• Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • NEW Line just Dropped!! --
    Amsterdam was real, but the countryside is calling. We climb around inside ANCIENT WINDMILLS in Holland, film one of the most epic cinematics of all time, hang out with fans, and play a new game involving strangers...
    CAMERA GEAR: Sony a7S II
    Sony 16-35mm Lense
    Rode Microphone
    SD Card
    Canon G7 X Mark II

    TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!
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    outro song!
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  • Vincenzo Mercuri
    Vincenzo Mercuri Month ago +1

    Hey Tanner
    Might be able to get some of your new clothes

  • #Bikestyle
    #Bikestyle Month ago +4

    Hi I'm from Germany

    Wer noch?

    Der liked

  • Nympholita
    Nympholita Month ago

    Where is the german biker you messed with?!

  • Aubree Nelson
    Aubree Nelson 2 months ago


    RB LEIPZIG NINJA 5 months ago

    Wer ist alles deutsch😌

  • Skylar Nichoson
    Skylar Nichoson 6 months ago

    His sleepy voice 😴😴😴❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jordan Thomson
    Jordan Thomson 7 months ago

    do wat eva da fuk u want hahaha now that getz a aliike

  • Angel Poe
    Angel Poe 7 months ago +1

    U.s.a. Is the place🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍🤘🏾👌🤜🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💸💰💵💴💶

  • Angel Poe
    Angel Poe 7 months ago +1

    If you read you like

  • Angel Poe
    Angel Poe 7 months ago +1


  • Angel Poe
    Angel Poe 7 months ago +1

    To much pics

  • Festl 80
    Festl 80 8 months ago

    What a boring Video

  • Younes 075
    Younes 075 8 months ago

    Zaanse Schans is naast m’n huis ahahaha

  • Kaiz3n
    Kaiz3n 8 months ago

    Den haag!! Dope!

  • Ivar Hakvoort
    Ivar Hakvoort 8 months ago

    Wait. You where in the netherlands? I thought american ytbers would never come here

  • Leon fam
    Leon fam 8 months ago

    Wow Tanner I love this Vid

    Ach halt doch die Fresse

  • Adriana Grimaldo
    Adriana Grimaldo 8 months ago


  • Kaylee Kor
    Kaylee Kor 8 months ago

    Your in the netherlands ❤️🎉 I live there and watch your video’s. I think your title is wrong tho , but cool you were here

  • Chase Kalmus
    Chase Kalmus 8 months ago

    We’re your porshe

  • Chase Kalmus
    Chase Kalmus 8 months ago

    Not me

  • ttv/hahahahahah
    ttv/hahahahahah 8 months ago

    Does anyone know what shoes tanner had on

  • Winnie The Pooh
    Winnie The Pooh 8 months ago

    Thuis isnt german thuis is The netherlands

    TTV STREAMERBTW 8 months ago


  • Hiddini
    Hiddini 8 months ago

    "German Bikers" while being in the Netherlands. Oh, okay,

  • Noe Garcia
    Noe Garcia 8 months ago

    What’s the name of the song when he does it about the car

  • Joshua Francis
    Joshua Francis 9 months ago

    What is the name of the song at 3:14

  • MarcoTheMonkey
    MarcoTheMonkey 9 months ago

    Old tanner fox be like

  • Guntars Cīrulis
    Guntars Cīrulis 9 months ago

    Those shoes are from Poland

  • Димитър Христов

    What is the song

  • sabrina schexnider
    sabrina schexnider 9 months ago

    Lightsaber for the car name

  • MiniGunJak97 Yt
    MiniGunJak97 Yt 9 months ago

    The second song in the vid is Dylan Mathews All day long

  • Sam Schroeder#50
    Sam Schroeder#50 9 months ago

    2:10 day 5 of Jeramy

  • Bella Owen
    Bella Owen 9 months ago

    I live in America-Alabama

  • kian Brookhuis
    kian Brookhuis 9 months ago

    I live in the Netherlands i wish i could meet you

  • Emily-Jane Berry
    Emily-Jane Berry 9 months ago

    i know the kid at 10:43

  • Blake Spike
    Blake Spike 9 months ago

    Tanner... you should get a tattoo of a windmill... like if you agree

  • Odhran Richardson
    Odhran Richardson 9 months ago

    Tfox brand should make clogs

  • Michael V
    Michael V 9 months ago

    I was literally on my way to the Zaanse Schans, but then I saw you had left a couple minutes earlier...

  • Noah Taube
    Noah Taube 9 months ago

    I might not be the hugest Tanner Fox fan but at least he doesn't use some annoying animal noise for his bleeping😂👌 The horn makes it sound funnier.

  • Twizla
    Twizla 9 months ago

    That’s a fucking nice car but.... my r1 is faster

  • Chancellor walker
    Chancellor walker 9 months ago

    Name it skylar

  • Benjamin Rodriguez
    Benjamin Rodriguez 9 months ago

    What’s the name of the song with tanner driving the porche 911 guys

  • Simple Joe
    Simple Joe 9 months ago +1

    Cool Bro

  • Sydnee Holder
    Sydnee Holder 9 months ago

    hydro dip them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jens vazhakkalayil
    jens vazhakkalayil 9 months ago +1

    stop acting like Logan Paul

  • Jonathan Medina
    Jonathan Medina 9 months ago

    3:00 song?????

  • Avo Bro
    Avo Bro 9 months ago

    This is cringey af

  • Avo Bro
    Avo Bro 9 months ago

    Ur such a squeeeeeker bro

  • Nick Brouwer
    Nick Brouwer 9 months ago

    why didnt you go to almere the city is build on water like venetie italy but then dutch xd

  • David Rearic
    David Rearic 9 months ago

    Edits on this video are next level. B roll is siiiiick.

  • Whatyou mean
    Whatyou mean 9 months ago +1

    Get run over

  • معاذ العبيدي

    What is the name of the song in minute 13 ,?

  • Kevin Du
    Kevin Du 9 months ago

    Anybody know the song he uses? I know the artist is Steele 11 but I can’t find the song

  • renegade0ff
    renegade0ff 9 months ago

    2:50 song?

  • jelani umarke
    jelani umarke 9 months ago

    I live in den haag

  • Guus Terlouw
    Guus Terlouw 9 months ago

    i'am living around Amsterdam and you need to buy cheese, it is delicious 😋😂 and not strange! 😋🧀

  • Philippe von Koeding
    Philippe von Koeding 9 months ago

    I live in Amsterdam

  • Nothing Story
    Nothing Story 9 months ago

    This is a scam the lady was just joking he jumped by him self

  • rene valenti
    rene valenti 9 months ago

    You don’t was Weihnachtsmarkt dis is not cool …:/

  • Frank Loewen
    Frank Loewen 9 months ago