Drifting Fails Compilation - 2019 Part #3

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Drifting Fails Compilation - 2019 Part #3
    New Part #3 - Compilation for 2018 year:)
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Comments • 122

  • Zilla Deliva
    Zilla Deliva Day ago

    Please keep drifting I like when they crash

  • :::DRIFT LIVE :::
    :::DRIFT LIVE ::: 5 days ago

    hard drift

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 5 days ago

    We all know that sinking feeling tho like, "this time I fucked up"

  • Chris Cosey
    Chris Cosey 9 days ago

    I was like finish him when he snatched his trunk off

  • Chris Cosey
    Chris Cosey 9 days ago


    KMPRSSR 10 days ago

    RIP headphone users at 3:40

  • Yurak
    Yurak 16 days ago

    3:30 looks like Golf 2

  • A34
    A34 17 days ago

    that intro please change it r34 are AWD

  • Fareed Butt
    Fareed Butt 25 days ago


    BLAK BEAR EDITZ 28 days ago

    You get a hooptie 1st

  • Bo Hanan
    Bo Hanan Month ago

    Mr. Airbag is pretty funny. Dude was in shock and kept driving.

  • Guilherme Correa
    Guilherme Correa Month ago

    ruclip.com/video/isgNr-RDCls/video.html this is my video on drift

  • angel marte
    angel marte Month ago

    almost 2020 and people have not learned to video record full screen...idiots!

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    That tire missed every car hahahaha what are the odds

  • Przemek x
    Przemek x Month ago


  • Liam S
    Liam S Month ago +2

    0:28 you played yourself

  • Bails
    Bails 2 months ago +3

    0:55 was kinda a win didn't hit any cars in the end lmao

  • RandomGuyDoes
    RandomGuyDoes 2 months ago

    9:00 If that was my son, I'd curbstomp the dumb ass for standing there.

  • Jane Mitchell
    Jane Mitchell 2 months ago

    100th comment XD hehehehe

  • Grenade Man
    Grenade Man 2 months ago

    Why do you think our insurance is high because stupid teenager like these crash all the god damn time

  • Icy Williams
    Icy Williams 2 months ago +13

    I didn't knew that he is the minecraft chicken voice actor

  • Nate Malis
    Nate Malis 2 months ago +1

    4:16 Colin Mcrae

  • Gat
    Gat 2 months ago +1

    1:43 that had so much potential

  • Adrenaline Family
    Adrenaline Family 2 months ago

    Ouch lol

  • Kyan
    Kyan 2 months ago

    John for sure hit that shit in second gear.

  • SilverSnake
    SilverSnake 2 months ago +5

    0:32 When she says she’s home then says with her boyfriend

  • Keano K
    Keano K 3 months ago +2

    Someone needs to learn how to put on a tire 😂

    • Never Quit
      Never Quit 2 months ago

      Keano K I think it might’ve been shitty wheel spacers.

  • Lil Jimmy
    Lil Jimmy 3 months ago +16

    "My mother, she's blind in one eye and she can drift better than that."

  • Jonne Pehkonen
    Jonne Pehkonen 3 months ago +2

    6:30 must be welded diff

  • tribulation138
    tribulation138 3 months ago

    Wouldn't you win a race quicker without drifting

    • Michael Hall
      Michael Hall Month ago

      Depends. On a straight away it wont help but you can get around corners alot faster

    • Luciano Angelo
      Luciano Angelo 3 months ago +1

      tribulation138 not ever tease has the same rules. Some races don’t allow drifting as some require it. Look up formula drift racing. Drifting is it’s own sport apart for racing btw.

  • Tbone Touch Hadebe
    Tbone Touch Hadebe 3 months ago


  • Ish YaBoi
    Ish YaBoi 3 months ago

    3:16 he did the cad a favour there

  • Captain_Dirt
    Captain_Dirt 4 months ago

    Leave the fucken cell phone at home , & BRING A REAL CAMERA !!! No brain , no pain !

  • Anonymous Blank
    Anonymous Blank 4 months ago +2

    How was 0:33 a fail? Just say that's what you meant to do lol

  • Oppsy Jaffa
    Oppsy Jaffa 4 months ago +6

    8:10 idk what i'm doing, look at his hand when he hesitates

  • Cars addict
    Cars addict 4 months ago +1

    RIP to all of these tires

  • Nostalgia Rookie
    Nostalgia Rookie 4 months ago +4

    Wait is that nfs bodykit ?

    MR.FACTS ARE RACIST 4 months ago +1

    Peeling out in a garage always a good idea🤣😂

  • Andres Mandujano
    Andres Mandujano 4 months ago +1

    as someone with a currently crashed car due to stupid joyriding this is very therapeutic to watch

  • DJ RED X
    DJ RED X 5 months ago

    unsubscribing and disliking

  • DJ RED X
    DJ RED X 5 months ago

    and sound

  • DJ RED X
    DJ RED X 5 months ago

    at least get videos that are actually in english

  • Dhivya Shivani Raviselvan
    Dhivya Shivani Raviselvan 5 months ago +1

    0:45 _blyat_

  • ostreds
    ostreds 5 months ago

    @0:34...a typical long island douchebag

  • Tyler B
    Tyler B 6 months ago +8

    The driver at 6:20 was actually good

    • julian pat
      julian pat 4 months ago

      Tyler B jus a bumper easy fix

  • drifter_ wolf
    drifter_ wolf 6 months ago +1

    i love how russians watch some drifter drift a bmw and they buy a bmw thinking they are so cool and they power slide a little bit already in a ditch XD

    • Joe
      Joe 5 months ago +1

      drifter_ wolf you literally play roblox stfu

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 6 months ago +1

    Anyone can drift on snow

  • Faceplant1235
    Faceplant1235 6 months ago

    remember people, when something happens: always point the camera at the ground! Not only will it be like nothing ever happened but you will see people will respect you for that!

    you're a fucktard

  • Jesse Bolles
    Jesse Bolles 6 months ago +1

    First clip cheap wheel spacers lol

  • mukami
    mukami 6 months ago +1

    am i cool now?

  • cherry flavored panther
    cherry flavored panther 6 months ago +2

    1:50 John sure did hit it

  • BrothaJINC
    BrothaJINC 6 months ago +26

    1:21 thought this was drifting fails come on boy

  • HecToRMoDZz
    HecToRMoDZz 6 months ago +1

    pos ya lo has estrenao xd

  • Departed Gardens
    Departed Gardens 7 months ago

    some of this is such amateur fucking driving.... take your foot off the FUCKING gas pedal and counter steer out of your swerve jesus christ..

  • Ruslan S.
    Ruslan S. 7 months ago

    Cars guys are over here crying

  • Jérôme Morin
    Jérôme Morin 8 months ago +4

    0:53 oh, hey adam
    0:59 *YEEEET*

  • Rarity Nguyen Belle
    Rarity Nguyen Belle 8 months ago +3

    0:05 HOW TB!?

  • Жанна Тулепбергенова

    Слезть даже семеныч

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D.

    “Let’s see John hit dis shit second gear”

  • juan yayai
    juan yayai 8 months ago

    Like a bimmer🤣