Louis opens new Macbook Air, immediately loses mind.

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Comments • 80

  • Knowbody
    Knowbody 5 months ago +19325

    It died because of improper usage: The user caused the CPU to execute instructions.
    You're are not supposed to do that! Macbook is a piece of art, to show to other people that you can throw money away.
    You're not supposed to do _computing_ with it. Only nerds do that, with their ugly black Thinkpads.

    • Woo Six
      Woo Six 4 days ago

      I kinda want a thickpad now

    • Badog98
      Badog98 9 days ago +1

      I mean, the Thinkpad isn't really good at computing either. Our school bought a load of them and gave every student one, and for $500, I'm sorely unimpressed.

    • Trollololol
      Trollololol 13 days ago

      @90suffix yeah you did 10 years of MacBook computing with 100 different MacBooks I'm sure.

    • Dejan Korać
      Dejan Korać 14 days ago

      E more seronjo, kolko si glup.

    • Bob Lewis
      Bob Lewis 27 days ago

      @101ElChacal Because they know that Apple fans are ONLY interested in the hype of the "sizzle" and have NO idea what a "sausage" actually is! You CAN'T convince them because they have religion!

  • Michael de Koning
    Michael de Koning 9 hours ago

    2020 model has not changed hahah Apple is the best

  • jandres gregorius
    jandres gregorius 21 hour ago

    It’s make me laugh becouse that useless fan😂 -macbook air becouse its have the air fan😆

  • Ricieri Nava
    Ricieri Nava 22 hours ago

    My vostro v130 have a similar problem, the fan just blows air into, the heat pipe is in the middle, they are disconect, This causes MANY overheats

  • 774duke
    774duke Day ago +1

    The processor is actually designed for passive cooling, but yea whatever, let's just bash apple because it's more fun

  • Florin Duduta
    Florin Duduta Day ago

    This is the reason why I own an Thinkpad T440p and never ever bought an apple shitty product

  • Michael De Santa

    Right to repair hearing: we want to provide quality services to our customers.
    Apple designing a computer: hold my wrong usage

  • JKees
    JKees Day ago

    The heatsink and fan aren't even connected?! That was probably an intentional design choice in order to kill their product on purpose so you buy another one.

  • fendermon
    fendermon 2 days ago

    The whole inside of the laptop is a wind tunnel, why is that so hard people? If the game is "Lets hate on Apple" ...I think we/you can do better than this.

    • fendermon
      fendermon Day ago +1

      @Śaṅkarācārya No worries....I came out aggressive :)
      Apple does do some odd things for sure. I just bought a Raspberry Pi that runs plenty hot until it is in a proper case with a fan ..which is attached to nothing but its wires. That's partially why this interests me. Airflow amount and direction is crucial. Apple couldn't even agree a mouse should be conventional (with two buttons) or how to make a good keyboard, so I can see why people would be skeptical of them on something as important as cooling. - Cheers

    • Śaṅkarācārya
      Śaṅkarācārya Day ago

      @fendermon apologies for my aggressiveness before.
      Yes, they are, however they have time and again proven how dumb they can be with trashcan Mac, butterfly keyboard, a mouse that charges upside down, a stylus which charges in a weird way.
      See, the performance is better when additional cooler is applied. Agreed that this is true for all laptops if they are liquid cooled. The point here is, they could have made the fan near the CPU, even if it meant 2% extra performance, but they didn't.
      Yup, unless we both take a close look and it's working, my guess is as good as yours.

    • fendermon
      fendermon Day ago

      @Śaṅkarācārya I haven't studied the air flow path through it. I'm just assuming Apple engineers are smarter than a monkey and can make the air enter and exit with a path that goes over the CPU. As to the video link...I didn't say the cooling was great in stock form, I just think people are blowing the issue out of proportion. I may be wrong; I would have to have it in front of me to see the actual air flow path. Thanks for your reply.

    • Śaṅkarācārya
      Śaṅkarācārya Day ago

      If what you said was true, why was MacBook Air 2020 performing better with an extra heatsink, if the inbuilt fan is enough?

    • Śaṅkarācārya
      Śaṅkarācārya Day ago

      Er, no it's not.
      If you're sucking air and throwing it out, the air takes the path of least resistance.
      The air goes inside that circle and blows out from the side.
      If all you have to do is to get a lot of air, where would most of the air come from? Hint: See the immediate space around the fan, so much of unrestricted space which connects directly from outside.
      Aerodynamics is not as easily explained as you think. You can try running a simulation if that's what you want to believe.

  • Handika 733
    Handika 733 2 days ago +2

    the 2020 macbook air has the same design flaw

  • Hotdogman
    Hotdogman 3 days ago

    Apple be like: of course your cpu gets hot when you do something like moving the cursor

  • Jason Reid
    Jason Reid 3 days ago

    It's called an air. It's cooled thusly.

  • Malcolm Sims
    Malcolm Sims 3 days ago

    As a newly owner of a 16inch MacBook I'd like to see one of those expanded to see. I'm fresh into the ecosystem. Love the OS as it's less intrusive than windows. But that cooling system of that MacBook air simply does not make sense.

  • Lt. Dan
    Lt. Dan 4 days ago

    how the fuck does apple get away with this shit?

  • Angus Dorbie
    Angus Dorbie 5 days ago

    The fan blows air out of the case, that causes air from an opening on the other side of the case to be drawn in and over the heat sink on its way to the blower. It's case level active cooling for lower power CPUs. Might not be so great as they beef up the specs on the Air CPU options, it might also be impeded not just by a blockage but also if another part of the case allows in too much air to be drawn in instead of the intended inlet.

    • Hydro Sheep
      Hydro Sheep 3 days ago

      Angus Dorbie
      ya its cross ventilation

  • TheTarrMan
    TheTarrMan 5 days ago

    Maybe the fan . . . . . . yeah, I'm lost for words.

  • Intet Mane
    Intet Mane 6 days ago

    Is this the new 2020 Macbook Air?

  • Tyler Justus Paige
    Tyler Justus Paige 6 days ago

    is there a heat pipe between the fan and the heat sink? Not that it would make sense, just that would atleast do something.

  • simpson156
    simpson156 7 days ago

    when are ppl going to stop buying an overprice garbage mac. Just build a Hackintosh

  • Bad Apple
    Bad Apple 7 days ago +1

    but fanless cpu cooler + case fan is cooler than no fan (like the 12" macbooks) xD

  • Peter Wan
    Peter Wan 8 days ago

    I agree that it is a shit design.

  • Rasmus Hanschmidt
    Rasmus Hanschmidt 8 days ago +1

    Hei, Is the 2020 air with the same problem?

    • Joni Sin
      Joni Sin 8 days ago

      Rasmus Hanschmidt seem so

  • Ryan Farthing
    Ryan Farthing 8 days ago

    Their concept is to pull air thru the whole laptop and out the fan acting as a blower, however as the laptop build dust and dirt on the inside the cooling capacity drastically drops and you can’t dissipate the heat fast enough. Which eventually burns the cpu.

  • Drift Garage
    Drift Garage 8 days ago

    It’s Apple, a bunch of leftists, democrats, communist fucktards! That’s why!! 😂

  • Jonnny King
    Jonnny King 8 days ago

    This is just wireless cooling

  • Badog98
    Badog98 8 days ago +1

    ruclip.com/video/0wXu0V1zn2I/video.html go to 4 minutes 48 seconds, it explains the cooling pretty well.

  • boocraftgaming
    boocraftgaming 9 days ago

    You need to but the iCooling Dock Pro+ for optimal cooling. I bet they forgot to spend the extra $5000 on that option. Also, it is not allowed to tell the customer it is fixable. You need to tell them they need a whole new computer

  • Archie Scriven
    Archie Scriven 11 days ago

    Next generation apples will have a total loss or evaporative coling system like a racing seaplane from the 1930s

  • Volkier Neigh
    Volkier Neigh 11 days ago

    Wireless is clearly the way of the future - it's wireless cooling there Louis.

  • Nurullo Alijonov
    Nurullo Alijonov 11 days ago +2

    legend says, Paul is still saying "no no no no no", and no is the only word he speaks till now, permanent trauma caused by apple mac 2k19

  • Quoc
    Quoc 12 days ago

    I can explain it for you Louis. The fan push the air into the antenna vent. Also you got an airflow inside the vent. If you check this picture to be better imagine. The hole on the left antenna vent is touching the fan d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/AqXOfrTNA1wRy1Hv.huge

  • Cyrus Lupercal
    Cyrus Lupercal 12 days ago

    Well, the parts are there...

  • Assorted Videos
    Assorted Videos 12 days ago

    Apple sucks

  • 787sever
    787sever 13 days ago

    i dont get how apple still exists..

  • Kylis
    Kylis 13 days ago

    If possible you should find a way to provide a service that connects a heatsink on that cpu to the fan to actually, you know, cool the friggin thing.

  • Death Become You
    Death Become You 13 days ago

    Designed to Fail it's a money maker

  • Rambo64bit
    Rambo64bit 13 days ago

    the solution stop buying apple

  • Daniel Eccleston
    Daniel Eccleston 13 days ago

    I'll stick to custom builds tbh

  • OldSchoolFilm1930
    OldSchoolFilm1930 15 days ago

    988 crApple Fanboys.

  • Derek Dodson
    Derek Dodson 15 days ago

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...................................................Apple! The name just makes me laugh or cry. I decided to laugh on this one.

  • Berton
    Berton 15 days ago

    Are you really that ignorant? They engineered it in such a way that all airflow the fan causes passes by the heatsink. obv the fan isn't just there doing nothing.
    But yes, i can imagine it's less efficient than placing the fan right on top of the heatsink

  • Neo
    Neo 16 days ago

    So it breaks faster, and you will spend more money faster.

  • Tropical
    Tropical 16 days ago +1

    It’s a y series cpu it doesn’t require a cooler

    • Jeremy Eden
      Jeremy Eden 9 days ago

      Tropical it still reaches 101°C

  • Joke
    Joke 16 days ago

    Macbook air that doesnt get air to cpu lol

  • Luiz Cezar
    Luiz Cezar 16 days ago

    all the noise from a shitty cooler and all the heat dispersion from passive cooling! man, dont you love apple?

  • GS 5717
    GS 5717 16 days ago

    Buy a 300 buck Acer every few years. That way you always have decent speed and modern tech for a bargain price. And let’s face it, the Apple logo on a product points to an owner willing to squander money on image. On average, such people are not known for being tech savvy and for recognizing true value for money. So who, with more IQ than a brick, wants to be seen with Apple stuff anyway?

  • jbright97
    jbright97 16 days ago

    Watching your videos I now realize why Apple wants to shut down 3rd party repair. Their product is pretty on the outside BUT inside they're embarrassing to the apple community.

  • Me And mine
    Me And mine 16 days ago

    Cooling? We are the smartest engineers on earth, we don't need no stinkin cooling

  • Equnoxe
    Equnoxe 16 days ago

    Wow omfg this should be illegal

  • MrSoundSeeker
    MrSoundSeeker 17 days ago

    Accurate, as always.

  • blasted
    blasted 17 days ago

    All i learned here is Apple aint worth shit and 5 year olds designs their coolers
    What did i even expect

  • d4nk v4d3r
    d4nk v4d3r 17 days ago

    Me: Than why is an ipad more powerful than a macbook air if the air looks and acts weaker than the iphone if it is more pricey
    Apple: *Y E S

  • TriGerTDM
    TriGerTDM 17 days ago

    Quanum phisics

  • Turd Furgeson
    Turd Furgeson 17 days ago

    Shocked.... Reminds me of the Samsung phone debacle with the batteries. Bear in mind Apple has very competent engineers who work for them. The competent ones should teach the incompetent ones about thermal management...

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 18 days ago

    Apple is so generous to Louis. Providing so much work into the future. Missed this one when it came out. Apple has just become the richest company in the world according to Joe Scott.Happy days.

    MIMALECKIPL 20 days ago

    That's why I don't belive in Macbooks just normal Windows PC's and Laptops with windows

  • Maling Tørk
    Maling Tørk 20 days ago

    It's wireless air bruh

  • Lendert Coolen
    Lendert Coolen 21 day ago

    OKAY, budget cooling doing work

  • Jesus's Fishroom
    Jesus's Fishroom 22 days ago

    job security. because of the "geniuses" at Apple

  • Peter Ngugi
    Peter Ngugi 22 days ago

    Hi Louis. Did you get your mind back?

    Asking for my roommate

  • Rob Marrin
    Rob Marrin 24 days ago

    Yes you've taught me never by apple, I prefer to build my own towers mine boots up in Windows 10 in under 10 seconds

    • Rob Marrin
      Rob Marrin 22 days ago

      @Artur Adamczak 😂😂👍♥️ I didn't say I was intelligent enough to be a developer 🙄 great comment tho everything has its flaws including me..

    • Artur Adamczak
      Artur Adamczak 22 days ago +1

      nice but u have 0 developers tool on windows

  • cameroni major
    cameroni major 24 days ago

    Apple should change their name to apple crisp....

  • AlienPsyTing1
    AlienPsyTing1 24 days ago

    Apple figured that if they placed a fan in an arrangement where it drew air through the 'closed' case aerodynamic channels, it would be sufficient to provide optimal cooling..

  • Carter Baumhoer
    Carter Baumhoer 24 days ago

    It seems to me, just maybe, that apple is trying to have the fans pressure pull air in the opposite vent and have it exhaust beside/alongside the fans forced air? Maybe that's why the fins are so spaced out? I can't imagine why that would be a more effective cooling solution, though...?
    I can't remember the name of this process. Something in my head is screaming air entrainment but I doubt that's it. Same principle of a Dyson bladeless fan I think. The tiny jets pull the entire inside of the circles worth of air.
    Edit: I say this because the exhaust of the fan only takes up what looks like 60% of the exhaust port on the chassis. Leaving the other 40% for the suedo-suction/entrainment/whatever.

  • RetroGames1979
    RetroGames1979 24 days ago

    The case is used as the pathway for the air. The air is sucked into the top of the fan. When the case is on it will suck air across the CPU, notice the direction of the heat sink fins.

  • erg0centric
    erg0centric 25 days ago

    Building it with less heatsink means it will weigh less. A lightweight computer is a better computer. bahhhhhh!

  • Computers repair Cote Saint-Luc

    we sure learned something, don't buy macbook till apple fing the missing heatsink

  • Fraxals
    Fraxals 25 days ago

    So according to some people online. This Macbook air is supposed to be passively cooled. The fan is just there for minor air circulation.

  • Harenthiran Siva
    Harenthiran Siva 26 days ago

    If we want to cool down a coffee/tea a bit, we just blow air in the cup and not actually put our mouth on the coffee. So they use the same concept

  • namnack
    namnack 27 days ago

    Yes, but is the fan still in that location when the lid is closed.. There's no way of knowing that..

  • Bob Lewis
    Bob Lewis 27 days ago

    Well the UK may be out of the EU now, but Apple will eventually be hauled over the coals by the EU over their disgraceful methods of ensuring repeat business. They have just been fined a huge amount (still not enough apparently|) for their crass and frankly ridiculous attempt to con users by deliberately slowing older machines with software updates! As far as I'm concerned, Apple (since Woz the genius engineer left and Jobs the Muppet marketer was left in charge, went away and came back) is good for NOTHING except conning the world with their newest set of "Emperor's robes") into believing they have the best products! Bullcr*p! As a graduate electronic engineer of over 45 years standing it incenses me when I see BLATANT engineering disasters in the making and Apple seems to have way more than their fair share.
    WHY does anyone still believe their BS? Microsoft couldn't build a decent OS to save their lives, Intel is STILL producing inferior CPUs cf AMD and Apple is STILL producing the latest junk. When will they stop selling utterly irrelevant "sizzle" and start selling the actual "sausage" instead??

  • Jos Schoenmaker
    Jos Schoenmaker Month ago


  • Pawel Kotelnicki
    Pawel Kotelnicki Month ago

    Okay, so how exactly is getting hot air from a thin laptop like this one, from a passive heatsink through a fan out of the device wrong or what exactly does Louis or the rest of the geniuses here complain about? I presume you'd all want to stack that fan on top of the heatsink and that'd be ok? Ofcourse everyone at Apple is a mindless idiot and just arbitrairly stick fans in the Macbook Airs. Surely no one at Apple thought about making the CPU with a passive heatsink efficient enough for the external fan to be sufficient for the purpose of the device being extremely thin, Luis knows better. I think Luis needs to start his own laptop/phone manufacturing company, he seems much more competent than the idiots at Apple.

  • ram2791
    ram2791 Month ago

    And poor, read figuratively and literally, college kid are forced by professors to by this shit because “the program I! use is only available on Apple”. Your super capable PC is useless.

  • Nunana Gajugeo
    Nunana Gajugeo Month ago

    apparently all they care about is having little to no air pocket in any of their device

  • Anklesh Arora
    Anklesh Arora Month ago

    Piece of shit apple

  • AndreiN
    AndreiN Month ago +1

    Is the new 16in laptop, have the same cooling design?

  • Gary Barbour II
    Gary Barbour II Month ago

    It probably is a terrible cooling system, but I would guess that they attempted to force the air that is moved by the fan to follow a path across the heat sink.

  • Krzysztof Korzeniewski

    I guess that the warranty was voided because of a clear sign of overheating damage. 🧐

  • Benjamin S
    Benjamin S Month ago

    Bescouse apple reinvented air cooling...