How To Fix a Dented Car

Today I show you how to fix a dented car. This simple trick will fix any car dent - no matter where it's located or how big it is - in seconds leaving your car looking brand new. This works on ALL cars. Accidentally damaged someones car? Don't have insurance? No problem - Simply follow the step by step instructions and all the dents will vanish into thin air - Best part is it's free! You won't have to pay a cent. You'll be amazed at just how easy it is.

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Автор HowToBasic ( назад)
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Автор ParkxwAndParkt Gaming ParkxwAndParkt Gaming ( назад)
Rip car

Автор Chubs Muku ( назад)
Ok so step 1 get a hammer, step 2 start hitting the dented parts lightly, I don't get the next step

Автор bub sell ( назад)
great drum solo

Автор Dağhan Şen ( назад)
instructions unclear got my penis stuck on exhaust pipe

Автор Hasan Kareem ( назад)
i wonder who broke it "remebers the how to change a car tire" oh nevermind

Автор James Winter ( назад)
suicide is always the answer

Автор Mr. butthurt ( назад)
OMG !!!!!!!
where did the eggs come from !!!!! it's a car video god damnit
D:< do you just like killing food ?!!!!

Автор Thedarklord 2007 ( назад)
I'm Gonna Do This!


Автор Ghost- 095 ( назад)
is any howtobebasic video every take it seriusly ?

Автор Magdalena Naydenova ( назад)
You're not OK... WTF...

Автор drsabariah said ( назад)
Why is he pretending to be stupid??

Автор Mr. Motorbike ( назад)
Starving children in Africa could have eaten that car.

Автор Nitesh RS ( назад)
Admin please remove this video!! Rubbish!!

Автор IShadowGamer 12 ( назад)
How in the hell did they let you use the machine? Well, at least is fixed. I meant the chair is fixed.

Автор masterpolicechases ( назад)
I know this car this car is ford festiva

Автор Ericka Villamar ( назад)

Автор Horroar - Clash Royale ( назад)
Wonder what he'll say to insurance.

Автор No this is Patrick ( назад)
0:37 egg machine gun activated FIRE AT WILL

Автор Captain Cold ( назад)
3/10 my car still was dented

Автор Steve Harper ( назад)
It may be cubed, but at least it's not dented.

Автор BigJigglyDuck ( назад)
whos car is that?

Автор Teby Wong ( назад)

Автор JoSo ( назад)
Imagine this guy has more subscribers than casey neistat

Автор Tengu Adrian ( назад)
Was that milk aftermarket?

Автор TheHamdanGaming ( назад)
can you do how to make gun that shoots egg

Автор Greg Vassallo ( назад)
I only watched 1 video and I love it

Автор Lightning Boss ( назад)
I tried it on my dads car but now im homeless anyone want to adopt me?

Автор ThatOneGuy461 4 ( назад)
Is the car okay :p

Автор destructordoge /the doge squad ( назад)
DAM you went savage with that axe

Автор Phantom Universe ( назад)
Next up, how to solve a foreign country threat featuring Donald J. Trump

Автор Jovan Duncan ( назад)
Africa in cars could have kids those eaten.

Автор Cytry Nowy ( назад)
1:16 that is how pooping Look like Kids

Автор Diam Petrovski ( назад)
FAAKE! This is NOT how to fix a dented car.

Автор xxX.mlg_goldy24. Xxx ( назад)
How to catch pokemons?

Автор IHonestlyDontKnow ( назад)
Take it to Carmax and be like "What can I get for this?"

Автор Trevor Philips ( назад)
1:15 poop machine

Автор Nathan ( назад)
Rip car again.

Автор Pokemonplayer go ( назад)
holy shit he just distroid that car

Автор Neonfox ( назад)
who has subscribed to this chanel are craizy

Автор Magdalena Marzo ( назад)
Wow everytime the begining the turtoral was great by using a hammer and then its was broken i don know whats the price of that car

Автор Hackerz Gaming ( назад)
I ran out of milk,can I use coke instead?

Автор Youseef Kay ( назад)

Автор Ivan Fraevich ( назад)
Instructions Unclear.
Got d*ck stuck in car crusher.

Автор ElBigBossJohn ( назад)
Kids in Africa could have eaten that car

Автор GAMING ARCADE ( назад)

Автор Accurate Glamorourisity ( назад)
Of course.

Автор No More! ( назад)
Is this a new sneak peek of GTA 6?

Автор Averk Gaming ( назад)
Rip car 2000 million bc 2016-2017

Автор Mohd shafiq Jaam ( назад)
you fix car

Автор SH4DOW STRIKE ( назад)
74 eggs were thrown in this video 😆

Автор TopatoFX ( назад)
*Shows up at the dealership* ID LIKE TO RETURN MY CAR!

Автор WOT M8 ( назад)
he was actually fixing it at the beginning too!!

Автор Ian Is Amazing ( назад)
When people saw that car they'd be like "Did I miss out on the purge?"

Автор Uriel Martinez ( назад)

Автор Berero Dimet ( назад)
I was thinking about robbing this dude but the way he hit that car with the hammer like DAMN NEVER MIND I AINT DYING TODAY 😂😂

Автор Pirate Nation ( назад)
This is my inspiration

Автор allae ***** ( назад)
poor car

Автор Ivan Nintendo ( назад)
this sis how HTB invented egg-fuel

Автор Kobe Cheek ( назад)
how much money do you have

Автор Aaniya J ( назад)
i acually thought it would be a regular video....
was terribly wrong

Автор Jeremy Rosete ( назад)
Be advised:No cars were harmed in the making of this video

Автор Kiefer James Cruz ( назад)
0:38 Helicopter!

Автор wertzui19871229 ( назад)
Eyes On You - Network 415

Автор Black Thunder ( назад)
he should change is name to HowToBeAnEggMaster

Автор PS4 gamer ( назад)
Can u come fix my car

Автор LethalGaming 67 ( назад)
When I see my EXs car XD

Автор MrSupercar55 ( назад)

Автор Best meme 2017 ( назад)
I bet that was fun

Автор Boss ( назад)
U should hav thrown another egg at the end

Автор skate for life bro ( назад)
thanks my mom was so happy that she was in shock to were she didnt talk to me 😃

Автор Ali Ekrem Bilen ( назад)

Автор Typical Hackerz ( назад)
I did it and I had to leave my car in a ambulance

Автор Adriana Stan ( назад)

Автор howdoesyoutubeletmemakeaname thisbig!?!?!! ( назад)

Автор Bilsda Gta ( назад)
só eu de br

Автор Zeina Martini ( назад)
when you crash your car for a video on youtube

Автор King Recorder2 ( назад)
this is like wasting money

Автор Серый го ( назад)
Дурак, бедная машина

Автор jose angelo Bonoan ( назад)
meh who needs a car anyways? just buy a new one also
22/10 eggs

Автор dylex capichart XD ( назад)
i think the car is fixed

Автор Матвей Протасевич ( назад)
Машины нет и вмятин нет

Автор LZ GaMeR ( назад)
Doing this kind of thing is literally my dream XD

Автор Braycali ( назад)
Sounded like a drum solo

Автор ninjajustin2000 ( назад)
How to make a firecracker

Автор Gender ( назад)
its satisfying to see something get hit at a rapid speed

Автор Howling Burd19 ( назад)
4/10 not enough eggs

Автор PiyamaTech ( назад)
Man,kids in africa could've eaten that car

Автор LOL NightSauce ( назад)
dat plot twist tho HAHA

Автор Bob the Hobo ( назад)
This needs a remix

Автор Camilo Ordonez ( назад)
Children in Africa could of eaten that car :(((

Автор Aislinn TooBee ( назад)
When your cheating bf/gf tell you to fix Their car

Автор Guest Men ( назад)
Do you even know how much a car cost

Автор legitamigo 308 ( назад)
you did good for a moment until......yeah you know

Автор Missy Realz ( назад)
I don't understand lmao

Автор JT Titmus ( назад)
Thank you so much! This helped, especially because I just got in a crash.

Автор juan josé limas becerra ( назад)
African kids could have eaten that car.

Автор LeLeAlicia ( назад)
I can just imagine him at the store buying like 100,000 boxes of eggs 😂

Автор Ratchet Is Clank ( назад)
Thats what makes a Subaru a Subaru

Автор zuhairi kurosaki ( назад)
not normal I SAY TO EARLY

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