"Spectacular explosion during Delta 2 rocket launch", Cape Canaveral. January 17, 1997

FROM KSC VISITOR CENTER COMPLEX INFO. 07/02/15: "A Blast from Above": The failure and following explosion of a Delta II rocket shortly after launching on January 17, 1997 was quite an experience for the space workers in the blockhouse. What they saw once they were cleared to leave the structure was shocking.
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_aHEit-SqA
Delta II Explosion Plume Analysis Report fom NASA: http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20000094557.pdf
WIKIPEDIA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPS_IIR-1

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER VISITOR CENTER ACTIVITIES: https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/

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Автор greenseaships ( назад)
The car insurance company is like "Rocket exploded on your car?? Shyeah, right dude, we'll get right on that." Then after the 10th or 20th call they're like "Um... so what's this about a rocket explosion???"

Автор Tracy Clough ( назад)
can your truck be bought on ebay?can your insurance company pay you to use this?etc?

Автор Geographer 4 fun ( назад)
It should of been lunched on July 4 , 1997

Автор Thunder Nugget ( назад)
Please tell me that truck WASNT covered, because if it was, that's bullshit.

Автор John Sikes ( назад)
C'mon.....Telling the insurance agent your truck got hit by a rocket and destroyed had to be almost worth the loss of the truck. What a story. ;-)

Автор Charlie From Manchester United Kingdom ( назад)
Wateva,he dramatised half the story.

Автор smasila ( назад)
Fake space with fake rockets. Look how slow these rockets that supposed to be going 17,000 mph.

Автор Jason Harrison ( назад)
"boys, this is bad" and then gets under his console. lol

Автор Aaron Cameron ( назад)
Why were they so close to the launch?

Автор Chihaya Tachibana ( назад)
wait... rockets have onboard self destruct system?

Автор Fritz Kaske ( назад)
So ein Feuerball, chunge!

Автор corisco tupi ( назад)
01:58 - Isn't one of the solid motors not lit?

Автор hossguitar ( назад)
Great guy, great story!

Автор manofweed1 ( назад)
Did driver survive ?

Автор numerobis ( назад)
he seems to be so happy about the event :))

Автор Sprsae ( назад)
Thats why you should leave space to russians and elon musk! Not NASA

Автор Rick Shaw ( назад)
That's a pretty cool story.
Hard to believe the destruction on the ground...
That's one messed up truck! You should have told them you also had your very rare Picasso painting in the trunk!

Автор Karrin Harlow ( назад)
This is so saf

Автор Charles Lan caster ( назад)
to bad it was not night then that would have been nice

Автор kenpalmer1965 ( назад)
What a spectacular yet unfortunate explosion. When these things happen, it means millions if not billions of dollars lost as well as the time spent on the mission or project. But hopefully no one was injured or killed. I was sorry to see what happened to Brian's truck as a result of the explosion. Well, it just shows how risky space exploration or travel can be.

Автор Vishal p ( назад)
See....that is the reason why I insist for Indian Rockets these days. Cheap, Beautiful looking, reliable, fast and nice after sale service.......

Автор SassyHershsey SassyHershey ( назад)
Elon Musk would have fired you for your attitude towards a controlled event. Stalin would have shot you of course.

Автор Patrick ( назад)
haha! I just came to see the rocket blow up. Not to see some guy sucks off another dude. CLICK BAIT!...

Автор dopamining ( назад)
Awesome vid!

Автор Rafael Santana ( назад)
But what happened to the payload!? It looks like the top of the rocket survived ...

Автор Człowiek Kot ( назад)
very expensive fireworks.

Автор tm502010 ( назад)
Great story!

Автор Saleem Javaid ( назад)
Thanks NASA. That was the best post-New Year's fireworks ever!

Автор Funny Bunny ( назад)
It looks like the star wars explosions with all the trailing bits of flame

Автор brittan goree ( назад)
why would there be any self destruct mechanism

Автор Mark Gohl ( назад)
Looks like he got a close up view. At least he came out of it alive :)

Автор Seem to have Forgotten my name ( назад)

Автор AnimeMuseScore Music ( назад)
Firework? XD

Автор Trololololol ( назад)
I bet fire department guys were really happy when they heard they have to clean up after bunch of dumb fucks hahaha

Автор Albert Lebel ( назад)
Sorry for all the loss. Thank you for sharing your story. It's always better to hear these things right from the front line.

Автор Igor Igor ( назад)
*imagine if his truck was hit by the debris of Satan rocket*

Автор Concorde4711 ( назад)
The original comment on TV is quite funny: "Lift-Off of the delta-II" then the explosion happen "We have an abnormally".

Автор Shadowkey392 ( назад)

Автор Cat Man ( назад)
Expensive fireworks, I guess you couldn't wait for the Fourth of July to set them off.

Автор fd11fd33fd99 ( назад)
Wow 1997. Most people didn't even have internet then. I was one of the few that had it. Of course, it was dial up.

Автор Maximum Overdrive ( назад)
kinda remember this launch. lotta satilite's blew up that year. this one was very spectacular. local TV ( Orlando ) played it for weeks

Автор BigBrotherMateyka ( назад)
Great story.

Автор BigDH28 ( назад)
Thank god your ok Brian!

Автор segun tunde ( назад)
Solid fuel

Автор christian Robertson ( назад)
you know what the problem was not enough rockets i should know i play kerbal space program

Автор bow hunter ( назад)
I wonder how many of these were putting nukes in space like the conspiracy/ truthers says happens .16 warheads in a satellite blowing up on launch. spreading the contaminants for miles .

Автор Shadow X ( назад)
Just like the usa economy...crash and burn

Автор Rare Form ( назад)
Why is there anyone there ? Shuttle and other launches theres nobody ?

Автор Emanuel Gochez ( назад)
Fireworks of the Millennium.
They forgot this explosion during the new years eve 2000.

Автор QNFee ( назад)
why the bushes are still green at 3:33 ?

Автор rccrashburn ( назад)
I thought solid propellant boosters were far more reliable than liquid..

Автор MohammadX101 ( назад)
he called the insurance agent while his heart was still ponding and fire still burning

Автор 911gp ( назад)
Launch at 0:57

Автор Richard Highwind ( назад)
Insurance company called back and said their sorry but the owner of the truck was found to be at fault, thus will be paying out of pocket for damages done to the rocket.

Автор huswsimonbla ( назад)
Is there a version without the constant talking and with the boom?

Автор himynamesfather ( назад)
Did they agree as to whether or not parachutes and air bags were better idea than an auto self destruct?

Автор Lemmy Fuque ( назад)
Better than fireworks...

Автор SameBasicRiff ( назад)
cool explos.... erhem... rapid unscheduled disassembly.

Автор Alpha Adhito ( назад)
I feel bad for your truck. But at least it's gone in unusual way

Автор Swedishmeatball1976 ( назад)
worthless engineers, get a another job

Автор Tedmeister ( назад)
Brought to you by the Kerbal Space Program!

Автор Peter Zachos ( назад)
I'm very glad this guy was here to talk about the experience throughout the video, rather than allow us to experience it with audio from the launch.

Автор Earle Wollam ( назад)
Good report.  Back a few years ago, when Andy was manning a console, he sat thru a few launch failures. As I remember he did this with the same cool professional demeanor.  From an old [1958/1967] Thor/Delta test conductor.

Автор Alexej Demov ( назад)
Вот это фейерверк! Грандиозный!

Автор ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ ( назад)
Just a rapid unexpected disassembly.

Автор TwelveNation ( назад)
My dad worked on this project when i was a kid, i still have a piece of debris from the rocket

Автор Erika Young ( назад)
1 of the best IV ever seen

Автор Inimbrium ( назад)
"So yeah, my car got hit by errr, a rocket." :)

Автор Ølf Braakman ( назад)
boi, that's some expensive firework

Автор S Dunn ( назад)
Small detail, it was Cx 17 A pad, B-Pad was undergoing Delta III mods...

Автор Dan Trigona ( назад)

An earth shattering KA-BOOM!

"Aw, shit!"



Автор Martin Borman ( назад)
Ahe, but did they pay out?

Автор Dan Tyler ( назад)
No matter what, insurance companies DO NOT WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE RESPONSIBILITY!

Автор sophrapsune ( назад)
Very cool...

Автор Robert Chappell ( назад)
I WANT AWNSERS! Who hired nexter's lab to build the rocket? He always manages to break even the simplest things. Jeb, I want a full preflight diagnostics scan to find out who screwed up the booster settings. Bob, go get jeb his jet. I'm going with him to investigate the (lack of) wreckage.

Автор Nicky Nicholas ( назад)
If this happens often (which it does) then nobody would allow anyone up to the ISS. NAZA lies. Wake up!

Автор M RM ( назад)
That was a cool story!

Автор Free Love and Food Stamps ( назад)
I'm surprised the insurance company didn't say "sorry, but it looks like you don't have our Rocket/Volcano glass melting protection plan. You're not covered"

Автор dXb ( назад)
NASA always blows up something. Other space agencies are far from having that many failures.
Before you say something, look it up. I did...

Автор kevindt12 ( назад)
Looks cool

Автор chanctonbury63 ( назад)
One of the boosterss on this side was not working, but the explosion did not seem to come from there. It came from the booster to the left of it

Автор KennyandSara Dechmerowski ( назад)
The insurance story is epic.

Автор William Hanson ( назад)
para mi fue un experimento militar que nadie lo comento fue muy para el ángulo de la explosión

Автор Barry Maynard ( назад)
Awesome stuff! What a job.

Автор DEUS VULT ( назад)
Unsurprisingly his Nokia 3310, which he had left on his cars back seat, survived fully intact.

Автор Mike Roberti ( назад)

Автор Judge 400 Years ( назад)
A very expensive firework.

Автор rifi 43 ( назад)
OMG hope you've got your vehicle back, RIP Truck

Автор Peppe Ddu ( назад)
That could also explain why NASA kept all the people watching a Shuttle launch a ridiculous distance away.
Thanks for posting it.

Автор James Monahan ( назад)
Good story

Автор Max Lindner ( назад)
Now THAT is some fireworks!

Автор Sagrotan ( назад)
tl;dr if you want insurance money park something valuable close to a rocket launch site and the minute something blows up you burn it down ;) perfect !

Автор Darth Sidious ( назад)
That explosion remind me of Aldebaran.

Автор Red Rooster ( назад)
Holy smoke Batman!

Автор FairFireFight ( назад)
"Rocket exploded" revert to VAB, & add more struts and boosters.

Автор Omni Potent ( назад)
why I he driving a ford ranger working for nasa

Автор Mervyn Partin ( назад)
Having watched (and filmed) 3 successful launches from the Cape, I was shocked by this video and the details of the danger that you were in. I had not seen anything of this event before, but I am glad that you were not injured, but it is a shame that your truck was a write-off.

Автор Magestic ( назад)
you mean NASA or the manufacturer of the rocket didn't replace his truck! he had to file a total loss claim with his insurance! that's messed up!!!

Автор I Heart Rangers ( назад)
What's so "SPECTACULAR" about a rocket exploding?

Автор aaronjakositz ( назад)
if I remember correctly I worked for the company that buit the motor casing. a crane hook or whatever hit the shell pretty hard and didn't show damage. turns out it was pretty bad. stuff like this is hand made with extremely low tolerance for anything even a hair. composites are very neat on a extreme level

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