Introducing the Newest FaZe Clan Pro Players...

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • We had to recruit them
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Comments • 4 637

  • Bobby Samson
    Bobby Samson 2 days ago +1

    Yo Teawap if you see this keep up the edits man your amazing

  • RinseEU
    RinseEU 3 days ago

    My boy MARTOZ proud of you man ❤️🖤

  • AAT channel
    AAT channel 4 days ago

    Jarvis is best player of faze

    • nedas Ulcinas
      nedas Ulcinas 6 hours ago

      @Maey mongraal, vorween, nate, martoz, jarvis are the best, sway didnt qual for anything

    • Maey
      Maey 6 hours ago

      @nedas Ulcinas mongraal or Sway is the best player of FaZe

    • nedas Ulcinas
      nedas Ulcinas Day ago


  • ItsGamer boi
    ItsGamer boi 4 days ago +1

    whats the song? pls tell me

  • veloxity lol
    veloxity lol 5 days ago

    Congrats diggy

  • Lukas FZ
    Lukas FZ 6 days ago +1


  • Vallthorian
    Vallthorian 6 days ago

    2:03 he killed faze jaomock

  • Bruno Fascarino
    Bruno Fascarino 7 days ago

    Like faze comment fnatic

  • Lunar_eclipse 123
    Lunar_eclipse 123 15 days ago


  • Junash Karki2
    Junash Karki2 16 days ago

    can anyone tell me the song please

  • Ben 1000 gaming
    Ben 1000 gaming 17 days ago

    Can I get tryouts I’m really good

  • Teshawn Samuel
    Teshawn Samuel 18 days ago +1

    Where jarvis

  • DomDaBeast
    DomDaBeast 19 days ago


  • Ali Hamdani
    Ali Hamdani 20 days ago

    Bro they are fucking insane yo that's sick 👍🤟

  • Fortnite
    Fortnite 20 days ago


  • Railey Recio
    Railey Recio 21 day ago

    where is jarvis

  • Sazo Panelė
    Sazo Panelė 21 day ago


  • Titan
    Titan 23 days ago

    Tilt,bini,diggy by far the best

    RXJ RLZ 25 days ago +4

    Never really hear of these players but their some of the best

  • Jade Thelegend007
    Jade Thelegend007 26 days ago

    This montage fire asf🔥🔥🔥

  • Slampy
    Slampy 26 days ago

    Can i grow up im a small youtuber and i dont have any friends cause im not famous can u be my friend or sub to me 😱😪😭😓🙏 pls

  • KxngSZN
    KxngSZN 28 days ago

    Go Subscribe to @Who Lxthal

  • Ioanna Georgiou
    Ioanna Georgiou 28 days ago


  • Raider_ ake
    Raider_ ake Month ago

    Pls me

  • Axel 123
    Axel 123 Month ago

    9z los destruía antes :,c

  • FA Serpenttt
    FA Serpenttt Month ago

    The most underrated faze members

  • Barbara Rice
    Barbara Rice Month ago +1

    Lets go vorwen u

  • posokas 591
    posokas 591 Month ago

    In faze are a 1 million of players

  • CRF Myles - Steven
    CRF Myles - Steven Month ago +2

    The arms on all the recruits are the same wtf

  • Qul_Arkeus
    Qul_Arkeus Month ago

    Like diggi aint even that good

  • Jasiel Rojas
    Jasiel Rojas Month ago +1

    Faze sway will still clapped them

  • Emoruko
    Emoruko Month ago

    i love how faze gave some nobodys a chance to become famous

  • Un1ty
    Un1ty Month ago


  • Villigar
    Villigar Month ago

    Faze please open up a Minecraft team and reply please I’d be interested

  • VoqeFN
    VoqeFN Month ago

    Song plz

  • Rising
    Rising Month ago +3

    Like:faze sway
    Comment: mongral

  • Arno
    Arno Month ago +1

    Who’s watching after WC?

  • Jackson Eaton
    Jackson Eaton Month ago

    FaZe Clan will go into to Minecraft beacuse Minecraft earth coming out soon

  • Improviser
    Improviser Month ago

    Bruh recruit benjyfishy and mrsavage

  • PlaZma_Kunsh23
    PlaZma_Kunsh23 Month ago +1

    Bruh idk any of these apart from my boy tilt

  • ONEWAY Hxrry
    ONEWAY Hxrry Month ago +2

    Promote Diggy more

  • Zippy Zach Attack*
    Zippy Zach Attack* Month ago +3

    Player: qualifies for World Cup
    Faze: hippity hoppity your now my property
    They are signing so many players yet none of them won the World Cup so you can steal their money lol

    NOTION Month ago


  • toasty
    toasty Month ago

    These ain't pros, they're tryhards fucking strech res kids.

  • E-D- S
    E-D- S 2 months ago

    plz like me plz iwant these comment get 2 k likes plz

  • LHZG -
    LHZG - 2 months ago

    Can i be a faze

  • Loading honey bunny
    Loading honey bunny 2 months ago

    Please make a 1 vs 1 with highsky vs mongraal

  • h2o heated
    h2o heated 2 months ago

    Rip martoz alpha res

    BENJA SIC 2 months ago +1

    When they introduce jelty?

  • Doggo_FN
    Doggo_FN 2 months ago +1

    1:32 "look how quick"
    Thats slow lol. This was a while ago though so standards are lower

    • Asteath 037
      Asteath 037 2 months ago

      the whole point of the clip was how he played it so well, almost any other pro would be panicking by then cause they were gonna die to storm

  • Ricardo Milos :v
    Ricardo Milos :v 2 months ago

    Jarvis, Sway and Moogral 100%

  • RTW Sløww
    RTW Sløww 2 months ago

    name of the song?

  • Xd yousuf
    Xd yousuf 2 months ago

    Watch my trickshots on my channel plzzz

  • Fryst
    Fryst 2 months ago

    isnt mongraal the newest like what

  • STT4P xd
    STT4P xd 2 months ago

    And Europe when? Xd

  • Reaper Avalanch
    Reaper Avalanch 2 months ago

    Can I join

  • Cosmos Destroyer
    Cosmos Destroyer 2 months ago

    2:07 the single greatest edit of all time

  • Plepp_sweet
    Plepp_sweet 2 months ago +1

    Martoz and bini you very very good Fortnite Players

  • percivex
    percivex 2 months ago

    wut abt sway n mongraal

  • Manu
    Manu 2 months ago

    Why i questioned the first time i watched this why didnt they put more clips of vorwenn and martoz cauae you couldive just done some wc clips since thats probaly why you recruited them just for a percentage