• Published on May 30, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! I ventured off to DIY youtube land today to try and get into the heads of those who cut their own hair. It was nearly as bad as I thought it was gonna be.
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  • Tammy McNeal
    Tammy McNeal 5 hours ago

    Why! just nope! Love your reaction I have been licensed since 1989 with bonus theatrical, and special effects makeup. Your channel blows my mind! Keep them coming. 😊❤👍

  • Mia Flynn
    Mia Flynn 19 hours ago

    Why dose the dolls failed hair look like my everyday hair LMAO

  • Jonas Lee Robinson
    Jonas Lee Robinson 23 hours ago

    I love the intro

  • moon gacha
    moon gacha Day ago

    Brad: beautifuls~!
    Me: lookin like a double fried biscuit

  • Fancy Angel
    Fancy Angel Day ago

    Laughed so hard 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Chrysantha Piano

    Pretty sure the reason why Mary Jane's hair looks so beautiful is because it's dark brown and wavy, which hides the imperfections of the cut. When I used to cut my hair, I pulled this shit all the time because I have super curly hair, and it was really hard to make it look bad. XD Miss Manequinn has light blond, straight-ass hair, so it's way easier to see just how badly it comes out.

  • chardvnnay
    chardvnnay Day ago

    WHERE did you get that mesh top??

  • Elizabeth Williams

    I did this haircut but the way he said with it standing straight out instead of down and mine came out better than the salon I was going to she messed my hair all kind of up

  • Mollie
    Mollie Day ago

    Brad: You look so good today!
    Me: I just got caught in a rainstorm and look like a drowned rat 😂

  • Kylie Jones
    Kylie Jones Day ago

    So dum

  • Lissa Croft
    Lissa Croft 2 days ago

    Sooooo funny!!!

  • Shelly Thom
    Shelly Thom 2 days ago

    Home sick totally binge watching ur videos - never watch hair videos either. But omg to fun! And totally getting my punk back and having my stylist put some color back in ..maybe a blue. ❤️ these videos are awesome I never thought to look up hair fails lol

  • ツDemonica
    ツDemonica 2 days ago +1

    “You look so good today”
    Me:confused in morning breath

  • Baby5*
    Baby5* 3 days ago

    That 1st vid shes supposed to have her hair wet, evenly combed and brushed while she has her hair flipped forward. Then tightly tie your hair with no bumps etc.
    Cut however much off, then so it doesn't look like you cut straight across you chop at the ends w/scissors upwards.
    Definitely don't attempt a hack if you're doin it wrong Ms. Mary girl, no.
    May not be the best haircut ever but it will turn out better than what she did.

  • mickeypoo305
    mickeypoo305 3 days ago

    I really do love your intros

  • Dhereshni Odayan
    Dhereshni Odayan 3 days ago

    What can I do to maintain chocolate brown highlights on my hair?
    The toner faded away and is now brassy

  • Madison Moyer
    Madison Moyer 3 days ago

    Do they still use Pivot Point?

  • Kitty Lynn
    Kitty Lynn 3 days ago

    my hair grows fast so my bangs usually get to my length within the year. i trim my hair every 6 months.

  • Angelica Graue
    Angelica Graue 4 days ago +1

    That mannequin looks extremely uncomfortable.

  • Nick Ark
    Nick Ark 4 days ago

    That's a fucking witch haircut

  • Genesis W
    Genesis W 4 days ago

    brad 😂😂😂 you are the best😂 this video is HILARIOUS 🤣

  • ShortySkitzo CrazyCatRex

    The first one only works with thickness not thin! I absolutely hate having thin hair because even when I spend $50 on cut and layer it still looks like shit

  • buddy covello
    buddy covello 5 days ago +2

    Brad: dont look at the camera you freak people out
    Me: I can relate

  • Potato Club
    Potato Club 5 days ago

    Story time :3: ( IM WEIRD OK )

    I have LONG, LONG hair, and its a light brown. It's also VERY, trust me VERY thick. so i wanted a layered hair cut and me and My mom found one that looked good, soooooo we choose that video and it turned out SO GOOD! My Mom did this haircut and this was like her first time cutting girl hair, ( she has cut my brothers a bunch of times) so now like 3 year later i have never gotten a hair cut, XD idk why i haven't gone some where yet :3

  • RunFromHumanContacts

    Its all coming way worse on the fake head . ive def cut my own hair using the twist and overdirect method and it came great the few times ive done it. I only rly do tht when im cutting off length. Like r n my hairs shorter so no matter how much i hate it ima g2 the salon

  • Ashley Issa
    Ashley Issa 5 days ago

    I fucking love him. He makes me happy Lmaoo

  • Crackie Queen
    Crackie Queen 5 days ago +1

    Em tryina focus on what she's doin with her hair... But man your voice is hurting mah ears 🙄🤣

    • Crackie Queen
      Crackie Queen 12 hours ago

      Same goes for u girl... Keep ur opinions to yourself and piss off

    • Katie Georgia
      Katie Georgia 22 hours ago

      @Crackie Queen its not fact its opinion and you need to keep your opinion to yourself

    • Crackie Queen
      Crackie Queen Day ago

      I dont hate him..and i really didn't mean any hatred.. I was tryina say that he is just too loud..its fact ...not hate

    • Katie Georgia
      Katie Georgia Day ago

      @Crackie Queen no but I don't like hate and if anyone deserves hate its not brad

    • Crackie Queen
      Crackie Queen Day ago

      R u the owner of the comment section??

  • Sarah Stotler
    Sarah Stotler 5 days ago

    Brad is triggered

  • Antonia Pape
    Antonia Pape 5 days ago

    5:27 no wonder she looks so scared 😂😂

  • daisy white
    daisy white 5 days ago

    me in my pajamas: thank you brad thank you

  • Ishita Jain
    Ishita Jain 6 days ago +1

    Why do my bangs take like 6 months to grow out... Can't even enjoy them for a bit😂

  • Ashley Long
    Ashley Long 6 days ago

    Why does your little friend look like she is just SHOCKED and TERRIFIED of EVERYTHING!?!?!?! I was DYING watching this. The whole time you're following the video she's just sitting there like 😱😳

  • Silvie Sovová
    Silvie Sovová 6 days ago

    Me, have my face mask on
    Him: you look so beautiful today
    Me: 🥺🥰🥺🥰

  • Vayda
    Vayda 6 days ago

    1:38 brad she is terrified

  • Feather
    Feather 7 days ago

    brad mondo is like the raleigh reacts of hair

  • Orange feliciano
    Orange feliciano 7 days ago +1

    "I got my matcha la *tae* in my hands"
    OMG CAN I GET TAE TOO!?!?😱😂😍

  • Gracie Gwen
    Gracie Gwen 7 days ago

    I just cut my hair so short and it’s so uneven and I probably should’ve watched this video first but uh OH WELL

  • Karina Doreus
    Karina Doreus 7 days ago

    This video is hilarious! I love your comments!!

  • crazy izzy
    crazy izzy 7 days ago +1

    Me in my PJs with a double chin and spilt food everywhere
    Brad you look butiful today

  • Joy T.
    Joy T. 7 days ago +1

    Very surprised

  • Worthless Rose
    Worthless Rose 8 days ago

    Me: That's how my neighbors cut my hair

  • jacc_lynn
    jacc_lynn 8 days ago

    literally why did the mannequin come out like shaggy runway chic at the end?

  • BL Harris
    BL Harris 8 days ago

    its 3am and im watching this. at 14:33 when she let those bangs go i lost it and almost woke up my dad. like yu guys im dying. help.

  • BL Harris
    BL Harris 8 days ago

    bro.... what up with that shirt??!! lmao

  • Abby-Noel
    Abby-Noel 9 days ago

    Literally live for Brad calling me beautiful at the start of every video! Like, thanks man, I needed that!

  • epochtae
    epochtae 9 days ago +5

    Me: *Just finished skin care routine and brushed hair*
    Brad: You look beautiful today
    Me: *Confidence 100*

  • Lucy S
    Lucy S 9 days ago

    I also drink matcha lattes!!!

  • eve nugget
    eve nugget 9 days ago +2

    “you look so good today” - me shoving my mouth with chocolate cookies

  • Real Sylvia
    Real Sylvia 9 days ago

    I kinda feel like the mannequin deserved an apology for that haircut. Thank goodness the first tutorial was not tried on a real person!

  • Maddie W
    Maddie W 9 days ago

    Your welcome comments almost make me cry everytime. I am so insecure with myself right now and your words go strait to my heart and I been watching you for days strait now. Thanks for being amazing and lighting up my days. ❤️❤️

  • Kaiazzme Pandaru
    Kaiazzme Pandaru 9 days ago

    I have lived off of cutting my own hair for so many years... I once went to a place to see how they layered my hair and then did it myself all the time. My mom was impressed, and thought I got it professionally done. But I kinda think a professional would think otherwise.

  • Angelica Soh
    Angelica Soh 9 days ago

    The first video demonstration that you are using the girl was doing it wrong. So basically the hair is suppose to be tightly brushed and tightly tied, not like how you have it. The tie is supposed to be at the front in the middle of the forehead not the top, up on the hairline.

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J 10 days ago

    Brad: you look beeeeuuuuuutiful.
    Me: in half cosplay literally in a pile on my couch

  • CattieMo
    CattieMo 10 days ago

    Oh so that’s why my bangs look like a bull cut....

  • ScarlettStella
    ScarlettStella 10 days ago

    What’s ur salon??? I wanna come and get my hair done!!

  • Alex 1885
    Alex 1885 10 days ago

    I actually thought joanna’s full bangs look really good and cute when she first cut them
    But she’s got curly hair and i envy all girls with curly hair
    don’t EVER straighten your hair

  • Laura Warnock
    Laura Warnock 11 days ago

    "WhAt dO yOu ThInK!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!!¡!¡!¡"~Dead inside Brad

  • Lily Blubaugh
    Lily Blubaugh 11 days ago

    brad is that a Matt slays merch cup

  • Goda J
    Goda J 11 days ago +4

    This is how many people cut their bangs and didnt regret it

  • Emma Baldwin
    Emma Baldwin 11 days ago

    This mans has cuticle scissors but NOT SAFETY SCISSORS?? 😂