4 Ways Living in Japan Changed Me

For the 100th video, I look back on ways Japanese culture may have changed my personality.
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Автор terrortorn ( назад)
Your English is now filled with Americanisms which presumably were not there before living in Japan.

Автор Coookiejar ( назад)
It sounds more like "Sue-key", or more commonly romanised as suki (meaning "like" which is commonly used in love confessions rather than "love"). They spelled it sukky because its a homage to pocky

Автор Craig Porter ( назад)

Автор Craig Porter ( назад)

Автор Guillermo Perez ( назад)
I luv how Chris tried to keep a straight face when he mentions there is no better way for a girl to show her affection than to give her guy some sukky... LMAO

Автор ancient catalyst ( назад)
the good ol *SUCC*

Автор Gego/XAREN ゲゴザレン ( назад)
So... The Japs don't understand sarcasm or humour? Welp, there goes my chance of ever going living there.

Автор mushroom boi ( назад)
meanwhile my family and i have been regretting moving to america around the same time we realized that people here don't seem to know what "please" and "thank you" mean

Автор LͫOͤRͫDͤ Harawanagangsta LͫOͤRͫDͤ ( назад)
Did you ever develop the sudden urge to never try to procreate?

Автор greggman ( назад)
Your example of dogs reminds me of my experience. I found a dog shop in Daikanyama (15 years ago) that sold pastries and cookies for dogs as well as clothing. I thought "those crazy Japanese". I googled the name of the store. Turns out it was an American store with 25 stores in America and one in Japan. So no, dressing up dogs is not unique to Japan at all.

It might be funny to a westerner but to a Japanese person they'd see "Sukky" and pronounce it "soo key" where "soo" rhymes with "moo" (cow sound). As such it sounds like the work "suki" which is the word for "like". Those names are written for Japanese people. Pocky is "Poh Key" where "Poh" rhymes with "Go" not "Paw-Key". It's called that because "pokki" is the sound of snapping a stick in Japanese. We laugh at people's ignorance when they don't know how to pronounce "Quinoa" or "Prosciutto" or "Gnocchi" or "Ceviche" so we should laugh just as much when some someone doesn't know how to pronounce "Pocky"

While we're at it, have noticed you drop the "i"s when saying "gochisousamadeshita". This is one of those perception differences. A Japanese person raised learning Japanese perceives a vowel after every consonant and so if you ask them to say a word slowly they'll very clearly pronounce every vowel. But, if you actually listen to what they say at normal speed they drop vowels all the time. The most common "desu". They say "des" not "de-su" (except when being super super polite)". They say "ski" not "su-ki" and they say "goch-sou-sama-deshta" not "go-chi-sou-sama-de-shi-ta"

Автор Kirky Tan ( назад)
honestly "it's england innit mate" is part of everyday vocabulary here

Автор Marco De Santi ( назад)
Dude... congrats on the big 100... I have shown so many japanese people your vid w the swearing book, love your work.

I've lived in Japan almost as long as you, and so much of this rings true... keep it real.

I am going to go on a mission now to find sukky...

Автор Justin Phillips ( назад)
i'm from the US and i have tattoos all over everywhere but my face. would people in japan treat me different or how would they judge me? i heard i would not be allowed in certain parks or bathhouses or something?

Автор Awesome Person ( назад)
So instead of giving thanks to your invisible, all-powerful God before eating, you actually thank the people who made the food? Now that's an incredibly genius idea.

Автор PhyreI3ird ( назад)
Isn't "Suki" the Japanese word for affection/fondness/love? So that Sukky is them trying to make it cute, like the way some people in the US say "Huggles" to cute-ify "Hugs"

Either way that bit absolutely killed me xD

Автор swikriti tiwari ( назад)
I really like your sense of humor

Автор DiverFictionB salman ( назад)
The ticket might work in my country but the problem we don't have trains


Автор Shira Anri ( назад)
Thank you for these great vids 😊 vastly entertaining and u are so much fun. Looking forward to visit Japan in Nov.

Автор The golden Minecart ( назад)
Why am I here when I'm in America and I'm an American

Автор Toto ( назад)
ohh. I believe it's called ''sokky'' because it's a combination between ''suki''(to like) and ''pocky''.. but a pretty unlucky result that is..

Автор Kazi Siddiqui ( назад)
That expression "You must be tired." was interesting. Does anyone know whether neighboring countries have similar expressions in Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese?

Автор Fogheart ( назад)
Haha brilliant video that, in my opinion, accurately sums up the UK! Congrats on 100 video man. It's ALWAYS worth watching your stuff :) look forward to the next 100!

Автор アレクシス· フラッド ( назад)
You want the pocky, you give the sukky

Автор JCarolR ( назад)
The ticket thing happened to me the only time I ever was in England. I asked for help but the ticket still didn't work so the guy opened the door and let me pass. I was so confused. But I guess I was even more confused the first time I went to take the train in Germany. There are no machines with doors that ask for your ticket for you to take the train, so you're just expected to buy your ticket responsibly and not ride for free.
Oh and btw, I think "sukky" is a word play with "suki" which means "like" in japanese and "pocky"

Автор ThatPoorKenyan ( назад)
2 mins in already dying from laughter

Автор Jannah Loraine ( назад)
THANKKKKK YOUUU FOR YOUURR VIDEOS! can you take videos while youre working??? tryyy ittt lol

Автор johno doh ( назад)
Its all but a matter of perspective.
I find japanese culture way to suppressive towards human behavior. That never ends well.

Автор Gato Loco ( назад)
my wife doesn't give me sukky anymore

Автор Jack Rippers ( назад)
#cheeky #cunt .. good stuff

Автор Attsnor1 ( назад)
hahaha my dyslexia always read pocari sweat as pocari sweet, my friend always said you gonna buy that sweat again and I laughed not understanding what he meant until he pointed at the text and told me to read slowly and I finally understood, but shit was tasty so I still bought it

Автор Kim Du Han and Persephone Kim Du Han and Persephone ( назад)
I don't know where the conclusions about Greece came up and what's their purpose of existence in a Japan-related video.
I love your channel and yet this video made me disappointed. Generalizing and promoting stereotypes about my country isn't helping anyone and i consider it racist. You have an awesome channel, no need to bring others down with "statistics".

Автор Leo Doyle ( назад)
Do a video about Obama City.

Автор PsyArkron ( назад)
Which guy doesn't want some sukky for Valentine's Day? Sukky is great. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ps: Love that expression at 2:18 . Made me laugh so hard.

Автор Steve Matsukawa ( назад)
It's suu-kee, not sucky. And it's ro-peh, not rope. What a wanker! LOL!

Автор Kevin H ( назад)
OMG! YES! I saw those weird bent over figures, I was there in September! Right next to the Taco Bell?

Автор Dexter Dickinson ( назад)
Brilliant video.

Автор HardcoreHamster33 ( назад)
Ah, Japan. They've got it all! lol

Автор Error inscript ( назад)
Girl's give guy's presents , Yes!!!!!!!!

Автор Brianne McMenamin ( назад)
You are the funniest person in the world. If I'm ever in Japan I'm going to ask you out.

Автор Dustin Sluth ( назад)
How do you get by in Japan? Is teaching English your only job, or do you have other jobs as well? I've often wondered how much I'd need to earn to live in a country like Japan.

Автор Mr Remakes ( назад)
I feel like Japanese companies that make labels with English on them should ask like one native English speaker before they sign off on something. I mean, it's pretty clear they meant it to be a combination of Pocky and suki, but the result is... awkward...

Автор 藤澤季美歌 ( назад)
I  love your video and congrats on the 100th!! I'm Japanese (although I'm currently studing in London) and I've never thought that all those English ads would bother a native English speaker so much... but come to think of it, they are all very ridiculous lol 
IDK if you know this place but there is a famous chain Izakaya in Tokyo called Aisekiya and i thought it would be funny if you could visit this place and film it. It's basically a dating place where you can eat and drink with random women/ men and while men have to pay 3000 yen-ish it's totally free for women. I would love to see your sarcastic comments about this!!

Автор Cat Chromium ( назад)
Thank you for the amazing videos you make. By far one of my favorite YouTubers that I can't get bored of

Автор Michael Taylor ( назад)
I always enjoy watching your videos! Thanks!

Автор alexandra fragoso ( назад)
I need to watch more of your videos :D haha you are so funny xD and I don't know how you make all the awesome videos but keep up the good work ! happy 100th! congrats :) and in case you see this question how/why or when did you find out that you wanted to go to Japan :) I would like to visit one day and maybe if I can study/work or live abroad ^^ in time

Автор Kobracondor ( назад)
Whenever I'm in Japan again *checks bank account*....yeah prolly not soon,

but whenever that may be, I'd love to have a drink with ya, mate.

Thanks for the wonderful (and wonderfully snarky) videos and here's to many more!


Автор Renato Kestener ( назад)
Congratulations for the 100th video! You motivated me to visit Japan in October last year and I'm still processing everything that I lived and learned in 30 days. A nice toast with sake!

Автор NishiTheNinja ( назад)
I like pre-haircut more, but post is fine

Автор EmeraldCity ( назад)
It's funny how you compare Japan and the UK as if the UK is a truly loud and obnoxious place, it makes me feel even worse for American cities like New York

Автор Andreas Park ( назад)
Arigato. (*,* )

Автор Jade Lessard ( назад)
we love you !! continue your good work ! your awesome

Автор PappyBiceps ( назад)
Post haircut looks good with the light amount of gel

Автор Tricky850 ( назад)
one piece pirates??? I would of thought Japanese people would love that

Автор Amesuppanko6 ( назад)
Sukky you <3 lol

Автор Satoshi Matrix ( назад)
lol those Tokyo prices.

8480 yen for a DMG GameBoy. That's about $100.

Автор Eric Ramos ( назад)
Epic! Thanks for the laughs... I can relate to the cultural comparisons. Cheers m8 🤘🏼

Автор joan hernandez ciriza ( назад)
i loved the month I stayed in Japan. But I noticed something. Japan is awesome if you don't have to live like them. Its sad that Japanese people are just a tool for the economy. You can tell that most people are lonely and work like mules. It all summed up when I saw the suicide rate they have

Автор Thalia w ( назад)
this was such a juicy video thank you!

Автор Terminal Velocity ( назад)
"It's like going fuckin' gambling." Subscribed.

Автор Rina Hoshino ( назад)
Congrats on 100 videos and thank you so much for sharing your experience. I enjoy watching your insightful videos while going on little ventures, and it's quite true about Japan having the high uncertainty avoidance traits and how it's culturally ingrained like that. One of my good Japanese friends who works at a trading cards store in Akiba once told me that to a certain extent, customers demand respect and to be treated in certain ways. Customer service is really great in Japan, but it can also be a little controversial at times, I believe. P.S Love your friendly pet cat!

Автор Monkey D. Luffy ( назад)
how did he meet natsuke?!?! and how old is he?

Автор Sergei Dragunov ( назад)
Too much of a hostile country if you think about it.

Автор karina torres ( назад)

Автор Street Skater 66 ( назад)
So in Japan don't get sarky drink sake.

Автор Damian Marin ( назад)
Actually youre supposed to pronounce Rope as rowpe. It means clothes.

Автор Tech Ordinance ( назад)
keep up the great work the more I watch your videos the more it makes me want to move there myself unfortunately I don't have any useful skills and I have 2 kids but me and my wife are definitely looking at moving over there as a retirement it's just so sad that what is supposed to be one of the greatest countries on Earth that USA I can't stand to live here because the people make it a horrid it Adventure

Автор Fuzzymoon Beam ( назад)
Happy 100th episode! Great vid as always, you make laugh and sometimes thats just what need in a day. I hope you stay happy for a long long time.

Автор zam023 ( назад)
US, ethnic tolerance? Are you serious?

Congrats on your 100th video. This is my first time watching a video from you ^_^

Автор Ronin Otaku ( назад)
Thank you for the vids, they have definitely help me prepare for what to expect in Japan.

Автор Habib Daou ( назад)
The part about things not working just becausd had me dying especially cus I used that same excuse a few days ago

Автор Precious Zipagang ( назад)
Can you please do a video about the anime world in Japan. I really want to explore it. Thank you in advance, Chris!

Автор simgie ( назад)
Doesn´t seem like losing weight worked?

Автор Alvaro A. Rojas ( назад)
This one was hilarious!

Автор Leanne Aurelio ( назад)
I saw your channel because of Sharla. This is the first video I ever watched and I absolutely love you already!! I want to learn more about Japan (and probably live there someday) 😂 Thanks for your awesome channel!

Автор Gonzalo del Moral ( назад)
I think that today I'll be the lad who leaves a nice comment. Or give it a try

Автор lullemans72 ( назад)
5:40 indirect product placement for the gloved one, aka the late king of pop aka michael jackson? i see what you did there, you sly fox.

Автор Heather Jochens ( назад)
Oh my God, it's the Churchill Arms in Kensington...

Автор 伊藤義典 ( назад)

Автор starcrafter13terran ( назад)
When is Mr. snuggles getting his own channel?

Автор MrDragonedge ( назад)
Hey Chris! My brother and I are on a month long trip in Japan and we are in Sendai for a few days from the 5-7th. We are doing a Vlog while we are here and would love to meet up if you are interested! You can message my youtube channel!

Автор bindrp2 ( назад)
Pocari Sweat is in Hong Kong as well... it actually taste not to dissimilar from the name

Автор Kingdeme ( назад)
I just cant stop looking at Cat Hitler in the background.

Автор Alethea P ( назад)
I love how u explain cultural differences!!!

Автор Shane Hoey ( назад)
Your videos are one of the reasons I chose to return to Japan in March 2017 (including to Sendai). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping to run in to you on the street... Thank you for your dedication to this channel. The Japanese Ministry of Tourism should be paying you in commissions.

Автор Rodi in Japan ( назад)
I kinda wanna go to a Ropé Picnic

Автор Reikon Ansatsukage ( назад)
I love Japanese Culture and have always had an appreciation for the people, history, culture and even the things they bring to the world such as Anime, Cuisine, interesting traditions. I always thought that moving to Japan would be a dream come true. But I always have the fear of taking such a huge plunge into such a big change. Since I would have to learn Japanese and being an English speaking person who is almost 28 and lacks motivation/confidence... i'd probably have trouble learning quickly.

But I'd always thought that being an overweight guy would probably not make me look good out there in Japan since i noticed a few videos and understand that Japanese culture doesn't really consider being fat or obese as a normal/okay thing and i feel that i'd be just setting myself up for criticism and failure. I of course am working on my weight and such but it's a lot of time and commitment/dedication that is involved in working my way to my goal weight. But would you say that moving to Japan from North America would be expensive and perhaps adapting to culture and eventually getting used to things and being welcomed into the culture as a foreigner. Would that be hard to get used to or getting past? Do you have any advice being a foreigner who has immersed yourself into the culture and are living there?

Автор Samurai Sam ( назад)
Cheers mate, you should check out the new Asahi Beer. It's called EXTRA HARD. You go Japan you enjoy your EXTA HARD BEER LOL

Автор Aileen Genson ( назад)
More videos please! Your traditional Japan rural stuff are okay, how about more commercial stuff? Expand! How about only in Japan stuff and how they're made? Uniqlo factory? Nissin factory? Pablo Cheesecake? Is Hello Kitty really from Japan? Have you tried a maid cafe in Akihabara? lol Probably these have been done before, but I'm sure you'll have an interesting and different way of showing them!

Автор Felix New ( назад)
Just got back from 2 weeks in Japan, I felt some of the things you mentioned in the video too in the short time!! I noticed that compared to the UK, people are a lot more respectful and friendly to each other. Which was great. However, someone told me that as a foreigner living in Japan (and even as a Japanese) it can be really hard to tell when people are genuine or when they are pretending.. what's your thoughts on that??

Автор House Outwrong ( назад)
Good video but pronunciation of Itadakimasu really hurt my ears.

Автор Lois Plone ( назад)
Because of your videos I now want to visit Japan.

Автор Dragon Sword ( назад)
I'm 28 and looking at a work and study program in Japan, but I'm unsure whether I should give up my career to go out there for a minimum of 2 years, with the hope of staying longer. Unfortunately I never went to uni, and only have a vocational HND.

My questions are; would you say I'm too old to start, and how difficult would it be to get a visa through possibly workplace sponsorship or something? And obviously, would you recommend taking the leap?

Автор vesper malfoy ( назад)
lots of Westerners, let say people from the UK US, seem to avoid sarcasm in daily conversation with asian. for example they always speak to me very slowly when we first met, no offense on that, but then after everytime they say something sarcastic and i laugh they ask me again if i understand the humor. like wth. way to spoil my mood. again, no offense, they were trying to be polite i guess.

Автор D. ( назад)
Thank you for still posting videos! You are great keep them coming!

Автор Hugo Flawn-Thomas ( назад)
Great Channel Chris! Been following for a few years now from Reading. Always enjoy your videos and inspiration to get over to Japan. I'll get there one day! Keep it up!

Автор Harumi Delgado Wong ( назад)
I love this video!!!!!!

Автор TamwiseTravels ( назад)
I am on my way to Japan soon and am excited to actually use some of the random stuff I have learned from you. So much love coming your way! Would totally offer to buy you a coffee or those Tokyo bananas you like so much as a thank you, but it seems unlikely to come off without seeming like I am a weirdo.

Автор Jake Bochenek ( назад)
Have you ever thought about being an actor in Japan? You look like you have a celebrity-quality face.

I've always wanted to work in Japan as an actor ir voice actor, but one of my main objectives is to learn the language (obviously).

Автор Michael Tudda ( назад)
we should get some beers sometime

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