Lionel Messi ● All 57 Goals in 2016/2017 Season HD

  • All of Lionel Messi's 57 GOALS for FC Barcelona & Argentina in season 2016-2017, some with amazing skills and English commentary.
    Only Leo Messi can score 57 goals in a season while playing as a midfielder! He simply is the greatest player to ever grace the game.
    The Argentine's goal-scoring season in numbers:
    37 Goals in LaLiga, 11 Goals in the UEFA Champions League, 5 Goals in the Copa Del Rey, 1 Goal in the Spanish SuperCup, 3 Goals for Argentina. 10 goals came from penalties and 5 from free-kicks.
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    ♫ James Paget - We Ride As One
    Special thanks to : MNCompsJr, Kyliann22, SH10Comps & Raheem Comps
    Hope you enjoyed this video, help me improve by leaving your opinions in the comments section. Visca El Barca!
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  • LM10HD
    LM10HD  2 years ago +132

    *ONLY Lionel Messi can score 57 goals in a season while playing as a midfielder! Simply the greatest to ever grace the game.*

    • gg wp
      gg wp 2 years ago

      We love messi worlds best football player like a god

    • FlannelShirtGuy69
      FlannelShirtGuy69 2 years ago +4

      Real Madrid hops around the post? Tapinaldo has scored more tapping then messi

    • Instant_Gaming
      Instant_Gaming 2 years ago +1

      Yep, he is a genius, especially the way he does his fake shoulder drop

    • forza juventus
      forza juventus 2 years ago

      LM10HD lick his ass.he don't play midfielder he always hops around the post.

    • hasan joy
      hasan joy 2 years ago +4

      please make a video where messi's all goal of the season & cr7 all goal of the season!
      there we can find the difference between their way of scoring goal.. :D
      please please make a video..

  • George Tawfeek
    George Tawfeek 6 months ago

    what the fuck

  • Cristiano ronaldo

    King of goals

  • htethlyal aung
    htethlyal aung Year ago

    Messi is the king of boofball

  • LM10HDCrack HD
    LM10HDCrack HD Year ago +1

    no mames

  • Santi Ferrer
    Santi Ferrer 2 years ago

    This is one of Messi's best seasons ever but goes unrecognized because FIFA only gives the award to a player who has won the CL. It's ridiculous

    LOLATRON 2 years ago

    Have you noticed when Messi takes a pen the goalkeeper usually goes the way he shoots

  • Cyber Hawk
    Cyber Hawk 2 years ago +2

    Most goals most assists. No balon dor. WHAT!?!

  • Kaloyan Tilev
    Kaloyan Tilev 2 years ago

    Amazing video!

  • Gustavo Silva
    Gustavo Silva 2 years ago +2

    This is the last straw. If Messi doesn't win the Ballon D'Or this year, the award will lose all of its credibility to me.

  • Indrakula
    Indrakula 2 years ago

    this man.. is too good to be true...

  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma 2 years ago

    1:26 selfish Messi 😊😊

  • Gabriel Alves Ribeiro
    Gabriel Alves Ribeiro 2 years ago

    Que vídeo foda do caralho

  • bhisade patile
    bhisade patile 2 years ago +1

    I just saw both cr7 and messi goals 2016-2017 season. messi has quality goals than penaldo. messi deservs ballon d or

  • Speville Julian Noah
    Speville Julian Noah 2 years ago

    Anyone else watching this to be reasured for next season after hearing paulinho transfer move?😂😂 it fucking works

  • T Augee
    T Augee 2 years ago +1

    Messi had a great season. Sucks that ronaldo will probably win ballon de or because he won cl and la Liga. Individually tho messi scored more and his quality of goals were so good. One of his best seasons ever individually

  • Thuc Ha
    Thuc Ha 2 years ago

    messi number 1

  • Thuc Ha
    Thuc Ha 2 years ago

    messi number 1

  • Pablo Pérez
    Pablo Pérez 2 years ago

    Messi el mejor de todos los tiempos, el mas completo en su totalidad

  • Michele Foti
    Michele Foti 2 years ago

    Messi is the best player in the history of football

  • Darisjacob Jeen
    Darisjacob Jeen 2 years ago

    Messi is the man

  • Darisjacob Jeen
    Darisjacob Jeen 2 years ago

    He is the amazer man

  • Darisjacob Jeen
    Darisjacob Jeen 2 years ago

    Messi is the best player

  • Raul ,Fifa and More
    Raul ,Fifa and More 2 years ago

    Thank you for not puting music in the backround.

  • Help me get 20,000 Subscribers please

    the best ever

  • How To Heal
    How To Heal 2 years ago

    Greatest ever and ever will be

  • Noah M
    Noah M 2 years ago

    10:42 does he have on makeup

  • SG57 Gaming
    SG57 Gaming 2 years ago

    6.36 to 6.43 *goosebumps*

  • Marcusvinicius Souza Alves

    Mais uma temporada fantástica da lenda viva , a história passando de baixo do nossos olhos, Lionel Marciano .

  • Helena
    Helena 2 years ago +1

    Why do madridiots comment on every single Leo Messi video? They are cancerous just like their club.

  • Inxaneo
    Inxaneo 2 years ago +4

    Those 7 dislikes are from some fans of the teams Messi scored against

  • Suprobho Hati
    Suprobho Hati 2 years ago +4

    I am not Barcelona or argentina fan........but still messi is the best player for all time

  • bayu parahita
    bayu parahita 2 years ago

    doesnt matter how old he is or even when he retires. i'll always support him. My nmbr 1 idol

  • Lotfi Freestyle
    Lotfi Freestyle 2 years ago

    its A Crime To Give ronaldo the ballon d'or Messi Is Way Ahead Of Him so now balloon d'or is based on titles and teammates effort not self performance :) keep it up👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • MKA8Production
    MKA8Production 2 years ago

    Can I use this video ?

  • ʀøɓʏ ɪɲɖɾɐ
    ʀøɓʏ ɪɲɖɾɐ 2 years ago

    2:50 good commentator

  • infinite susano
    infinite susano 2 years ago +7

    Messi was robbed last year of the the ballon d'or am just waiting to see what happens this time. penaldo keep winning underverd ballon d'or . the only time he really won it was 2008 after that is all just marketing. Messi is always consistent week in week out doing incredible things. CR7 is just on and off no where near Messi but at least they need someone to compare with Messi to bring more life to the game that's why u hear his name next to Messi

  • Santi Ferrer
    Santi Ferrer 2 years ago +8

    I honestly think this has been one of Messi's best seasons ever. I only put the 14/15 season on top of this one, but not by much. On the 14/15 Neymar and Suarez, Iniesta and Dani Alves were at their peak too so they helped a lot and he pulled the strings more. This season it was pretty much Messi on beast mode or nothing would happen, so this might just be his best season ever.
    Sadly, Ronaldo will win a team award that is supposed to be an individual award...

    • Tobyy
      Tobyy Year ago

      2012.... you know 91 goals

    • FlannelShirtGuy69
      FlannelShirtGuy69 2 years ago +1

      Neymar hasn't been at his peak quite yet, he still has lots of time to reach it

    • Bob
      Bob 2 years ago +2

      14/15 they won 5 trophies!I'm pretty sure that season was better

  • Santi Ferrer
    Santi Ferrer 2 years ago

    Only way he might win the ballon d'or is if Real loses the CL final, that is the only way

  • Santi Ferrer
    Santi Ferrer 2 years ago

    I don't agree with the midfielder thing, he is still a forward... He drops back a lot more than other players but he is still a forward.

  • Stphn
    Stphn 2 years ago

    Please a Neymar Video with trap/rap music

  • Rnbsoccerstar7
    Rnbsoccerstar7 2 years ago +4

    Great goal review

  • Hannah Zander
    Hannah Zander 2 years ago +2

    I'm littrely crying

  • Hannah Zander
    Hannah Zander 2 years ago

    he is my brother Messi is

  • s.s
    s.s 2 years ago +9

    what's extraordinary is how can someone create so many goals by himself, for himself. Most of his are a creating of his own magic and no world class midfield needed to get him to score. Others are a player in a team , this guy is a team in a player.

  • GP7HD
    GP7HD 2 years ago +23

    What a Season of Lionel Messi

  • joash estrella
    joash estrella 2 years ago

    i thought it was 54 goals

  • King Lionel
    King Lionel 2 years ago +79

    57 goals in 56 games while playing as a midfielder in a struggling Barca side... He simply shouldn't be compared with anyone.

    • reid mulligan
      reid mulligan 2 years ago

      Real Madrid, name me one thing that Ronaldo can do with the ball that Messi can't and I'll tell you loads of things that Messi can do which Ronaldo cant.

      Ronaldo can't beat 7 SHITTY Getafe players from the halfway line and score with his weak foot
      Ronaldo can't put Boateng on his ass and chip Neuer with his weak foot in the UCL semi-final
      Ronaldo can't score a history-making solo goal in the Copa Del Rey final
      Ronaldo has never assisted a goal better than Messi has
      Ronaldo can't score 91 goals in a calendar year
      Ronaldo can't score his 500th goal in the last minute of El Classico

      And also if you just use your brain and your eyes and watch some of Messi's dribbling skills, then you'll just see that Ronaldo simply can't do that.

    • Jason Kane
      Jason Kane 2 years ago +1

      king kallig Yea! Lets not count or take into consideration the 6 more matches that Messi played. Those 6 easy matches that Ronaldo didn't participate in, could have resulted in a multitude of goals due to the low quality of the teams. Of course, you're too simple minded to take that into consideration. You just take a look at the goals and judge from there. Also what about the difficulty of the opposition where Ronaldo did score? You have a brain, why don't you use it? Or do you?

    • king kallig
      king kallig 2 years ago +4

      Ronaldo scored 40 goals in 45 Apps let's not count his games vs Estoni-who the fuck cares.While Messi played against the likes of Colombia and Brazil.Without country matches Messi had 54 goals and Ronaldo had 40.Thats a 14 goal difference.The biggest it has ever been between Messi and Ronaldo.

    • forza juventus
      forza juventus 2 years ago +3

      King Lionel 50 goals in 48 matches not so bad also.I am pretty sure if Ronaldo played against those shitty copa del Rey teams in early round and smaller teams of la liga he would manage 7 goals in 6 games too.cause the man who can score 8 goals in cl knockout stages against bayern and athletico in 4 matches probably can score 7 goals in 6 matches against so shitty teams.I am not gonna cry but he was injured almost four months and did not get to play warm up season matches.still he is as prolific scorer as he was.

  • JS11 Productions HD
    JS11 Productions HD 2 years ago

    Nice Video Man !

  • Neos
    Neos 2 years ago

    He's the best player in the wolrd of all time !

    SKZNE 2 years ago

    Messi is football.

  • A A
    A A 2 years ago

    where was the penalty goal against psg?

  • Khaled Kerkouch
    Khaled Kerkouch 2 years ago

    Best in football history!

  • Lionel Messi is the G.O.A.T

    He redefines the word magic. You run out of things to say, it's just best to watch him play and let your eyes do the talking.

  • FootballHD
    FootballHD 2 years ago

    Amazing video! Messi Was unstoppable this season!

  • Brandon Sanelli
    Brandon Sanelli 2 years ago +1

    He was on another level this season! Too bad his teammates couldn't keep up :(

    • Labyriiint
      Labyriiint 2 years ago +3

      Brandon Sanelli It pains me that Messi has only won one CL since 2011, him and Neymar are the two best players in the world at their peak and needs more support from the midfield and a better manager, hopefully Velverde doesnt flop

  • Isaiah Harper
    Isaiah Harper 2 years ago

    It's my birthday! like if you don't care

  • 4version4
    4version4 2 years ago +14


  • Swizzim
    Swizzim 2 years ago

    Amazing work mate! :D

  • Adham10HD
    Adham10HD 2 years ago +13

    Amazing Work Mahmoud as usual! 🔥
    I swear if Messi doesn't win the Ballon D'Or then there is a massive problem in their decision making!
    Can't wait for your next video! They are so entertaining! ❤️😄

  • DA10HD
    DA10HD 2 years ago

    Good job!!!!

  • Amadou Keita
    Amadou Keita 2 years ago +1

    hey Mahmoud I have comment in your last video maybe you have not read it,I need your e-mail you told me for tell me how I can download Neymar Comps in Servers but I can not see your e-mail in your Chanel description so can you write it here pls under this comment. thank you anyway and stay updated with your amazing vids.🔥👍

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 2 years ago +15

    Messi is extraordinary absolute!

    • Isaiah Harper
      Isaiah Harper 2 years ago +2

      I don't think his goals would amuse me without the great commentators. (Not saying that the goals arnt fancy and nice)

  • lapoulequipond
    lapoulequipond 2 years ago

    tant de vidéo en peu de temps alors que le yt money est partie
    quel homme

  • LM10HD
    LM10HD  2 years ago +95

    Friendly reminder, Lionel Messi played as a midfielder and ended up being:
    The UCL top scorer
    LaLiga top scorer
    European top scorer
    CDR top scorer
    Top scorer in 2017
    Simply amazing.

    • FireProductionz
      FireProductionz 2 years ago

      Fofoz Nation no

    • c
      c 2 years ago +7

      Real Madrid stfu and quit dickriding ronaldo. its a messi vid and i see you on EVERY messi vid. you never stfu. I feel like ppl like you are jealous for some reason so all you can do is come on a messi vid and hate. imo ronaldos club has done great and accomplished more this year. but as a player, messi has been better.

    • Arief Azam
      Arief Azam 2 years ago +1

      UCL top scorer my ass

    • forza juventus
      forza juventus 2 years ago +2

      LM10HD not European cup competition top scorer ronaldo with 19 goals

    • Bob
      Bob 2 years ago +1

      he played right wing

  • TS7Games
    TS7Games 2 years ago

    Great Video, Check out my channel!!

  • Gustav Widén
    Gustav Widén 2 years ago +14

    Great video!! Just like Messi!😎😎

  • Elemten Le
    Elemten Le 2 years ago +2