Binging with Babish: Lovers' Delight Sundae from 30 Rock

Jack Donaghy knows how to do Valentine's Day - specifically, he knows how to do the most decadent Valentine's Day possible. Fruitlessly attempt to impress your partner as we delicately drape 24-karat gold atop homemade ice cream, cognac, and unnecessarily-expensive chocolate.

Music: "See" by Tycho

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Machineless ice cream recipe courtesy of The Kitchn: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-ice-cream-without-124210

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Автор Joshua Reynolds ( назад)
Never stop making these.

Автор Joshua Reynolds ( назад)
Never stop making these.

Автор Dafoodmaster ( назад)
dat monkey shoulder tho

Автор hobnobs1550 ( назад)
I love the Tycho

Автор NotJake ( назад)
Next Video: Donut in the microwave

Автор King Shaver ( назад)
You know he means business when he's sipping Monkey Shoulder.

Автор Quentin Smith ( назад)
Why do we eat gold?

Автор William Knowles ( назад)
Bro do the Joey meatball sub from friends!!!

Автор Ben Hulme ( назад)

Автор NormalGorl ( назад)
i love the dedication

Автор Arya Afshar M. ( назад)
Oh no! I think I just finished watching the last of your videos :(

Автор OldSlyEyes ( назад)
this channel is so cool

Автор Oscar Brent ( назад)
You only used 24 carrot !!!ITS SUPPOSED TO BE 25

Автор scandinavianserialki ( назад)
lol I was just going to a newer video to tell you that it's hard to binge watch your channel because you use the same Ratatat song on every video but this one has some Tycho :)

Автор Scott Davis ( назад)
But Jack said 25 karat gold leaf....

Автор Mr LostSky ( назад)
gold? fockin hell man

Автор serajwl ( назад)
I loved everything about this video. Keep it up!

Автор Sam Tumle ( назад)
im dying to know the title of the song in the intro.

Автор Shane McKeen ( назад)
What kind of knife are you using?

Автор AliceMusicDrive ( назад)
I always love to cook and I hope I become a chef once but I usually just watch your videos once a week to remind myself that I'm a worthless potato

Автор The Mad Hacker ( назад)
hes gonna have glittery golden poos

Автор Linda Powell ( назад)
Ha, loved the impression. Great job!! can't stop watching your videos. I may be obsessed

Автор zaina Habouba ( назад)

Автор Liam ( назад)
Man I love Tycho!

Автор hudson fox ( назад)
you should have made the donut in the microwave instead

Автор Tianyu He ( назад)
Amazing!!! Love all your videos!!

Автор David Yang ( назад)
YouTube needs more of this. Thank you.

Автор solofalcon ( назад)
This guy gets all the joy and we have to sit here and work while he has all the fun.

Автор samuelpg ( назад)
what about cheesy blasters?

Автор Ivan Hidalgo ( назад)
because of you I am opening my own restaurant!!

Автор bananaanan chan ( назад)
i live in the hood. i cant afford this! XD but it looks hella good tho

Автор James Anderson ( назад)
Good choice of whisky

Автор Hamuera Peehikuru ( назад)
foolish man. you do not eat the wormed donut. you..... actually, you know what. nevermind..

Автор Gavin Doiron ( назад)
if I could make 1 suggestion, include ingredients in the description or at the start or end of the video, love you videos otherwise.

Автор Mick Raymond ( назад)
Should have made the McFlurry

Автор Viet Tuan Nguyen ( назад)
Would u also make the Cuban sandwich from "Chef" ? That would be so awesome.

Автор pine cone ( назад)
he finished donut he didn't finish Sunday. hmm we all know who won here

Автор pine cone ( назад)
"we can talk politics... oh looks like I'm done," lol right call not talking about politics we all know how that would go?

Автор Nicole Esposito ( назад)
New favorite channel by far! I keep trying to come up with recipe suggestions, but I can only think of Andy from Parks and Rec's favorite food, grapes with butter. Guess that wouldn't make the most exciting video...

Автор Jim linstead ( назад)
Maybe this is the bearded guy from from walk the earth

Автор marlee mae ( назад)
When I cook I always second guess myself and work myself into a small anxiety attack, hahaha. I love how calm and confident you are, I wish I was as calm and confident with my cooking as you are.

Автор Isaac Orr ( назад)
this channel is awesome you definitely earned the sub! keep the videos coming!

Автор Sad Walrus ( назад)
why would u evwn bother with the tasteless gold tho

Автор Erik Snider ( назад)
Is it weird that I wanna know if his poop was sparkly?

Автор LittleFilip ( назад)
honestly I love the ratatat song more than anything, just keep it ;)

Автор Nathan Riches ( назад)
Thumbs up for Tycho!! And a second thumbs up for Monkey Shoulder.

Автор Santanna Berrios ( назад)
jack donaghy's voice and this guys forearms...

Автор frostytheredd ( назад)
Monkey Shoulder! Excellent choice

Автор StudioCFan 4Ever ( назад)
How much did the gold leaves cost?

Автор Scout TheSaola ( назад)
Look at me watching this like I might actually make ice cream. The most complex dessert I've ever made myself is a slice of lime repeatedly dipped in sugar. An abomination... But tasty.

Автор Alex Chally ( назад)
Serious question, was your poop shiny after you ate that? I don't feel like buying a package of gold leaf just to find out, but I really need to know.

Автор Mirgjan Kupi ( назад)
i would of bet all the money i have that the donut would be involved at the end of this video

Автор Marie Pruitt ( назад)
Just binge watched 12 of these videos! Really inspire me to start cooking, but then I remember I cant even make toast successfully so... Really diggin the Frasier theme at the beginning btw!

Автор Amanda Lehr ( назад)
nice music choice!

Автор Eddie Solis ( назад)
What kind of cognac did you use?

Автор STICH666 ( назад)
Dude props for using Tycho.

Автор Jimbo Yokimbo ( назад)
This is why we need rich people.

Автор Payton Schachtell ( назад)
May this serious never end.

Автор Thurnis Haley ( назад)
Tina Fey is one of the few comediennes that is just as bad as Amy Schumer

Автор Marco Menarini ( назад)
hey Andrew, have you powdering dry ice and mixing adding a spoon at the time? It thicken evenly like the cooled bowl usually used in icecream machines :)
PS: love the show

Автор Irish Pauline ( назад)
i've been binge-watching all of your videos for about an hour now...i really like your vids, keep on rocking :)

Автор Joshua Walters ( назад)
Jackson Polic seems relevant to this for some reason.

Автор MasterBeefy94 ( назад)
Monkey Shoulder is great.

Автор Georg Cantor ( назад)
was it actually good with the truffle?

Автор Jacob Vice ( назад)
Please post more I love your videos so much

Автор Trent Smith ( назад)
Cheesy Blasters?

Автор Cessationem ( назад)
Fantastic music choices love Tycho

Автор Tranquil789 ( назад)
How much vanilla extract would you use, if you don't have a vanilla pod?

Автор Ryan Gunnip ( назад)
Tip for making the custard: you need to put a little bit of cold water in the ice-salt mix so that it cools the custard mix down easily. The heat has a harder time transferring out of the custard mix when the bowl is in contact with mostly air, but when tis liquid it transfers way more readily. Trust me, I make a lot of this stuff XD!

Автор Clarissa Helman ( назад)
When you thought your two-day old doughnuts were too stale to eat, think again. :15 in the microwave really does the trick!

Автор Coop Zilla ( назад)
excellent video! I love watching them! keep it up! :D

Автор Ryan Sleek ( назад)
Man I love your videos 😹

Автор ft.giulianaa ( назад)
I cannot stop watching your videos!!! Amazing

Автор Michael Santangelo ( назад)
I mean... Not to nit-pick... But... He said 25 karat... Not 24 karat...

Regardless, I'll take either a warm donut or this delicious concoction.

Автор Alexandra Garcia ( назад)
i like your show a lot, great idea, and the food looks excellent. I really like how you have Tycho in the background. More Tycho, less of that other background music you were rocking.

Автор Loic Reviews ( назад)
I love your videos but that intro reminds me so much of the Adam's Family theme :(

Автор Elliott Ward ( назад)
You've got to do a video on Cheesy Blasters!

Автор Jonathan Bussler ( назад)
I know you recently did a burger video but what about all the burgers from Bob's Burgers?  The ones that are written on the signs or the one he says?

Автор Aaron F. ( назад)
How did the iced-cream turn out? Looked great!

Автор seth strauss ( назад)
Who else has watched every video on this channel?

Автор Shawna Harvey ( назад)
Or you could just put it in the freezer and go the easy way out?

Автор Matthew Koszuta ( назад)
Do we listen to the same music?

Автор David Morris ( назад)
I've watched all your videos, but it seems on a saturday I come back to watch them all again more than once, I love them, might even try some of them myself! keep it up man, great videos as always!

Автор OrangeJews1138 ( назад)
Why is it neccessary to use a metal bowl for the ice mixture?

Автор Sam Serious ( назад)
I made this for valentines day. Since I don't have a girlfriend I can afford it.

Автор Hope Donnellan ( назад)
swoon again

Автор Viking Poodle ( назад)
Tycho and El Ten Eleven. I love your music taste as much as your videos.

Автор Ashleigh Calvert ( назад)
This channel is completely genius. Keep up the fantastic work!

Автор L4cer8 ( назад)
Monkey Shoulder, I like your taste sir

Автор time Wizard ( назад)
great jack donaghy impression! gonna rewatch the show now thanks

Автор The Capgras Brothers ( назад)
the whole pour yourself a drink moment made me giggle

Автор Jullian Mitchell ( назад)
that looks pretty good But a Donut in microwave is always the best XD

Автор ThePadawan3 ( назад)
It really sounded you said "Welcome to 'Benching with Babish'" and I thought "Woah, you're really branching out!"

Автор Evan Schaaf ( назад)
Fantastic song choice- love Tycho and absolutely love your videos

Автор Logan HD ( назад)
Bob's Burgers? :)

Автор coolbeanz9001 ( назад)
Make the Sunday sundae from Spongebob

Автор Prinszi ( назад)
Please make Cheesy Blasters!

Автор Heglin ( назад)
Your music choice is always top notch.

Автор Big Words ( назад)
Is that tycho? Are you allowed?

Автор Edgar Carranza ( назад)
Now I'm going to crave milk steak everytime I watch The West Wing.

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