Top 10 Toughest Single Game Accomplishments in Sports

  • Опубликовано: 13 окт 2016
  • Top 10 Toughest Single Game Accomplishments in Sports
    There are many mind-blowing accomplishments in sports: whether it’s running the four-minute mile, managing the unassisted triple play in baseball, hitting a hole in one in golf or scoring a goal as a goalie in hockey, these are all some of the greatest individual athletic accomplishments. WatchMojo counts down the 10 most impressive sports feats achieved by individual athletes, to give you something to aim for.
    00:49 #10: A Hole in One - Golf
    01:40 #9: Scoring a Goal as a Goalie - Football / Hockey
    02:40 #8: Four-Minute Mile - Running
    04:01 #7: Hat Trick - Football
    04:58 #6: Rushing for 250 Yards in a Game - American Football
    05:58 #5: Unassisted Triple Play - Baseball
    07:07 #4: The Quadruple Double - Basketball
    08:27 #3, #2 & #1 ???
    If you want to see more impressive sports feats, check out our videos on the Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports:видео.html and Top 10 Individual Career Records in Professional Team Sports:видео.html
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Комментарии • 4 405

  • WadelDee
    WadelDee День назад

    Even if you didn't record blocks and steals can't you just watch the old videos and RETROACTIVELY count all of the blocks and steals to retroactively award a quadruple double?

  • Dime10 1
    Dime10 1 12 дней назад +1

    They talk as if they’ve never watched a sports game before and just looked up a bunch of analytics. Idc but that’s why over a thousand people disliked

  • The Piano Room
    The Piano Room 13 дней назад

    Winning the golden masters in tennis. Only one person. Novak Djokovic, and that just happened.

  • Tyrant Sun
    Tyrant Sun 14 дней назад

    MARIO LEMIEUX!!!! C'mon Mojo you screwed that one up. 5 goals in one game is hard, 5 goals 5 different ways is GODLIKE

  • 00Billy
    00Billy 14 дней назад

    In baseball perfect game relies on all the players/
    In football the 250yd game relies on all the offensive players ...the offensive line especially.
    Where's the 6pt game in NHL? Sittler did it and the record still stands.
    In baseball a guy pitched a perfect game...on acid. look up Doc Ellis.

  • NonyoB Isiness
    NonyoB Isiness 15 дней назад

    No such thing as a keeper or a hat trick in football. That is socker. Also a par three and a par four talk about the hole not the course. It would be nice if the one doing the video knew what they were talking about. And are you kidding me with the perfect game being number one? The immaculate inning is far more impressive. 9 pitches 3 strikeouts.

  • Alina Ontarion
    Alina Ontarion 15 дней назад

    Should've put super hattrick instead of hattrick for football and number 1 should be 5 goals with a single player in a football game

  • Barend Smits
    Barend Smits 15 дней назад

    A full house - Rugby

    AP MONEY 16 дней назад

    Baseball- The cycle

  • Andy Dufresne
    Andy Dufresne 18 дней назад

    100 point game is by far the hardest. Once in about 140,000 possible games. Not even Kobe could get close. Perfect game 23x out of 200,000. 20 strikeouts in a game is more difficult.

  • MoA-Reload...
    MoA-Reload... 19 дней назад +1

    You have football hatricks in the list but O'Sullavan's record breaking 5min 20sec 147 break just as an honourable mention? What were you lot smoking? 😜

    • 00Billy
      00Billy 14 дней назад +1

      yeah that was insanely impressive.

  • Jassim Almuftah
    Jassim Almuftah 21 день назад

    A hattrick isn’t that rare

  • Paul Brasier
    Paul Brasier 21 день назад

    A 3:43 mile, by far number 1 !

  • Jesse Bowles
    Jesse Bowles 22 дня назад

    Gretzky 50 goals in what was it like 39 games? 49? W.e it is, it will never be touched again

    • 00Billy
      00Billy 14 дней назад

      But he never scored 6pts in a game like Darryl Sittler.

  • T W
    T W 23 дня назад

    By football, she means soccer. 🇺🇸

  • Alphonse Pepe
    Alphonse Pepe 25 дней назад

    None of these even come close to a 4 minute mile running those times are by far the hardest thing to do in sports

  • Ryan Hodges
    Ryan Hodges 26 дней назад

    Where is 4 home runs in a single MLB game. Only been done 18 times in history so it's more rare than a perfect game and arguably harder to do seeing as a perfect game has to be done by a good pitcher throwing a good game and the defense behind him has to be having a good day defensively as well but to hit 4 home runs in one game the batter has to be having a perfect day hitting and get unbelievably lucjy

  • Hockey Man10
    Hockey Man10 27 дней назад

    Respect to watch mojo for not calling football soccer

  • Braeden Stephenson
    Braeden Stephenson 27 дней назад

    But Mario lemiuexs 5 goals in 5 different ways record is easy to break ?

    • 00Billy
      00Billy 14 дней назад

      try 6pts in a game like sittler/.

  • Marc Saraspi
    Marc Saraspi 27 дней назад

    Baseball. The cycle-slam. Only 9 batters did this. As for the cycle, pure or other, it indicates that a perfect game will happen soon.

  • Eric S
    Eric S 28 дней назад

    I hate that hockey feats always get overlooked,...and it did on this list. Lemieux scored 5 goals in 5 ways in 1 game. only player to ever do so, which is a higher feat than a lot of this list.

  • Nicholas Chernock
    Nicholas Chernock 28 дней назад

    59 in Golf tho

  • Caleb Lacy
    Caleb Lacy 29 дней назад

    a Gordie Howe hat trick

  • Conor Houston
    Conor Houston 29 дней назад

    Rip Roy Halladay 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Sham Adams
    Sham Adams 29 дней назад

    Americans need to forget about football or atleast fucking put effort to be educated about football.

  • Edward Falcetta
    Edward Falcetta Месяц назад

    what about The Golden Set in Tennis ???

  • Subhajit Ghose
    Subhajit Ghose Месяц назад

    Hattrick in cricket is more difficult as the wickets have to be taken off consecutive balls bowled... Also 155 break in snooker, only once, Ronnie has around 1000 147 breaks, it has become a bit more common recently...

    • 00Billy
      00Billy 14 дней назад

      I missed a hatrick... I did in the over though. hehe golden ducked one poor bastard.

  • RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me
    RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me Месяц назад

    Quintuple-double??? no?, what bout getting 2+ safeties, stopping every PK in a shootout, free throw line dunk? Double-digit 3pts, a 5 in 5? (or a Lemieux), 5 by 5?,

  • XxMatt playsxX
    XxMatt playsxX Месяц назад

    Grand slam

  • Sharath Gadasally
    Sharath Gadasally Месяц назад +1

    Taking all 10 wickets in a cricket game. Just a few times over past 100 years. Should have been on the list as top 3.

  • Ansuman Pattnayak
    Ansuman Pattnayak Месяц назад

    There should have been a mention of scoring a full house in rugby union. Remember thst if you make a part 2.

  • Jack Elkins
    Jack Elkins Месяц назад

    What about hitting for the cycle

  • Knife Hand
    Knife Hand Месяц назад

    what about the 36 run over in Cricket. never happened in a Test but happened once in a One Day International and once in a T20 International

  • alking0077
    alking0077 Месяц назад

    2 grand slams in the same inning, by the same hitter, of the same pitcher.(Fernando Tatis) Stl. Louis Cardinals. Beat that!

    • 00Billy
      00Billy 14 дней назад

      Doc ellis pitched a perfect game on

  • Mr. Dab
    Mr. Dab Месяц назад +1

    5 goals 5 ways???

    • 00Billy
      00Billy 14 дней назад

      empty netter, even strength, powerplay, short handed, and penalty shot.
      nothing compared to Sittler's 6pt game..that still stands.

  • Tania Mcdonald
    Tania Mcdonald Месяц назад

    what I don't understand is how in the hell can scoring 100 points in a basketball game easier than throwing a perfect game in baseball. They said it themselves that it's only been done once in the history of MLB

  • Jakub Láska
    Jakub Láska Месяц назад

    I wouldn't agree with the hattrick in Europe it's normal even kids get hattricks..

  • christian davis
    christian davis Месяц назад +1

    Darryl Sittler 10 points in a hockey game in 1976.

    • 00Billy
      00Billy 14 дней назад

      finally someone who gets it... lol.

  • FCT70
    FCT70 Месяц назад

    The 100 pt game should have been number one.

  • Baller Caller
    Baller Caller Месяц назад

    Where the hell is the cycle?

  • maroccomo
    maroccomo Месяц назад +1

    Hitting for the natural cycle in baseball. Only happened seven times.

  • GuyMcman
    GuyMcman Месяц назад

    how about a 222-0 american football game, or playing 4 weeks of american football on a broken leg

  • Jakob Bryant
    Jakob Bryant Месяц назад

    Soccer is gay

  • Nate Woods
    Nate Woods Месяц назад

    Although fairly common over seas in European racing series, in America it’s rare for a driver to lead every lap of a race.

  • Steve Siget
    Steve Siget Месяц назад

    How bout Mario Lemiuex scoring five goals, five different ways, in one game!!

  • Luiz Pinheiro
    Luiz Pinheiro Месяц назад

    Rogério Ceni is a Brazilian goalkeeper, played for São Paulo and scored more than 100 goals while playing

  • Garagemuso72 KD
    Garagemuso72 KD Месяц назад

    10 wicket innings in cricket is an extremely rare thing for a bowler to get.

  • Slim Machado
    Slim Machado Месяц назад

    Draymond Green was 6 points away from a quadruple double last year (It was also the first triple double without points).

  • Jackson Emus
    Jackson Emus Месяц назад +1

    20 strikeout game? There have only been 5 of those in mlb history

  • Mark Cofer
    Mark Cofer Месяц назад

    How about scoring 5 ways in hockey? Only 1 player has ever done it in the NHL - Mario Lemeux. Shorthanded, Even Strength, Penalty Shot, Power Play and Empty Net. So many factors not under the players control

  • František Vtelenský
    František Vtelenský Месяц назад

    1.) 9000 points in decathlon:
    Only 2 (!!!) athletes achieved this in history of this impressive sport.
    1st man who broke the line of 9000 points was Roman Šebrle from Czech republic with 9026 points in 2001.
    Only Ashton Eaton from USA was better then; 9039 points in 2012 and 9045 in 2015 which is current world record.
    This is probably the most dificult result you can achieve in sports I think. Decathlon itself is really difficult and I really admire all athletes who are into this sport. :)
    2.) 90 metres in javelin throw men:
    Only 18 athletes in history broke this top notch distance and only 1 was even better. Of course, it was legendary Jan Železný from Czech republic and his unbelievable record 98.48 metres (!!!) from 1996. He is still the only one, who sent his javelin over 95 metres. :)
    3.) 70 metres in javelin throw woimen:
    Heck yeah! Another athlete from Czech republic is the best! With 72.28 metres, Barbora Špotáková set world record in 2008. And there are only 4 women, who broke 70 m distance. Maria Abakumova, Osleidys Menéndez and Cristina Obergföll. :)
    4.) Long jump men:
    So, who will be the first over 9.00 metres? Yes, only Mike Powell from USA was closest to this magical number. With his 8.95 metres from Toky0 1991, he still hold world record even to these days. :)
    So, I know, that those are not "single game accomplishments" events, but it really needs a big big attention, cuz all of them are really impressive! :)

  • Scott Trujillo
    Scott Trujillo Месяц назад

    A natural cycle in baseball (hitting a single, double, triple, and home run in a single game) is more rare than a perfect game.

  • Chad Singleton
    Chad Singleton Месяц назад

    What about 4 homers in a game....

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter Месяц назад

    Nobody may ever accomplish 100 pts. in NBA game ever again. Perfect game is easier than 100 pts in a game. More teamwork involved in perfect game though. Ball hogs could score 100 pts in an NBA game.

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter Месяц назад

    Yeah. He got 100 points and probably 100 women that year!;)

  • E Keats
    E Keats Месяц назад +1

    Darryl Sittler (NHL) 10 points in a single game

  • Luka Osirnik
    Luka Osirnik Месяц назад

    I don't know if I should believe you any more, because i don't know where do you get information. In football there is a lot of goalscoring goalkeepers. In fact top goalscoring keeper has scored 131 goals (Rogério Ceni). José Luis Chilavert even scored hattrick! Your video is from 2016 and there has been 5 goals in Premier league since 2013... Sorry, but it's NOT SO RARE.

    • Luka Osirnik
      Luka Osirnik Месяц назад

      You could also mention that in NHL there was actualy half own goals, but because of the rules if it's own goal the goalscorer is the one who touched it last of the opposing team (in that case 7 goalkeepers did and 7 actualy shot on goal)

  • Ben Graham
    Ben Graham Месяц назад

    Darryl Sittler with no love. We will never see 10 points by a single player in the NHL again.

  • Captain Bobby Harrison
    Captain Bobby Harrison Месяц назад

    You left off one of the biggest... Hockey's scoring a goal every way possible in a single game!

  • Renato Nović
    Renato Nović Месяц назад

    a true hat trick is very rare if you even know what that is.

  • Cade Westberry
    Cade Westberry Месяц назад

    How many pitchers have had a perfect game? How many NBA players have scored 100 points? SMFH. This is so disrespectful

  • joseph lanci
    joseph lanci Месяц назад

    The perfect game is much harder then 100 points

  • Robert Pulido
    Robert Pulido Месяц назад

    It's hard to score hat tricks in Football/Soccer

    Cristiano Ronaldo: "Hold my beer."

  • Matthew Salomón Trnkus
    Matthew Salomón Trnkus Месяц назад

    hardest is the "grand slam", winning all four grand slams in a calendar year in tennis. Not even roger federer has done it.

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith Месяц назад

    Happy Gilmore got a hole in one a par four

  • Aliens kimi
    Aliens kimi Месяц назад

    Oh my lord, you forgot about immaculate innings, those are rarer than perfect games.

  • Robin Katsu
    Robin Katsu Месяц назад

    imho 400 runs in test cricket and 100 points in NBA basketball should be both equal on the top spot has only been done by 1 player. But if you insist that there can be only 1 top spot then it should be 400 runs because thats only once in 150 years of test cricket

  • Roland Chan
    Roland Chan Месяц назад

    4 serves. 4 aces to win a game in Tennis.

  • Dairlyn Sweeney
    Dairlyn Sweeney 2 месяца назад

    It's not a count down its a list

  • 9Ballr
    9Ballr 2 месяца назад

    23 perfect games in MLB, but only once has a player scored 100 points in an NBA game, and the next closest is 81 points. So which one is tougher?

    • 9Ballr
      9Ballr Месяц назад

      The fact that one has been accomplished 23 times and the other only once tells you which one is harder to do.

    • Brittain
      Brittain Месяц назад

      9Ballr a perfect game. You play 8 innings in mlb and about 9-10 players bat. So you’d have to go through the lineup at least twice for a perfect game. You have to think of all the possibilities that could happen (grand slam, homerun, or even fumbling with the ball). I’m not saying that the 100 points isn’t hard either, but they’re both totally different games.

  • Chalky Von Kekian
    Chalky Von Kekian 2 месяца назад

    "However not one woman has been able to run a 4 minute mile." I thought men and women were the same and gender was just a social construct?

  • John Lang
    John Lang 2 месяца назад

    What you call "Football" is in reality "Soccer"

  • Dan Riley
    Dan Riley 2 месяца назад

    Lemieux scoring all five ways should’ve at least made it on here.

  • Ragazzi Aeroporto
    Ragazzi Aeroporto 2 месяца назад

    Lewandovskis 5 goals in 9 minutes

  • paulmd2010
    paulmd2010 2 месяца назад

    You missed mario lemieux scoring a goal all 5 ways in one game. Even streinght, power play, shorthanded, empty net, and penalty shot.

  • paulmd2010
    paulmd2010 2 месяца назад

    Tim Duncan should have a quadruple double in game 6 of the 2003 NBA finals. He had 2 blocks that were given to other players.

  • paulmd2010
    paulmd2010 2 месяца назад

    I always imagine that this watch mojo girl is super hot.

  • Lonell Fletcher
    Lonell Fletcher 2 месяца назад

    how about the golden set in tennis? Only achieved twice in the whole history of tennis.

  • Finlay Armstrong
    Finlay Armstrong 2 месяца назад

    but I score 5 goals in one game. I play 7 a side becuase i'm a child

  • Patrick McCrime Dog
    Patrick McCrime Dog 2 месяца назад

    Top 10 Best - Crowd Silencing Moments Series, please. One for each sport, or go crazy and maybe for each team in a particular sport? I donno. Maybe just keep it simple for now.

  • Neil Sullivan
    Neil Sullivan 2 месяца назад

    If you are going to talk about hockey it should have been 5 Goals 5 different ways, since there is only one person that has ever done it.

  • myarchus1
    myarchus1 2 месяца назад

    What about Darryl Sittler's 10-pt game? A double hat trick and 4 assists!

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins 2 месяца назад

    Triple axel anyone?

  • temporarysanity
    temporarysanity 2 месяца назад

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. No woman has ran the 4 minute mile? How the fuck is that possible? I thought women could do whatever men could do? The timers are misogynistic tools of the patriarchy.

  • Jean-Marc Ruel
    Jean-Marc Ruel 2 месяца назад

    Um, Mario Lemieux scoring 5 goals 5 different ways has to be mentioned more. It's in the comments a few times, but is unbelievable not in the video. In 1 game, scoring a: regular strength, powerplay, shorthanded, penalty shot AND empty net goal!!! It will likely NEVER happen again, unlike any of the things on this list, perhaps with the exception of the 100 point game.

    THEONLYKID 420 2 месяца назад

    I don’t think I’m the only one but does anybody else remember the O.J Simpson got arrested for murder not to ruin anyone’s spirits here sorry

  • crabbypaddy75
    crabbypaddy75 2 месяца назад

    Easy to score a hattrick in football/soccer. Cricket 6 runs off each of the 6 balls per over or 6 wickets in 1 over and i'm listening. Or the 1hr record in cycling.

  • Kevin Lenda
    Kevin Lenda 2 месяца назад

    Hitting 4 homeruns in a game.

  • Shane Farmer
    Shane Farmer 2 месяца назад

    Hitting for the cycle in baseball should’ve at least been an honorable mention

  • Palmer Golsan
    Palmer Golsan 2 месяца назад

    Playing all 9 positions in MLB in a single game (Batter, Catcher, Pitcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, Left Field, Right Field, and Middle Field)

  • guodade
    guodade 2 месяца назад

    Some in other sports:
    - 4 wickets in 4 balls in cricket. Never accomplished in 140 years of Test cricket, but over 25 times in other first-class games and once in limited-overs (John Player League) cricket
    - 17 wickets in a match in cricket. Accomplished 20 times up to 1939, but declining wicket taking as it become too costly and time-consuming for young men to take up spin bowling made the feat almost impossible after the war
    - 15 goals in one (Australian Rules) football match. Last accomplished in the AFL in 1995, and only three times since 1978
    - Keeping an opponent goalless for an entire (Australian Rules) football game - not individual, but an extraordinary single game feat for a team’s defence. Last accomplished in the VFL/AFL by St. Kilda against Richmond in 1961, and in the WAFL on a waterlogged Arena Joondalup in 2003, but these are the only occurrences since 1922 in the four biggest senior leagues
    - Six tries in a rugby league game. In the NSWRFL this was accomplished half a dozen times (one of eight, one of seven tries) up to 1950, but no one has scored six in a game since Jack Troy did so for Newtown against Easts on 8 July that year. Six tries were scored by Ken Nagas in an international Super League game in 1997, and Martin Offiah scored ten in one game a few years before that.

  • Earl Daniel Lee
    Earl Daniel Lee 2 месяца назад

    Quintiple Double

  • Brent Granger
    Brent Granger 2 месяца назад

    Mario Lemieux scoring in every possible way (power play, short-handed, full strength, penalty shot, and empty net) in a single hockey game was quite impressive as well as these.

  • Daniel Derpinson
    Daniel Derpinson 2 месяца назад

    Scoring 5 goals in 1 match should be top 3.

  • Isaac Davis 97 (STUDENT)
    Isaac Davis 97 (STUDENT) 2 месяца назад

    I think that hitting for the cycle in baseball should be on this list. You need to hit a single, a double, a triple and a home run in a single game.

  • Jimi Raveon
    Jimi Raveon 2 месяца назад

    Breaking 60 in golf. Only been done 9 times on the pga tour.

  • Michael Delaware
    Michael Delaware 2 месяца назад

    Of the 15 unassisted Triple plays in history, only 2 were completed by first basemen. 5 were from second basemen and 8 by short stops. Also another interesting fact, only two occurred on the last play of the game.

  • C Housby
    C Housby 2 месяца назад

    what about the Gordie Howe hat trick

  • ramix psymaster
    ramix psymaster 2 месяца назад

    C.Ronaldo scoring a goal in every minute

  • Pouletchien
    Pouletchien 2 месяца назад

    How is the Hockey Quinella not on this list? It's a miracle that one was recorded in history. Not only must you score five goals, which is very hard by the way, but those five goals must be in different situation; An even strength goal, a powerplay goal, a shorthanded goal, a penalty shot goal and an empty netter. Shorthanded goals are a rare sight in the NHL and penalty shot even rarer, Also even if the guys manage to get even strength goal,powerplay goal, shorthanded goal and a penalty shot goal, the other teams must have a close enough score so that retiring their goalie seems a good idea, So not only must you and your team have an excellent night and be lucky, but you can't dominate the other team if you want them to retire their goalie from the net.