• Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • It's the time of giving, which means it's time for Jeff to give me the skins I deserve... since I've been such a good boy this year.
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  • FlippinLegendBTW
    FlippinLegendBTW 12 days ago +1

    iM SIcK anD TIreD Of GETtinG CLIckbaiTED bY THiS 14 YEaR oLD I wanT 50 lOOTboX noT 51 >:(

    • FlippinLegendBTW
      FlippinLegendBTW 12 days ago

      Guys why is my like button blue i think its a glitch

  • Dragon Girl 101
    Dragon Girl 101 17 days ago

    I have that Rat King skin! :D

  • Sean Abreu
    Sean Abreu 18 days ago

    Asl=American sign language

  • Gliding Turtle 69
    Gliding Turtle 69 19 days ago

    Shut up

  • Amareello
    Amareello 20 days ago

    You are lucky i opened 45 and only got the doomfist skin thats literally it

  • Corbin Diller
    Corbin Diller 20 days ago

    I got nothing too interesting, just a phara skin

  • TheOfficialCasonStoneYouTubeChannel

    I’ve gotten all the emotes for Christmas and I’m mad the hype of getting double legendaries just to get a dog and a present emote hurts

  • Fatgiraffe _69
    Fatgiraffe _69 23 days ago

    My game glitched out and I get legendarys every time

  • Floofy Pupperz
    Floofy Pupperz 24 days ago

    Hey bruh you wack ligma balls

  • Aris
    Aris 24 days ago

    Today was my first day playing overwatch on pc and my free loot box gave me sombras legendary skin I WAS SO HAPPY

  • Dylan Jozwiak
    Dylan Jozwiak 26 days ago


  • alexis rabino
    alexis rabino 27 days ago

    Thanks for making my ears bleed rip headphones

    LORD SITH 27 days ago

    From a loot box on December 24

    LORD SITH 27 days ago

    Bro you wack I got the rat king reaper

  • Toosoo
    Toosoo 27 days ago

    haven't bought skins since the first summer games. Right now, all I'm missing is snowboarder Zayra(which I should be able to get by the end of the event), rat king reaper, and rime Sigma. I got everything else out of the holiday ones. Hoping for the rat king and rime by the end of the event, but might not get them.

  • Banana National
    Banana National 28 days ago

    Oh chat

  • hamishami
    hamishami 29 days ago

    I just started and I got legendary mei skin fir my first ever

  • Jo Ra
    Jo Ra 29 days ago

    I subscribed

  • Elzbieta Lukaszewska

    I saved up five lootboxes from every event and got 9 legendarys.

  • camokiller9
    camokiller9 Month ago +1

    Mei don’t need no Christmas skin

  • Santos Colon
    Santos Colon Month ago

    Awwww no face camm I’m sad

  • dein Steuerberater
    dein Steuerberater Month ago

    Ur voice is so anoyyinggggg and u Sound so faaaake

  • Luke Deakin
    Luke Deakin Month ago

    The doomfist skin is pronounced Yo-Ton

  • Sonny Chandler
    Sonny Chandler Month ago

    is it just me or does he sound like theodd1isout

  • FlsFls0106
    FlsFls0106 Month ago

    Idk what I'm gonna get for my second gold gun. My second most played hero is Lucio, but I kinda want to get it for reaper, now that I have his king rat skin, but reaper is like my 14 most played hero.

  • FlsFls0106
    FlsFls0106 Month ago

    3:16 oOh!

  • poppamies GT
    poppamies GT Month ago

    Do you know Bro You Wack I Accept That you scream I understand you

  • Ian  Henríquez
    Ian Henríquez Month ago

    the o is germe

  • Albi Rix
    Albi Rix Month ago +3

    has enough credits to buy 11 legendary event skins and buys 50 loot boxes
    logic 100

  • Guinea pig POWER
    Guinea pig POWER Month ago

    I got the new rat king on my 5th try

  • Keiryn Shriver
    Keiryn Shriver Month ago

    My very first loot box this year I got the winter widow skin I really wanted and started crying. Then proceeded to squeal so loud my dad got worried

  • King_ Jahseh17
    King_ Jahseh17 Month ago

    Mei could have had an epic skin where she has snowman clothes,genji could have had a reindeer or elf with a candy cane sword,and dva could have been a snowglobe

  • I Love Jonesy
    I Love Jonesy Month ago

    You gay

  • Desbushido
    Desbushido Month ago +1

    You know, I never thought it was that bad to get a base legendary skin, and you over exaggerated... Until it happened to me. Hi, I'm Grace and I just got a base legendary Zenyatta skin.

  • Fake LazarBeam
    Fake LazarBeam Month ago

    Daddy jeff likes me (I got Jotunn from the first, free lootbox)

  • just normal guy
    just normal guy Month ago

    I love overwatch

  • galaxy moon magic
    galaxy moon magic Month ago +3

    Bro you wack : one way or another.

  • Ellie’s Overwatch
    Ellie’s Overwatch Month ago +4

    “who’s really wanting a player icon?”
    *me sitting there thinking about the swedish flag player icon i want*
    “yea who wants those right hahaha...”
    *sad swedish noises*

  • Mello Days
    Mello Days Month ago

    I clicked on a random video on recommended and I already love your channel

  • Whats my life
    Whats my life Month ago

    Omg there is a new event in overwatch I better go to my Xbox 1 so I can play the event yay!

  • alley cat1954
    alley cat1954 Month ago

    I got a legendary out of my first off my first one and it was jotunn

  • Curious George
    Curious George Month ago

    He said 50 but there 51 I got scammed

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +1

    When I saw him get the Reaper skin and I took off my airpods just in case lol

  • Templarino Pizza
    Templarino Pizza Month ago

    Doomfists skin is technically based off norse mythology and a place called jotunnheim I mean Skyrim could be based off norse mythology, I haven't played the game, but just saying

  • thonky bthonk
    thonky bthonk Month ago

    haven't been here in overwatch for a while.

  • Ryan Arnold
    Ryan Arnold Month ago

    Can you add me I am such a big fan username: fluffybuba24
    I love your vids 😁👏

  • eekytje
    eekytje Month ago

    Mary xmas everywon

  • Brian Gonzales
    Brian Gonzales Month ago

    I subscribe

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Month ago

    can you buy me some

  • Overwatch Addict
    Overwatch Addict Month ago

    Ive been waiting for this video for so long

  • Jay E-R
    Jay E-R Month ago

    I’m sorry for the dislike but I had to get 100th dislike

  • Justin Hiland
    Justin Hiland Month ago

    hey bro you wack im not new but i didint sub because i didint have a account but i do have one now and i subbed

  • Pusheen Girl
    Pusheen Girl Month ago +7

    My reaction when he doesn’t scream when he gets Rat King: ... Is he Dead?

  • Haya Almarzooqi
    Haya Almarzooqi Month ago

    11:47 omg the way he says WHAT THE HECK BLIZZARD makes me laugh for 25 minutes non stopping😂

  • evryday str3ming
    evryday str3ming Month ago

    Mcgree skin gives me some red dead redemption vibes

  • matej katalenac
    matej katalenac Month ago

    Why dont you made video about how overwatch will be if you made it

  • Liam Does
    Liam Does Month ago

    Reaper in the thumbnail looks like freiza

  • MAKO 遺ば可
    MAKO 遺ば可 Month ago

    Hes so loud, its just skins

  • FlowLeak
    FlowLeak Month ago +1

    What keyboard do you use?😋lol ur a console boi.

  • David De La Cruz
    David De La Cruz Month ago

    I got Rime on my first loot box