Top Viral Videos Of The Month - April 2019

  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • Here are the top viral videos of the month for April 2019!
    Showcasing the best viral videos of April, this compilation is guaranteed to entertain.
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Comments • 1 095

  • kids happy game world
    kids happy game world 21 hour ago

    Who is helping people, like us🤗

  • Ophion Nox
    Ophion Nox Day ago

    2:59 Wow imagine having one of those dreams where your falling endlessly and you jolt awake. I'd probably fall off

  • Stefania Medaru
    Stefania Medaru 3 days ago


  • Atmaniranjana Dr. Ma
    Atmaniranjana Dr. Ma 18 days ago

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  • robert lavedas
    robert lavedas Month ago

    visit here, "Toltec Techno Channel" & Ms Toltec.

  • Dysignht
    Dysignht Month ago

    RUclip downloads

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    2:55 me after my homework

  • ChocolateBroken
    ChocolateBroken Month ago

    watche it for free 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣....@

  • Mommabear
    Mommabear Month ago

  • Nithya DevaSmarana Ananda

    Enjoy the bliss within

  • drefanzor
    drefanzor Month ago

    the guy with the turbo engine boat with massive exhaust single handedly caused climate change

    CIRCLE OF 4TRESS Month ago

    Kool videos.

  • LiamOdin Thomas
    LiamOdin Thomas Month ago

    Lame!! Get some new shit an stop posting other peoples old shit!!

  • Ulisse Primerano
    Ulisse Primerano Month ago

    at minute 3:30 Samara!

  • topbest mostlist
    topbest mostlist 2 months ago

    Please see the Newest Funny Virals here:

  • Sunny Thymes
    Sunny Thymes 2 months ago +2

    Why were those poor doggies in that SMALL CAGE???!!!!!... Then they came out to be fed OUT OF A CAGE... UGGGGGG!!!!

  • Andrie M
    Andrie M 2 months ago

    The old fashion car in the side
    Black clothes
    The signature walk

    ZOOM IN ASMR 2 months ago

    Hahahahahahaha.. The girl is so cute.. :D

  • Kavitha Manjunath
    Kavitha Manjunath 2 months ago

    People are gone crazy to shoot those landslides and that to just a few metres away

  • Kavitha Manjunath
    Kavitha Manjunath 2 months ago

    That collapse of the Iceland was very scary

  • sutil Al
    sutil Al 2 months ago

    the last clip what a great house very lush where is it? Europe I guess, Britain?

  • ob1
    ob1 2 months ago

    dafuq are they laughin at 1:15

    HELP-TROLL 2 months ago

    3:13. Кто это?

  • Joey Chapman
    Joey Chapman 3 months ago

    I will have with that little girls having that must be some good food

    CRINGE RESOL 3 months ago

    Good thing I wasn't on the ice thing probably because I was trying to run from the waves

  • Health is Wealth
    Health is Wealth 3 months ago

  • macsigo
    macsigo 3 months ago

    5:00 love it ~ ✂ 👍 😊

  • Caroline Kuo
    Caroline Kuo 3 months ago

    A baby eating salad w chopstick. Wow

  • The Truth
    The Truth 3 months ago

    3:13 - A feminist in training. It starts this early gentlemen. MGTOW!!!!

  • Teresa Fonseca
    Teresa Fonseca 3 months ago

    Good seletion of videos

  • Steve Cole
    Steve Cole 3 months ago

    That kid is porkin out, I'm starvin!

  • Rikitik Tv
    Rikitik Tv 3 months ago

    Viral make up transformation

  • TheSmashamps
    TheSmashamps 3 months ago

    errr 21 is just, well, sewing actually.

    • Trillock 1945
      Trillock 1945 3 months ago

      Of course it is, but extremely clever at the same time.

  • MC Playground Dolls
    MC Playground Dolls 3 months ago

    6:20 is it flash flood?

  • 24 g
    24 g 3 months ago

    Susan wojcicki supports communist ideology over free speech . Community guidelines is not free speech no excuses

  • Damian
    Damian 3 months ago

    6:08 Just imagine trying to sprint thru that 😂😂

  • Victoria Lemardel
    Victoria Lemardel 3 months ago

    Very entertaining.I enjoyed till end of the video:)

  • Tedy samsi
    Tedy samsi 4 months ago

  • So Pheak
    So Pheak 4 months ago


  • Adam O'Neill
    Adam O'Neill 4 months ago

    Awe the bull... awee

  • Kugan Subramaniam
    Kugan Subramaniam 4 months ago high trending for next episod

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores 4 months ago

    forever and ever😜

  • princess Zena
    princess Zena 4 months ago

    That little Chinese baby is Reincarnated!!!!!!

  • Hung Archie
    Hung Archie 4 months ago

    1:50 wow nature is powerful

  • That Was Epic
    That Was Epic 4 months ago

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  • bill sweeney
    bill sweeney 4 months ago
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  • Logika Kita
    Logika Kita 4 months ago

    Take a look, this change your view point:

  • Sangiogio
    Sangiogio 4 months ago

    the chopsticks child was recovered from leukemia.

  • Tuatha DeDanaan
    Tuatha DeDanaan 4 months ago

    2:20 is pathetic.

  • Rehana Ally
    Rehana Ally 4 months ago

    Those ducks are protesting

  • Shurry Ma
    Shurry Ma 4 months ago

    21 4:23 awesome!

  • Shannan Louis
    Shannan Louis 4 months ago

    3:30 yeah baby that's me too😂

  • freedom h
    freedom h 4 months ago

    half of these animals are beaten and trained to do such acts and then be filmed just to get a couple of likes and shares.

  • dragon story
    dragon story 4 months ago +1

    10:28 that cat totally scared him and stopped him from having fun....damnn that puppy truly got terrified by that cat. not funny at all. i felt for him.

  • LukeFront
    LukeFront 4 months ago

    6:00 look at all of those chickens

  • Marilyn Rose
    Marilyn Rose 4 months ago

    Is the lil girl in gray dress practicing kungfu while eating????? She 's so adorable!

  • Julie Monarch
    Julie Monarch 4 months ago +4

    There's a grimlin growing out of the side of that person's neck! 😱

  • Cecilia S
    Cecilia S 4 months ago

    Jajajaja!!!! Q estará pasando por la mente de ese hombre??

  • Tracey Marie
    Tracey Marie 4 months ago +11

    The 2-year-old posing was sad, we got to do better.

    • John Coops
      John Coops 4 months ago +1

      Yes, I 100% agree. She needs the matching bikini pants.

  • Michael Affe
    Michael Affe 4 months ago +2

    Props for no Music