• Published on May 30, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! I ventured off to DIY youtube land today to try and get into the heads of those who cut their own hair. It was nearly as bad as I thought it was gonna be.
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  • Brendan Ting
    Brendan Ting 28 minutes ago

    The first part gave me AIDS in three languages

  • Lucy Rae
    Lucy Rae Hour ago +1

    i got bangs.... i regret it so much

  • Silver Bat
    Silver Bat 3 hours ago

    This video burns my eyes... not because of the content but because IT'S TOO F-_=ING BRIGHT!!!

  • Kimberly Chandler
    Kimberly Chandler 3 hours ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have watched so many of these DIY haircuts just to see what they do(and what they think they're doing), and they make me cringe! I just want to cry for some of these girls! They get done and they think it looks great, and you have to hope for they're sake that their hair grows fast. I hope more people will watch your show and realize that almost 100% of the DIY haircuts are about the worst thing you can do to your hair; short of setting your head on fire. You can hide some things by curling your hair and using hairspray, but not very well and most of these, not at all. Again, thank you, you are my hero!

  • Candy Corn18
    Candy Corn18 5 hours ago

    I’d like to see him try to fix that hair

  • Chris Sleepsick
    Chris Sleepsick 5 hours ago

    You shoulda cut from standing behind the head. Idk I feel the tension she applied going in that direction....might? Have had an effect? Idk.

    BTS PAVED THE WAY 6 hours ago +1

    Kim seok jin cuts his hair better Mary Jane 😡😡😡

  • Gabriella Castillo
    Gabriella Castillo 7 hours ago

    The dolls ponytail wasn't all the way in the front. Did it on my daughter and she has prefect v layers and very natural straight hair. Of course if you follow the wrong person I'll end up ugly 😑

  • Brooke Buchannon
    Brooke Buchannon 9 hours ago

    When he was cutting/layering the hair he cut the wrong way 🤷‍♀️

  • Sad Bitch
    Sad Bitch 11 hours ago

    16:08 she looks like MC from mystic messenger but with blonde hair and eyes...

  • Cassandra Dunham
    Cassandra Dunham 11 hours ago

    I agree no don't do home hair. Go somewhere to get it cut. But just saying I had fun watching this but for a stylist who has the same type of LIC as I do to say don't go to a cheap salon to fix your hair.. I've had to fix the $100 hair cuts and condition great the bad bleach jobs from so called high end shops . The price doesn't make the stylist it's the stylist who makes the stylist.

  • Phils eyelash
    Phils eyelash 13 hours ago

    I want his energy

  • Demi Draws
    Demi Draws 15 hours ago

    Brad: hehehehe.

    Me: Michel Jackson who:()

  • Chelsea Zoualia
    Chelsea Zoualia 18 hours ago

    This is soo funny. LOL do more of these types of videos please hahahaha

  • Carson and Marli
    Carson and Marli 19 hours ago

    “Your face is a little creepy, so. But so is mine.”
    OMG ME.

  • This Is me
    This Is me 19 hours ago

    You made me regret my bangs that I literally just got a week ago... oh well!

  • eilish creates
    eilish creates 20 hours ago

    i cut my hair yesterday and it was like 📉
    thank god my mom knows how to cut hair

  • eilish creates
    eilish creates 20 hours ago

    brad hyping me up is all i need

  • Vyolett McIntosh
    Vyolett McIntosh 20 hours ago

    I look like crap I havent changed in 3 days ok

  • Emma Rogers
    Emma Rogers 21 hour ago

    Who else thinks he looks like that guy that got plastic surgery to look like Park Jimin???😂😂

    Just me.... I’m sorry

  • Elizabeth Russo
    Elizabeth Russo 22 hours ago

    That chick with the bangs reminds me of Echo Gillette when she had bangs, which were also done at home. I'm no stylist, but my aunt is and I've learned a lot over the years, since I live with her.
    They fit her face, and it just looked cute.

  • Julie Prince
    Julie Prince 22 hours ago

    I know you hair dressers are freaking out about people that cut their hair at home. They don't look as good as it you go out and have it cut but sometimes it does work out. Getting your hair cut has gotten so expensive that some people can't get it cut professionally as frequently. When I was younger I would get my hair cut twice a year then in between U just followed the lines to keep it trim. Now that I'm 65 I just have it long enough to put it up and I stopped coloring my hair because it was too much of a commitment. So my hair is white thin and to my waist. I will be cutting in the next few days. Watching videos and getting ready.

  • smkeangel
    smkeangel 22 hours ago

    when i was like 8 i had bangs and instead of letting them just grow out my mom or whoever was takin care of my hair was like "we'll just cut it off!!!!!" and now im 14 and i have these weird short ass bangs tryin grow themselves out rip

  • Elizabeth Russo
    Elizabeth Russo 22 hours ago

    ngl, I think Mary Jane's hair looked very very pretty, even with the DIY hack job. It wasn't awful, and it looked like she's been using this method for a while, and thats why it looked kind of ok. She had very nice hair, looked really soft, very pretty waves. I wish she got a pro layered cut.

  • Absinthia Venamortis

    Am I going to do this again? .... F**k no 😂💁‍♀️ I am loving for your style!!!

  • amanda steuver
    amanda steuver Day ago

    The end result between the two wasnt bad. Lol

  • Makayla Ovalle
    Makayla Ovalle Day ago

    Why did i watch this

  • Victoria lucia Martinez

    I fu*** love this person! 💜💜💜💜

  • phyl Lalka
    phyl Lalka Day ago

    I cut my own hair too, but i'm less meticulous about it muahahaha

  • Samuel Cosplays
    Samuel Cosplays Day ago

    Omg I love you personally I'm subscribing to you

  • Lilly Wick
    Lilly Wick Day ago

    Wtf is this

  • Alexie Desbiens
    Alexie Desbiens Day ago

    I do the front ponytail technique but i dont have this result always have good comment about my hair

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell Day ago


  • DreamGlow
    DreamGlow Day ago

    Okay, unpopular opinion- people with long hair can do anything with their hair and it would still look fine. Short hair are where people have to be very careful of details.

  • BlueBattleBunny
    BlueBattleBunny Day ago

    Hahahaha I just had to subscribe.. lol just met your profile by this video.. and imma watch all of em!!!!!!! Don't ever stop filming.. I think you gonna be my inspiration filming 💙🐰💙Stayyy awesome person!!!!✌🏻❤❤❤❤❤

  • JustALittleBitPsycho -

    I just figured out who he reminded me of. Jack Frost from the Santa Clause.

  • Alejandra Carrillo

    The intro...i love it lol❤


  • Annie Honeycomb
    Annie Honeycomb Day ago

    The first girl pulled a Mulan with the knife 😂

  • Zelidia PlayzRoblox2

    BTS have bangs like that, but they’re boys and they look good in it
    But I’m not sure about her..;-;

  • Anna P.
    Anna P. Day ago +1

    16:04 sia who?

  • Amonique Wynter
    Amonique Wynter Day ago

    React to easy breezy

  • Kay Ka Nut
    Kay Ka Nut Day ago +2

    I used to just get bored and randomly cut my bangs and regretted it EVERY time lol!!

  • Danielle
    Danielle Day ago

    Takes years to grow bangs out? I guess my hair didn’t get that memo... only took 6 months (maybe less... I dunno) 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Cal/Parker/Jeremy Gibson

    I’m watching this while awake at three am and I’m sick and all the way through the intro I was like BAHAHAHAH NOPE

  • Dream4Me Love
    Dream4Me Love Day ago

    It takes 3 years to grow bangs out?! What?! it usually takes me like 4 months and it doesn’t even look like yeah I had bangs no like you can’t even tell I got them. This is so weird lol and like around January I had a like Dora haircut lol and it was like straight and barely reached my jawline and now it’s like 3 fingers below my shoulder. Does hair usually not grow like this? I’m really curious tbh lol

  • Tia McBride
    Tia McBride Day ago +3

    Haha that poor mannequin, her face looks so scared....

  • Serenity Shorter
    Serenity Shorter Day ago +1

    R u high

  • L Jeyvye Bairis
    L Jeyvye Bairis Day ago

    Hahaa.. His so funny 😂😂

  • leah Gomez-Vidal
    leah Gomez-Vidal Day ago +1

    I know this video is like posted long time ago but I watched and I already YOUUUUU!! I smiled and laughed right away 😂😂😂❤❤

  • Abbie Marie
    Abbie Marie Day ago +2

    When Brad was complementing peeps I realized I really am ugly

  • Butterfly’s World

    News flash I don’t my hair is a mess

  • Kathleen Argueta

    I was planning to go get a new hairstyle at the salon and didnt know how far I wanted my Bob bangs to go.
    Thank you Brad for the tip I will make sure not to go too far 😁😁😁

  • xxx airbma xxx
    xxx airbma xxx Day ago

    Hair paint wax please

  • Simi 615
    Simi 615 Day ago

    I thought it was great to cut my own hair. Then I realized that I shouldn't do it by myself when my hair was long in one end short on the other! Go to a personal people, that's why they went to school!

  • Becca Carroll
    Becca Carroll Day ago

    False, I had bangs 7 months ago and they’ve totally grown out already

  • Jaida Burry
    Jaida Burry Day ago +1

    *mannequin: StOp FuCkInG uP mY hAiR-*

  • Charlotte DBAI-MS

    Ok but the doll he used is hot tho

  • Charlotte DBAI-MS

    Mary Jane is my type of person

  • Kayla Foley
    Kayla Foley 2 days ago +1

    i cut my hair really short and cut my own bangs...its not that bad...

  • Jennifer Williams
    Jennifer Williams 2 days ago

    Okay. I actually sorta do something like the first video for my hair... I flip all my hair over my head, usually while sitting on the edge of my bathtub, then cut straight across... it ends up in nice layers that way. I do actually use a comb and hair scissors too... I only get my hair professionally cut like once a year.

  • Schweizerland Schweizerland

    I am not hairstylist but the last 2 year i decided to cut my ends by my self and always turns out good . I don‘t know why some people play with hair like it‘s not big deal if i cut wrong, ‘cause they after comes in yt and watch ” how to grow your hair fast ” . Some of people hair turns out good with self cutting, but some of them just don‘t know what they do. Some people are lucky how turns out and some of them ended with crying . Sad but true. Sorry if my English it‘s bad, it‘s not my language . ✌🏼

  • Willie Buitelaar
    Willie Buitelaar 2 days ago

    This is my first video of you and I already love you. ❤️😂

  • no one
    no one 2 days ago


  • شادن2219 Shadn
    شادن2219 Shadn 2 days ago


  • Laura Gilbert
    Laura Gilbert 2 days ago

    To be honest, all the hairdressers I've been to in the small towns I have lived in always gave me terrible haircuts. I got tired of paying for bad haircuts, so I actually looked around for a really good tutorial video for cutting your hair yourself. Then I used the tips I learned from it, plus some of the knowledge that I have about hair cutting that I learned from my mother (she grew up in her dad's barber shop) and cut my own hair. It actually turned out to be the best hair cut I ever had. I decided to try a salon again several months ago because my hair got really long and I wanted to donate it... turned out lopsided - like VERY lopsided. My husband also prefers for me to cut his hair too, because when he goes to a barber or salon it looks like someone took a weed wacker to it... Some people just have no business being in the hair dressing business. Don't think I'll go to one again unless I'm ever in a place that's known for it like New York, lol.

  • Barbie Mccabe
    Barbie Mccabe 2 days ago

    Brad, love you sooo much. You are the cutest, funniest and sweetest guy i know. Wish you were in toronto

  • Worldfreeforwomen WFFW

    Your closes are ugly

  • Brooke Simmons
    Brooke Simmons 2 days ago

    Why would anyone think it's a good idea to cut their hair with safety scissors

  • Entusiastic Girl
    Entusiastic Girl 2 days ago

    He does it wrong on purpose 🤨

  • Rosa Chang
    Rosa Chang 2 days ago +1

    U look so beautiful
    .....ummm.... I legit am laying in bed sick, just threw up, and just laying greasy af with like 98 chins
    😂 but thnx

    I look good every day
    .............I don’t even know what to say.. no I don’t.... I look like crap..... actually....
    😂 😂

  • Ava McMann
    Ava McMann 2 days ago

    Its mo-cu

  • Yeetus Feetus
    Yeetus Feetus 2 days ago

    My mom cuts her own hair and it looks great. She says she still wouldn’t recommend it because my mom was the daughter of a hairdresser who ran a shop in their basement, and her mom taught her how to cut hair.

  • Laura Reis
    Laura Reis 2 days ago

    *pulls out cuticle scissors*
    Brad: "fuuuuuhck"

  • Marwa Farhat
    Marwa Farhat 2 days ago +1


  • Alexandra Zepeda
    Alexandra Zepeda 2 days ago

    Dont sing

  • lost in music
    lost in music 2 days ago

    When he watches her with the knive his pain cuts like a knive too😂

  • Mackenzie ASMR
    Mackenzie ASMR 3 days ago

    When he let down the hair
    Me: ohhhh nooo
    2 seconds later
    Brad: ohhhhhh nooooo

  • Stelle Joy
    Stelle Joy 3 days ago

    I have long hair like the girl in the first video❤️

  • Anna Nash
    Anna Nash 3 days ago

    Okay seriously when in the intro he says hello beautiful or something it makes my day. Especially on days when I feel super self conscious and ugly. So thank you Brad♥️

  • Sarah's Channel
    Sarah's Channel 3 days ago +26

    Brad : OMG, You look Sooo good today!
    ME : *laying sick in bed right now with nutella and ice-cream*
    I KNOW!

  • X*Kara Cookie*X
    X*Kara Cookie*X 3 days ago

    I have a towel on my head...

  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose 3 days ago +1

    When he asked "what do you guys think?" at 10:39 I actually had to laugh so hard

  • Brittany Schlough
    Brittany Schlough 3 days ago

    3 years to grow their bangs back? Mine never got the memo takes them like 2 weeks to get back to normal and another 2 weeks to be the same length or longer than the rest of my hair.... I wish they would just stay cut sometimes....

  • Anastasia H.
    Anastasia H. 3 days ago

    okay that intro boosts my self esteem every time omg

  • Zariya Fields
    Zariya Fields 3 days ago

    the mannequin said “😳” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sarah Price
    Sarah Price 3 days ago

    I mean the first girl had it kinda right, she did the first step to cutting the hair that way bit missed the other 3

  • papirichie.t
    papirichie.t 3 days ago

    feeling guilty at the bangs part because mine look like that:) living my best life

  • Elaine Florida.
    Elaine Florida. 3 days ago


  • Mia Madrid - Llorente

    White ass t-teeth??? No no no honey tongue

  • Soren !
    Soren ! 3 days ago

    Please don't sing again

  • BloodPix
    BloodPix 3 days ago

    Brad just desperate to make her looking better

  • Baby Zombie
    Baby Zombie 3 days ago +4

    Brand: It takes months to grow your bangs out -------> me: I may have cheated, I use extensions XD

  • lindsay d.
    lindsay d. 3 days ago +2

    when maryjane pulled out the knife, i legit felt chest pain

  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H 3 days ago

    I’m a hairdresser and part of my advertising was at one time, “I fix $5 haircuts” 💇🏼‍♀️ 🙈which was followed by,...“I’m a beautician not a magician” 🎩🐰. She should open up her own shop and name it, “It’ll Grow Back”!! 🔪⚔️🗡💈✂️ And yes this is a sign for ‘potatoes crossing’!!! 🚼🚼🚼 they are actually scooting on their ass! Lol

  • Akío Aslan
    Akío Aslan 3 days ago +1

    A KNIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE????????????????????

  • HubStar
    HubStar 4 days ago

    The back is over directed and the front is so close that it will be short but we forgot about the sides girl - the sides are gonna be long and short as back part of the sides are being over directed and front part of the sides are not...hence the uneven layers lol.

  • Blaze
    Blaze 4 days ago

    Thanks for hyping me up Brad 💕

  • Lizzie Noll
    Lizzie Noll 4 days ago

    i know he has millions of subscribers but when he talks, i feel like he’s talking to me personally. and when he compliments his views i get so happy like wtf i never feel like this with any channel

  • gachaclub _mari_
    gachaclub _mari_ 4 days ago +1

    OMG you have to react to simply nail logicals hair XD

  • gachaclub _mari_
    gachaclub _mari_ 4 days ago

    Is anyone else worried about that shirt- ;-;