Top 10 Shocking Women You Won't Believe Exist

  • Published on Apr 5, 2016
  • The women featured on this list are all unbelievable that they will make you question their existence. Here is a Top 10 video of shocking women you won't believe exist.
    There are some extraordinary people out there and some of them are women. These are the top 10 shocking women you won't believe exist.

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  • Kevin Poel
    Kevin Poel 6 hours ago

    Number 3 tho that is just the real life Pacific Rim that is just epic

    JOEL FLORES 7 hours ago


  • Aurora 0310
    Aurora 0310 Day ago +1

    Landon is my favourite host.
    He's great.

  • Hair Flick
    Hair Flick Day ago

    Ten seconds in . What a wanker. MERKIN

  • Lucas pleasance
    Lucas pleasance 2 days ago

    I love tan youtubers

    MIKNO 2 days ago +2

    What if one of the twins died

    Dose the other has to love with body

  • Rowley Syukur
    Rowley Syukur 5 days ago

    That barbie girl is actually pretty hot.. despite all the negative comments..

  • Seamus Walsh
    Seamus Walsh 6 days ago

    I should be on this list . I AM WEIRD 🙈🙈

  • joseportillo22
    joseportillo22 6 days ago +1

    Number fourth is really sexyyyy

  • joseportillo22
    joseportillo22 6 days ago +2

    Everyone who just call sir fat is drink really weird don’t judge other people or else you’ll get Judged to

  • Mr. Iron
    Mr. Iron 7 days ago

  • Jayden Booker
    Jayden Booker 9 days ago


  • Pikachu Poker
    Pikachu Poker 9 days ago

    In number 8 I saw her on TLC

  • Robert fletes
    Robert fletes 9 days ago

    This dude tweaking like crazy

  • carmen rodriguez
    carmen rodriguez 10 days ago

    *T h I c C* ;-; ...... I suck

  • White Nights
    White Nights 10 days ago

    Polska KURNA! XD

  • Choco le animator
    Choco le animator 12 days ago

    *When you realize a woman who is fatter than you gets a doctor for a husband*

  • kodymus prime
    kodymus prime 12 days ago +1

    People with 2 heads on 1 body is odd God makes the strangest things.

  • 《Sųgr Dřəqms》
    《Sųgr Dřəqms》 13 days ago

    World's biggest legs: *DANGEROUSLY DUMMY THICC*

  • Nelly Olumese
    Nelly Olumese 15 days ago

    Have you tried ramen noodles ?¿🙂

  • to many drawings tv
    to many drawings tv 15 days ago

    Host:we have mickel ruffenellie the worlds largest hips
    My mind:the world's THICC EST WOMAN WOOOOWWWW

  • Yukinne Kobayashi
    Yukinne Kobayashi 15 days ago

    4:05 so.. If she has drawf syndrom then... Shes dead now.. ._.

  • Grime Fork
    Grime Fork 15 days ago

    The werewolf hair condition is called hypertrichosis

  • Michael Kenney
    Michael Kenney 17 days ago

    #4 I bet if she jumps in the pool she would float

  • Cheyenne Lynn
    Cheyenne Lynn 17 days ago +3

    When he said you would attract more weird men that's into that made me die inside 😭😂🤣💀⚰️🥀

  • Elvis
    Elvis 17 days ago

    WOW this guy is too annoying to watch.if you take yourself out of the video it would of been way better..sorry to say

  • Jamey Leanne Cooper
    Jamey Leanne Cooper 20 days ago

    2:25 if she has a boyfriend I must be doing something wrong then

    MOPAR ARTS HEMI392 20 days ago +3

    imagine a hand job from the worlds strongest girl!!!.

  • NN 2222- Za ultimate AYANDO SHIPPER

    Omfg charity pierce

  • Dawn Walker
    Dawn Walker 21 day ago

    Ma Pettie!! ❤❤ American Horror Story!!

  • Mdnt Tinker
    Mdnt Tinker 23 days ago

    Number 3 what if one of then gets arrested what will happen to the other one?😮

  • Zen Zen
    Zen Zen 23 days ago +2

    I should be in the list for being:
    the laziest women ever

  • Raiden the gacha
    Raiden the gacha 23 days ago +1

    The real life Barbie is ligit plastic

  • Brandon Paci
    Brandon Paci 23 days ago

    Mayra Hills. Please suffocate me. PLEASE!!!!!

  • Brandon Paci
    Brandon Paci 23 days ago

    I want that frying pan to be my penis. Like if u agree

  • Death Trooper
    Death Trooper 24 days ago

    Yeah i like that Barbie girl

  • Rashed Burnett
    Rashed Burnett 25 days ago

    6:16 special diet as in eat one cheerios puke it out 2 seconds later

  • jawa 2
    jawa 2 25 days ago

    Love his vids........hate his voice......try hard

  • GD Phoenix_xcollab
    GD Phoenix_xcollab 26 days ago +1

    That intro....reminds me of.....some one 8-bit guy

  • -Willow tree-
    -Willow tree- 26 days ago +1

    Is that a hetrosexual shirt is see??

  • Bansheebah *
    Bansheebah * 27 days ago

    6:29 ROFLMAO Landon!!!!🤣

  • Abby YT
    Abby YT 27 days ago

    why would you want to bully the most popular girl in the village?? the whole village is gonna come after you...

  • Tino Tse
    Tino Tse 28 days ago +2

    Seen clip #3. Their story about being conjoined were featured on the TLC Channel at one time. Very proud on the sisters and all the achievements.

  • Eric Sanders
    Eric Sanders 29 days ago

    Hey is there a part 2 or something

  • Alexia McGee
    Alexia McGee Month ago +1

    the one who came in number one plays on ted2 at comcon

  • Heather Hamel
    Heather Hamel Month ago

    4:42 WTF OMG ! Im sorry but those are not breasts LMAO! Those are beyond flotation devices even. It looks awful. And if I were a man,a man of class that it, I wouldnt touch that woman with a stolen penis! Be happy with what you have. Plastic surgery makes everyone,and I mean everyone,man or woman,look awful and you just end up aging more rapidly anyway.

    FEAR NO BEER Month ago +1

    1:55 she seems to have a little extra

  • AG Lookalike
    AG Lookalike Month ago

    She said 24"

  • nate mckay
    nate mckay Month ago +3

    What the hell is this dude doing with his hands the entire time 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Laila Long
    Laila Long Month ago

    We are all different. In some way

  • Stephanie Okeke
    Stephanie Okeke Month ago

    My jyoti always beautiful


    Why does he talk more with his hands than he does with his actual mouth

  • Zaniyah_ xoxo
    Zaniyah_ xoxo Month ago

    Why you judging people???

    They can be fat all they want that's just kinda rude talking about she was the fattest person in the world and the thing your talking about her behind her back with out asking her that you can put her on a video its disrespectful learn some manners

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    4:32 hentai

  • Paul Pienkowski
    Paul Pienkowski Month ago

    Hairy wolf like woman probably has a TON of fans in a certain subculture...someone introduce her to furries. She would be a god.

  • Elvira Lugo
    Elvira Lugo Month ago

    I'm ganna suck his dicky

  • Salene Rose
    Salene Rose Month ago

    Weird question but what if one of the conjoined twins died and the other one lived. Like what would they do?

  • Elaine Cochrane
    Elaine Cochrane Month ago

    You seen the Barbie lookalike now??😅

  • Lord Feish
    Lord Feish Month ago

    the worlds thiccest woman weighs 420 lbs?!?!?!?!?! cant wait till she 69 years old

  • Yamen Alghazouli
    Yamen Alghazouli Month ago

    Let me guess, he’s happy because it’s Friday