How To Break a Brick With Your Hand

Today I show you how to break a brick in half using just one hand. This karate brick breaking punch stunt is way easier than it looks! If you know the correct technique you'll successfully be able to do it in seconds without hurting yourself! however you will have to purchase a new Oven & Microwave. Once you've practised for a while you'll be able to break up to 20 bricks at the same time! Simply follow the step by step instructions carefully & you'll be able to break bricks with your hands like a pro!

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Автор lorraine's channel ( назад)
don't watch his video cuase we are giving her money

Автор Gangsta Lemon ( назад)
0:35 they cut the camera that didn't really happen

Автор Joey Lolcat ( назад)
HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE?!?!?!??!?!?!(!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Автор Misco Jones :V ( назад)
This is how to break a brick? or how to break your house?

Автор Jonathan Peter ( назад)
this guy is crazy af

Автор IO & OI 2 marcierski ( назад)
cost 1000000000000000000000000000000000000zł

Автор ELFIE SYAFIKAL ( назад)
my god i keep laughing oh my god

Автор BigExplosion56 76 ( назад)
now that's a Easter-egg right! pun city

Автор TheFallSheep :v ( назад)
█████████████▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█████████████ QUE VERGAS

Автор Hailie Hembury ( назад)
damn boi

just dangg

Автор Jamille G. Durango ( назад)
the ending part was fake he just skip it!!but i subscibed

Автор King Skeletron ( назад)
He breaks everything not even I can buy that stuff

Автор Willow 2324 ( назад)
This i CRAZY !!!!!!

Автор Nathan Rinne ( назад)
Does he do these videos in abandoned houses or something?

Автор Donkey Nations ( назад)
He needs new home

Автор Alpha Duke ( назад)
after watchin it i can break a brick with my finger

Автор ayexrae Drica ( назад)
this guy must be rich

Автор Armodias ( назад)
how to break your hand with a brick

Автор Key lime Playz ( назад)
it should be called how to trash your house

Автор Aaron Timothy ( назад)
Guys basically this is how he do lol

Автор Yuri Gaming ( назад)
is he crazy?!

Автор The rider of hell fire, Ghost rider ( назад)
Long story short: Editing

Автор Sea Fox ( назад)
How does this guy pay for the shit he breaks?

Автор Jimi Laitinen ( назад)
too fun

Автор Gemma McRae ( назад)
this dude smashed all his stuff WHY

Автор Retro Gameplays ( назад)
18+ Only... Contains : eggs

Автор Retro Gameplays ( назад)
18+ Only... Contains : eggs

Автор John Marston ( назад)
metto like solo per farti ripagare la cucina distrutta

Автор Flammable Inventor ( назад)
I think he goes to ppl houses that didn't pay the drug money and recks them

Автор Ramirito Avila ( назад)
footsge of my mind in math class

Автор Ramirito Avila ( назад)
egg fetish

Автор John santos ( назад)
in 0:02 you breath like Darth Vader

Автор Gsgs Bshsh ( назад)
i feel like he is bying a house every vid

Автор Kypical - Roblox Gameplay ( назад)
how to break a hand with your brick

Автор Glitch HD ( назад)

Автор MLGPug ( назад)
I tried this and then my landlord kicked me out

Автор Zack kiger and more ( назад)

Автор Dayyan Masood ( назад)
in every video he use eggs but why

Автор C00L Girls ( назад)
Why you break your house for us

Автор Johannes Eriksson ( назад)
If you look real close, it's fake!

Автор viktor frank ( назад)

Автор Hamim Shafin ( назад)

Автор neon tag ( назад)
can imagine trying to actually break a brick with your bare hands? thats crazy!

Автор Brandon Low ( назад)
this man is so stupid

Автор Brandon Low ( назад)
is so funny

Автор Brendan Brandez ( назад)
Woooooooooohhhhh lets wreck stuffs

Автор Savannah mae Meyer ( назад)
i dont know were you get all this money

Автор Savannah mae Meyer ( назад)
you are so stupid you are wasting alot of things

Автор Whispie GT ( назад)

Автор GSWANKY ( назад)
More like how to break your hand with a brick

Автор Yoda ( назад)
Just when i needed a new microwave...

Автор Mango Tars ( назад)
Poor kitchen😢😭

Автор Nicolas Goulet ( назад)
Microwave could children african eaten have the

Автор 557597ize ( назад)

Автор Brayden S ( назад)
of courss not even 10 seconds into the video and he already is throwing eggs

Автор Ádám Penk ( назад)
how to break a Hand with your Brick

Автор Francisco Alcala ( назад)

Автор God of Stealth and Theives ( назад)
me: yo man I need you to do all my kitchen chores for the day.

basic:no problem homie I got u.

3 hours later


Автор Some Guy In An Ambulance ( назад)
Instructions unclear, brick stuck inside my anus.

Автор oatmeal ( назад)
i saw a pipe break XD

Автор Preston Sheilds ( назад)
Is howtobasic drunk, no hate included

Автор Lost Does Stuff ( назад)
Next on how to basic:
How to fix your house in one second

Автор xxxLILBOYxxx CREW ( назад)
this was so funny I shit myself

Автор Sebnotserp Gaming ( назад)
Poor house

Автор BIT- Z ( назад)
perfect training than others

Автор Savage Monkey ( назад)
what the fuck dude??

Автор KarlTheBeast ( назад)
Mexicans will find this handy.

Автор Lonely Azian1209 ( назад)
When ur trying to renovate ur house

Автор Yummie Sandwich ( назад)
starving children could have eaten those bricks

Автор TonyStark ( назад)
I tried it I do not think it works

Автор the noob blox ( назад)
How much damage did he cost and how much food did he waste

Автор Line boy 297 ( назад)
Give me a like if he is a bitch

Автор Line boy 297 ( назад)
This mother fucker dose not have a mind

Автор Dylan Klebold ( назад)
this nigga got basic hands

Автор vojtas93 0 ( назад)
i do this

Автор TonyYtptennis videomaker ( назад)
뭐야 이건.

Автор fone bone bendys fanboy ( назад)
he must own 100 houses

Автор Mary Lechenet ( назад)
it works everytime

Автор Mariusz Trynkiewicz ( назад)
kto z polski?

Автор Abdallah Maaitah ( назад)
Woah every video he make he get about 7k$ becuse views or maybe more.

Автор Thomas Murphy ( назад)
African Kids could've eaten that brick

Автор John The Master ( назад)
kids in africa could've eaten your kitchen walls, your microwave, you fridge, your stove, your eggs and that one single brick!

Автор SoldierJoao ( назад)
How to break a brick
1. Punch it rapidly
3. Congrats you have a purple mark on your fists.

Автор Titou1384 ( назад)
But children in Africa could've eaten that brick...

Автор 12seC ( назад)
Africa kid could've eaten that bricks

Автор Extreme Otaku ( назад)
Imagine him having to pay for reconstruction and having to explain what happened.

Автор jiN khan ( назад)
aah shit it's this guy, I thought it was a legit Martial art tutorial

Автор Kelvin Nguyen ( назад)
0:16 wait... It broke when he threw it.

Автор FR E SH A VOCA DO ( назад)
I honestly thought this was how cast so I clicked on it.

Автор anjo craft games ( назад)

Автор A_Glorious_Muffin ( назад)
Children in Africa could have eaten that microwave . . .

Автор Komment Elek ( назад)
rip brick XD

Автор Arshia ARSHIA ZAKESHBASH ( назад)
All time eggs

Автор Feris7564 ( назад)
you is fucking idiot

Автор mr.snail ( назад)

Автор Mikey Roberts ( назад)
0:15 he broke it.

Автор Mystic Gengar DX ( назад)
How to destroy a brick with elemental kitchen items

Автор TonyStark ( назад)
I tried it

Автор amurican bastard ( назад)
the starving children of africa could have eaten that brick what a waste of good brick

Автор Sean Chris Regner ( назад)
This is total destruction! Welp Mighty Eagle's wrath

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