Introducing The Mythical Breakfast

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Автор cadr003 ( назад)
Maybe kevins breakfast was a little too salty lol

Автор samrat baral ( назад)
I wished Nepali dish was presented in the show (sad)

Автор Br0vyle ( назад)
Rip Kevin

Автор Frederic Adams ( назад)
they have zip sacks

Автор RiriRaRin ( назад)
the mythical breakfast reminds me of honey toasts

Автор Daniell Bondad ( назад)
We just call them ''bags''.Anything you bring to school that isn't a case,is a bag.

Автор Tahir Pervez ( назад)

Автор TARANTULYN ( назад)
Shutup kevin >;l

Автор ThePenquinX ( назад)
I've always called it a Back Pack, and until now, I've only other term I've ever heard for it is Book Bag (which is what most my elders call it) - I live in Ky.

Автор Yasmin Lakeman ( назад)
"Did it have peanut butter?"
"No peanut butter but it didn't need it"
"It didn't need it?!?!

Автор 1hateeverything ( назад)
Kevin the dolphin

Автор everafterhigh_003 everafter ( назад)
you should rinse the sour herring in water before eating it!

Автор P Halliwell ( назад)
1:17 My reaction to Link in almost every episode 😒

Автор Jörgen Andersson ( назад)
kalles kaviar rools for breakfast

Автор Dan Mercer ( назад)
Full English is the best breakfast on earth

Автор The Bearjew ( назад)
Hey guys Clint here!

Автор Grayson Pierce ( назад)
From Georgia, we usually called it a Book Bag

Автор kvng dre2000 ( назад)
i say book bag

Автор WhatsUp William ( назад)
Ball sack,lol

Автор ThatKidNanedTony ( назад)
an episode full of Sacks.

Автор Chris Simmons ( назад)
I'm from Arkansas and everyone I know (including myself) calls it a backpack, although I have heard bookbag before.

Автор CrazyCaluz ( назад)
nothing beats a full english...

Автор avalon power-james ( назад)

Автор Twilight Night ( назад)
I'm vegetarian, and I LUUUV Hemp Seeds!!

Автор MaxPaynal ( назад)
The breakfast approved by SJW's everywhere.

Автор Krang Rebus ( назад)
I like naked potato

Автор Aman Indeed ( назад)

Автор Pratik Das ( назад)
Lizzie is waifu :3 <3 so pretty

Автор Kyomi ( назад)
I'm so glad they like the Dominican breakfast cause it's one of my favs

Автор MixIt Pixit Paints ( назад)
back sack made me spit my coffee out, i may have to get a new computer screen.

loving today <3

Автор rilbomb ( назад)
that girl sounds almost exactly like Barbra from roosterteeth!!

Автор TheHidden Gaming ( назад)
Is it just me or did they to like random conversations. They crept talking bout random stuff, I m so fused. What's in the sack? --GMM

Автор Carleigh McNutt ( назад)
is it just me or does anybody else ship lizzie and kevin!

Автор Taylor Duplessis ( назад)
I love you guys so so much

Автор Asena Ipekten ( назад)
Wait I thought it was called a school bag.... Oops I need to change it to book SACK

Автор pauloyyj ( назад)
I wonder if Kevin used this as a prank

Автор irThumper ( назад)
Nothin' but sacks on this episode. Here a sack, there a sack, everywhere a sack-sack...

Автор Melody M ( назад)
I really think GMM should be a little more diverse

Автор pranav shrestha ( назад)
So link has a spoon, a knife but no FORK!!

Автор Gryffindor 13 ( назад)
The breakfast from Sweden was not Links up puffed he (cup of tea)

Автор diba moca ( назад)
I love codroe / torskerogn 👍

Автор Aviva-Jacob Cphen ( назад)
I say book bag

Автор nancy kandil ( назад)
Did any one else notice the girl ate Avery thing?

Автор DeeRent ( назад)
backpack or book bag is common here. lol. I love the different regional terms for the same items.

Автор shaneprks1 ( назад)
I think I honestly am in love with Lindsy

Автор snkdagwood ( назад)
is anyone gonna comment on lizzies face at 2:39

Автор Taylor Browning ( назад)
dont call it a sack sounds like you buying a sack of bud.

Автор The making of Kids are amazing ( назад)
Kevin's is better

Автор Angus Helldin ( назад)
It's very funny that they washed down the caviar with whipped cream in a can. If these guys were swedish they'd do the opposite! That pseudo-cream is disgusting!

Автор honestly trash ( назад)
I feel like Link gets on Rhetts' nerves a lot.

Автор MaMeow Pichamon ( назад)
Lizzie s face at 02:40 lol, when i see my poop s colour

Автор Mia LeBlanc ( назад)
My hair go's up my hair go's down oh wait never mind

Автор gjaddajg ( назад)
Americans have such bad taste. The more sugar the better.

Автор tamversuschris ( назад)
Loved the last line.

Автор Musikkat AJ ( назад)
You should do a studio tour! That would be really cool :)

Автор vprince1173 ( назад)
Link stop bullying Lizzy! She can present toast that she made for you however she wants!

Автор pacowheezer ( назад)
I was hoping it was a copy of the old gmm logo

Автор Christopher Ashby ( назад)
I know a guy from Nigeria, he sent me an e-mail, lol best ending.

Автор William Cutting ( назад)
I've heard nap sack but the most common are probably backpack and book bag.

Автор Adrienne Patterson ( назад)
if it zips its a backpack.
if it cinches it's a back sack.
anyone else agree?

Автор UAKADA ( назад)
libya loves u guys

Автор Leon Kristoffer ( назад)
Kaviar on bread with eggs are the best! I eat kaviar with bread every single day for school-lunch! =/

Автор JTheKidd220 ( назад)
Book bag

Автор George Does What ! ( назад)
maybe kevin smelt abit fishy

Автор Taxonomic 21 ( назад)
I would eat the Russian pancakes

Автор L. Francesca ( назад)
Okay, but when it comes to terms for bags, who else knows that the little pouch on the end of a stick that you always see in cartoons and whatnot is called a "bindle"? 0w0

Автор bryan lester aviso ( назад)
Lizzie sliced the fruits with her feet!

Автор Parker Stern ( назад)
I'm from Michigan, i say backpack

Автор forevergitsandff4 ( назад)
lol I just happened to be eating raw pumpkin seeds (which I never do) during the main episode.

Автор Mike Jwa ( назад)
Book sack is for books but what if he puts balls in it ?? 😂😂

Автор DOOMYAMA ( назад)
chewing sounds don't normally bother me, but links are downright disgusting

Автор unlucky13tattoo ( назад)
Book Bag!!!

Автор str8dominican ( назад)
book bag - NYC

Автор Chloe Howland ( назад)
Dang Link, how many times have you said gelatinous?

Автор Seth Hoffman ( назад)
Sooo, what Link is trying to say is he enjoyed his nutty sack his wife brought home.

Автор Eirik Mellesdal ( назад)
RYGGSEKK= Back+Sack on norwegian = a backpack!

Автор Shamarah Hernandez ( назад)

Автор DJ_illusions ( назад)
that nigerian prince joke killed me xD

Автор Kent Keiser ( назад)
In Nebraska, it's a back-pack or a book bag.

Автор Ashley Taylor ( назад)
I'm from Vermont and have never heard the term "book sack" before. We mostly just say backpack or book bag.

Автор Nancy Chodara ( назад)
BOOK BAG.. no body says book sack. Sacks are for balls.

Автор Isabel Pena ( назад)
why did link eat it?

Автор Strawberry Gaming ( назад)
I don't think I have no idea what to say that I have a great way of the day before I get a follow from you

Автор blanketshoe ( назад)
I guess Link is still a tyrant

Автор Cheyenne Stevenson ( назад)
I'm the same as Link with the breakfast

Автор bluwh ( назад)
I am soooooo hungry

Автор Ryan Bruce ( назад)
SUPER awkward around the hemp seeds. And that dudes face in the background trying not to smile the whole time....

Автор Twenty Øne Phan Crybabies At My Chemical Discø ( назад)

Автор Apathy Cat ( назад)
I'm the same about breakfast. I love it so much.

Автор EklipseGaming ( назад)
am I the only one who thinks Kevin looks like Murphy from the 100 a little bit

Автор Ernesto Avilez ( назад)
The innuendos are killing me. LOL

Автор A Grace ( назад)
Wait it's back pack! I've been calling it a book bag all my life

Автор BlessedAreTheFallen ( назад)
Kevin looks like Alan Alda from M*A*S*H

Автор Dilan Vega Hernan Gusman ( назад)
porque no hacen en español

Автор thefrenchfryqueen ( назад)
this is your 666th gmM video

Автор Oh Kay ( назад)

Автор JayStudio ProductionsTM ( назад)
this is their 666th vid

Автор VegetarianDancer ( назад)
Book Bag's are also called satchels.

Автор maxcakemike ( назад)
I just love Rhett's jumper :D<3

Автор Omega Son ( назад)
Poor Kevin

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