DIY Handmade Wooden PC Case!

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Автор onewaffleshort ( назад)
this is actually really shit, step back from your work and check to see if its actually good guys. embarrassing

Автор Akpro Oo ( назад)
where can i buy this???!!!

Автор Ryan Beeton ( назад)
This took 20 hours? Does that include the drive to the store and waiting in line at the register?

Автор TK Tech Games and More ( назад)
caselabs sells motherboard trays

Автор jvirg ( назад)
this is out of style by about 150 years.

Автор Hyrizon // Gaming Channel ( назад)
That's one shitty PSU

Автор Holzbrett ( назад)
wow no airflow, no dustfilter, too much space wasted, "no lightning", no design. For the first case good work but could get a lot better;)

Автор 9 Tails Kurama ( назад)
can it burn?

Автор Dont Panic Media Group ( назад)
Would love to see more wooden cases or heck, what about a DIY Cases playlist, not just wood but use other materials too

Автор Azeem El Bey ( назад)
It looks nice to me! Has lots of potential.

Автор TrisT ( назад)

Автор Dummerbrella987 ( назад)
"I know it sounds a little crazy". No it doesn't, its been done lots of times. Get over yourself.

Автор corey taylor ( назад)

Автор Trig Williamson ( назад)
Kids these days are so useless. Nothing complicated about this project at all. Proof of concept??.... yes you can make things out of wood.

He can't even drill a fucking hole!

Автор DecibelAlex ( назад)
this guy is not a very good carpenter

Автор Brian Swartz ( назад)
Needs grounding straps between components, PSU, ETC.

Автор adobePC ( назад)
Not to be mean but when all is said and done I would not use this case for a multitude of reasons.

Автор Jhonatan Jhones ( назад)
wtf did i just saw? bro ure so wrong...

Автор scott Barstow ( назад)
use joints not screws :(

Автор Apoc Banditz ( назад)
MS you need to help him, send him quality parts so this could be great

Автор TotallyNotLogan ( назад)
I'm kind of an idiot, so...

Can someone tell me why this won't burn...?

Автор Gamers Arena ( назад)
for ur kind info it doesnt look beautiful from any angle...so plzz try to be honest wid ur opinions...btw nobody wants to tell bad things abt their handmade things... :(

Автор Brynje ( назад)
would actually look pretty neat with a plexiglass panel at the side and a glow lightbulb inside instead of LEDs.

Автор Halo Exodus ( назад)
I plan on building a wood case with radiator support. Fan filter grills. SSD mounts. And a glass side panel. And I'm going to paint it black and put some USB 3.0 (or 3.1) front panel connections. And maybe SD card support. Any suggestions?

Автор Joseph Stott ( назад)
it's actually very money saving if you buy a bit of partical board and just screw everything to that... this is obviously for people who want their PC to look a certain way. But I don't know why you didn't dremel out some holes for ventilation. seems weird.

Автор Nickword 1 ( назад)
god you guys are so white...

Автор zubir jangsi ( назад)
i can see that he clearly reading a script. hahaha

Автор pahaahv ( назад)
It tore up some parts of the wood but there's nothing I could do about it. "It-guy" doing woodwork.

Автор Zend Mij ( назад)
why use a groundplate? just screw the motherboard onto small wooden plates, and use a adhesive to bring it on the wooden case. No holes, nothing to hide afterwards and way les work.

Nice wood, but everything looks very rough and unfinished.

Автор BMWcarguyE36 Cars ( назад)
Look at pc wars by techource with that natural looking wooden one that actually has leaves and a few vines over it. It's awesome!

Автор MisFit ( назад)
did it catch on fire yet?

Автор X_Franklin _X ( назад)
I actually like the look, it's p cool

Автор Matt C ( назад)
Not the best looking thing. Very basic looking, just like a wooden box. Would be nice if it had some nice details all around the case. Also, maybe a glass window instead of it just open. It'd be nice to have some depth on the outside.

Автор ozayevable ( назад)
its no a case, its a box.

Автор Carton ( назад)
Can you make a tutorial

Автор Wooden PC ( назад)
Did you called me?

Автор Skulldriver101 ( назад)
i want to see another better one with a more in depth guide. also nice channel im subbing.

Автор Leonardo Po ( назад)
make one outta aluminum

Автор yaro grigoriev ( назад)
-.- you just made a wooden box, flapped to it, and said done. Come on, you should have added on and used different wood for the sides, made your own SSD slots, and so on.

Автор Bob Mclean ( назад)
good idea to start from scratch again, that case looks like shit...

Автор Ranu Sharma ( назад)
brother i am thankfull for you. i like your idea too much

Автор Kai Song See ( назад)
A perfectly decent case being "salvaged for parts" to put in a wooden box?? No thanks

Автор NitroN_ ( назад)
doesn't look that clean, looks like an old shelf/coffin/idk

Автор Rize ( назад)

Автор DKbik3r 1234 ( назад)
make a series on diy pc cases i love the thought of home made pc cases

Автор Gonzalo Marsilli ( назад)
sorry but this is ugly.

Автор Antonetta Kowalewski ( назад)
I think you need to take some time and go to woodprix website to learn how to make it.

Автор Jooosh ( назад)
I want to see another case and how to make it

Автор Travis Nicely ( назад)
I have read all the comments, and there pretty correct: bad execution. I think it's a lack of knowledge after seeing a desktop computer transplanted onto a wooden plate with parts of the computer glued and stuck, that got cut off the original desktop. No originality, you just remade the desktop you cut up, but bigger and horrible looking. Why not make it complete your, and don't use any parts from the desktop.

Автор David Nguyen ( назад)
don't bother. looks horrible

Автор Marek Wójcik ( назад)

Автор Squidiot - ( назад)
ugly af

Автор Zailon Xwadastet ( назад)
very ambitious, ive been wanting to make myself a case out of nothing but plexiglass

Автор Brandon Hazlett ( назад)
You should try to make the front panel look like an actual front panel

Автор MD Rehman ( назад)
shut the fuck up....

Автор MrDigitalben ( назад)
I'd like to see a second case

Автор Baum Kuchen ( назад)
This case is a mess. You can say the aesthetics was your priority all you want, but your work is saying something else. Just look at the salvaged motherboard mount plate. You simply took normal wood screw and screwed that poor motherf***er to the wood and didnt care you bent it. PSU mounting ? You made a hole without any planning at all, which is now by accident preventing the PSU from moving... yeah good enough, leave it like that. There is no problem in not making a perfect case. The problem is in you obviously making cheap quick "case build" just for the sake of posting new video to you "tech" channel.

Автор rea LLY ( назад)
Make a tuturial

Автор Ivan Gabriel ( назад)
Awesome but airflow lol.

Автор pantera tanker ( назад)
thats pretty cool. make me one now XD

Автор Tyler Travis ( назад)
I think you just inspired me to try this

Автор Rob Swope ( назад)
natural maple with a bit of glaze, a tempered glass window, and a psu basement would look sick.

Автор RODDYGINGER ( назад)
You should've used an MDF board, way cheaper than actual wood

Автор William Bishop ( назад)
Very rough looking. I'd redo it.

Автор Luka Didović ( назад)
hahahahahaha this is too funny

Автор Custom Hardware ( назад)
I managed to build my own wooden pc case, with a glass window too. It only cost me 100$, with the components too. It doesn't look the best, mostly because half of the time i didn't know what i wanted to do. I just wanted to let you know that because of you it was built, I saw your video some time ago and because i had some free time i started working. Made a video on my channel, check it out if you want!

Автор happysmash27 ( назад)
I want to know how to make it myself.

Автор Leon Trotsky ( назад)
Don't talk shit if you can't do better wood working alone is something not many people know how to do wood working yes he could have done better I would have used wood filler where the wood got tore up where he drilled them, I would have sanded and polyed the out side and then used 400 sand paper on the outside then 1000 grit to make the outside of it shine, and then I would have made it like it was a table because it might end up warping on the top.

Автор Connor Hobbs ( назад)
Looks like shit for $100......actually I bet I could make a better looking one for $20

Автор Ork WAAAGH! ( назад)
thing will be charcoal after gaming with an overclock.

Автор ddavel5441 ( назад)
I like it! Thanks for the info that you need the metal foundations for the mobo and other stuff. Cuz I plan to build a wood case, and will carve up an older Dell case :)

Автор Jollibee Ph ( назад)
i'd like to shave it and use it as tinder

Автор mambaChannel ( назад)
wooden pc

Автор ___Drgns N Bacon 4tw ___ ( назад)
byron do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Casy Chapin ( назад)
hey man, I'm a fairly experience woodworker getting into pc building and I can tell you honestly your woodworking is a good example of learning a project, if I'm planning something complex I will build several versions, if I'm smart I will use cheaper materials for the firsts one.
I really like the idea of a wooden pc cas and I think with some stylization and time it could be really cool,
I would like to see you continue your project, and will offer any advice I can

Автор berto rio ( назад)
RIP Air Circulation

Автор no1wrench ( назад)
if you, yorself can't do better, don't knock it .

Автор mcypressbc ( назад)
please please please make a how to wooden micro atx pc case.

Автор PhiloAmericana ( назад)
This is pathetic, dude. Give up.

Автор humboldt tripping ( назад)
nice work bro pc master race 4 the win

Автор Cro Herza ( назад)
how you think to put a gpu in it?

Автор Jeremy Medlock ( назад)
what i would try is this: read the entire comment as its long but descriptive

start with pieces of wood you have milled to the exact measurements you will end with.
sand everything buttery smooth, and pre-drill your holes in a smaller size than your final hole. then use a very sharp, preferably new drill bit at a very high rpm and go slowly. this will lessen the chances of damaging marks you'd rather avoid. next order some replacement fasteners and pegs from IKEA that they use in all their furniture. use some scraps of wood and experiment with recreating or emulating their joining techniques. this is a system that produces very clean finished results when done properly. once all of your joining work is complete, completely disassemble the case and SPRAY your stain onto the wood. this yields a much more consistent even finish. allow it to dry completely and then lacquer the entire thing before reassembly. once dry, reassemble the case and install your build. afterwards use a microfiber buffing wheel and bees wax for a deep luster. keep us posted and let me know if you use my idea

Автор Bach_2138 ( назад)
Honestly not that good. He basically just chopped up an old case and put it in a hand made box.

Автор damysticalone87 ( назад)
It doesn't sound "crazy" it sounds stupid and it is stupid. Because it can happens that in summer the hardware components overheat and burn your wooden pc case and then all your house is in flames. This can be and is dangerous as hell.
Stupid morrons.

Автор Thomas Allen Turruviate ( назад)
Bravo!!!! Not intended to compete with Dell, but as an exercise in learning , creativity, and the satisfaction of hands on craftsmanship....very well done. A first step in blending tech and art.

Автор dualscimitars26 ( назад)
idiots are gonna hate... as a custom minded person with a history of fabrication. i love your case. vents panels and other necessities are easily added down the line. if any of you knuckle head derposauruses cant figure that out.. then dont comment and just keep scrolling, the man told you idiots its in no way finished ffs... keep trucking man, it looks nice

Автор SilverSurger ( назад)
well done, but the part has some of grandma Erna oak kitchen 😉

Автор Billy ( назад)
so you stuffed your pc in a drawer shelf. Lack of thought and creativity on this one

Автор Kolohe N7 ( назад)

Автор Ev3rM0r3 ( назад)
So instead of housing your components in a fireproof metal box with ventillation, you add a low flash point varnish with no venitilation and think this is a good concept. Man did you miss out on shop class and chemistry. GL with your computer when your powersupply shorts and burns your house down because your case fueled it.

Автор dollars1234 ( назад)
I love seeing "out of the case" thinking. see what I did there? 😝 anyway. love the case. looks really good. I know this video has been for a few months. but I was wondering if you had thought about epoxy coating the case. I makes it look like its got a sheet of glass covering it. very high quality. you can get it at places like Lowe's and home depot.

Автор Twigish ( назад)
The bomb has being planted...

Автор DaGunchijs ( назад)
So basically you took a drawer and put some pc parts in it? Well good job... XD

Автор Jeromy Oberst ( назад)
wow... modders fail.

Автор Walter Floss ( назад)
do it

Автор Marwan Mahaba ( назад)
try making a gaming pc inside a 2013 mac pro

Автор nue wasame ( назад)
nice wood build, however sacrificing a node is a bad choice. passion is worth it in building

Автор Filip Bronola ( назад)
I love wood combined with technology, but this looks bulky and uncreative.

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