Former Fed Governor Tarullo on Inflation, ECB, Negative Rates

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Oct.18 -- Former Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo discusses inflation expectations, challenges for the European Central Bank, and the dangers of negative interest rates. He speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."

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  • David Aitchison
    David Aitchison 8 days ago

    These so-called 'central bankers' are just beyond contempt. They're going to bring the whole system to its knees.

    BANKERRR MUSIC 21 day ago

    @9:29 big hommie is looking at the cieling cuz he know we are fckd

  • Dwayne Carroll
    Dwayne Carroll 28 days ago +1

    So raising rates causes recessions...thank you for confirming this on national tv and to everyone. There you go people.

  • Jim Heiden
    Jim Heiden Month ago

    What Do You ,,, MEAN ?!?
    Are you saying 20 years of
    foreign US Wars financed
    by WARTIME Tax Cuts have

  • Thomas Wanado
    Thomas Wanado Month ago

    About the US treasuries he said: "and that means it has to be financed, and how it is going to be financed is an open questions"
    Does that mean that the US gov is actually broke? Off course they can never become insolvent as bernanke had explained, since the FED is always there as a buyer of last resort for those tresauries.

  • Profiler
    Profiler Month ago

    The Fed cannot toss the hand grenade they are holding while the pin is lost. We are waiting for a detonation.

  • Martyn James
    Martyn James Month ago

    The fix is very, very easy. The FED has discovered it can delay recession with QE. The key word is - delay. However, the very fact that QE bails out those in trouble serves only to make the coming recession much worse. The only cure is the recession itself. It will clear debt. There just is no other way. When the debt becomes to much, and there is no money to pay even the interest, BOOM.

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson Month ago

    1. No Inflation. liars
    2. Unemployment rates 3.5 liars
    3.GDP 21 trillion only because of inflation, no growth just higher prices liars
    Look all they do is lie or there stupid, well I’m here to say they pretend to be stupid, but there just. Liars

  • Ellen Clark
    Ellen Clark Month ago

    Morons never go to a store - household costs up 18% a year- 50 years savings gone in 5 - PAPER IS POVERTY T Jefferson

  • Daniel Clayton
    Daniel Clayton Month ago +1

    Federal Reserve! What a bunch of bench this really our nations best , to control our monetary system .Wow are we screwed

  • Daniel Clayton
    Daniel Clayton Month ago

    Efficacious is another word for BULL SHIT. Don't kid yourself or the American people.

  • Bam Boozled
    Bam Boozled Month ago

    Lol, I love reading the YT comments for videos on the if CBers don't know what's going on and the commenters do. If you actually knew what was going on, wouldn't you be on this show? This guy gives a pretty balanced and informed summary of what's going on. Commenters? Not so much. I'm not necessarily a proponent of central banks and bankers, but to say they have no clue just makes a commenter look really stupid.

    • Bam Boozled
      Bam Boozled Month ago

      Ran C your reply is an excellent example.

    • Ran C
      Ran C Month ago

      Bam Boozled don’t you shop? Oh, you live in a hole. Your opinion has the same value as ours a hole

  • Peter Mangano
    Peter Mangano Month ago +1

    The price of housing, education, healthcare, food, energy has doubled this century while jobs pay the same, and yet you still have the guts to say that inflation is not as high as you want it?

  • Jay M
    Jay M Month ago +4

    FED: For the rich, by the rich.

  • Jay M
    Jay M Month ago +2

    What about the financial lynching of workers? Dollar lost 22% of it value in a year (compared to gold) and Trump is encouraging FED to print more.

  • \\/\//
    \\/\// Month ago +2

    Straight up admission that negative rates is for the crony capitalist when he said "exemption for depositors but that will reduce the efficacy of negative rates".

  • Dewey Watts
    Dewey Watts Month ago

    Neg. rates will work, look how EU. is jumping back. How could fed have doubts late in the game?

  • Paul Busby
    Paul Busby Month ago +5

    Short Term Money is telling you a story. The Goose is cooked, and it's deflation of the Currency from here on. Then you Retards are going to get the inflation you are looking for in Spades. This is the point where the Stock Market Tanks followed shortly therafter by a collapse in the Bond Market. Most Bails will Fail. Then watch the IMF ( International Mafia Fund) release the Kraken. ( SDR)
    I can tell you more about all this just not the time frame. The sheep don't know they are grazing on the edge of a Cliff just yet, but when they do, that will be the moment!
    Its about time you dickheads started looking more closely at the ROC instead of absolute Values
    It's about time you separated Investment Banking.
    It's about time you Fucktards look at real inflation and act on it....Stock Market and Property etc is where all the inflation is.

    • lolade lawoyin
      lolade lawoyin Month ago

      @Paul Busby. Your analysis there is top notch!

    • Paul Busby
      Paul Busby Month ago

      @sala320 You hit the nail on the head right there my friend. The Dipshits should not even be trying. The fact they are just means more suicides. These Fucks are the World's worse Crims.

    • sala320
      sala320 Month ago

      Paul Busby the fed won’t let the stock market tank, if it can

  • jack phillips
    jack phillips Month ago +16

    The Federal Reserve has destroyed the Free Market economy with eight years
    of Quantitative Easing and low interest rate manipulation. FED policy has
    caused massive asset inflation which causes higher mortgage, rent, gas, food,
    etc., charges so there is simply no money left to keep retail stores in business. Wall Street is booming while main street is collapsing. John Williams of Shadow Stats states we have had 10% inflation for 10 years. The Banks have won and the American people have lost just as Thomas Jefferson predicted.

    • Heather 22
      Heather 22 Month ago +1

      @sala320 lets do it, its the only way.

    • Heather 22
      Heather 22 Month ago

      it sucks!!!

    • sala320
      sala320 Month ago +3

      We, the people, need to get the fuck out and protest with threats of overthrowing this corruption, PERIOD. The question is how to inform enough and get a critical mass

    • Alex Kace
      Alex Kace Month ago +1

      UbuntoO done on purpose to make the elite cronies more money.

    • UbuntoO
      UbuntoO Month ago +5

      These Arrogant Pundants keep screwing with free market forces thinking they are smarter than the natural forces at work.
      We should never have left the gold silver standards.

  • Mr Cheapies
    Mr Cheapies Month ago

    Short Term Liquidity Squeezes, what is this Zerohedge?