OLDEST Dim Sum House vs. LUXURY Dim Sum in Hong Kong | How to Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong Guide!

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • A trip to Hong Kong would not be complete without some dim sum, and this time, I tried out a couple different experiences. I went for old fashioned traditional dim sum at Lin Heung Tea House and then for fancy luxury dim sum at Yan Toh Heen.
    #dimsum #hongkong #dumplings
    ✧ Lin Heung Tea House
    162 Wellington St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
    ✧ Yan Toh Heen
    Yan Toh Heen, Lower Level, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
    Thanks to Virginia and Aiko for being my guides!
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    Jeff D 5 days ago +2

    Chinese or Japanese food are as beautiful as their women.

  • DR Dan
    DR Dan 5 days ago

    I love traditional but wow does the luxury place look wonderful. I have to suffer along with my pork and shrimp pot stickers and custom dipping sauce of my own making. Theres not a decent dim sum place within 250 miles so Im on my own. As soon as it cools off and my herb garden takes off its time for home made Pho.

  • DR Dan
    DR Dan 5 days ago +1

    Second chick has the ultimate job. Getting paid to go on a strictly dinner only date at the most expensive dim sum place in the city as a guide and eating for free. I would assume, if possible, a happy ending would be considerably extra but I doubt it. However I bet she knows where to advise her customers to go for that service should they desire.

  • DR Dan
    DR Dan 5 days ago +2

    I have seen this chick, traditional place, times before and she is a fantastic foodie guide and well worth the hire considering how much it costs to get there. To not hire her services would be foolish.

  • MJ St
    MJ St 5 days ago

    Mike, what was the price for the course mill at the fancy place?

  • My DaycareLife
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    The second girl really ate 😂😂 love it 😊

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    Virginia is so pretty and so adorable! Thanks for your tips on Dim Sum, and love ya Mikey as always! Love the exquisitely beautiful Aiko as well. Such a sweetie. Love that she is so delicate and sophisticated, but still will devour those dim sum like a savage! You always have the coolest friends! I cannot get over the view from the harbor outside and outside of your hotel. That is just where you want to spend your life moments. My gosh! Breathtaking.

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    I like chicken feet. They kind of taste like hot wings just bigger. Mexico City is big on hot wings (alitas)

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    Why does he have to cock his head back when shovelling food down his throat

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    Hey mike, the link for Virginia's YT didn't work dude :(

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    How much is the 2nd dimsum?

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    Too many requirements for that first place I'd be tossed out lmao

  • Asuka.Langley.Soryu
    Asuka.Langley.Soryu 12 days ago +1

    Aiko's accent is so cute. You can tell she's one of the "High Class" cantonese, just from the accent alone. Reminds you quite a lot of British Colonial Hegemony of the city, "civilizing" the people there.

  • Jade
    Jade 13 days ago

    I ship them at the lux dim sum place

  • Dustin Friedman
    Dustin Friedman 13 days ago

    I think I need to fly to HK just to get some of this dim sum. Thanks so much for your inspiration as always.

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    idk why i noticed this but the woman at the far right sneaked a glanace at the camera at 14:18

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    you should do more videos with other people. it masks over your glutenous nature.

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    Don’t use hot sauce for such expensive food.

  • HikaruRain
    HikaruRain 14 days ago

    How are you not able to taste tea? All tea has its own flavor. Or is that just me? I love trying different teas as it is a whole new world of flavor. I had a nice taiwanese green tea that even though there is not mint in it it has a slight minty after flavor. Almost like I was eating a wintergreen flavored mint and breathed in. I loved it. The stronger they brew it the tastier it is.

  • Almer Reyhan
    Almer Reyhan 14 days ago +1

    omg aiko is so beautiful :o

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 days ago

    It's mussle, not oyster. And I were in Hong Kong, i am heading to the traditional dim sum place

  • TheOne888
    TheOne888 15 days ago +1

    The first dim sum place for 2 person at $400-500 is expensive!!! how many dishes did you have??
    Usually $300 or less for 2 persons and thats with a lot of dim sum.

  • B's
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    I wonder how much the luxury dimsum actually cost?

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    Mike the dim sum looked amazing at both places, but really loved the fancier restaurant along with your lovely guide who joined you, Aiko. I love a woman that loves to eat!!

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    ACOG Batteries 20 days ago

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    Herzleeya Heaven 21 day ago +2

    I'm sorry but why Aiko looks like a girl version of Mikey? The way they enjoy eating and some humor 😍

  • William Lau
    William Lau 22 days ago

    I've been to these places (and a few other ) in HK and to be honest, fancy dimsum is in some way silly. The fancy really comes from the more elegant look and extra finesse in making the item. Taste-wise, the difference is really insignificant.

  • Ruth Jensen
    Ruth Jensen 22 days ago

    This is my 3rd time watching this video. I finally got the “com-bao” joke. 😆

  • Zong Yang
    Zong Yang 22 days ago +1

    Traditional place looks better..!

  • Emotional AnimeLover
    Emotional AnimeLover 22 days ago +1

    next time when you get dim sum, i highly recommend you get tau foo fah.
    It's one of my favorite dim sum deserts.

    • Lily Wu
      Lily Wu 20 days ago

      unfortunately in Hong Kong I've never seen tau foo fah served at dim sum places. They'll serve it at specialty dessert shops though. I feel like when I'm in the US i see that a lot, though.

  • Rosary Serphiran
    Rosary Serphiran 23 days ago

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  • MilkByCow
    MilkByCow 24 days ago +5

    The food in Hong Kong might be among the best in Asia but the restaurant culture doesn’t make it worth it for me.
    Fighting for seats and basic service? Yeah, bye.

    • wed3k
      wed3k 20 days ago

      I agree, I don't live in the ghetto.

  • Whyme123
    Whyme123 25 days ago

    The girls are very interesting. Did they grow up in the US? i much prefer something in the middle when it comes to dimsum places. no fighting for food or table is preferred , and no need for something so fancy as the luxury place.

    • Ria Rio
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      Don't think so .

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