Cooking Korean Food For My Korean Boyfriend!

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Hey everyone~
    I regretfully decided to try and cook a fancy Korean meal for my bf to judge, and it was a beautiful struggle. Once again, sorry for my over-editing and general ridiculousness 😰
    Thank ya'll sooo much for watching and let me know if there's any other Korean foods you'd like me to try and cook lol 😅❤️
    Love u! 💘

    Galbi jjim recipe I attempted to follow-
    My Earrings -
    Ear cuffs coming soon! :)

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  • DearSeoul
    DearSeoul  Month ago +56

    Someone rly needs to take away my Final Cut Pro effects lmao sry ya’ll 😇
    Lemme know if there’s any other Korean dishes that you’d like me to butcher 🥰
    Love u!💘

    • V.
      V. Month ago


    • CHKN HF
      CHKN HF Month ago

      I requeste shabu shabuuu because we thought it was so hard but you’ll see it’s not so hard and we are like eating shabu shabu every weekend 🤧 so addictive hope you try btw korean style 🌶🌶

    • rybbar
      rybbar Month ago

      DearSeoul do a dessert next time!!!

    • Pastor Hass
      Pastor Hass Month ago

      @Melissa I have opinion on what was being revealed thru Rachel's videos. You're the one trespassing my inalienable right. Stop it.

    • Pastor Hass
      Pastor Hass Month ago

      @Melissa What do you mean? I observed Rachel's boyfriend though many of her videos. Don't I get to have opinion about him? You're the weird one here. Do Korean boyfriends come with "User's Manual"? I think not.

  • Martha Solorio
    Martha Solorio 6 days ago

    This video literally made me laugh so much! Your sense of humor is so good 😂

  • Princess Diamond Diamond

    why can’t we see his face

  • armyᄐ ᄐ
    armyᄐ ᄐ 8 days ago +1

    You look like Charlie xcx


  • •Rocihila•
    •Rocihila• 9 days ago


  • Anotherkitchenbeautician

    You are so freaking funny! Like nothing is happening but all the effects? Is exactly how I'm internalizing all of this lmaooo. Ur amazing

  • Pyump kyin
    Pyump kyin 9 days ago

    when mickey did a smol lick of the meat packaging XD. So cuteeee

  • Monica k
    Monica k 12 days ago +2


  • Water
    Water 13 days ago +1

    Very unique cooking vlog .

  • 한일
    한일 15 days ago

    “Hey babe, I’ll do all the editing, just be in the video and look pretty, oh maybe cook something. Like what titanic Sinclair is doing.” 🤩

  • Kookies Bunny
    Kookies Bunny 16 days ago

    Omg I have a Korean boyfriend too and it has been a year since I moved into Seoul, South Korea and so far the main Korean food I have ever made was hanu. Because I’m actually pretty bad at cooking the other foods

  • KYS
    KYS 17 days ago +2

    New subscriber here

  • Isabel Olivia
    Isabel Olivia 17 days ago

    I'm so glad ur on yt again hahahaha 😍😂

  • I'm Chang- just call me I.M Ok?

    OMG how do you get around. I am going to be there next year for freshman year. I need tips pronto!! 😣😣😣😣😢😢

  • Jay Kim
    Jay Kim 18 days ago

    Wow so lucky guy

  • A Spectator
    A Spectator 21 day ago

    Your so beautiful inside and out

  • Aleksandr Mikhaylov
    Aleksandr Mikhaylov 22 days ago

    You look cute me, stunning and lovely 🥰😝😍😇 I loved your haircut. It looks great on you. By the way, where do you come from? It’s nice to see your videos. Peace ✌️

  • Hel Bon
    Hel Bon 22 days ago

    I live for that editing

  • Football Manager
    Football Manager 22 days ago

    cute couple

  • 伊藤春菜
    伊藤春菜 23 days ago +1

    you’re so perfect 🥺💜

  • Clara Luz Garcia
    Clara Luz Garcia 23 days ago

    Girl I just love how you edit your videos and your personality is so funny haha 😭😭 💕

  • Slaughterr Sierra
    Slaughterr Sierra 24 days ago +1

    I still love your channel!! Ughh make more videoss

  • Celinawar
    Celinawar 26 days ago

    Love your newest videos! I was cracking up most of the time!

  • Jaime Baroman
    Jaime Baroman 27 days ago

    my own siri just deadass responded to her 💀

  • Alexis Ruano
    Alexis Ruano 28 days ago

    Omg this was so funny, I loved this! Make another food challenge video!

  • S
    S 28 days ago +3

    Hilarious. Actually, I admire your dedication. Id tell my boyfriend we could go out and buy soup for $3. ;)

  • Shelby P
    Shelby P 29 days ago

    This was too funny omg i cried laughing the whole video

  • Dana Marie
    Dana Marie 29 days ago

    what makes her editing even funnier is how her expressions never really change 😂

  • vanezerene
    vanezerene 29 days ago

    the editing makes it sooo funny

  • Yoon Chung
    Yoon Chung 29 days ago +4

    I love how calm and soft spoken yet fun and crazy(in the most hilarious way) you are. And I love how your boyfriend is so nice and playful as well. Such a cute couple. :) makes me smile when I see genuinely kind hearted seeming people together. Keep up the great videos~ your edits are so funny.

  • Dan Silverio
    Dan Silverio 29 days ago

    the video was super funny but the background music was super creepy lol

  • Marori
    Marori 29 days ago

    You were so cute in this video and your personality really showed through your editing 😂 plus even your bf is funny lol

  • Vlog영풍
    Vlog영풍 Month ago

    너무 멎지네요
    잘보고갑니다. 양말 빵꾸 어쩔ㅋㅋㅋ
    Lokk like very delicious

  • Kitchen Practical
    Kitchen Practical Month ago

    Great ! It looks really expert! Sustain the helpful job!

  • usag
    usag Month ago

    i’m so happy you’re back 😭 you’re so funny and i love watching your videos! also this hairstyle looks super cute on you. ♥️

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie Month ago +4

    You trying to get the honey out of the bottle had me deceased 😂😂😂

  • Anna Pacheco
    Anna Pacheco Month ago

    Love the editing! Really enjoyed this video ! ^~^

  • Yul
    Yul Month ago

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  • Christine Khamo
    Christine Khamo Month ago

    I love the editing! 🤣🤣🤣

  • H HO
    H HO Month ago

    4:25 댕댕이도 ingredients에 포함시키는거 보니, 한국인 다 됐네.

  • jona pražnikar
    jona pražnikar Month ago +1

    you guys are the cutest haha also your sense of humor is just 👌😂

  • nate lucas
    nate lucas Month ago +1

    You're too lovableㅜㅜ kkkk always enjoy your videos :)

  • V.
    V. Month ago +1

    Your editing effects are so good they make me laugh. Micky is so cute.

  • slippp
    slippp Month ago +1

    I love how soft spoken and soothing your voice is, and even though your video editing is very extra and you have funny sound effects, your videos are so calming and relaxing to watch like I don’t find myself skipping through them like I do with other videos

  • Fontenelle
    Fontenelle Month ago

    Everything’s in plastic in those supermarkets it’s really sad

  • Christine B.
    Christine B. Month ago

    Looks delicious 😋

  • shoppingkinglouis
    shoppingkinglouis Month ago +3

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  • horkerloaf
    horkerloaf Month ago +3

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  • Christina J
    Christina J Month ago

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    Natalynh28 Month ago +6

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  • Amity Tube
    Amity Tube Month ago

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  • Twicelitty :3333333

    I tried cooking Kimchi stew and I added to much water and all the water pork and the pastes EVERYTHING just fell on the floor:c

  • 0wnuall101
    0wnuall101 Month ago +10

    I love your editing. You’re so much fun ! Glad you’re back

  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim Month ago +17

    This was hilarious. We need more Korean food challenge. Lol🤣😆

    CHKN HF Month ago +1

    You are sooo funny!! Omg I’m the same w my boyfriend he cooks and I umm eat ♥️♥️♥️

  • jeli mae
    jeli mae Month ago

    yiu’re si cute omffs

  • Germana Leite
    Germana Leite Month ago

    I love the effects lol btw this video made me hungry 😭 love you rachel!

    • Germana Leite
      Germana Leite Month ago

      DearSeoul 😍 and mickey is the CUTEST I cant with him

    • DearSeoul
      DearSeoul  Month ago +1

      Germana Leite love youuu🌹

  • IHopeDiverseBeauty
    IHopeDiverseBeauty Month ago +3

    Guurll I totally get your pain. Whenever I think I can make something from scratch, I regret it after spending hours preparing and cooking.

    • DearSeoul
      DearSeoul  Month ago

      IHopeDiverseBeauty and after spending so much on all the ingredients lmao sometimes it’s cheaper to just get delivery 🙃

  • Adriana Flores
    Adriana Flores Month ago +41

    Grl your editing style is too funny! Thanks for the laughs, tons of love!

  • Emma Tienda
    Emma Tienda Month ago

    I’m super glad you’re back, your videos are awesome and you are very funny :)
    PS: your “hey Siri” activated my Siri 😂

    • Emma Tienda
      Emma Tienda Month ago

      DearSeoul I think we do 😂

    • DearSeoul
      DearSeoul  Month ago +1

      Emma Tienda lol! It activated mine too when I watched the video 😂 we must have similar voices

  • Vinny A.
    Vinny A. Month ago +2

    I love how ur video is so relaxing ( because of your voice) yet so funny because of ur tmi and edit XD cooking is all about straying away from recipe XD but still it still looks good! Btw, I hve never try making the sauce myself bcoz i dont have blender and it will take too long to follow the recipe so i usually just buy a sauce from cj brand and just cook with the main ingredients. That would make cooking korean food so much easier and less time XD hope it helps (if u ever need to cook korean food again XD)

  • Marie s.
    Marie s. Month ago +1

    I love this video, so funny couldn't stop laughing😂🤣

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    은하 Month ago +1

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    That’s the comment

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    Thirteen H Month ago

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    Funthera Month ago +3

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    • DearSeoul
      DearSeoul  Month ago

      Funthera gotta love Pat from smart house lol one of my favs 🙌💖

  • pockytruck
    pockytruck Month ago +2

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  • Celine Lanoy
    Celine Lanoy Month ago

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  • Blue Note
    Blue Note Month ago +1

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  • Lady Lazer
    Lady Lazer Month ago +1

    That was awesome. If anyone takes away your final cut pro, I'll cut them. You're the first person I've heard be so polite to Siri/AI. I'm pretty sure if the machines or AI rise up and take over you'll be spared. I think you should make gamjatang next [evil laughter] BUT I'd settle for something simple like mulnyengmyeon, but the stock should be from scratch.

    • Lady Lazer
      Lady Lazer Month ago

      @DearSeoul Its my favorite too! I miss it so much. naenngmyeon* lol'ing at the couple minutes I took trying to remember the correct romanization before I said f it. I'm happy you're back on yt!

    • DearSeoul
      DearSeoul  Month ago

      Lady Lazer lmao Siri actually scares me. Gamjatang is one of my favorite Korean foods! I wouldn’t even know where to begin when trying to make that 😂💀 ooh yes mulnaengmyeon would be fun too 😍

  • Brian D
    Brian D Month ago

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  • Ki Muse
    Ki Muse Month ago

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  • Mary Kolence
    Mary Kolence Month ago +5

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  • strange days //
    strange days // Month ago +17

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  • strange days //
    strange days // Month ago +52

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  • strange days //
    strange days // Month ago +1

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  • Melissa
    Melissa Month ago +2

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    Patty Nam Month ago +2

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    Vmin Soulmates Month ago +28

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    ssibalenciaga Month ago +22

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    Karina Reyes Month ago

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    Suloisin B Month ago +2

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      nate lucas Month ago +2

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    KC Month ago

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  • WorldGoneMad
    WorldGoneMad Month ago +14

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      DearSeoul  Month ago +1

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    glenda jeronimo Month ago +3


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