Worldwide Food Special | Ashens

  • Published on Jan 22, 2014
  • Time for a load of cheap or odd food from various global destinations! Because it's running out of date and I don't want to make myself dead by consuming putridity.
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  • Kasey Domer
    Kasey Domer 4 hours ago

    Damn, he's onto us, he's found out about Splubville!

  • Brit Kid MTB
    Brit Kid MTB 6 days ago

    I love everything about Stuart... Except the whole "greazy" bit.

  • Josh Lunt
    Josh Lunt 8 days ago

    Ashens is incredibly brave with the way he tries various food and drinks

  • ExodusBF4
    ExodusBF4 17 days ago

    I love spray cheese!

  • GeneralErica
    GeneralErica 17 days ago

    I feel the need to tell you that squids have two thirds of their brains located within their tentacles.

  • PBMS123
    PBMS123 19 days ago

    You don't need to tip the juice box to squeeze out the juice through the straw.

  • The Aegis
    The Aegis 21 day ago


  • Josh Lunt
    Josh Lunt 22 days ago

    Millionty-billion :P Haha love it! :)

  • Josh Lunt
    Josh Lunt 22 days ago

    MOST food has a best-before date, Ashens. Not all

  • AllyTheMeatball 195
    AllyTheMeatball 195 22 days ago

    I live in PA (Pennsylvania) and I have never once seen those rabbit marshmallow things and I have been in King of Prussia.

  • Big Style
    Big Style 23 days ago

    You really need to do this stuff on a table lol :P

  • Newshound
    Newshound 23 days ago

    May be called cheese but that isn't cheese

  • Newshound
    Newshound 23 days ago

    Eyeballs and tails. 😂😂🤣

  • HeliosLeinheart
    HeliosLeinheart 24 days ago +1

    It cracked me up real good when you said Zerg rush.

  • Mr. Kitty Saves The World

    Funny enough, most people associate CheeseWhiz with being extraordinarily cheap, low-quality junk, but it's actually prohibitively expensive.
    One can of that stuff is like, five bucks. Unbelievable.

  • John spudrick
    John spudrick 27 days ago

    Reason for American cheese....The western part of the US was hot and cheese didn't hold up. That and people didn't really have refrigeration. Most of Europe doesn't have that issue. People knew it was crap but they were happy to have some sort of cheese. People became used to it and that's why it's popular.

  • Vlog kid 7
    Vlog kid 7 28 days ago

    Americans don't hate it, northern yuppies that came from your bs* country are the ones that hate it. It's something you eat when your growing up [ a southern thing]. None of y'all would understand

  • Anti-SJW
    Anti-SJW 29 days ago

    "It looks like the contents of a corpse's catheter bag." Magically Delicious right there.

  • X
    X Month ago

    I understand why you dont want to open that stuff at the end, imagine getting it on the couch, that'd be horrible.

  • X
    X Month ago

    5:45 I mean it is technically tuna, as in it came from a fish that was named tuna, if that fish wasnt a tuna, its not our problem

  • randy palla
    randy palla Month ago

    Tyson fury is a disgusting animal,

  • niteseeker's Stuff
    niteseeker's Stuff Month ago

    Cheez wiz Chris that looks nasty.

  • FullyShadow
    FullyShadow Month ago

    Lol wow and you did eat surstromming

  • jbarthol
    jbarthol Month ago

    My dad inhales Easy Cheese, and store brand variants. I have a fondness for the stuff, but not as bad as my dad.

  • Roelof Rooks
    Roelof Rooks Month ago

    Those are remarkably well kempt fingernails

  • B Dog
    B Dog Month ago +1

    A corpses cafiter bag 🤣
    I can't remember the chicken in a can episode phrase another banger 😂

  • kyler banks
    kyler banks Month ago +1

    im the american that likes easy cheese. i can eat it right out of the can haha i'll spray it right onto my tongue its quite good

  • Vollification
    Vollification Month ago

    It tastes of freedom :)

  • Anze
    Anze Month ago

    can’t even lie that broccoli juice seems refreshing

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams Month ago

    I have never seen anyone over 8 years old actually eat spray cheese

  • TheMrUsername111
    TheMrUsername111 Month ago +1

    Watching this while your hungry
    *confused envy*

  • uber goober
    uber goober Month ago

    Blue sweets are the best

  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 Month ago

    Who else though that was a giant dried grass hopper in the thumbnail? Lol

  • Markus Clyde
    Markus Clyde Month ago

    I actually like easy cheese, didn’t know people in America dislike it.

  • Arthfael Online
    Arthfael Online Month ago

    Used to get that Tuna Spread at Sobeys, took it for school lunches. Quality must've gone done when it went to Dollerama

    • Arthfael Online
      Arthfael Online Month ago

      @SneakyShika might be what I got

    • SneakyShika
      SneakyShika Month ago

      I have had simmilar tuna spread pack to the one here. But different brand and alot better quality. It was also tuna salad

  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock Month ago


  • whitehouse9999
    whitehouse9999 Month ago +1

    The blues brothers reference is exactly what I thought as well about the cheese in a can

  • Androandroandrica Len

    I call bullshit. There is no fucking way he is eating this stuff. SHOW US THE MOUTH!!!!

  • Androandroandrica Len

    not sure if it's made out of eyeballs and tails or tuna labia and rectum skin.

  • justin jordan
    justin jordan Month ago

    Hey I love the easy cheese send me any unwanted

  • justin jordan
    justin jordan Month ago

    The sticker on the squid bag is so kawaii

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Month ago

    The pink marshmallow is strawberry fluff, throw that shit on a penutbutter sandwich...

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Month ago

    Ashens hates anything American because he's got FREEDOM ENVY..

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith Month ago

    I fucken love easy cheese, and I always refrigerate it...
    American cheese flavored...
    And it beats the shit out of moldy was blue cheese.

  • Casey Braunger
    Casey Braunger Month ago

    LOL. The "Fruitcake" is from the Dollar Store. Greenbriar Intl. is the primary supplier of Dollar Tree dollar stores.

  • gnbman
    gnbman Month ago +1

    Ashens' final video will be him at the age of 92 opening a can of surstromming on his now long-worn out couch.

    • Fiddle N
      Fiddle N Month ago

      Ashens has already done a video on Surstromming, look it up :)

  • mochi tan
    mochi tan Month ago

    Blue Raspberry is actually a fruit. It’s a very dark blue, maybe even purple, but blue raspberry flavour is actually based on blue raspberries.

  • Gregory Casamento
    Gregory Casamento 2 months ago

    King of Prussia is a place in PA

  • Gregory Casamento
    Gregory Casamento 2 months ago

    You were probably tasting the kiwi

  • Mazing Mania
    Mazing Mania 2 months ago

    *Y O U G O T M Y C H E E S E W H I Z B O Y ?*

  • Sean Fanelli
    Sean Fanelli 2 months ago

    Yeiks, king of Prussia has a great mall, not food product it seems

  • Cataxx
    Cataxx 2 months ago +1

    4 years later and he actually does a surströmming video with Barry. Oh how minds can change.

  • Ryan Wheeler
    Ryan Wheeler 2 months ago +1

    The cheese he is referring to is casu marzu in case anyone was wondering

  • BigT
    BigT 2 months ago

    while i don't buy it myself, ez cheese really isn't that bad.

  • J P
    J P 3 months ago

    i love these but the eating sounds make me suicidal

  • Wookiee LivesMatter
    Wookiee LivesMatter 3 months ago

    Cheese Wiz kicks ass!!!

  • GyroMurphy
    GyroMurphy 3 months ago

    On my umpteenth binge of these videos.

  • Mouthy
    Mouthy 3 months ago

    I thought that was bacon or jerky 😰

  • The Awkward Whovian
    The Awkward Whovian 3 months ago

    Stuart, you have a belly made of steel.

  • Simon Harris
    Simon Harris 3 months ago

    That grandma is fit.

  • LemonShrimp
    LemonShrimp 3 months ago

    Don’t hate on the easy cheese! I crave it from time to time 🤣

  • kah junn
    kah junn 3 months ago

    I bet if Ashens met a woomy,he would fail to make friends with one

  • GmodPlusWoW
    GmodPlusWoW 3 months ago

    4 and a half years later, he and Barry subject themselves to the horror of Sir Stromming of the Inferno.

  • Jaden CM
    Jaden CM 3 months ago

    ... I like cheese whiz

    SLIM SHADY FAN 3 months ago

    cheddar from under... CHEDDAFRUMUNDA!!!

  • Azanath Whateley
    Azanath Whateley 3 months ago

    I'm American. I eat the sharp cheddar cheese spray lol. It's ok to me

  • Ty Clancy
    Ty Clancy 3 months ago

    Spray cheese is amazing and I don't like very much processed cheese the only time I use processed cheese slices on a burger anything else I use real cheese but spray on Cheez-Its on my absolute favorite things ever every time I eat some it reminds me of sitting with my grandpa at the kitchen table and watching TV he would also slice up some fresh salami and open a pack of Ritz crackers to go with it and some times he would pretend to accidentally make the cheese fly across the table by pressing the thing too long he was a big joker and one of my best friends and I miss him vary much

  • knights of jim
    knights of jim 3 months ago

    I love the spray on cheese, it might be shit, but I like it

  • The Seeker
    The Seeker 3 months ago

    Splubville is really a fantastic place to live!

  • The Mothman
    The Mothman 3 months ago

    When he set the plate down after examining the cheese the glare nearly burned my retenas out

  • Neil Wilson
    Neil Wilson 3 months ago

    Squid would.

  • Eugene Russel Nash
    Eugene Russel Nash 3 months ago

    You’ve tasted the Gu- now you Die! Ha ha!

  • Eugene Russel Nash
    Eugene Russel Nash 3 months ago

    Mmmmm- Suck the Bunny!

  • Eugene Russel Nash
    Eugene Russel Nash 3 months ago

    That ain’t no cake! That’s a Slab Of Putridness!

  • Eugene Russel Nash
    Eugene Russel Nash 3 months ago

    Real cheese Dose not do that unless it’s exuding out of a very Bad Wound?!

  • Eugene Russel Nash
    Eugene Russel Nash 3 months ago

    How could you put that Sh*t in your Mouth!?

  • The Garden of Eatin
    The Garden of Eatin 3 months ago

    "Oh god, that spray-on cheese we have." Yep. that's my country.

  • Herbert M.
    Herbert M. 3 months ago +1

    " Titanium Dioxide " on a tuna spread 6:10
    enlighten me pls !!

    • Herbert M.
      Herbert M. 3 months ago

      @Ivan Simpson thank you sir !!! Now I know

    • Ivan Simpson
      Ivan Simpson 3 months ago +1

      It's a white pigment that's usually found in toothpaste and sunscreen, but it's also used for food coloring.

  • XTheVideoGamerGirlX
    XTheVideoGamerGirlX 4 months ago

    "Ya got mah Cheese Wizz, boy?!"

  • PS. suicide
    PS. suicide 4 months ago

    Looks like the tuna spread will get you high

  • Tim Byles
    Tim Byles 4 months ago

    The kid who gets "broccoli juice" in his lunchbox. Ha ha ha. I'm dying here. Ha ha ha. 😂😂😂😂. You can picture it.

  • Tim Byles
    Tim Byles 4 months ago

    This guy needs his own channel on TV. He's hilarious.

  • Burning Wang
    Burning Wang 4 months ago

    In Canada they eat tuna on crackers? That’s, that’s not ok.

  • Marcel Chb
    Marcel Chb 4 months ago

    Titanium Oxide is a white pigment. (Mostly found in toothpaste and sunscreen)
    And they are using old cheap crushed pepper which has lost all of the pepper essential oil, and then add pepper extract, to get back the spicyness.

    OBOII 4 months ago

    I heard Prussia

  • Jacob Fox
    Jacob Fox 4 months ago

    They use Blue in the US for raspberry because red 40 is illegal

  • COL 1
    COL 1 4 months ago

    You should get a hazmat suit and gloves, go to the middle of a field, and open that surstromming for our entertainment!

  • Llortris The Creator Produtions

    We had too much dairy produce back in the day which lead to government cheese, cheese wiz, etc.

  • Sam_the_Sausage
    Sam_the_Sausage 4 months ago

    12:57 NH gang wya

  • Sir Teddy
    Sir Teddy 4 months ago

    I personally don’t mind the easy cheese, the chedder flavor isn’t bad at all, but the others are pretty terrible. It’s a cheap snack but if you know what you are in for, its pretty alright, not something I would eat very often though

  • The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'

    those tuna spreads and the beef version of the chicken "loaf" full of congealed fat are two of the best selling items at the dollar Tree i work at . AMERICA : n : We're fuckin doomed.

  • Shaarp ShotPryme
    Shaarp ShotPryme 4 months ago

    Oh god I’ve had that tuna snack kit my mom wanted me to try it when I was a kid one day. And nope never again. We stayed with the pb and j lol

  • Sgt Invictus
    Sgt Invictus 4 months ago

    There's a large number of people that like that cheese spread crap in the U.S., but the smart ones, the ones who don't like it, are the ones that say it's total shit (a small part of the population.) Also, American flavor means American cheese, a lighter, much easier to melt cheese that doesn't quite taste like any other cheeses out there.

    Just out of random thought, I actually looked up if Ashens died at some point from food poisoning or something 'cause I hadn't been getting any video popups from him for a while...

    • Sgt Invictus
      Sgt Invictus 4 months ago

      Or rather, with some of the stuff Ashens eats, how he doesn't have cancer yet is amazing...

  • B T
    B T 4 months ago

    They're lying that those are fried squid legs. They're really fried tentacles from a dead alien.

  • VGFreak100
    VGFreak100 4 months ago

    13:15 I believe the cheese you are referring to is Casu Marzu, literally Italian for "Maggot Cheese" I think.

  • SkyBlue 1988
    SkyBlue 1988 4 months ago

    Your mum is white

  • Kevin F.
    Kevin F. 4 months ago +1

    I saw the Ashens' Bacon and Not Yours Grandma's Candy Fruit Cake thumbnail are changed

  • Unknown Caller
    Unknown Caller 4 months ago

    I love this bloke and his show, probably been asked before...but why does he open all of these nasty foods on a fabric sofa!? I assume because of the colour it adds to the depressive feel to go with the foods.

  • Samet Zen
    Samet Zen 4 months ago +1

    15:56 was that a ghost?

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale 5 months ago

    The chicken skin looked like sundried earwax.