Sanaa Lathan, Mack Wilds Talk Police Violence, New Series 'Shots Fired' | The View

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017
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  • G Todd
    G Todd 6 месяцев назад

    first time I saw Sanaa Lathan in Shots Fired,... Daaaaaayuuum she's hot and a badass in that series

  • Shammy Nshammy
    Shammy Nshammy 7 месяцев назад

    I do love u baby (Latham)

  • YeaGG
    YeaGG Год назад +1

    "We got the projects in common here" hahah lol

  • House of Zuma
    House of Zuma Год назад +1

    This show is extremely preachers running around wearing i love black people t-shirts..when if a white american did that it would be racist. Its so basic....not to be a so called sell out..its simple go to school do well ..get a job do some hard work and progress...simple
    Life is simple..Do well at school..get a job,work hard and keep
    This show just makes black and white americans look dense.

    • Anna
      Anna Месяц назад

      House of Zuma Um...Where have you been “America” IS racist! I bet your one of those goofs that think this is a democracy! 😂🙄😆 or that your vote REALLY counts! 👎🏾 This is a dose of truth! YOU are living in a pretend world!

  • Minelva LaPlante
    Minelva LaPlante Год назад

    mack wilds!!!!!

  • Ω x3
    Ω x3 Год назад

    Why are there soo many blm liberal idiots in the comments section?

    • Anna
      Anna Месяц назад

      Ω x3 Repukes ain’t no different! They BOTH suck that’s why I’m independent!

  • bionicbritt
    bionicbritt Год назад

    His mama named him Tristan, I'mma call him Tristan. lol He looks old and is doing too much with the jewelry. You can keep Mack. I love Tristan! (Just in case you're dense, I'm just a fan who likes his old look)

  • Tahirie Tahiry
    Tahirie Tahiry Год назад +5

    Oh please...we have BEEN having this conversation and nothing is changing. Whites are not capable of respecting any other race and it is time to separate. Enough conversation.

    • Anna
      Anna Месяц назад

      Ω x3 Yeah look at who gets the money for the neighborhood and who doesn’t!

    • Ω x3
      Ω x3 Год назад

      Tahirie Tahirie
      Neither are blacks. Look at the shithole neighborhoods they populate.

  • Josh P. Jackson
    Josh P. Jackson Год назад +4

    This is for @Kevin Bowman ignorant comment below:
    You were so close too making a profound statement and then ruined it with your blatant passive discrimination and pathetic over-generalization. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ And you actually received "7" likes! Oh, brother!
    YOU are apart of the problem! 👆🏾👆🏾
    To imply that 37 million black Americans (2010 consensus) are all raised too not respect law enforcement officers in this country is absurd and laughable! You are 100% incorrect, sorry! I myself, closest colleagues and family members were all raised to respect authority and to be cooperative! Its the norm! And guess what, we are all African American. I don't know what conservative far-right network/family member manipulated and or brainwashed you into thinking otherwise and honestly it's not my problem, it's yours! You need to educate yourself, culturally, to be exact!
    How dare you use a case that has nothing to do with law enforcement (police brutality) to prove your hideous agenda! Zimmerman was not a cop! And he also had a prior record for abuse and was deemed emotionally incapable of being an officer (research it). He was solely just a neighborhood volunteer crime-watcher. Know the difference! We don't know what happened within the final moments of their interaction! You made all that up with no facts! I unfortunately had to study this case in my undergrad!
    All we know is that a sixteen year old boy was going home at night and was followed by a random stranger who did not announce himself. The thoughts that could have been running through this young man's mind could have been endless. Possible kidnapping? Rapist? We know he started running home to get to safety and Zimmerman, who assumed he was automatically guilty of committing a crime for running, chased him down. Even though law enforcement authorities told him not too. For all we know, Trayvon could have been scared and utilizing self-defense. As we all are taught as kids! What was he supposed to do? Believe this man and get into his car? Maybe Zimmerman could have been more understanding and explained to him who he was more clearly? Its called deescalation?! Do you see the problem?! We don't know what happened, for we were not there! We only have Mr. Zimmerman's account too go by. Which could be simply BS! Now look at Zimmerman's current state, arrested multiple times, even for assaulting his own girlfriend. I don't care how hated one could be! It does not cause you to become physically aggressive, but maybe, enhances what was already internal.
    The only part I can agree on, is the use of the media and their ability to play on racial bias for views/ratings. Police brutality happens to everyone! All cops are not bad (most are good), but bad cops needs to be held accountable! And the problem is, they are not. They are protected! So it doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow, green or whatever! Insidious cops has more respect in the judicial system then any other American citizen. And that is a major problem that won't get fixed unless we ALL speak up. 💁🏾‍♂️💁🏾‍♂️💡💡Cops are hired to protect the community and all citizens, not terrorize it!

  • mark singer
    mark singer Год назад +1

    So fucking stupid!

  • Edruezzi
    Edruezzi Год назад +1

    I can imagine myself peeling of Sanaa Lathan's clothes in a suite in Waldorf Astoria.

    • Sandy Edwards
      Sandy Edwards Год назад +3

      Edruezzi ok now imagine you giving me $10,000 no strings attached. We can meet in front of the Waldorf just for continuity.

  • Antwone
    Antwone Год назад +24

    Sanaa Lathan is freakin gorgeous

  • Roll Tide
    Roll Tide Год назад

    Ya but is it any different if a white boy crying after OJ got off. Kinda like payback if u ask me

    • Anna
      Anna Месяц назад

      Roll Tide Yes. It’s very different OJ didn’t do it!

    • jazmyne turner
      jazmyne turner Год назад

      Roll Tide if the glove does not fit you must acquit

    • Nubian Queen
      Nubian Queen Год назад

      Roll Tide seriously??!! Smh

  • Kevin Bowman
    Kevin Bowman Год назад +29

    The only thing separating the way white and black shootings are treated is the way the news covers black shootings and ignores white shootings. Everytime a black guy gets shot by cops it's on TV for 2 weeks, white guy gets shot and no one here's about it.
    Quit saying only black people needs 2 talk 2 kids about the police, whites talk with their kids about dealing with the police as well, the difference is whites listen and respect authority.
    Trayvon case has NOTHING to do with the police, Trayvon died because he hid in the bushes and attacked a guy. It was self defense, just because someone follows you doesn't give you the right to attack him and bash his head into the curb.

    • Antonio Brooks
      Antonio Brooks 9 месяцев назад +1

      Kevin Bowman you're clearly forgetting the fact the 911 told Zimmerman not to follow Martin and that Zimmerman admitted himself that he followed Martin and approached him first and Martin was only hiding because Zimmerman was illegally following him

    • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie
      Natural Kinky Curly―Marie 9 месяцев назад +1

      TheBLACKKING25 What's a Racist?? The definition of the word seemed to have lost its True meaning over the past couple of Decades. Now supposedly everyone is Racist. ???

    • Krazii-sexii-kool
      Krazii-sexii-kool Год назад

      Kevin Bowman I agree..

    • Chey Brown
      Chey Brown Год назад +3

      pure ignorance and blindsided mind.

  • The Eric
    The Eric Год назад +5

    I will definitely be watching Shots Fired.

  • tha Duhchezz
    tha Duhchezz Год назад +7

    OMG😍😍They're both BAES💜💜💜

  • Len Peterson
    Len Peterson Год назад +24

    Every year, over 19,000 black males rape white women. The number of black females raped by white men is zero. REAL racism is when one race rapes another race 19,000 to zero every year!

    • Jason Correll
      Jason Correll Год назад

      The Truth Hurts Factbis b your wrong and whites commit more violent crimes in thus country than any other race combined

    • Jason Correll
      Jason Correll Год назад +1

      Len Peterson show white men rape and molest children and women more than anyone. Don't know where you got your stats from???

    • Len Peterson
      Len Peterson Год назад

      It's over 19,000 every year. Check, click "crime statistics", then table 42.

  • Cheryl R. Leigh
    Cheryl R. Leigh Год назад +18

    Police qualifications/training in Los Angeles is essentially non-existent.
    Qualification: HS Diploma/GED/Driver's License/Breathing

  • Leander
    Leander Год назад +3


  • JusticeAndrew
    JusticeAndrew Год назад +48

    Sanaa is soooooo beautiful

  • Rochell Barbara
    Rochell Barbara Год назад +108

    Does she even age she looks the same since "love and basketball" !!!

    • Boyde Greenaway
      Boyde Greenaway Год назад

      IDK...seen SLJ lately?

    • TiK Progress
      TiK Progress Год назад +12

      Black don't crack.

    • nf094e
      nf094e Год назад +3

      July Fit
      Don't forget about Regina Hall. She doesn't age either.

  • Michael D. Williams III
    Michael D. Williams III Год назад +16

    I will be checking this series out I like Sanaa Lathan, she's gorgeous and radiating and I also like Mack Wilds he's growing into such a handsome man. 💛👍🏽🙂 Great segment.

  • DreamingTata VeganMama
    DreamingTata VeganMama Год назад +39

    The mention of Travon Martin still brings tears to my eyes. It happened when my son was just born, and I cannot imagine the pain losing someone I love so much in such a horrific way. My heart goes out to his family.

    • mysticx0
      mysticx0 Год назад

      i am doing just fine in my life. own my house, own my car, never had a credit card or a loan and i owe no one anything. one step off my patio and im on a golf driving range. in ground pool, tennis court, etc. IM GOOD.
      let me also note if a high, trespassing hood rat ever tries to hide in the bushes with the goal of attacking me because of the color of my skin he gets shot. every time. and youd do the same. youre not going to ever get me to believe that youd just take the beating.

    • House of Zuma
      House of Zuma Год назад

      I am an APE and guess what.. despite your lack of a traditional school education .You should know YOU ARE TOO.
      Even though we disagree heavily on serious issues such as random violence,murder,rape,inequality,and generally immoral behaviour .
      And have clearly differing intelligence levels and skills, we are still apart of the same race and species.
      Unless you are one of these morons that think,hair type,skin colour,eye colour makes a species or

    • House of Zuma
      House of Zuma Год назад

      Really contaminate? I am a Chartered Engineer, what have you done with your existence? despite spout half truths and conjecture.
      I respond to extremists with rationality its the only way..If a Black American should be killed because of a hoodie,non violent criminal activity, smoking marijuana and having a loud mouth.
      Shouldn't the same thing apply to the White/Yellow and Brown Americans?
      I am not American.
      Thanks to the universe.

    • Ω x3
      Ω x3 Год назад

      House of Zuma
      Do everyone a favor and apply for sterilization, so you don't contaminate the rest of the planet.

  • Prtyton
    Prtyton Год назад +5

    I'll be watching and I'm not even a fan of theirs. The story being told from every point of view is what I'm interested in the most.

  • FifiNicks
    FifiNicks Год назад +8

    Will be watching.

  • sacha
    sacha Год назад +25

    Sunny and Sanaa can pass for sisters. :)

  • Kelvin Waters
    Kelvin Waters Год назад +1

    I don't watch ANY glorified cop show, with that said, F$#@! the police!

  • zorazora zorzzora
    zorazora zorzzora Год назад +10

    I love Sanaa....yesterday I just re-watching her movie Out of Time with Denzel Washington and Eva Mendez....

    • nf094e
      nf094e Год назад +1

      zorazora zorzzora
      It's one of my faves.

    • iloveu85
      iloveu85 Год назад +1

      Love that movie! Good twist at the end.

  • iloveu85
    iloveu85 Год назад +13

    I love Sanaa and Mack. I'm gonna tune in.

  • Chuck Deezul
    Chuck Deezul Год назад +4


  • Ferzhq
    Ferzhq Год назад +28

    creating hypothetical situations and using that as a justification to say america and police are racist wiht no evidence. quit exploiting racial division

    • TiK Progress
      TiK Progress Год назад

      @Woke af, Bigot Deflection 101: Bring up intraracial violence as if it doesn't occur in other communities. Also, bring up slave masters who enslaved fellow black people as a surviving mechanism in a system of white supremacy. What's next in your replies? A Dr. MLK, Jr. quote???

    • kushiteprince
      kushiteprince Год назад

      You're delusional. That is pure revisionist history. Whites to rewrite their part in slavery. More blaming the victim. Hundreds of years of slavery caused generational poverty. The debt was never paid. That's why whites deflect when it comes to racism. Come back to reality. Everything you typed was a load of crap!

    • Woke af
      Woke af Год назад +16

      The black community needs to look at themselves for once. Most of their problems are self inflicted (Chicago, 70% single mothers) Most of the police related killings were justified (hands up don't shoot was based on a lie - proven fact) Also, Never forget that it was *BLACK* tribe leaders who sold slaves (undesirables of the tribe) to white people. Also, never forget that black American slaves returned to Africa and - THEY THEMSELVES enslaved the native people of Liberia - They are hypocrites. And last but not least never forget that Arab people started the slave trade, all races participated in it, and white people ended it! Can't wait for Hispanics to become the majority. They won't be as kind to black people as we are. No special treatment and no slavery card. can't wait! Oh yeah, and the African American birth rate is below replacement level. It will be good to see this rape race die off, no more mental rape mongrels. Black Africans are good, but AA are the devil recarnated. It's time to put Frankensteins monster back in it's box

  • K Aaron
    K Aaron Год назад +7

    Sanaa is gorgeous

  • TiK Progress
    TiK Progress Год назад +18

    Sanaa Lathan. Thee most beautiful being inside & out.

  • Connie Ramsey
    Connie Ramsey Год назад +3

    So glad to hear about this. Will definitely watch.