any ridiculous brainwashed NRA toadie little dicked gun nut starts to poop that bullshit moronic fake argument from their skat-eating pie holes, just walk away. There is no hope for these idiots. Zero. Stick a fork (or spoon) in their ass and flip 'em over -- they're done.
    Enough with your dumbass guns, you lil' scaredy cat chicken shits. Get bent. Suck on your guns. It will make the world better. Eff you.

  • ZacharyCharles
    ZacharyCharles Year ago

    "WORST NEWS THEY'VE HEARD SINCE THEIR PARENTS TOLD THEM TO GET SUMMER JOBS." people kill on my way to go put a fork/knife in jail for making people fat

  • Camden Renfroe
    Camden Renfroe Year ago +3

    Good job expressing your bias instead of quality journalism. Expected nothing less from vice

  • No social life Man

    Why are liberals against the AR 15 so much? most homicides are committed by handguns not assault rifles, and I can’t believe she just said that ARs are only used to kill people, which I disagree with 100%. ARs and other weapons can be used for other things such as recreational target practice at a gun range, home defense and etc. Also guns don’t have emotions they are inanimate objects that have no feelings and can’t move on their own, the blame should be put on the person who is pulling that trigger, not the weapon. The stupidity in our country is at an all time high. I have respect for these students who saw there friends get gunned down but I disagree with them 100%.

  • euphoricallymel
    euphoricallymel Year ago


  • Anand Bakshi
    Anand Bakshi Year ago

    ‪#saveschoolchildren Alexander Misurkin a Russian Cosmonaut who had his voice samples mismatched with automatic surveillance due to deep sea marine assignments he was given. I believe he put his voice into the shooters brain (Nicolas Cruze) from Canarm ISS under Ivanka #Trump. ‬

  • flowerpress1
    flowerpress1 Year ago

    People don't care.. It's sad

  • South Bound
    South Bound Year ago

    No investigation for a possible second shooter

  • Aya Prow
    Aya Prow Year ago

    i’m sorry...was a spoon really just compared to an AR-15???

  • strongheart227
    strongheart227 Year ago

    I love how rep moskowitz conveniently glosses over the failures of the FBI and the police. His own words are exactly why guns owners will fight tooth and nail to prevent more restrictions... "I'll take an inch... Then ill go get another inch... Then another." He admits he won't stop at so called "reasonable" restrictions and wants to ban guns.

  • Devlin Madden
    Devlin Madden Year ago

    The AR-15 is not a weapon of war, dumb ass.

  • ValoTheBrute
    ValoTheBrute Year ago +1

    a student at my school just got murdered got caught in-between a gang warfare

  • Tony Mead
    Tony Mead Year ago

  • SCLARK2112
    SCLARK2112 Year ago +1

    Your chances of being killed by a cell phone (texting while driving) is 11 times higher than being killed by a gun....

  • Dub Wilkinson
    Dub Wilkinson Year ago +1

    the good news about the Parkland SHOOTING is it was a HOAX not a SHOOTING
    no one was SHOT no one was KILLED

  • Songyuan Han
    Songyuan Han Year ago

    abolish 2nd amendment

  • Lotus Tang
    Lotus Tang Year ago

    This guy just compared an assault rifle to a spoon. Are you an idiot? Spoons aren't the problem it's the food that being eaten that is. An assault rifle is a dangerous weapon and this guy just compared it to spoons. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Lotus Tang
      Lotus Tang Year ago

      TheBookWorm1718 thank you, I really appreciate the information that an assault rifle is not a real thing. I should really study on my knowledge of weapons and guns. Just really appreciate this newly found knowledge and just know that I REALLY care so,so much. Since you are so wise, you should really just be the king of this world. 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Lotus Tang
    Lotus Tang Year ago

    This is a horrible senator and he needs to be gone.

  • rusty spatula
    rusty spatula Year ago

    Honestly, if someone was stealing or trying to hurt someone in my house I want to defend myself.

  • rusty spatula
    rusty spatula Year ago

    If they take away guns, people are just going to find other ways to kill people.

  • Alec Jaquez
    Alec Jaquez Year ago

    You guys normally arent so biased

  • Samantha Kwait
    Samantha Kwait Year ago

    I wonder how often those kids who have been going around campaigning are actually going to school.

  • julio aparicio
    julio aparicio Year ago

    Who else has seen a gun before the age of 18 and was not trying to shoot up a school ! The real issue is a mental health issue . I seen one of the kids that went to school with the shooter and she said it was okay to bully him because he’s been crazy ?

  • David Carr
    David Carr Year ago

    this fool just compared a spoon to an AR15 lmbo

  • Valentin Anthamatten

    In Switzerland we do have guns (every person that complete his mandatory army service can keep his gun at home) = 50% of Swiss man & 2-3% Swiss woman
    But ! Ammunition is almost impossible to get and you can not get around in the street with your gun.
    This is just an other perspective on gun regulation. However, after listening to the anti spoon dude, I believe there is a real problem of lobbying. How can you get forward if these kind of people are holding you back?

  • GShock112
    GShock112 Year ago +1

    The reality of the situation is so horrible nobody wants to hear it.
    Hogg, Kasky, Gonzalez and the others are paid actors, not high school students who witnessed a real event but propagandists of yet another hoax that is being portraited as a real shooting. I don't need to remind everyone here that it's not possible to deflect bullets with a book, not possible to recover from their wounds within 2 days or that you can't shoot a video of an aftermath at 9.30 in the morning when the shooting happens at 2.20 in the afternoon. You know it's not real but you just don't want to accept that your government is capable of doing these horrible things because, eventually, you don't know our governments have been doing these things for decades.
    Norman Casiano was shot at the Pulse 4 times in the back by an AR-15 at point blank range on June 12 2016. In the later revision of the fake story, he was only shot twice by a Sig Sauer MCX. Doesn't matter...
    This is Norman Casiano on June 13 2016, discharged from Hospital the next day:
    When you know he profited from the goFRAUDme page and that a close relative of his has been released early from jail (rapist and gangbanger) and yet nobody went to jail or even faced trial for that, what does that tell you? That tells you the government is behind it. I know it's horrible but it's true and the matter of fact is that feelings erupting from a FACT do not change the fact. If you can't handle the truth because it's too horrible that doesn't change the fact that it still is the truth.
    You may start to consider the tens of MILLIONS of us who know the truth are not crazy and do your own research on the subject.
    The TV and newspapers lie to you 24/7 pretty much about everything and if you're not in the USA, you get the exact translation word by word of the lies the americans are spoon-fed with.
    The political aftermath is being described by fakestream propaganda BS networks, such as HBO or VICE or ANY other gatekeeper that will prevent you from knowing the truth. You will ALWAYS see them trolling and showing you a story that is a colossal LIE but NEVER show you the evidence the people who call them out as liars have collected.
    And yet the evidence is there: it's your duty as human being to find it and fight for it, else you'll always only be a slave.
    I understand you don't believe me because you don't want to believe me. You CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH... therefore you can do one of 2 things. Have someone shoot you ONCE with a Sig Sauer MCX and see if you are looking as healthy and as happy as Norman Casiano the next day OR do your own research.
    In any other case, you were, are and will always be a SLAVE.

  • Jacob Snyder
    Jacob Snyder Year ago

    s p o o n s bro

  • Tachanka Lover69
    Tachanka Lover69 Year ago +1


  • Elijah Cortez
    Elijah Cortez Year ago

    Says political aftermath and then shoes pro-dominantly liberal views until the end

  • Hardovski
    Hardovski Year ago

    You shouldn’t have used this particular interviewer or journalist. The whole AR-15 talk is a foolish endeavour.

  • Funk Obama
    Funk Obama Year ago

    should the people that made gun free zones like schools be held responsible. think about that.

  • Funk Obama
    Funk Obama Year ago

    tell the people to stop the false flags then

  • John Adams
    John Adams Year ago

    This country is doomed

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor Year ago +1

    The first girl has an nhs shirt on she goes to niceville fl not parkland holy bad media

  • TatChineseKid
    TatChineseKid Year ago

    I can't remember the last time the us military sent their soldiers to war with semi automatic ar-15...

  • FiveCents Worth-Trouble

    rich suburban areas are not cities so they could not have been named a safe city.
    The kids are pushing for higher age to buy a gun because they say 18 year olds are not mature enough. Of course they think that. They are spoiled rich kids. I say they shouldn't be allowed to vote until 26. Stop giving kids everything they want and we won't have a country of brats. We have a morality problem.

  • henna
    henna Year ago

    did he just compare guns & killing ppl to obesity and spoons??? wth im so happy that i don't live in the states

  • Rio Julio
    Rio Julio Year ago

    Live in Amerika is danger because gun is premitted to civilian

  • Aek Sinsang
    Aek Sinsang Year ago +1

    Psyop no one died

  • 26mirelka
    26mirelka Year ago

    6:13... did he just compare a SPOON to an ASSAULT RIFLE. LMFAOOOOOOOOO

  • Commander Salamanders

    America has been a gun owning nation for 230 years... mass shootings are a fairly recent trend.

  • Oscar Luff
    Oscar Luff Year ago

    Nothing will change until the corrupt politicians and officials are removed. Until then, they will push their unfair agenda

  • Haydn Reycraft
    Haydn Reycraft Year ago

    Yeah that kid that's turning 18 in 7 months looks crazy. No gun for him

  • seekthelight andyoushallfindit

    Peoples who sacrifice liberty for security will loose both.

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond Year ago

    yea you should be 21 to vote now, I don't want brainwash kids voting!

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond Year ago

    4000 die a year from texting and driving and 315 a year from school shooting!

  • Janae Nae Nae
    Janae Nae Nae Year ago


  • laxx1559
    laxx1559 Year ago

    Where were all these folks when people were getting shot by the dozens in Chicago?

  • Helen Piciacchi
    Helen Piciacchi Year ago

    People kill people not guns... Corrupt politicians and law enforcement agencies who fail to protect so they can line thier silk pockets. The problem is deep state and federal corruption!! These kids will wake up. They are meant to thats what happening here on a collective consciousness level.

  • Yakav8r55m
    Yakav8r55m Year ago

    Where are the candles and flowers and sisters and friends sitting in the grass sobbing and whimpering for the over 370,000 children murdered yearly by Planned Parenthood? Where are these teenagers rage and raised fist of wrath at the profiting from those child murders?? Where is their spiteful vitriol for those politicians that took campaign contributions to forward the radical liberal agenda that drives these murders?? There's a hypocritical double-standard for a movement that chooses to ignore the facts of the case and directly targets a specific firearm and a advocacy group that has a charter to preserve and defend the 2nd Amendment.

  • 2DebbieDoo
    2DebbieDoo Year ago

    Absolutely tragic...but the politics? From children who haven't even held a job, maintained a home, raised a family? These are the same kids who invented twerking, naked texts and sexting, the same kids who send 1000 texts per day... If someone kills someone because of DUI, do you blame the car? Go and take all the others cars away from people who had no accidents? If someone stabs someone to death do you blame the knife? Change starts at home, go take your parents weapons and turn them over to the police. The mere fact that these kids are so unaware that they believe the government SHOULD fix this....proves they are too young or intellectually immature to make such policies.

  • david bushinski
    david bushinski Year ago, is the "spoons" argument an actual NRA talking point, or did that bozo just pull that one out of his a*&?