The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
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  • Dead to Mankind
    Dead to Mankind 23 hours ago +1

    Take my money 不不不不不

  • Zeyad Mostafa
    Zeyad Mostafa Day ago +1

    No iPhone 11 has amazing new features and brilliant camera

  • Andreas Andersson

    1:02 the man stands ready with his credit card!

  • asap wayne
    asap wayne 2 days ago

    Fxxking agree

  • Alfheima Aurora Jolteon

    I cant wait to see if you make a skit about the newest one having 3 cameras on it.

  • Adriel Osborne
    Adriel Osborne 2 days ago

    I bet griffy got a iphone lmao

  • Tigerwolfsharkbearberry Williams

    Apples new slogan....Its an IPhone with a camera

    Steve Jobs

  • Capone Johnson
    Capone Johnson 3 days ago

    LOL this guy is so funny lol omg

  • Sakuta Senpai
    Sakuta Senpai 3 days ago

    And the i cue tip for 1000$

  • ohmyyeee Brusedo
    ohmyyeee Brusedo 3 days ago

    Not the iQtip though but it's so true

  • ohmyyeee Brusedo
    ohmyyeee Brusedo 3 days ago

    Lmao the back ground voices "" ooohh myy godd take my money"
    that's how ppl be when a new iPhone comes out

  • ohmyyeee Brusedo
    ohmyyeee Brusedo 3 days ago

    That wig tho

  • The Racing Line
    The Racing Line 4 days ago +2

    Yeah imma just stick with samsung and google pixel

  • Dean Chu
    Dean Chu 5 days ago

    new is overrated

  • Playboi Lyrical
    Playboi Lyrical 5 days ago


  • Reno Robin
    Reno Robin 6 days ago

    Ur the funniest man is this world ur very much my type 不不I like u man

  • MAB3 Bean
    MAB3 Bean 6 days ago

    iPhone? Why he use android headphone? Why not *AIR POD*

  • Sistah Mari
    Sistah Mari 7 days ago

    #wig101needed !!!

  • christopher mcleary
    christopher mcleary 7 days ago

    Yo I cant get over that damn wig

  • knight fox
    knight fox 8 days ago

    What's a retina display? I don't fuckin know but who cares it's an iPhone 丹賤儭true af

  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi 10 days ago

    Damn right

  • TheCrazyDucks
    TheCrazyDucks 11 days ago

    The name should be change to - iPhone With Camera

    THE PEACE MAKERS 11 days ago

    Somebody said IPhone is only for fools.

  • Ayush Pathak
    Ayush Pathak 14 days ago

    Take my money... Take my money.

  • Dakota Lenzi
    Dakota Lenzi 15 days ago

    Fuck you and yo Astro headphones NiGGAaaaaaaaa!!!!

  • edzio
    edzio 16 days ago

    I ddont fucking know

  • Dellio
    Dellio 16 days ago

    Were my Galaxy Niggas at?

  • BigOlJugs82
    BigOlJugs82 16 days ago

    Apple motto: we dont do new, we just f*ck you

  • Lucky Wize
    Lucky Wize 19 days ago

    In the end of the vid
    I got samsu*g ads

  • K1NG
    K1NG 20 days ago

    Griffy is more white than white guys with that accent and hair

  • Rambo iS_rEaL
    Rambo iS_rEaL 20 days ago

    *Its been 2 months since IT came*

  • David Glenn Jr
    David Glenn Jr 21 day ago

    "It's an I Phone with a Camera!!!!"

  • 123 456
    123 456 21 day ago

    I dont like i phone im team galaxy

  • Adama Bah
    Adama Bah 21 day ago

    iPhone 7 plus: 2 cameras
    iPhone 11 pro: 3 cameras
    iPhone 16 max: *several cameras in the back*

  • Kenley Bazile
    Kenley Bazile 22 days ago

    "2 weeks?! That's a late release"

  • Kevin7RichMark
    Kevin7RichMark 22 days ago

    "That's a late release"

  • Dynamik
    Dynamik 22 days ago

    Led retna display lmfao

  • daneris valdez
    daneris valdez 23 days ago

    Nothing would be funnier than Apple having griffy advertise their products.xd

  • Solomon James
    Solomon James 23 days ago

    Apple are probably laughing their asses off from watching this because of how accurate it is.

  • sanjay rawat
    sanjay rawat 24 days ago

    The only changed thing is his hair

  • Bounty3point0
    Bounty3point0 25 days ago

    The iqtip

  • Osht it's Moon.
    Osht it's Moon. 25 days ago

    I hate iPhones. Team Samsung FTW.

  • K1ng Khab1r
    K1ng Khab1r 25 days ago

    1 year later: Im proud to introduce...

    *The iPhone 11 plus S*

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  • FableTown Savagez
    FableTown Savagez 25 days ago

    Tbh everything we buy is like that now including games. 2k, Madden, UFC, COD, phones, shoes. It's all a copy n paste method. But since it's so popular, its all gonna sell regardless仄. Tho it is stupid ppl paying for phones that cost more than their bills仄but that's just my opinion n I have a Samsung

  • DoctorLoveRWC
    DoctorLoveRWC 26 days ago

    That gold youtube plaque on wall. I see ya brotha!!

  • Joe Banda
    Joe Banda 26 days ago +5

    "Take my money"

  • IndyMode
    IndyMode 26 days ago

    The wig alone made me laugh

  • FireAlpha
    FireAlpha 27 days ago

    Like no joke I thought you were Himiko Toga

  • F Grizz31
    F Grizz31 27 days ago

    I'm here before the iphone 12 hahaha

  • F Grizz31
    F Grizz31 27 days ago

    Me waiting for iphone 12 hahahahaha

  • Miles A
    Miles A 27 days ago

    Pretty ironic that Griffy and every other RUclipr comedian makes fun of Apple for never doing anything new and yet they make this same joke every single year.

  • Pein Maximus
    Pein Maximus 28 days ago


  • intrusted
    intrusted 29 days ago

    im dying

  • intrusted
    intrusted 29 days ago

    "ill take 3"

  • Sparkle Gamer
    Sparkle Gamer Month ago +2

    I have the iPhone 11 pro and get roasted everyday

  • Grk Rican
    Grk Rican Month ago

    Take my money不不不

  • The Guy
    The Guy Month ago

    Truth. That wig outta pocket tho

  • Jesse Valdez
    Jesse Valdez Month ago

    Like this because I have an I T-shirt and a camera on my iPhone

  • Exile DeadWolf
    Exile DeadWolf Month ago

    This is why Samsung Galaxy is dominant when it comes to change