Mayweather Vs McGregor - MONEY TALKS (2017)

The Superfight between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has 'apparently' been made. Rumours say June 10th will host the fight in which both fighters are set to earn around 100million, with McGregor taking less of a cut. BUT, as we know, this could all change overnight!

This video is just my way of saying 'I can't avoid the hype' 😉 hope you enjoy!

Song: Tupac & Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (2017 Remix)

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Автор Motivedia - Boxing ( назад)
June 10th 2017? It could all be bullshit, but I can't resist the hype 😂 Enjoy the video!

Song: Tupac & Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (2017 Remix)

Автор Erny Sobervnes ( назад)
fook gay weather

Автор Diesiel Tuto ( назад)
i im french ,mayweather fuuck mc gregor

Автор Deadshot ( назад)
por que ponen el video cuando Mayweather le pega al chino maidana por que no ponen cuando el chino lo iso caer jaja el unico que los iso caer jajaj

Автор Daron Brown ( назад)
May weather will win real talk

Автор Timothy Williams ( назад)
I love how everyone says that Connor aint gonna touch Floyd Jr in a boxing match a rapper TI hit Floyd on the club and it wasn't know sucker punch. I know fact Floyd's 40yrs old Connor is 28 yrs old Floyd aint knocked no-one out since 1997 the size difference is crazy Floyd's hands are fuked Connor get gassed easy but boxing 2min rds mma 3 to 5min rounds but my money's on Connor so as that left hand is loaded up and hot Floyd on the chin lights out

Автор Packers 12 ( назад)
Mayweather TBE. True Champ!

Автор jadon sanchez ( назад)
49-1 :))))))))) yee

Автор jadon sanchez ( назад)
Conor "money" Mcgregor LOL

Автор Brody Wolverine ( назад)
Mayweather in three rounds and I'm a mcgregor fan

Автор christine9090 ( назад)
If maidana couldn't hurt Floyd how the hell would McGregor hurt Floyd? Floyd is way tougher than McGregor. Never down in twenty years. McGregor will break!

Автор christine9090 ( назад)
Mayweather TKOS McGregor within first five rounds. McGregor will not withstand Floyd's body attack. Floyd is far too sharp and far too accurate.

Автор Brad Thomson ( назад)
We have a fight between a once great champion who is 15 years past his prime and a man who has not fought Marquess of Queensbury rules. This is a joke, right?

Автор Jing Tasing ( назад)
bastard olwaz meaningless video ....

Автор عالم الكرة ( назад)

Автор Jett Outlaw ( назад)
Mcdouchbag's gonna get fucked up and I'm gonna laugh like a motherfucker.

Автор Gia Giorgadze ( назад)
Floyd has NO CHANCE against Conor! Because there is no tape for Floyd to see how Conor handles the boxing! So Floyd didn't have main tool to win the fight! On the other hand Conor has everything youth, power, reach, confidence...

Автор João Salsa ( назад)
my fav 2pac song, if McGregor loves boxing, he will beat Mayweather.

Автор Carl Meachin ( назад)
not a fan of the remix the original is one of my fav 2pac tracks.

Автор CosTa WoLFF ( назад)

Автор Anthony Joshua ( назад)
not vs boxing with any thing

Автор Anarchism Spikeelam ( назад)
whats the name of this song somebody hit me back

Автор Yann Laforest ( назад)
why not allowed kick? the 2 fighter should fougth in each their own style

Автор Joseph Lawlor ( назад)
people comments on here make me LOL youse have no clue mcgregors not looking to point win by boxing hes looking to rip floyde's malteser head with eyes a new look in other words what he does best rearrange faces for a living, floyde might be one of the greatest boxers but hes never had to fight an animal until now. a man that bends like he has no bones and a block hammer for a left hand good luck to you both but people please come off your high horses and stand on the ground take a good look at both their fights and do the calculations yourselves its a point fighter agsints a warrior aint no corner big enough floyde aint no ring big enough for you to run round an octogon basicaly has no corners a ring does 😂😂 👊👊 ousch

Автор Vince Young ( назад)
This fight has no logic except for greed for cash.

Автор Mngz TV ( назад)
McGregor will shock the world if it happens!

Автор TeeJayy C ( назад)
Vocals way too high what was the dj thinking?

Автор Jason Knight ( назад)
everyone know what will happen to plastic hands Floyd in a real fight but the rules will keep him alive just about coner will eat him whatever way he wants

Автор Uh huh, uh huh ( назад)
I know for certain who is going to win -- both of them.

Автор Kainat Dunya ( назад)
Gonna be really cool 👊💪💪💪

Автор LP SNEAK FREAK John ( назад)
All that diving on someone. That shit dead when you in the ring with Floyd

Автор Elliott Sway ( назад)

Автор Fabio Realmuto ( назад)
The youtube Channel "boxing UFC" steals your video

Автор Miguel Miguel ( назад)
Floyd è un grande campione ! ... l' altro un pagliaccio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Ferhat Demirtaş ( назад)
please tevin farmer defense higlights

Автор A.T. Gámez ( назад)
hey hey what is your Instagram?💯

Автор Matt L ( назад)
so this a boxing match right?? floyd would get killed in mma

Автор Rick Schmidt ( назад)
If they fight by the rules of boxing, I'm pretty sure McGregor doesn't stand a chance.

Автор Elwing Nightforest ( назад)
floyd taking him to school

Автор Winston Wolf ( назад)
Floyd Mayweather lost to Castilo 1 , Maidana and vs Pacquiao...

Автор Ghio ( назад)
honestly it will be so funny is mcgregor forgets he was in a boxing match and starting throwing his legs at him

Автор sujan ghaley ( назад)

Автор Selatin Ismailoglu ( назад)
Love your videos

Автор Peter Nik ( назад)
why are you guys are with mcgregor? he is great in ufc but in Boxing may is the legend he will get beaten up like a dog and this will be so sad for his fans to watch him getting humiliated by the best ever

Автор Topboxing ( назад)
This would be such a mismatch it wouldn't even be funny

Автор Made in Palerme ( назад)
l'art de ce battre est de ne pas ce battre ..

Автор IKON LKP ( назад)
When I hea MMA fighters say "no limitations" I ask them; can you headbut? kick the nuts? bite? manipulate small joints? kick opponent on the ground? strike the neck? poke eyes? the answe is NO. Fuck outa here with that 'no limitations' bullshit...

Автор igorfranky ( назад)
Please, tell me what name first epic music track! begin 00:13

Автор Blank ( назад)
50 - 0

Автор Blank ( назад)
50 - 0

Автор да ну ( назад)
who can tell me what is the name of the bgm

Автор Tinizel ( назад)
Floyd "Money" Mayweather will SCHOOL Conor Inside the boxing ring. Floyd's the GOAT!

Автор Junaid Ali ( назад)
the man behind the video is a fuckin genius

Автор nadooor2007 ( назад)
If it happened it will be 50-0

Автор Luke c ( назад)
it would be a boring ass fight 50-0

Автор Зафар Нигматянов ( назад)
Майвезер ему задницу натерет.

Автор Tony Aguinaga ( назад)
Floyd V. Bolt in a Race! my money 💰 is on Floyd lol

Автор Conor McGregor ( назад)
Hes fooking nuttin

Автор Chill Warrior ( назад)
since one is coming from boxing and other from mma why don't they have like a kickboxing match, kinda like meeting half way.....makes scence to me. now where's my MONEY haha

Автор E. ( назад)
smooth work. great work keep it up.

Автор Mc Prolific ( назад)
To beat this guy, you need speed. You don't have it. And you've got calcium deposits on most of your joints, so sparring is out.
So what we'll be calling on is blunt force trauma. Let's start building some hurtin' bombs #Rocky

Автор Charles Delcee ( назад)

Автор Niwt D. ( назад)
Great video bro.💪

Автор leo ( назад)

Автор Sakis Konidis ( назад)
mcgregor!!!!!! floyd is boring

Автор Nico Lopez ( назад)
Everybody talks shit about this fight, but if it happened, everybody would watch it

Автор Winston Wolf ( назад)
49-1 Lets gooo #teammcgregor

Автор crazy .mofo ( назад)

Автор Carlos Garcia ( назад)
wow. perfection at its best by motivedia. you ARE. TBE. of youtube vids.

Автор Marco Santana ( назад)
McGregor is a great fighter, but he wouldn't stand a chance against a pro boxer like mayweather.

Автор ちくわ大明神 ( назад)
second view

Автор Mads Vestby ( назад)
First view

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