Letang nets GWG in 3-1 win as Pens hoist Stanley Cup

The Penguins won the Stanley Cup with a 3-1 win in Game 6, as Kris Letang notched the game-winning goal and Sidney Crosby had two assists

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Автор J-rod H ( назад)
Winnipeg Jets fan here but honestly this is one of the most entertaining games I've ever watched in hockey in the finals before I swear

Автор BUatShugart ( назад)
shush your mouth crosby your the one that did not let the sharks win there first stanley

Автор BUatShugart ( назад)
You dumb penguins you could of let the sharks win there first stanley cup and you dumb penguins are selfish

Автор Gerald Finneran ( назад)

Автор Ryan Pente ( назад)
Boo sharks

Автор JackAtt4ck ( назад)
Jones was still sick

Автор 1macrae ( назад)

Автор Michele Seyez ( назад)
I want the Pens to win

Автор Michael Allen ( назад)
Without jones the pens would have steamrolled them

Автор Randy Ventresca ( назад)
Beauty! Go Pens!! REPEAT!!

Автор CHEL TV ( назад)
lol I am still confused why Kunitz passed that. It's funny now because we pulled out the W and the cup but when it happened I couldn't talk for a good 5 minutes.

Автор 도라에몽숏다리 ( назад)
very good

Автор CoolGuyNB ( назад)
At least San Jose got in their first Stanley Cup appearance

Автор Garrett Buckley ( назад)
The only team not to blow a 3-1 Series lead

Автор Pub Chalice ( назад)
The worst part about this game was that Jones played amazing but they still lost😭

Автор Jourdan Luskoff ( назад)
Great game

Автор Emma 2006 ( назад)
I'm a Flyers fan and I'm not mad so shut up

Автор Evan Brown ( назад)
are you the real Sidney Crosby

Автор A Little French ( назад)
I love my Penguins...huge hugs and kisses guys. Hope I can get to the game against the Avalanche to see you :-D only took me 7 years to find you guys.

Автор MrYouarethecancer ( назад)
I've never seen a more pathetic team make the finals thatn SJS. Firing with no bullets that team. Without Jones who was world beating this would have been a sweep. Thornton was absolutely god awful, Burns overrated AF.

Автор Boi Idk ( назад)
Looks like sharks fans took lessons from flyers fans

Автор David Huynh ( назад)
Whose watching in 2017

Автор αùรtίη Ƶђαήģ ( назад)

Автор Stainer21 ( назад)
Not enough respect

Автор Matthew Morehouse ( назад)
I love how everyone is booing 😂😂

Автор luke pak ( назад)
Pittsburgh rocks

Автор Alex Ovechkin ( назад)
For Me they both played good!! It was a good season for both of them!!

Автор A7X ( назад)
Why would Kunitz pass that lol??? The world will never know.

Автор Jacob Kenny ( назад)
Fuckin hate the sharks fans at stadium. Show some honour

Автор thomas howard ( назад)
5:49 Crosby is looking into your soul

Автор Yellow Flame Gaulent ( назад)
I am a Ducks and I think the Sharks could have played better they played a little sloppy aginst the Penguins the Sharks should have won.

Автор Deleted YouTube Account. ( назад)
warms my heart

Автор Subha Vivek ( назад)
We would have won like 5-1 if Martin Jones was not there

Автор Phil Le ( назад)

Автор Jacob Reed ( назад)
How was that the final? I'm still in shock that the Sharks made it that far

Автор Montréal Canadiens ( назад)

Автор Lucas A ( назад)
Indians blew a 3-1 lead

Автор k.cantin ( назад)
On s'en fou il son gagné ouh ouh

Автор hockey productions ( назад)
man I wonder how bruins fans feel because they swept us karma you miss the playoffs the last 2 years and we win the cup and oh kessel rocks

Автор Jason McCan ( назад)
if im from Columbus ga what should my fav NHL team be?

Автор Isaac Dunaway ( назад)
it's been four monthis and i still have no idea how Letang got that shot to go in

Автор xXeriTum ( назад)
Anyone watching this because there is no uploads of the new season? :DDD

Автор Jonathan Munoz ( назад)
I wanted the sharks to win

Автор Storchz ( назад)
So much for beating 2 teams for the Stanley cup Thornton LOL

Автор KaneIGetACup ( назад)
Murray should have won the Conn Smythe, screw Crosby.

Автор shehar naeem ( назад)
RIP Mr Hockey

Автор DubNation ( назад)
6/12/16 NEVER FORGET oh wait........they will forget

Автор Matt Spider ( назад)
Check last it's so sad

Автор Tony Phillips ( назад)
Honeslty if it were not for jones, the sharks would've lost all four games like 5-2. Conn Smythes can be awarded to any player in the playoffs, and jones maybe shouldve won it.

Автор Shayne Greig ( назад)
Who recalls when this account used to be good?

Автор KirbySuperstar101 ( назад)

Автор TheRandomVids ( назад)
blues were so close

Автор Frequency Vibrations ( назад)
and btw on the pens first goal you said right through the glove and body of martin jones. thats a mistake it went through his blocker

Автор Frequency Vibrations ( назад)
What a play by cunitz

Автор Matthew Paluch ( назад)
When will you post the
2017 Winter Classic
press conference?

Автор nick the Cool Taylor ( назад)
sid the kid good job pens u guys earn it

Автор jason randazzo ( назад)
Can u do puck personotly of nhl 17 ratings please

Автор tbs 1999 ( назад)
Possible Predictions for the Pens next season: They will either get eliminated in the first round by Boston or Montreal, or miss the playoffs next season.

Автор Aidan Hourihan ( назад)
30 in 30?????

Автор Yasmine Herdman ( назад)
good game

Автор Doggo Doggo ( назад)
Stay classy sharks fans

Автор dajellybomb ( назад)
Poor sharkies. Maybe in the next 20 years....

Автор Nathan Ramirez 12344578 ( назад)
I typed tht too fast

Автор Nathan Ramirez 12344578 ( назад)
screw the penguins.Crosby probably went all like lebron jme tking inections which os cheating.

Автор NimzoXD ( назад)
I heard the new Las Vegas team will be called the "Black Knights" wtf? Why not the "Aces" ?? Las Vegas Aces sounds better than Las Vegas Black Knights to me. IMO

Автор The Best Of the Nhl ( назад)
Hey guys I have a hockey channel that has montages which I spend a lot of time on. Could you guys help me out a little by checking them out? I think they are really cool.

Автор Old Bald Jewish Guy ( назад)

Автор J Mouch ( назад)
Still pissed at Kunitz for passing on that 2 on 1. 😠 But we won so it's cool.

Автор Ty Ounsted ( назад)
Penguins are the best

Автор Fatail Warning ( назад)
Crosby shouldn't get the conn smythe Murray should

Автор Jeanine Rebehn ( назад)
cry baby crossby😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😛😛😛😛😛

Автор James Callari ( назад)
Let's go pens

Автор James Callari ( назад)
I still can't believe they won the cup. I will never forget this moment

Автор Absolute Sports ( назад)
There still the best lets go pens

Автор Blubbz ( назад)
It was a class act on the Pens part regarding Pascal Dupuis ever since he was forced to retire by keeping him on the injured reserve so he still had access to the Medical Plan of the NHL, keep it going next year boys ill be cheering

Автор reignofrock ( назад)
Oh Bettman, you douche.

Автор Old Bald Jewish Guy ( назад)
When ever a player goes to the final their instantly called "good"

Автор Roberto Pérez ( назад)

Автор Ben bujold ( назад)
can you please take matt cooke out of the leauge

Автор Kuba Janowski ( назад)
the sharks should win

Автор hellawaits77NY ( назад)
Go Pens! Incredible season!

Автор shichibukai tetsuo ( назад)
The anxiety levels I felt watching these playoffs all vanished once that clock hit zero, great season hope pens can be contenders every year!

Автор Lydia Perry ( назад)
Why did he say December it was June 12th

Автор Laugh, Smile, Wow ( назад)
Finally a good video! ( Penguins fan here )

Автор Scarce Is Not Fat ( назад)
Man it never gets old when you hear all the players cheering as the last seconds @re counted down.

Автор JTEAM 531 ( назад)
good job pens

Автор Shit Poster ( назад)
Red Wings fan so sad about Howe

Автор Pensfan48 ( назад)
The Sharks looked good before they got to the finals. Then they didn't really show up. GO PENS!

Автор Brett Nesbitt ( назад)
This will never get old watching! I went to the viewing at Consol for the game. All I remember was pure elation when Hornqvist scored. That place was loud as can be!!

Автор Hunter Rosen ( назад)
Post top propspects go to bizons

Автор Old Bald Jewish Guy ( назад)
Kessel should go to Toronto and have a nice meal with the fans.(Cause you know that's what he does)

Автор Lawrence Keleher ( назад)
I hope someone has a live feed on youtube tonight for the draft

Автор MrsPaul ( назад)
I love Sid, but I still the Conn Smythe should've gone to Murray.

Автор Bobby T. ( назад)
Now that the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup, here are some teams I would like the Penguins to meet with in the future: The Blue Jackets: that was becoming kind of rivalry and I hope it does. The Flyers: that already is a rivalry so. The Red Wings: Those back-to-back finals were special and I would like to play them again.
The Islanders: another team that has sort of become a rival. The Bruins: another rival team, that I would like for the Penguins to play again.

Автор Pantera Man33 ( назад)
it was nice to see the blues make a run I don't see is getting back here anytime soon congrats pens on the cup and congrats to the sharks for getting to the cup finals.

Автор Shaedon Shergill ( назад)
Where is top 10 NHL goals this year

Автор Old Bald Jewish Guy ( назад)
I'm not a Leafs fan but nobody likes Kessel.

Автор Saad Khan ( назад)
Glad to see the pens win it. We will be back next year tho. Go Hawks!

Автор Aidan Murray ( назад)
as a wings fan i wanted the sharks to win game six but the pens played good in that game

Автор Xboxboss100 ( назад)
Crosby no brodeur 30 yes

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