Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Опубликовано: 21 июн 2018
  • We've been asked to sin this movie for years. And finally we did. And now we regret it. This movie... this is not my kind of movie. Here are the sins of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
    Next week: Song sins & recent sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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    2nd on trending

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    Wakanda Foreva

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    Decidous 19 минут назад

    Didn't this Willy Wonka die?

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    Can some one go to my channel

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    Blue Viper 19 минут назад

    “Hmm, the only visible Female in the movie works at a desk”


  • Arif
    Arif 20 минут назад

    Either I just realised your sins videos are spoiler-free, or you really didn't find any sins in the dentist scene

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    IM FAST!!
    1:sub to me:3
    2:like this comment
    3:say done
    4: l'll do the same

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    Everything Wrong with the Iron Giant

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    Clout goggles

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    Do Ready Player One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Do my cousin vinny

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    I died at 6:25

  • ElizabethE VLOG
    ElizabethE VLOG 25 минут назад

    Everything wrong with cinemassins

  • troberts1
    troberts1 25 минут назад

    I saw this film and I think I must have purposefully forgotten 98% of it. Cause all that weird shit is painful, like seeing it for the first time.

  • Chris Espitia
    Chris Espitia 25 минут назад

    “Died from hypothermia”. 😂

  • Chett the Gamer
    Chett the Gamer 25 минут назад

    When Wonka was asking them to eat the grass i thought he said " Try sucking my breasts"

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    Coryrocker rulzs 25 минут назад

    and good job on trending

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    DankDoge MemeMaster 26 минут назад

    9:39 another sin just because the little boy is played by FRED. yeah, that annoying teen with the squeaky voice from 2010.

  • Asylum Now
    Asylum Now 28 минут назад

    "What the Fuck does a dragon have to do width any of this?!" 😂...... I dunno...

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  • Olivia G
    Olivia G 28 минут назад

    I think that's a seahorse, not a dragon.

  • Zoltan L. Bolt
    Zoltan L. Bolt 28 минут назад +1

    Did you skip the seen where he reunites with his father?

  • Christopher Morris
    Christopher Morris 29 минут назад

    10:08, A penis joke? Lol

  • RayneSaltair
    RayneSaltair 29 минут назад

    "You can hear the exact moment the world had enough of Johnny Depp's nonsense." OMG I thought it was just me.

  • kenneth steeley
    kenneth steeley 29 минут назад

    Charlie didn't get his change from the store unless the chocolate bars are exactly 10 dollars

  • Tide Pod
    Tide Pod 30 минут назад

    Willy Wonka was wayy better.
    There was no point of Charlie
    It was excactly the same as Willy Wonka

  • solarfly
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    b e l l a t r i x i s c h a r l i e s m o m

  • Angie Martinez
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    #12 is incorrect willy wonka did ask the prince and he just laughed its in the movie

  • LauW G.
    LauW G. 32 минуты назад

    9:15 That's not a dragon ! That's a seahorse !

  • Erich Mueller
    Erich Mueller 32 минуты назад

    Grandpa Joe is the redemption in this movie.

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    Cinemasins mentions hamilton
    my life is complete

  • Billy
    Billy 33 минуты назад

    "Try some of my weed"
    "You can suck on it all year and it wont get any smaller!"
    -Willy Wonka

  • CovertMotion
    CovertMotion 33 минуты назад

    This is great and all but where is everything wrong with ghost busters original

  • Caitlyn Crouch
    Caitlyn Crouch 33 минуты назад

    i have nightmares about this movie

  • Imakethatonpurpose
    Imakethatonpurpose 33 минуты назад +1

    I love seeing both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in the same movie

  • Spencer S
    Spencer S 34 минуты назад

    11:04-11:08 can tommy Wiseau please play winks in the 10th anniversary re-release-just do a Kevin spacey to Christopher Plummer sort of deal and I’ll buy this movie a million times

  • Jonathon Brown
    Jonathon Brown 34 минуты назад

    Everything wrong with the brave little toaster.

  • Sassy Sushi
    Sassy Sushi 34 минуты назад +1

    Can you do Everything wrong with Rio?

  • Francesca Fox
    Francesca Fox 34 минуты назад

    How about the fact that they got rid of the fizzy lifting drink scene which only succeeded in making Charlie even more boring than he already was. Oh, and grandpa joe is still an arsehole.

  • Eggs & Bacon Take it seriously
    Eggs & Bacon Take it seriously 34 минуты назад

    I literally hate this movie I’m sorry but it’s just hated by me myself and I

  • TheRapasc
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  • lumpyspiderdog
    lumpyspiderdog 35 минут назад

    this would've of been an excellent horror movie lol

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  • Issa Bass
    Issa Bass 36 минут назад

    Is it embarrassing that I grew up with this movie?

  • Lively fat loser
    Lively fat loser 38 минут назад

    11:40 and on the third day she rose from the garagepile.

  • Souzu
    Souzu 39 минут назад

    9:09 That's a seahorse.. not a dragon.

  • Rave Shadows
    Rave Shadows 40 минут назад

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oh ill give you a chocolate river and a candy cane to eat LOL

  • Marcelino Dreams
    Marcelino Dreams 41 минуту назад

    I hated the original movie too.

  • John Dayguy
    John Dayguy 41 минуту назад

    Gum girl.
    This fucking gum girl

  • Nitish Anand
    Nitish Anand 42 минуты назад

    Speaking of 'wakanda forever' when is the eww black panther coming out.

  • Cinem-a-nna
    Cinem-a-nna 43 минуты назад +1

    10:07 the REAL sin here is not making a that's what she said joke here...

  • Ocfan207
    Ocfan207 43 минуты назад

    I'm not a big fan of this film even though I love the book and The Gene Wilder film. I used to like this film when I was younger.

  • Ocfan207
    Ocfan207 44 минуты назад

    Why hasn't he done the original Willy Wonka?

  • real madrid
    real madrid 44 минуты назад +1

    In this world there are 2 kinds of people : The great , and who criticize the great .

  • Kevin Morris
    Kevin Morris 45 минут назад

    We do not deserve that New Line-Saruman joke.
    Jeremy, you've outdone yourself.

  • black licorice
    black licorice 45 минут назад

    holy shit, youtube/the internet is dying, 'creators' now scraping somehow below absolute bottom to create content, so as to make money. in other words, same old shit: making crap that dumb people will hopefully buy; that's what all this has finally become officially about. you fuckin idiots were obviously not there at the beginning. there was a dream, dude. i visit this site for the first time in maybe 2 years, and This is on my home page. how? why? oh; wait.

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    #2 on trending, dang

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    click link, won’t be disappointed 💜✨ ruclip.com/video/0jgYyDnRycM/видео.html

  • goodguy853_RBLX
    goodguy853_RBLX 48 минут назад

    You forgot how they are driving to tyoko and New York from the same place

  • Noah Van Leijen
    Noah Van Leijen 48 минут назад

    I have waited a long time for this one...

  • Peli Tongi
    Peli Tongi 48 минут назад

    Wonka, the Demon Barber

  • jinxie712
    jinxie712 48 минут назад

    The tv kid looks like Jeremy Renner.

  • Ryan Adams
    Ryan Adams 49 минут назад

    The voice hurts my ears

  • Thomas Steward
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    10:01 but that's just a theory, a *film theory!* *Annnnd cut!*

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  • SolidSnacks18
    SolidSnacks18 51 минуту назад

    You should have a self-sin for that Wonkanda Forever joke.

  • Equinox Music
    Equinox Music 51 минуту назад

    First sin is "This movie exists" hahahaha fucking savage

  • Jordan Doan
    Jordan Doan 52 минуты назад

    wakanda forever LMAO

  • Rian Konno
    Rian Konno 52 минуты назад

    When Chris commented about all of the stories Grandpa Joe was saying, that literally made me think, "Wait, hold on... This isn't straight nit-pickings, that is, legitimately something Charlie would, and should've known."

  • wthMerhaba
    wthMerhaba 52 минуты назад

    "This is the perfect metaphor for this movie. A fake plastic reproduction that's annoyingly loud and ends up going down in flames" fucking savage

  • Alyssa 111
    Alyssa 111 53 минуты назад

    Wait... wasn't that boat a seahorse?... Not a dragon?... am I just crazy?!

  • Graysyk
    Graysyk 53 минуты назад

    Finally, took you 5 years.

  • OddlyWeirdNarwhal
    OddlyWeirdNarwhal 53 минуты назад

    Please do rango, I’d like to see you try with such a great movie

  • Strawberry Tofu
    Strawberry Tofu 53 минуты назад

    This movie is so disturbing...

  • anfal .5
    anfal .5 54 минуты назад

    No wonder i love this film with all my heart, Tim Berton made it ❤️ i wouldn't watch the "Original" if you paid me a million dollars

  • Olive
    Olive 54 минуты назад

    I’ve always wondered, out off all the places the tickets went to how did all of the kids happen to be English speaking white kids around the exact same age?

  • AnActualFerret
    AnActualFerret 54 минуты назад

    I like to believe that the makers of Cinema Sins /only/ decided to do this particular movie once they realized they could use the term "Wonkanda Forever"

  • Cami.Travels
    Cami.Travels 54 минуты назад

    The prince wanted a palace in chocolate but still wears white clothes. That man loves risky situations.

  • Dylan Kikunaga
    Dylan Kikunaga 55 минут назад

    8:37 Wonkanda forever! Lol!!

  • Hysandel GT
    Hysandel GT 55 минут назад

    8:38 i died

    CARZILLA 56 минут назад


  • Helix
    Helix 56 минут назад +1

    Right so I will absolutely waste all of my time by picking apart all of these “sins” as I really liked this movie as a kid and i'm kind of sick of it getting shit on just because “oh it's just a rip off of the gene wilder movie” Yeah well by that logic the gene wilder movie was a rip off of the book so get your reading glasses and lets do this. 1. Ah the classic cinema sins excuse for more sins. 2. Puns aside another classic cinemasins complaining about logos gag. 3. Well yes it can literally be harry potter. 4. In fact, I really liked this as a kid because it showcases some sort of rube goldberg machine type of thing that I really enjoy. 5. More bad puns aside narration is a common and useful filmmaking technique and to people who like direct backstory and explanation it's helpful. 6. Somewhat simple really, the entire house was likely built on unstable land and or permafrost. When that land shifted its pretty likely that the house tilted as well. This lead to them needing to install a new floor that would be at the correct angle. If they left the door as is the door would not open as it would bump against the new floor. This is why a corner was cut out of the door to allow it to open. 7. Actually that's an homage to the book. 8. Grandparents can be weird but this is a bit of an extreme case so the point is pretty valid. 9. EVEN MORE bad puns aside I still don't mind flashbacks. It helps explain things easily without needing to put them at the very beginning of the film. 10. Magic candy aside I'm pretty sure that is just wholey chocolate so I don't think that would be an issue with the fda. 11. Well considering this is supposed to happen in a somewhat realistic world i'm pretty sure wizard and satan is ruled out so what other words are there exactly to describe him? Aside from sociopath I mean. 12. Grandparents make awkward jokes to annoy their significant others all the time. 13. The point is that prince pondicherry was absurdly ignorant and considering how little wonka likes to talk to people I doubt he would say anything. 14. Absolutely doubt anyone was listening in on that lonely conversation. 15. I hope I am misunderstanding this but essentially wonka made the non melting ice cream but then the recipe was stolen by fickelgruber and he started making it. 16. Again, fairly valid point but some people are weird you know? 17. Not much to say here, I despise obvious foreshadowing. Like hey, I wonder why we are following this seemingly random little boy that has nothing to do with this factory aside from the fact that he likes it. Gah, this stuff drives me nuts. 18. I mean grandpa joe, who easily looks to be the most withered of them all starts dancing later on in the film so yeah I think they can get up to relieve themselves. 19. I don't really know if she is entirely senile but yeah if she is that's an annoying cliche. 20. Parents will obviously want to encourage their children's interest? What kind of a point is that? What were they supposed to say? Sorry son you will never achieve your goals also you are adopted. Like what??? 21. There is only a light sprinkling of snow there so I doubt it would be anything too cold and also do you see those thick ass blankets? 22. Not familiar with all of his scores so I cannot verify but I would suspect this is completely exaggerated as per usual. 23. I mean it isn't that absurd considering the literal floods of people flooding stores to get chocolate later on. And keep in mind this is the town where the actual factory is so there is no doubt that they would be excited to see something from their seemingly most important landmark. 24. Ok for the love of god they obviously didn’t do that! The could have simply telegrammed a message to the other places of the world or even shipped the posters themselves to the ends of the earth .25. The vespa drivers didn't deliver the chocolate, if you paid attention to the start of the film during the chocolate making scene you can see that they were being driven off in bulk in trucks. 26. I’d imagine you are not a child? He only mentioned what any child could imagine. 27. Eh… (part 1)

    • Helix
      Helix 55 минут назад +1

      (part 3 final) 67. UGHHHHHH. 68. Kids. 69. Not hard to sneak out I’d imagine. 70. Fuck creativity right? 71. Fuck puns right? 72. How the hell do you choke on something that large? 73. Pretty likely he is setting up traps to see who is best fit for the role. 74. What? Do you want to see her tits? Because without that you will in fact see her tits. 75. Music is subjective. 76. They are like 100 pounds each so 700 pounds on her. But that does not account for the inflation but honestly who knows. But i'll say that's a fair point. 77. Yikes. 78. Both characters are WILDLY different and you should just plainly not compare them. They are both good in their own rights. 79. *insert laugh track here*. 80. Yay another slow complaint. 81. Horror film? What are you on about? 82. Well first off he likely couldn't get there in time and honestly with those steep ass steps I wouldn't be surprised if he fell. 83. That's the one thing you doubt in this movie??? THAT of all things? Not only that but oompa loompas are only 2-3 feet. considering the steak was about half the size does it seem so unrealistic now? 84. Man I saw that joke coming a mile away. 85. Fair I guess but honestly I didn't follow this one at all. 86. Ok fuck off with the sexism thing. If there are a limited amount of females and they are super rare compared to males why would you put them in the more dangerous jobs? 87. Fair. 88. Another amazing joke by jeremy! 11/10 son you did it! 89 You got the point that his house was moved and he ran away from his dad throwing his candy in the fire? Ok then what are you a fortune teller? 90. To be fair these children were unbearably predictable based off of the interviews. 91. Fair but there may be a chance that the elevator abruptly stopped for a second as you hear a sound that can imply that. 92. You doubt levitation but not teleportation… you realize that levitation somewhat exists with magnets right? 93. I think this joke shows wonka’s snarkiness perfectly but to each his own. 94. Considering the guy literally invented the machine himself he may know what he is saying. 95. WHY IS THAT A SIN???? 96. The entire point was for charlie to be almost invisible through the movie to show how he won't do anything stupid. 97. Why did you even do the entire reverse gag? Also can you shut up about it being slow paced for the love of god you said it like 5 times already! 98. It doesn't look that bad stop exaggerating please. The only thing is… This movie had more than double the budget sooooo yeah. Take that as you wish. 99. Man I didn't know being covered in chocolate was considered mutilation! 100. Star wars? What does that have to do with that whatsoever aside from you just shoving in another pop culture reference??? 101. Absolutely correct. 102. Still harping on the backstory eh? Also fuck off with the fudge mountain thing. 103. Yay more flashback complaints. 104. At least you are self aware… 105. HAHAHAHAHA! 106. I mean we already established that he can teleport shit so err, maybe? 107. Yepo, doesn't make much sense but hey it makes for some cool imagery as a callback to the beginning I guess. Tldr this movie has many flaws but I don't think it deserves the rep that jeremy and many others give it. Either way if any of you read this 2170 word long response thank you for listening to me and I hope to get some sort of reply if possible. :)

    • Helix
      Helix 56 минут назад +1

      (part 2) 28. Judging by the location and how she looks herself I doubt she cares nor had the time to do so. 29. Something good came from that? Right… 30. When you are old and bored with literally nothing to do it really isn't that creepy is it? 31. Want to know who will not know that? Maybe… you know… the target child demographic? 32. Another valid point. 33. It's called not having the movie be R rated. 34. That scene was pretty pointless honestly as the only reason for it is to show that grandpa joe wants to see the factory again. 35. Likely just wants to make his grandfather happy. 36. This movie is not really loud and… did you really just say garish??? GARISH? To this movie that deliberately took the old LOUD AND GARISH gene wilder movie and made it darker!? God, do your “nitpicks” have any substance to them aside from just being a bad joke that nobody will laugh at???” 37. Ha. funny joke. See that guy? He did a funny joke. That scene was so scary. Ha. ha ha. 38. Side entrances? Also they are a good 10-20 metres away. Also nobody knows who this crazy man is and why he is dancing along to that horrid song. 39. To be honest this was a perfect representation for the kind of character they were going for and I kind of like it. Though sometimes it can be grating but that was literally the point. 40. Same. 41. He is the fat guy cliche what do you want from him? He probably has a couple up his fat crack at all times. 42. Once again, when it comes to kids movies you often need to exaggerate to get the point across. Kids lack any sense of subtlety so they often need the point metaphorically drilled into their heads. 43. Ok just stop with the stupid fucking copycat gag. As mentioned prior any notion that this film is an imitation of the gene wilder version is automatically shut down by how the gene wilder version was an adaptation of the book. 44. Hahaha very funny good sir you are very very funny! 45. You literally show a shot where they are not walking on the grass… but on the pavement or whatever it is. Come on can you at least put in a contextually accurate clip? 46. KIDS, THE DEMOGRAPHIC IS KIDS JEREMY! 47. Who even knows what's going on with willy wonka? 48. At that point he had been ready to stop production altogether if I recall correctly. 49. Overactors eh? Right, you wouldn't know overacting if it bit you on the arse jeremy. 50. *machete licking. 51. So you would believe that there were knee high men who all looked identical and SOMEHOW all of these people didn't know they existed? Right that makes a lot of sense. 52. Smuggling. 53. You knew what he meant. 54. I don't think he expected them to be that stupid. 55. Ok, for the love of god you CANNOT complain about these oompa loompas and then not bitch about the gene wilder ones. You say they all look the same, have a love for music, are miniature, and are wearing latex. Now, the other ones… all look the same, have a love for music, are miniature, and have even more idiotic get ups! 56. Fair. 57. Coincidences.avi. 58. Not quite because at the very least they make some reasonable observations jeremy. 59. That just may be on purpose my dude. 60. Yay a forced pop culture reference… my favorite. 61. Yep, I’d gtfo at that point. 62. Fair but human hands go all over the place while the boat stays in the chocolate. Also if the boat has always been there than the taste of the chocolate will be the way it always has. 63. Fair point but for the love of god stop adding a sin every damn time it happens. I think you added 3 this time just for this one gag. 64. That's… a seahorse… you know, those things that live in liquid… seriously dude? 65. That's a cliche? Seriously? Well fine but I still don't think it was bad per se. 66. About 30-40 (average of 35) mins of this move is solely about charlie, 18 minutes is songs, about 20 more minutes is just discussion and you have roughly 27 minutes of wonka and misc stuff. Also the gene wilder movie was called willie wonka and the chocolate factory so that clearly won't fly.

  • Dan Mitchell
    Dan Mitchell 57 минут назад

    That movie was disturbing

  • Sadie Bear
    Sadie Bear 57 минут назад

    The only thing I liked about this movie was Freddie Higmore’s pure little bean face. Still hasn’t changed.

  • Ellice Marsh
    Ellice Marsh 59 минут назад

    I, Tonya next !!!!

  • Inki Gaming
    Inki Gaming Час назад

    Everything wrong with City of Ember.

  • P H A T
    P H A T Час назад

    try johnny depp

  • the comidian
    the comidian Час назад

    #2 on trending

  • Joy White
    Joy White Час назад

    the worst thing thats wrong with it is....
    the problem is that it started.

  • Shark Man X bro!
    Shark Man X bro! Час назад

    I Seen a of this movie and it was so much better than this one. BTW the play was about the first movie.

  • commandrock37
    commandrock37 Час назад

    Wait so you expect me to belive the narrator didnt think that grandpa joe wouldn't have bad legs when he got out of bed?

  • Takara Connelly
    Takara Connelly Час назад

    oh my god he said Wonkanda forever 😂😂😂

  • Big bad Gull
    Big bad Gull Час назад +2

    Wonkanda forever!

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo Час назад

    5:26 - ". . . and ends up going completely down in flames."
    This movie had a budget of $150 million, and grossed $475 million. Which is far from "going completely down in flames."
    I agree that the original was better (primarily because of Wilder's performance). But to say the 2005 remake went down in flames is just plain wrong and stupid.

  • Dylan Sparks
    Dylan Sparks Час назад

    6:25 I lost it here, just straight up funny.

  • Falcon MC
    Falcon MC Час назад

    Wonkanda forever