Top 10 Shocking Women You Won't Believe Exist

  • Published on Apr 5, 2016
  • The women featured on this list are all unbelievable that they will make you question their existence. Here is a Top 10 video of shocking women you won't believe exist.
    There are some extraordinary people out there and some of them are women. These are the top 10 shocking women you won't believe exist.

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  • Spencer Lewis
    Spencer Lewis 2 days ago

    Don't tell anyone else, but you're my favorite out of all the top ten staff. Shhhh

  • MS
    MS 3 days ago

    As usual, great video. Love you Landon

  • Fraser Watson
    Fraser Watson 4 days ago

    hmmm is this appropriate.......

  • Dust Demon
    Dust Demon 5 days ago

    the strongest woman in the world


  • Casey Minnick
    Casey Minnick 6 days ago +1

    You’re SOOO positive today I love it 🥰

  • John Mendez
    John Mendez 6 days ago

    10 was chewbaka

  • Seb Da Dude
    Seb Da Dude 9 days ago

    Landon be hyperactive

  • twisted robo master
    twisted robo master 10 days ago

    If i had a child with 3 heads, i would named the middle ichi, the right ni, and the left san

  • Nnaemeka Achebe
    Nnaemeka Achebe 12 days ago

    Tri-devil, three b**bs(pun intended)

  • Amelia Ray
    Amelia Ray 12 days ago

    That ladies at #4 & #3 r so disgusting I just dont get it!!!!

  • Over It
    Over It 15 days ago +1

    Next on the history channel:
    The house mum

  • memester Finland
    memester Finland 15 days ago

    Was dat a boy in a all woman list :-)

  • Tskissme22
    Tskissme22 18 days ago

    Landon has that cocaine energy

  • Chrystal Kitchings
    Chrystal Kitchings 18 days ago

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful but it does remind me of that

  • Chrystal Kitchings
    Chrystal Kitchings 18 days ago

    The two headed girl reminds me of Peri And Perl from monster high But now human

  • 〘 LT〙EnchantedDiamond [TSDA] LCX

    I think chewbacca had sex with the first girls mom

  • E172-7N
    E172-7N 21 day ago

    2:40 someone should tell his leg cells, stop! you are at G0 phase.

  • Andreas L. Elexander
    Andreas L. Elexander 23 days ago +1

    you need to sat both measurements! do not forget the metric system!!!! :) thanks for a wonderful show!

  • Ashton Martinez
    Ashton Martinez 24 days ago

    The world's strongest human being alive is hulk hulligan who is called hulk for a reason he could lift the fattest woman like she's as light as a small dining chair he even lifted ANDRE THE GIANT who is also called that for a "huge" reason

  • Vanessa Reyes
    Vanessa Reyes 24 days ago

    The first one is sad but good that so was popular and had lots of friends and don’t worry because I have no friends and I get bullied in school sometimes and I have a call sore on my skin plus like for us to get better

  • 紺碧oreozerosama
    紺碧oreozerosama 25 days ago

    I had the feeling that this man was very nervous the entire time while talking about these weird stuff.

  • Isaiah Harvey
    Isaiah Harvey 25 days ago

    0_0 0-0

  • Santino DellaVentura
    Santino DellaVentura 26 days ago

    you have terrible contented

  • Time Lord
    Time Lord 26 days ago +4

    If the fattest woman in the world has a boyfriend that looks that good then WTF am I doing wrong.

  • God has entered into my body, as a body of a ghost

    the spirit of God entered inside my body, and I have, hard core, sexual intercourse, with many women, prostitute's, hooker's, in indianapolis. Jesus christ love's it.

  • Game On
    Game On 28 days ago

    Guys! Mutation is happening! We will change!

    • Game On
      Game On 15 days ago

      @שחר א. Of course
      What do YOU think?

    • שחר א.
      שחר א. 15 days ago

      Do you even know what that means????

  • StopDropAndGame
    StopDropAndGame Month ago

    Number 4 her boyfriend must be lucky

  • xXShymin WolfXx
    xXShymin WolfXx Month ago

    Hey! Is this from YO MAMA!!! XD

  • X- Ray
    X- Ray Month ago

    Those of u who say we shouldn't make fun of some of these people,I have to disagree. While those such as the twins can't help it, some of them do it to themselves on purpose. Those people that purposefully do this stuff aren't normal and they shouldn't be treated like that. I personally believe that the human bribes a wack job

  • Dave Bryant
    Dave Bryant Month ago

    Cannot stand this twat landon, not funny, tries to hard, and i skip every video with this twat in it

  • freddey 43
    freddey 43 Month ago +1

    I love Abby & Britney, they are so inspiring

  • Hannington Kisakye
    Hannington Kisakye Month ago

    Sorry girls

    RAZINKANR ROX Month ago

    What about that Russian woman that can lift weights with her vagina 😤

    TELIO Month ago

    pls dont shout

  • metaknight 9912
    metaknight 9912 Month ago

    I know abby and brittany.

  • Alex Aranda
    Alex Aranda Month ago

    Where is the Girl with the 3 breast? Wheeeerrre!!!!!!!!😝 i love her!!!!!!

  • Alex Aranda
    Alex Aranda Month ago

    The bent pan ?Can you say steroids?

  • Kadence Hardin
    Kadence Hardin Month ago

    My second grade teacher has bigger hips then that 😂😂😂

  • Y U NO
    Y U NO Month ago

    Worlds largest hips with worlds largest butt

  • Alexa Cruz
    Alexa Cruz Month ago

    Hey everything is bigger in Texas

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson Month ago

    WTF,,,click baited again!!!!!!

  • Joe Codding
    Joe Codding Month ago

    the poor boyfriends of the conjoined twins. now they have 2 women telling them no because they "have a headache"

  • Johana Kabungo
    Johana Kabungo Month ago

    Mandy and Michelle
    Was soooo cool and joity and the fake boobies is THE BEST

  • Kimberly Ortman
    Kimberly Ortman Month ago


  • Andro rules
    Andro rules Month ago

    Stop fooling us with these types of thumbnails

  • Kim En
    Kim En Month ago


  • patrick nahial
    patrick nahial Month ago

    Can you make top 10 impossible things that people believe? Like jesus died and rose after 3 days..

  • Lea F
    Lea F Month ago

    You know in American Horror Story freak Show Sarah Paulson played a two-headed conjoined twin. They could have saved themselves a lot of time if they just got the conjoined twins in this video, why not the little Indian girl got the part of ma petite in AHS

  • Weeb child
    Weeb child 2 months ago

    2:37 *Roblox Thick Legs If In Real Life* (im joking no offense to the genetic mutation)

  • ツMegz
    ツMegz 2 months ago

    Ugh not this guy

  • Pati Lefelbajn
    Pati Lefelbajn 2 months ago

    Poland is we're my home is 🇵🇱

  • Moon - Chan
    Moon - Chan 2 months ago +1

    6:28 lol

  • Blue Beery
    Blue Beery 2 months ago

    Numbr 2 is beautiful

  • Ziyahn Townsend
    Ziyahn Townsend 2 months ago



    0:54 wait that girl that has a ponytail wtf she looks like one of my friends kinda look like she's from our country wtf

  • Romaana Ramdin
    Romaana Ramdin 2 months ago

    This guys irritating

  • Evynny Girl2
    Evynny Girl2 2 months ago


  • akhil vyas
    akhil vyas 2 months ago

    Moti aurat ka husband to uski gand me hi rehle

  • Frosty-Gurl
    Frosty-Gurl 2 months ago

    WHY DO U SCREAM....nice video btw

  • digital gamer and series


  • Lil Uzi Vert
    Lil Uzi Vert 2 months ago

    So no triple boobed girl?

  • Brittany hartzell
    Brittany hartzell 2 months ago +1

    Don't make fun of people because there fat that are beautiful

  • Josephsharkrage
    Josephsharkrage 2 months ago

    Reminds me from Total Recall

  • Sidney Lundstrom
    Sidney Lundstrom 2 months ago

    Landon is just so happy

  • 🍰Sweet-Cake🍰
    🍰Sweet-Cake🍰 2 months ago

    I have a question: if a conjointed twin dies...does the other die to? How do they do their funarl if one conjoined twin dies???

  • Kaida Webb
    Kaida Webb 2 months ago +1

    How much coffee did he have???

  • James Hanna
    James Hanna 2 months ago

    Just imagine dating that two head chick two mouths on ur dick lol

  • Nitro - SanSFM
    Nitro - SanSFM 2 months ago +4

    The Top 10 Women you won't believe Exist!

    *Your 7th grade Math teacher* 😂

    • Amelia Rae
      Amelia Rae 25 days ago

      My 7th grade math teacher was a man... explains a lot 🤣🤣🤣

    • Nitro - SanSFM
      Nitro - SanSFM 2 months ago

      @goofy goffer, Stfu I was only joking.

  • Arghya Maitra
    Arghya Maitra 2 months ago


  • Brown Gamer
    Brown Gamer 2 months ago

    Big bobs oh yeah I will suck it to deTh

  • Scooter Bot
    Scooter Bot 3 months ago

    1:53 SHE HAS A DICK!!!

  • LunEkoYT
    LunEkoYT 3 months ago

    *Anime in real life*

  • Seth Team
    Seth Team 3 months ago +1

    You different bully

  • Mandy and Vinny
    Mandy and Vinny 3 months ago +2

    1:53 U sure that's a woman cuz I see a dong!

  • Ameilia Tripp
    Ameilia Tripp 3 months ago


  • Fandom Trash
    Fandom Trash 3 months ago

    Is it just me or did they show most of these women in a different video?

  • Louisa Regino
    Louisa Regino 3 months ago

    Hi I love your vids they help me lern more stuff keep the videos going

  • XX_Fennic_XX :3
    XX_Fennic_XX :3 3 months ago

    I hate bullies like i get bullied a lot and its absolutely horrible i get bullied because of my belly button im not saying anymore....

  • subscribe to pewdiepie
    subscribe to pewdiepie 3 months ago

    Mayra Hills is gonna have to get a bra size beyond z. “34 Alpha”

  • Kim Cottrell
    Kim Cottrell 3 months ago

    Lol love your videos

  • JacklynPlayez Gamez
    JacklynPlayez Gamez 3 months ago

    The fakest barbie in the world

    I’m sorry this kinda makes me wanna barf

  • idontreallycareXD
    idontreallycareXD 3 months ago

    number 2 is so pretty

  • Lindy Portillo
    Lindy Portillo 3 months ago

    Bruh I Fr thought those girls were gunnu be there

  • Kimberly Goins
    Kimberly Goins 3 months ago

    Ok Ricky Bobby just put your hands in your pocket.

  • Slega Formula
    Slega Formula 3 months ago

    Doesn't n10 know about shaving??

  • Pet Fox
    Pet Fox 3 months ago

    *is terrified of a woman whose super strong*
    *doesnt hesitate to call another woman fat and doesn't even say sorry or any sort of empathy*

  • cow
    cow 3 months ago

    Number 7 u *ThIcCcC*

  • cow
    cow 3 months ago

    Your shirt looks very *straight*

  • Damien G
    Damien G 3 months ago

    Anybody remember total recall , or are y'all to young ...

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago


  • Marian VonGogu
    Marian VonGogu 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who HATES his voice?

  • Evil Studios
    Evil Studios 3 months ago

    It could be photo shop

  • Lauren Bell
    Lauren Bell 3 months ago

    ok this is epic

  • Sean O'Brieon
    Sean O'Brieon 3 months ago

    I have the utmost respect for those people who face extreme difficulties in life, and remain upbeat.
    They pretty much demonstrate firsthand that happiness is a choice, in so many ways.

  • Sean O'Brieon
    Sean O'Brieon 3 months ago

    They'd have to use the same brand and type of frying pans to truly accurately test that record....

  • Ricky Kyle
    Ricky Kyle 3 months ago

    I'm the world's strongest girl I'm going to beat you up I'm just kidding I'm a boy and I love your videos hahaha

  • Lilly-Chan’s vids
    Lilly-Chan’s vids 3 months ago

    Is it odd that I took a tape measured and took the measurement of these woman

  • Mckenruo Soriano
    Mckenruo Soriano 3 months ago

    dont eat your words you fck!!

  • Ethiopia Ethiopia
    Ethiopia Ethiopia 3 months ago

    my mom tries to make her tounge longer

  • hunter churchman
    hunter churchman 3 months ago

    That voice changer though